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  2. Phineaus Proverb McCallister

    | YYYY to YYYY (age: XX - XX) | Details here. Copy and paste this as needed. We ask that the history be written in timeline format so that dates are easy to see.
  3. Into Every Life...

    "Infantry eh? I was in the late war too. Mind if I ask what unit were you in?" Ralph was curious, he didn't bother asking what side, the answer would certainly tell him that. And just so the man knew he himself was willing to identify his own personal experience in that unpleasantness, "I was in the 165th New York....we were Zouaves. I was young and dumb....joined because of that fancy uniform, wanted to see how I looked in it." @Bongo@Flip
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    IPS 4.3 UPDATE Invision Power Services (IPS), our forum host, has released the next major update that includes a security patch. Sagas will be closed for posting on Monday, April 23 so that I can run the update and install the updated theme. Thank you! @Members @Players @Administrators
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  6. Into Every Life...

    Speed laughed. "Not likely I'd do that. Too many skirmishes when we were supposed to be in a safe area." Shaking his head. "I suppose being in the infantry will do that to a man. Granted, it's been a while now, but you know, it sticks with you. "Likely as not they'll be after the stock, so it'll be us shooting, less' we can't."
  7. Into Every Life...

    The stage driver handed over one shotgun then gave them the favorable news there was even a second one on the premises. Sure enough she located another weapon. He already had his own revolver. The newcomer was armed. Yeah, they should be fine against a handful of bucks, long as it wasn't a major war party. No sense worrying about you can't control though. Everyone seemed finished eating so Ralph put the second shotgun down onto the table where it was in plain sight and easy enough reach should an attack come and someone else wished to arm themself. Hell, Matilda knew how to use a gun and at close quarters it didn't take a marksman to hit with a shotgun just had to have sand to be willing to use it. "I don't need both shotguns, so putting this one here for the taking," he announced. The driver was wanting to sleep in the barn with the stock, she gave another reason but he believed it more likely she wanted to protect the animals if the injuns came round to steal them. The newcomer started to accompany her. "Hey, you two....if you do hear firing in the middle of the night, don't just rush out and head for here. Might be folks waiting on ya.....look around first. We'll be fine in here," he warned. Actually he had heard many times injuns didn't fight at night, something about their spirits not finding their heaven or whatever they called it? @Bongo@Flip
  8. Into Every Life...

    Then she glanced at Speed. "I'll stay out with th' animals, can make a nice bed outta th' hay." She was accustomed to sleeping here and there and would be comfortable wherever she was. "That way I won't disturb ya when I get up ta hitch th' team." Speed smiled as the stage driver handed the shotgun to Mister Flandry. Push come to shove, she'd be a handful. "Best take my animals and put them with the rest. Strip off the saddle and the pack." He started for the door and continued; "Won't bother me none to be woken up. I'll need time to re-saddle . And I sort of doubt we'll have Indian trouble. Can't be sure of course, but then that goes both ways." He paused, "Maybe bed down out here as well, you know, just in case." He'd not slept in a room with people since Kearny Nebraska, and that hadn't been all that favorable of an experience.
  9. Into Every Life...

    "Got th' shotgun by th' door," Addy commented, nodding to the weapon that was propped there, "and there should be an extra by th' stove." Going over that way, she side-stepped the doctor, who was doing a fine job of setting up the main room for the night. "Yeah, here..." Grabbing the shotgun, she checked to see it was loaded, then handed it to Ralph, assuming he knew what to do with it. And so long as they only had a couple Indians to deal with, she was fairly confident they'd be fine. Then she glanced at Speed. "I'll stay out with th' animals, can make a nice bed outta th' hay." She was accustomed to sleeping here and there and would be comfortable wherever she was. "That way I won't disturb ya when I get up ta hitch th' team." Hopefully, this was a lot of fuss over nothing, but it didn't hurt to be prepared. @Wayfarer @Flip
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  11. Into Every Life...

    Ralph agreed with the newcomer, once gold was involved there was bound to be war. Of course the Indians would lose, they always did but he had to wonder how many lives they'd take with them. He had no great liking for the red man but if one thought on it, they were ..or should be entitled to some land they could call their own. However he had no say on such weighty matters however he could influence the situation here. Preparations were being made just in case those Blackfeet might make a hostile visit. Too bad the fellow who returned Guyer's mule had left so quickly, they might have asked him to stay to augment their numbers. Ralph let the doc worry about sleeping arrangments, he spoke to the stage driver. "Say, you got a shotgun on that rig of yers? We should bring it inside. I can use it if any redskins make an attack." Speed watched the man ride away, crossing open ground at a trot, then, as the man disappeared into the tree line, he looked to the pack on the mule only to find everything was there. Now, the problem was where would the animals be the safest as they would be a prime target for theft, a favorite sport of most Indian tribes. He heard Flandry ask Addy about a shotgun, and decided to wait on the animal question as she would certainly have concerns about her team and the the coach @Bongo@Flip
  12. Into Every Life...

    Addy nodded. "Where there's one, there's likely more," she observed, "best ta have a head's up an' stay alert." She'd be sure the barn was sealed up, might even sleep out with the horses, just in case, since the animals were prized by the savages. "Don't mean they're lookin' fer trouble, an' there's enough of us here it like won't be a problem." It was hard to tell what, if anything, the Indians might be thinking...sometimes they left well enough alone, others they straight out attacked, and others they just dropped by for a friendly visit. She noticed that the young mother was looking positively pale and offered, "We can all sleep in th' room here ta'night, stay close, be safer." Rising, Jonah agreed. "Good idea, I'll get the mattresses and blankets from the bedroom, we can let the ladies have those." Of course, they would have had the beds regardless, it was just the way things worked, but there might be enough blankets to provide decent mats for the men. He just hoped that this was alarm over nothing...he had no desire for any excitement so far from town!
  13. Into Every Life...

    "From what I read in one of the papers coming on out here, seems like the government is more worried about the Sioux and Cheyenne tribes not being willing to leave the Black Hills. What with reports of gold found in those hills, seems folks will be swarming over the whole territory. The Indian Bureau cannot guarantee the tribes' cooperation so the army is going to have to handle it," Matilda announced. "I have little doubt that won't go well," she smirked, the cynic in here openly demonstrated for all. "No Ma'am, it won't go well at all, but with the gold discovery, it'll be difficult to keep the seekers from the territory no matter what the government, Indians or the Army says. Affraidthere'll be hell to pay and lots of blood spilled on either side." Speed agreed. It would be all out war from what he had seen and heard, but they were a long way from the Black Hills. At that moment a sturdy fellow dressed in buckskins with a weathered look to all his accouterments stepped inside. He walked directly to Guyer. "Been trailing you, dun yerself a fine job of leaving as little a trail as possible. Been behind you a day and a half with yer mule. Took it back from them what took it from you. Left 'er tied up next to yer paint." "Thanks. They covered their tracks really good." Speed said extending his hand. "Lost they almost immediately. Appreciate you bringing the mule back. Carrying tools of my trade that would be hard to replace." The man shook his hand. "Luck to you fella. Best be on my way, I'm running a mite behind. The man said turning on a heel. "You folks take care." And with that, he strode out the door. "Suppose we'll need to tie the mule on as well. That work for you Addy?" Speed asked. @Bongo@Flip
  14. LOA - Cat Seriously Ill

    Awww....poor kitty! I'll cross my fingers for her, and hugs to you and your roomie!
  15. LOA - Cat Seriously Ill

    ========== Duration 3 days Notes My apologies! Seriously, I am not usually an absentee GM. I think the planets are aligned wrong! We took our car, Silver, to the vet on Sunday. She was diagnosed with a bad cold, given antibiotics and sent home. This morning, she was wobbly and seemed dizzy so we took her back. They gave her fluids and an appetite stimulant. Roommate barely got her home and she began seizing. We rushed her to nearest vet (ours is about 20 miles away) who said he thought she might have fluid on the brain or tumor. He gave us a referral to a neurologist (about 40 miles away). Neuro says he believes it might be a really nasty ear infection. They are keeping her overnight and doing an MRI in the morning. I will try to be online in between running back and forth to see to the cat, but in all honesty, I'm going to be pretty useless beyond maybe chatting until we get the final word on how Silver is, her diagnosis, and if we're going to have to put her down. Please be patient with me. Silver is my baby. @Members @Players
  16. Hi Howdy

    How sweet, I didn't think you noticed.
  17. Hi Howdy

    And he's kind of a sucker!!
  18. A Fair to Remember

    OOC: Just in case anyone is wondering, I actually used our Discord Della bot to do a die roll to see if she would win. I figured there would be 8 entries then said to Stormie Clara's pie will be #2. I then activated the dice roller and luckily it came up as #2 - that is a 12% chance to win but it happened. Now you know the rest of the story.....................
  19. Planning: The Bear

    Good Day Everyone, We are still setting our scenes on Saturday, July 31, 1875 (Founders Day Celebration). However, so as not to bog things down badly, we are not demanding they be added in strict chronological order. Just make sure to add the time of day to the beginning of your post. If possible, let's keep writing the actual events (races, contests, etc.) in A Fair to Remember as joint posts. If you think the event your character is participating in will be better written as a multiple post scene, then just open a new scene and make the title the event. For example, Founders Day Horse Race. If the event won't require more than three posts, you won't need to open a new scene. Clear as mud? Just ask me if you're not sure. Again, you do not have to wait for us to finish one event to start writing another one. Later today, I will go through this thread and create a list of events that have been suggested. All you need to do to suggest an event or to sign your character up for one that's already been suggested is reply to this topic with the details. If you have any questions at all about the fair, please ask. @Administrators @Players
  20. Hi Howdy

    Bongo, Wayfarer and I have a long history together, they are a part of the reason I joined, other than I wanted to get back to writing.
  21. Hi Howdy

    My apologies for being absent. Flip, Welcome to Sagas of the Wild West. Bongo, Thanks for helping getting Flip started in a scene. I look forward to a chance to RP with you!
  22. Into Every Life...

    "New York?" Addy, as well, raised an eyebrow, although it wasn't so much at the distance as the fact that the West was a far cry from the overly-civilized East, and not suited to all people. Still, there were plenty of folks who got out here and found that it was where they belonged and just never left. "So long's ya pace yerself an' got a good mount..." Hell, you could ride a horse from hither to yon all day long if you took care of it, and if you didn't, you ended up on foot. "Got my own mare I'm ponyin' behind th' stage," she commented, setting out a meal for the man then setting down to her own food. "So long's yer horse don't mind some company, I think we're all good." "Now this looks to be a hardy meal. Abliged." Speed stated. "A man tires of his own cooking." He took a spoonful of the stew. "Lost my mule and such gear as he was toating back two days ago. Been foraging and eating up the last of the jerked meat and hard tack." The took another bite of the steaming stew. There was certainly room, and the man was right, if needs be, someone could sit on the box with her, although precedence would go to existing passengers if they chose. "Saw a small party of Blackfeet, but they were headed north last I saw of them. Not wearing paint and only two rifles amongst the four of them. Doubt they'd be trouble, but, one never knows, Indians being notional and all." @Wayfarer @Flip
  23. Into Every Life...

    Ralph caught the nod from the driver and by that time had himself figured the man was not there for trouble, so he relaxed and reached for another biscuit. He had long ago finished off his bowl of stew. For a moment he listened to the jasper but couldn't keep quiet at the jasper's last statement. "You mean to tell us you rode a horse all the way from New York to here ? Mister, I lived in New York some years so I know how far it is from Montana. Me n' Matilda here, we took a train to Chicago. Took a train out here too least as far as the Dakotas." "Yes sir, left New York some time back." Speed replied. "I've taken a long, slow, trek west looking for mineral rights and such." Matilda gave the newcomer a nod of acknowledgement. "Poor horse," as all she said rather dryly. Then she gave a little shrug and figured since he gave his name, a few introductions were in order. "Where are my manners? I am Miss Matilda Devereau and this is Mr. Ralph Flandry, we own the saloon in Kalispell. This gentleman is Doctor Danforth and the woman with the babe is Mrs. Ford and little Rose." "A pleasure Ma'am, sir. Trust I've not ridden a single horse this long. Far from it. The paint out here is the third mount I've procured since I started." Speed explained. "I have taken the train, where available, coaches as well. Though I've done a sight of riding over the years since the close of the war." @Bongo@Flip
  24. Into Every Life...

    "Catch me up?" Addy grinned, relaxing and moving off a little to the side. "Well, I reckon if ya feel there's catchin' up ta do, may as well hear ya out." After all, he wouldn't mention it unless there was something particular on his mind, right. "I meant I could catch up to you since I figure you've a schedule to keep." Speed responded. "Planned on something to eat, get some for the horse. Nodding to the table, she said, "Have a seat, I'll get ya some stew." As she turned toward the stove, she gave Ralph a slight nod -- although there had been no overt action, she'd seen that particular tension that indicated he was prepared to act, as opposed to the doctor, who was tense as well, but in a more dive-under-the-table-to-protect-the-wemmen way! "How'd ya get here, anyway?" she asked the newcomer, "Long walk from anyplace." Except maybe Jones' place, and sometimes the old man did have folks stop by who were waiting on a stage, after all, the station wasn't operational when the stage wasn't actually there. Speed sat down, pulling off his hat. "I'm from New York. A speculator of minerals and such. So yes it's been a long ride." Was the reply. Looking into timber, that's why I'm headed to Kalispell." (Figured with three of us it would be easier to go to traditional-type posting!) @Wayfarer @Flip
  25. Hi Howdy

    I feel you on that...I'm not too terribly up on this sort of forum. If you're meeting the stage in the evening at the stop, you can just add a reply here and we can continue it as a standard thread.
  26. Hi Howdy

    Coming at you in a moment or two! Well, how do I post here? It's about as clear as mud.
  27. Hi Howdy

    Hey, I know that face!! Welcome, hope we get to play soon again...him and me and Wayfarer have been writing together off and on for a loooooooong time!
  28. Hi Howdy

    Optional Template: You may use this template or delete it and just write what you feel. RP Experience Have been rping close to 20 years, and was pleasantly surprised to find Molly here, and then Wayfarer too. Been a Treker, Serenity, westerns, and several failed attempts at other types. These types of forums are new to me, been away for a bit, and it's high time to get back to it. Having issues with Discord, but hope to have it cleared up shortly. About Me I am a wild west and Civil War reenactor a member of both the Nevada Gunfighters and the Nevada Civil Volunteers, portraying the 7th Michigan Cavalry, F Troop, dismounted. And, a Pinkerton Agent. A veteran of 22 years with the Gunfighters, mainly as the lead bad guy. Currently, I am retired from the club which allows me to play when I want to. I am married to the love of my life who shares in our love of reenacting. About Sagas of the Wild West I stumbled onto this site much by accident and then saw Adeline Chapple and the rest is, well, history (yet to be written.)
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