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  1. Shade Thornton

    Character / Player Accounts Changing

    Good Day Everyone! IPS (our forums) is developing a new application for those of us that use the forums for online roleplaying! Right now, when we create additional characters, we also have to create additional accounts with dummy email addresses because IPS does not allow multiple accounts on one email address for security reasons. This means that only the main OOC account receives news, updates, and tags (mentions) via email. This is not a huge problem for those that check the site every day or several times a week for tags - unless they do not remember to check under all of their accounts. So, while not a show stopper, it is a minor problem. Over the next day or two, I will be going through our active accounts and creating OOC accounts and linking the character accounts to them in preparation for a new application that IPS will be releasing soon. This new application is designed for online roleplaying. Once it is released, tested and installed, we will no longer need multiple accounts to RP as our characters. It will allow us to create character profiles linked to one account instead of having to create separate accounts for each character. We will still be able to post as specific characters but it will all be linked to a single account. If I understand it correctly, when you open a post, you will just choose the character you want to post as from a list. It will also feature an integrated character bio / application which will actually make life easier all around - for me at least. In preparation for this new mod, I will be doing some site and account maintenance (creating OOC accounts to match our Discord, adding OOC alias names to our character's profiles, etc.). Sorting all of the posts out to the right "characters" won't take very long with the current episode. It will, however, be an ongoing task for awhile with the archived episodes. Please be patient! I cannot promise the change, when it occurs, will be totally seamless, but I will do my best to address any issues that arise from it with as little impact to y'all as possible. Thank you for being an awesome group to plot and write with! PS: Please continue doing the @ mentions tags using the OOC Alias of the player rather than the character's name!
  2. Shade Thornton

    Complete A Working Proposition

    Shade enjoyed another dance or two with Clara and a few dances with some of the other ladies. As the evening began winding down, he once again sought out Clara to walk her to her wagon and have a word with Aurelian regarding which days were best for his daughter to work. They reached the wagon to find Aurelian waiting. Shade gave the other man a nod of greeting and a pleasant smile but left Clara to break the news about the accepting the job. "Pa, here she comes...bout time," Wyatt spotted them first. Aurelian nodded, "We were in no rush, son." His daughter had been having such a good time and he felt she richly deserved it, no one worked harder than that girl of his. "Father, I need to tell you something important. Mr. Thorton offered me a job to care for the children and I accepted. He will be paying me sixteen dollars a month," Clara was smiling, eyes sparkling with excitement. "Well, that is indeed wonderful news. Thank you, Mr. Thornton," Aurelian knew the basics already as Shade had, as he stated, first cleared things with him. But he did not truly know if Clara would take the man's offer. Now he did. "So she is gonna bunk with the cowboys? Wow!" it all sounded very exciting to Wyatt. He had mixed feelings though, Clara would be out of his hair but....it would be just him and Pa? Besides, despite his whines sometime, Clara was his sister after all and she was family. Shade smiled at Redmond and ruffled Wyatt's hair, "Make it Shade, sir," he told the other man. "We'll only keep Clara a day or two, Wyatt." "Aury then," Aurelian nodded acknowledgement and then explained to his son, "She will not be expected to do ranchhand work, son. Your sister is a lady." "Clara?" Wyatt sounded like that concept was a new one to him, she was just his sister is all. Clara glared at the boy, "Yes, me. And as for you, that means you will have to do some of my chores while I am gone. " "Awwwww," Wyatt frowned. "Enough both of you two. Save your squabbling for at home, where the public cannot see it," Aurelian gave a mild correction but he was plainly not really upset. Shade grinned again, enjoying the sibling squabbling. His brother, Chance, had been eight years his senior and felt sibling bickering was beneath him. "Would Wednesday or Thursday work for your first day?" Clara's big brown eyes went to Aurelian, "Father?" "Either is fine, Shade," he nodded. "Wednesday it is then, how early do you want me?" Clara was obviously eager. "Mrs. Miller arrives by six AM," Shade told Clara and Aurelian. "That means she would need to be at your place around five. So, if five am on Wednesday is workable for everyone, we can plan on that." Shade was glad that Clara was excited. He hoped it worked out as well as he thought it would. "I am an early riser," Clara nodded. "Aury, thank you for letting Clara take the position. It will help us out, especially since the twins know her a bit." "Oh this is an excellent exchange for us too, I will not pretend to false pride, we can certainly use the money," Aurelian fully admitted. "I am handing over my wages to Father you see," Clara promptly explained. Aurelian smiled, wanting to hug the girl but knowing she had never been much for such displays of affection, "Shade, can you see why I am so proud of my daughter? I just ask you take good care of her...." He noticed the look of disapproval in Clara's eyes at that very last part and quickly amended, "Not that she needs anyone to care for her, mind you." "We will take the best possible care of Clara and she of us," Shade told the man. "And yes, your pride in her...in both of your children is more than justified. Have a safe journey home, folks." He looked at Clara, "I'll be in the valley working most of this week. If you need anything, get word to Ezra Hale, he'll be able to locate me." "Yes, Shade, and thank you. Thank you for the job and also....thank you for our dance. It was.....splendid," Clara doubted she would ever forget that special moment when she stepped out on that dance floor with him. "Gnite, Shade, come on, Wyatt," Aurelian smiled. The Redmonds' wagon had just rumbled off into the night when several of the horses on the picket line neighed nervously and shifted, some pulling against their tethers. A man that was hitching a big mare to his buggy had to leap for her lines as she tried to bolt from between the shafts. Shade helped him settle the mare before starting down the picket line, making sure the horses were secure. He was also keeping his senses on high alert as he stared into the night seeking out what had startled the animals. In the dark, a massive creature watched. He was full of meat from a steer he had killed earlier in the night. It was only curiosity that brought him so close to human activity. A mix of feral hatred and fear permeated the monster. Man! Man meant pain and there were many of them around. Uttering a growl too low for human ears to hear, the creature faded deeper into the shadows and disappearing into the night. As suddenly as it began, the horses settled back to their feed bags. The night held no threat after all.
  3. Shade Thornton

    Character Introduction - Matt Wentworth

    Good Day, I do not have any issues with this as a background and plot. It's great to have an owner of the Belle-St. Regis in play!
  4. Shade Thornton

    Planning: The Bear

    I know we all still have a few posts to do in the main dance thread and in the side threads. However, let's start looking at winding them down. Don't short change yourselves, you can keep posting even after we move on - just recommending we begin the wind down on those scenes.
  5. Shade Thornton

    Storm Shelter Sagas

    To All Sagas of the Wild West and Storm Shelter RPG Members, For the old hands - thank you for sticking with me through the moves, long pauses, and hiatuses. For everyone at both games - thank you for being patient with my sudden absences of late. Hopefully, that will be improving dramatically now. Some of you have been plotting and writing with me for years, some of you are new. The quote below says a great deal of how I feel as I treasure both the old and the new members of the group. I am grateful to each one of the members of the games for hanging with it, bringing in fresh writing and ideas, and for being the best group of RPers that I could ask for. Your writing is superb and challenges me to be better. Thank you!
  6. Shade Thornton

    Complete A Working Proposition

    The dance was in full swing and going well. The floor was not overly crowded thanks to Ezra Hale's superb planning in laying it all. He had learned from years past that the dance was a very popular event. A standard-sized dance floor would not nearly accommodate everyone, so he had made this one half-again as large as its predecessors. This year, refreshments were served at the edge of the food tent instead of setting the table up on the floor, leaving more space for dancing. Picnic tables and benches for seating were scattered on the ground around the perimeter of the dais so those taking a break could relax and watch the dancing. After only three years, the Kalispell Founder's Day Celebration was becoming the talk of the region and the event of the summer season. Shade finished the lively square dance with a flourish and returned the lovely Annie Boone to her husband, thanking Gabe for allowing him to dance with his wife. He sauntered off the dance floor and toward the long punch table, surreptitiously surveying the on-hand choices for the next dance. Unlike many men that protested they could neither dance or enjoyed dancing, Shade was both a good dancer and liked it. His mother had made sure both of her sons could acquit themselves well on the dance floor. After many years of living life on the drift, Shade had looked forward to the weekly socials and town gatherings for companionship and a bit of fun. This was his first opportunity to really meet the majority of Kalispell's residents, and he had enjoyed it so far. Without hesitation, Shade headed toward the young lady that he hoped would agree to the next dance. He also hoped that dancing would soften her up for an offer he wanted to make to her. Of course, he thought wryly, softening Clara Redmond up with a simple dance was highly unlikely. He would need to be on his toes, not hers, figuratively and literally. Clara looked pretty in a dress of a reddish-brown color that Shade knew was technically called maroon. It offset the rich dark brown of her hair. Clara Redmond was going to grow into a beautiful young woman, he thought. Shade reached out to gently tug one of the dark plaits hanging over her shoulders, "Miss Clara, would you like to dance?" They had agreed to call one another by their first names earlier but chose to be more formal, so that she understood he was taking the request seriously and not presuming anything. Big crowd, good food, bunch of folks dancing away with each tune but for Clara, no luck thus far. One boy who might have been her age had been staring at her for awhile but when he might have been ready to head her way, another friend of his tugged him away and they both headed outside, no doubt for some sort of juvenile boy mischief Clara sourly noted. She would have turned him down anyhow...or so she told herself now. Just then a slight tug on one of her pigtails, having its desired effect, she spun about convinced it was her little brother playing that same old trick which never failed to amuse him. Probably because it always drew her angry reaction which is what her father had been trying to tell her. Ignore him was his bright idea. Parents.............. But it was Shade and her glare vanished even as she stopped before even launching any of her angry invective at what was now obviously NOT her brother. "Shade. Is that how you sneak up on a lady where you come from?" she inquired but it had sunk by then he was asking her for of all things.......a dance! She had seen him out there, dancing away with various women, both he and his varied partners seemingly enjoying themselves and really he was quite the dancer....well for a man of course. "Me?" she swallowed, momentarily at a loss for words, not something that happened to her much. "Well.....yes, I suppose.....I do not know how to square dance though I should warn you. It all looks rather complicated," she admitted truthfully. Shade smiled at the girl, his eyes warm and friendly, "Truthfully, I prefer the country waltzes to the square dancing. We can have a glass of punch and wait for one of those if you like." The band had played several square dances and Ezra, who was doing the calling, had taken a break. It was likely they would perform some different style of dance music when they restarted. That brought a smile to the girl's pert features, "Oh me too. My mother taught me the waltz, I can do those." The two of them sidled over to the punch bowl, Clara hoping everyone was looking at them so they could see she had a man at her side, paying attention to her. Pausing at the bowl, she decided it would be proper for the gentleman to provide the drinks and waited, heart pounding. Shade picked up the ladle and one of the punch glasses. He deftly filled it and offered it to Clara before filling another one for himself. Once they had their drinks, he gestured toward a couple of chairs where they could sit and wait for their dance. Once settled, he gave the girl a once-over with his deep blue eyes, "I hope you did not take any hurt from the scuffle in the drinks tent?" "Thank you kind sir," Clara took the glass offered to her then and followed him over to the chairs on the side of the dance floor, the current dance was another square dance so they had agreed to wait for something more suitable....that is something she could do. "That? I am fine. Few bruises," she gave it a shrug then continued, "You worry about me too much. I will have you know I was shot in the chest by an Indian arrow. Close range. The doctor thought I was going to die, said as much to my father. But father replied that I was too stubborn to die...pretty much the right of it." "However you took a few shots I see. You should be blocking those with your fists or arms not your face," she smiled. Shade blinked at Clara and then laughed quietly. The girl definitely had moxie! "You're right, ma'am, I should have made a better job of it." He winked at her, "You sure you want to be seen on the dance floor with such a disreputable varmint because it sounds like they are playing our dance?" The band had finished the square dance and had struck up a slow, lilting country waltz. Clara sipped her punch, honestly she wasn't even paying any attention to how it tasted, her full focus was on Shade. "I thought those days were behind you. And besides you promised me a dance and you will not get out of it that easily," Clara replied. Sure enough the music had changed, glancing from Shade for a second, she could see various couples now commencing steps like her mother had taught her. Of course that had been in their own home and there hadn't been any actual music. She suddenly stood and placed her glass down upon the chair then held out her hand for him to take and lead her on out there. Try as she might to actual all calm and reserved, her heart was racing. She was going to dance with a man! "Those days are never completely behind you," Shade said solemnly as he stood up. He took both of their glasses to the table and then returned, offering his arm to Clara. "Dance with me." He smiled at her. "My pleasure," she beamed. The floor was not horribly crowded as most of the dancers had gone to sit down or get refreshments after the enthusiastic square dances. Shade twirled Clara into the country waltz, stepping close but not overly so. Despite a life on the drift, he had been raised well and taught to be a gentleman. For the moment, the rough cowboy took a back seat to the gentleman rancher.
  7. Shade Thornton

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    Sanity returned as Aurelian's quiet voice penetrated Shade's rage. He was still quivering with fury and within a hair of attacking again, but for now he stopped. Before he could turn to help Pronto or involve himself in the brawl again, the sharp report of a pistol brought him up short. Standing in the doorway of the tent was Marshal Scott Cory, his steel gray eyes daring anyone to continue the fight. In his hand was the pistol he had used to start the various events. It was loaded with blanks and had served the purpose of getting everyone's attention. Cory's voice cracked almost as loud and sharp as the pistol, a distinct contract to the man's usually quiet, albeit stern, tones, "Just what in Sam Hill is going on in here? Deputy?" He turned his gaze on his daughter whose wild hair was wilder than usual. Hannah could feel the cut along her cheekbone where a fist had impacted her face stinging and an ache around her left eye, the result of another blow landing before the man realized he was hitting a woman and an officer of the law. "The Evergreen man hit Miss Redmond," Hannah figured she would start with the incident that had launched the wholesale brawl. The decent men of Kalispell defending a girl from a brute might ameliorate her father's ire. Scott Cory nodded to two of his deputies, "Who hit the girl?" His gaze followed Hannah as she nodded to where Greer stood, held firmly by the stranger that had arrived with Shade and Quentin. "He goes to jail and if the rest of you don't want to end up in the same place, disperse now." Shade was still panting, fury in his eyes, but he was being still - for the moment. Scott Cory gave him one of his steely eyed looks, "Back down or you will spend the night in jail." That got through and Shade began to relax although still on alert. The marshal nodded at the boy who had been the recipient of Shade's angry attack, "What's your story, boy?" Gradually, the whole story came out. Clara Redmond had spotted the two men that had allegedly accosted her at the lake and stole her father's gun and her clothing. Right now, there was only her word against theirs and the older man, Greer, was having none of it, claiming the girl was crazy and had made it all up. Cory was more inclined to believe the Redmond girl, but the lack of evidence was not in her favor. However, he did have the law on his side for this incident. Several witnesses spoke up and stated they had seen Greer hit the girl. That was enough to lock him up for now. Scott Cory now had to sort everything else out. He looked at Redmond and Clara, his eyes still stern but kindness in their depths, "I believe you, Miss Clara, but there's not enough evidence to lock both of them up for theft right now. I can hold Greer for assault, but we need to come to an amicable agreement on the rest. Although," he looked at Billy, "I would not want to be you." His gaze slid over to where Shade stood, quiet now, but still vibrating with rage. Shade had always had an intense sense of right and wrong.
  8. Shade Thornton

    Navbar Menu Updates

    In preparation for moving all the articles off our off-site wiki to this site, I have moved the Activity menu item under Browse. @Characters
  9. Shade Thornton

    Planning: The Bear

    @Characters What comes next in the Saga of the Bear? Put on your dancing shoes! The last event on the agenda for the Founder's Day Celebration is the open air dance. This will take place on the fairgrounds. A bandstand and dance floor has been constructed, a large tent set up for a buffet style meal, and of course, there are a few beer barrels and water barrels too. We'd like to do the dance thread similar to the brawl, some individual post replies, some JPs, etc. However, if anyone wants to start up their own thread, that's fine too. It does not all have to be in one. For dance scenes, use the following date: Evening, Saturday, July 31, 1875 If you have ideas for new scenes, feel free to start them. We'll try to keep the dating system for upcoming threads more fluid. Everyone will need to watch for bear events written by each other so we all know what has happened and what hasn't. I will add a bear thread tag to be used in conjunction with the others (open tags, closed tags, etc.) to flag posts as bear-related posts. Best wishes and have fun!
  10. Shade Thornton

    Starting New Scenes

    I have updated the scene header fields and added a mod to simplify things overall. After wrangling with them, I have decided to remove all the additional "site tags" we were using. You will also no longer have to fill out a list of characters in the scene. Click on the screenshots to see them full size. The scene (topic) listing has been cleaned up and simplified. The episode information appears at the top of the listing page. Then are the Episode Notes which are periodically updated to reflect plot points, weather information, etc.G Next comes the buttons for marking the forum read or starting a new topic (scene). This has not changed. Scene Status (prefix): This tells you if the scene is open for tags, closed for new tags, completed, abandoned, etc. You can click on the status and get a listing of all scenes with that prefix. Title: The scene's title. Guess what! If you hover over the title, it will pop up a preview of that scene that gives the scene header information (location, setting, rating, etc.). You will need to click on the title to see full details such as characters in the scene, etc. Scene Date: Under each title, you will see date information. This is the date of that specific scene. It is displayed in the listing to help you see when everything is happening so you have an idea for what timeline to use when starting your own scene. After clicking on the scene title, you will see more details. Recently Browsing: Always a good idea to check this. If the name is italicized, that person is actually typing so may be editing a JP or adding a reply. Status, Title, Date: These are all displayed next. Following: This is how you subscribe to a topic or forum so you get alerts. NEW! Topic Summary: This gives an array of stats for the scene, views, who posted last, and everyone that has posted. This is done automatically. Going forward, we are going to have to have a scene starter, replies that introduce each character into the scene, and then the JPs. However, upside, you no longer have to manually list each character in the scene. Hovering over the images displays the character's name. Filling out the header form is now simpler. You do not have to guess which characters to list or which site tags to use. Topic Author: If you have multiple characters, you can choose which one to post as here. Timeline: Specific date of the scene. Usually, we will not date scenes down to the hour, minute, day, but we can! Keep in mind, you need to read scenes so you know what events affect your character(s)! Title: Scene title. Prefix: Choose from the dropdown... Abandoned: This is used to alert the GM if a scene has been abandoned; either it stalled or the other writer disappeared without notice. Closed Tags: Use this if the scene has been prearranged between specific characters. This notifies everyone that they cannot join the scene without asking the scene's starter. Open Tags: Free for all! Everyone can join in. Complete: When your scene is finished and can be locked so no one else can reply to it, edit the first post and change the prefix to complete. The Lone Admin will lock it - or if you have permission for it, you can go ahead and lock it. Scene Rating: Choose from PG, PG-16, Mature. We do not use trigger warnings and will never use trigger warnings! Select the rating that best fits your scene's content. If you aren't sure, you can review our rules on the wiki or ask the GM. Setting: This is the area, region, state, town, city, etc. For example, Kalispell, Montana Territory. Location: This is the specific place where the scene happens such as Main House, Lost Lake Ranch. Alrighty, time to write your post! Always select all and copy your post before clicking Submit or Save. That way, if your computer glitches or the website crashes, your work is saved. You can paste it into a doc on your computer. You can add additional header information at the top of your post if it's needed. This is a good practice if the scene spans a range of times and locations. Tagging: To tag another player's character, type the @ symbol and the first letter or two of the character's first name. This will pop up a list of names. Select the player's main character (to be sure they are notified) and then add your tags. (Example: @Shade Thornton tags for Harriet). Open or Multiple Tags: If you want to notify everyone of tags (scene is open for all to join), you can use the Group Mentions feature. Click on the Group Mentions dropdown, choose Characters and Admin (to include Stormwolfe). This sends notices to all characters so use sparingly.
  11. Shade Thornton

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    Shade had a peripheral impression of Quentin plowing into a bunch of Evergreen's hands. By now, the brawl was in full-force as several Lost Lake cowpokes were leaping into the fray, ready to defend the ranch's honor if it killed them. Though still reeling a bit from the blow, Shade saw Clara land a hit on the man that had sucker-punched him. He rolled his eyes and scooped the girl off the floor, once again setting her on the table, supposedly out of harm's way. "Stay!" Shade growled at her in his dusty voice, whirling as he sense another man trying to come at him. He had never known how to fight clean. Shade had learned his tricks and fighting style from a variety of teachers from the army to Indian warriors. He also put the force of his entire body into his blows, often using the back of his fist with his other hand adding leverage. Shade fought to win and he did not care how he won. As he ducked another blow, he caught sight of Hannah. She was holding her own and he pitied the man that had tangled with the wild-haired lady deputy. Hannah had always been a scrapper.
  12. Shade Thornton

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    Shade did not hesitate! With the horse race fresh on his mind and his sense of decency outraged by Clara's treatment, he moved forward as fast as a striking snake to knock Billy away from Clara. Grabbing the girl around the waist, he set her up on a table and said firmly, "Stay there!" Anything else he might have said was cut off as a heavy hand landed on his shoulder, spun him around, and a massive fist cracked into the side of his face. The last thing he heard clearly as fury took over was Hannah ordering him to stand down and then her muffled yelp. Hannah had been too slow to stop Shade from hurtling into the man holding onto Clara Redmond. As she tried to grab for his arm, his momentum spun her into another man who reacted instinctively to seeing the badge and landed a right-cross to her jaw. Now Hannah's green-blue eyes sparked with pure rage as well. Hit the law, would he! Never mind that he was striking a woman. As the man Greer was named for hitting the child, Pronto Pike made a quick decision. This was none of his affair, but, he being who he was, bolted past the others heading directly for the bald man and when in range launched a powerful right hand to the man's jaw, lifting him off his feet and plopping him on the floor, raising a cloud of dust. Pike stepped toward the man, fist balled up and his body leaning toward the fallen bully. "Git up! We ain't done by a longshot!" Quentin blinked as the tent erupted into chaos. They had just walked in and hardly had a chance to figure out what was happening before the fight started. Quentin saw Shade and his opponent engage and then saw Hannah get involved in her own fight. The newcomer waded in as Quentin felt motion from his side. He ducked in reflex and felt the fist pass over his shoulder and his opponent's momentum carried both of them to the side and against a table. Quentin held on and went with the impact, rolling across a table and both men fell a few feet to the floor. Quentin ended up on top and drove a quick right into his opponent's stomach. The burst of alcohol laced breath let him know his shot hit home. Quentin grabbed a handful of the other man's shirt and swung a straight left into the man's jaw. The impact stung his fist but the other man's eyes unfocused and rolled back. Quentin let him go and scrambled to his feet just in time to hear the sound of the other men advancing as a group. "Oh, dammit..." He said to himself before taking a breath and letting out an ear piercing rebel yell, taking a few steps and then launching himself into the air to body block the front of the group, sending the entire bunch staggering backward in the crowded tent, hoping to give some time and space to his friends.
  13. Shade Thornton

    Complete Run for the Roses

    The pace of the race did not seem to be an issue for Shade's mount. The mare flowed over the jumps without undue stress. Glory took the water obstacles in stride - literally. Once or twice during the route that wound through a wooded glade, the Steelgrave jockey had given Glory a pretty hard bump. It was apparent that Shade's analysis of the man's ethics had been accurate. As a group of five horses came down a slope and into a creek, Glory bunched her haunches and leaped clear across the stream, landing on the hill and surging into the lead. Finally, they were out of the wooded area and in the clear yet still far enough away from the finish line for it to be anyone's race. Shade took a deep breath. As things stood at the moment, Glory looked to be the winning horse. That is when everything went south. Shade had let his guard down, temporarily forgetting about the Evergreen horse as he leaned low along Glory's neck and just enjoyed the power and speed of the big horse. Before he really registered what happened, there was a flash of white as the blazed face of the liver chestnut drew even with the roan mare. Shade let out a yelp as he felt the sting of a riding crop strike on his shoulder. The next blow landed on Glory's flanks. Instead of faltering, Glory stretched her neck out and put on another burst of speed. The Steelgrave chestnut matched her pace and even drew ahead slightly, putting his rider even with her head. The man glanced over his shoulder at Shade and grinned nastily. Leaning out of his saddle, he reached out and snagged the headstall of Glory's bridle, yanking it over her ears. The distraction did slow the big mare - briefly. Shade hauled back on the reins while the bit was still in Glory's mouth. He now regretted choosing to rid in a bareback rig. Without stirrups, he could not easily lever himself up far enough to grab the bridle before it came all the way off. The chestnut was pulling ahead, but the race was not over yet! Shade tightened his leg muscles and inched as far forward on the mare's back as he could, leaned low along her neck Indian style. With one hand, he pulled on the reins, making her bow her neck enough for him to reach the headstall of the bridle with his right hand and drag it back over her ear. They had lost ground to the lanky chestnut and his nasty little rider. However, Glory seemed to sense that there had been foul play. As soon as Shade relaxed his pull on the reins, she shot forward, her hooves thundering against the hard earth. The mare's ears were flat against her head, and her nostrils were wide as she gulped in air. Little by little, she gained on the chestnut and Shade shot a triumphant look at the surprised Steelgrave rider as they passed the chestnut. Getting Glory reined in after they passed the finish line was easier said than done. She was in no mood to top running. As soon as Shade got the mare stopped and was declared the winner, he began looking around for Addy. He felt sure she had not been far behind him at the stream. Shade did not see Addy, but he did see the Steelgrave chestnut canter over the finish line. In a flash, he was off Glory and stalking toward the little man, murder blazing in his dark blue eyes. Just as he bunched his fist, preparing to deliver a sound hit to the man's jaw, a figure stepped in front of him. "Let me by, Ezra!" The older man stood his ground, "Not here and not now, boy. Pick your battles." That was said in a low voice. The older man then clapped Shade on the shoulder and shouted and with a smile, "Well done, Shade. You made the ranch proud." By the time Shade had extricated himself from Ezra's bear hug, the liver chestnut and his rider were gone. He made himself smile, but it did not reach his eyes.
  14. Shade Thornton

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    Location: Just outside the Belle-St. Regis Saloon Tent Shade felt sure that they would find Hannah near the saloon tent. The Belle-St. Regis was a high-end establishment - in town - but the fair was open to all and sundry. If trouble were going to start anywhere, it would be there although it had been a close call at the end of the horse race. Shade had really wanted to beat the living daylights out of the rider of the Evergreen horse. Cooler heads had prevailed, and he had worked off some of his ire by helping to mend the dance floor. He had been right about where to find Hannah Cory. They spotted her standing a few feet from the tent talking with another cowboy. From her hand motions, she was providing directions to the man. Shade nudged Quentin and Pronto and picked up his pace slightly, angling them toward where Hannah was standing. Shade called out to the Deputy Marshal, "Hey, Deputy, someone here wants to make your acquaintance...." Before he could say more and introduce Mr. Pike, three small bundles of energy hurled themselves at him and Quentin. In unison, Wyatt Redmond, Nettie, and even Cody were shouting, talking, and tugging at him to come with them. All Shade could catch in their babble was that Clara was in trouble...in the saloon. He realized that they were talking about the Belle-St. Regis tent. Throwing a look at his companions to get them to follow, he took off for the tent.
  15. Shade Thornton

    Complete Run for the Roses

    Shade's reply to Addy was lost in the sound of the gunshot from the starting pistol. Almost as one, the horses leaped forward. The big liver chestnut took the lead and his rider seemed intent on setting a hard and fast pace. Shade guided Glory into a spot, laying an easy third or fourth behind the leader. The course was long and varied. It was designed for working horses with challenging obstacles that any good stock horse might meet on the trail. They would be splashing through creeks and streams, jumping low brush and fallen logs, dealing with uphill and downhill runs. The professional race horse likely had run over level terrain, maybe with a few jumps if he were a steeplechaser, but this was a different sort of race. It was more like a cross-country event. The big red roan mare seemed content to follow the leg, hand, and low voice commands from her rider. Shade wanted her fresh and ready to take the lead when they came into the final quarter mile. For now, he wanted to keep a wary eye on the Evergreen horse and concentrate on keeping Glory steady and on her feet.

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Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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