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Howdy, pardner! This is your first stop on the way to taking up residence in Kalispell, Montana! Browse these forums for character ideas and help with starting your character. Please read the Guidelines in each forum.


Redirect to information on types of needed characters and not needed characters.

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Are you looking for a specific character? Maybe you need some inspiration? Check out the wanted characters here! This forum lists both player wanted requests and site wanted ads.

Redirect to the Wanted Game Canons' pages.

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Redirect to a listing of wild west character archetypes. There you will find a list of different character archetypes and a link to TV Tropes / Western Characters.

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About Us

Sagas of the Wild West is a roleplaying game set in the American Wild West of the 1870s. It is based on the classic television and movie westerns of the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s.

Please see our open Character Roles.

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