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  1. Site Updates

    IPS 4.3 UPDATE Invision Power Services (IPS), our forum host, has released the next major update that includes a security patch. Sagas will be closed for posting on Monday, April 23 so that I can run the update and install the updated theme. Thank you! @Members @Players @Administrators
  2. LOA - Cat Seriously Ill

    ========== Duration 3 days Notes My apologies! Seriously, I am not usually an absentee GM. I think the planets are aligned wrong! We took our car, Silver, to the vet on Sunday. She was diagnosed with a bad cold, given antibiotics and sent home. This morning, she was wobbly and seemed dizzy so we took her back. They gave her fluids and an appetite stimulant. Roommate barely got her home and she began seizing. We rushed her to nearest vet (ours is about 20 miles away) who said he thought she might have fluid on the brain or tumor. He gave us a referral to a neurologist (about 40 miles away). Neuro says he believes it might be a really nasty ear infection. They are keeping her overnight and doing an MRI in the morning. I will try to be online in between running back and forth to see to the cat, but in all honesty, I'm going to be pretty useless beyond maybe chatting until we get the final word on how Silver is, her diagnosis, and if we're going to have to put her down. Please be patient with me. Silver is my baby. @Members @Players
  3. Planning: The Bear

    Good Day Everyone, We are still setting our scenes on Saturday, July 31, 1875 (Founders Day Celebration). However, so as not to bog things down badly, we are not demanding they be added in strict chronological order. Just make sure to add the time of day to the beginning of your post. If possible, let's keep writing the actual events (races, contests, etc.) in A Fair to Remember as joint posts. If you think the event your character is participating in will be better written as a multiple post scene, then just open a new scene and make the title the event. For example, Founders Day Horse Race. If the event won't require more than three posts, you won't need to open a new scene. Clear as mud? Just ask me if you're not sure. Again, you do not have to wait for us to finish one event to start writing another one. Later today, I will go through this thread and create a list of events that have been suggested. All you need to do to suggest an event or to sign your character up for one that's already been suggested is reply to this topic with the details. If you have any questions at all about the fair, please ask. @Administrators @Players
  4. Hi Howdy

    My apologies for being absent. Flip, Welcome to Sagas of the Wild West. Bongo, Thanks for helping getting Flip started in a scene. I look forward to a chance to RP with you!
  5. Site Updates

    RPG INITIATIVE DECEMBER SPOTLIGHT We are one of the winners of RPG Initiative's April spotlight. I have posted the award image at the bottom of our sideboard. This award will allow our site to be featured on the RPG Initiative resource site for the month! My thanks and congratulations to everyone here for the hard work and patience! We rock!
  6. Character Accounts?

    All of the routinely active Players have voted. We had 2 in favor of ending the use of Character Accounts and 3 that didn't care. For now, we'll leave things as is while I look at the mechanics involved... Thanks for voting!
  7. Character Accounts?

    Good Day, I'm looking for simple yes / no opinions although you are certainly welcome to also weigh in with comments. Considering how we write / post, do we need to have separate character accounts? The only advantage that I see for it is that it allows our character's faces to be shown on the User Info panel portion of the post. Since IPS allows us to easily upload images into posts, I don't see this as a major plus or minus either way. Our post header template has a field for listing the characters in the scene. Since some scenes will have other characters added in, we might have to start taking a moment to list which characters are in each post within a scene (thread) when necessary. A good example is our fair scene where each post might have totally different characters in it. So, please vote when you have an opportunity! Thank you! @Administrators @Players
  8. Advertising?

    No, absolutely not! We will list your RPG site's button in our RPG Sites section in our footer providing the site is active and is not a smut/porn only site. To request adding your site's 88x31 static button... Click on Contact Us. Department = Advertising. Subject = Advertising Site Name, Rating Email Address = a valid email where we can contact you if your code and button does not work. It will not be used otherwise and will be deleted as soon as we verify your button and code works. Message = Button code. Click on the </> icon and add your button code. Click Send. We will add your button as soon as we verify the code works and check your site for activity. Requirements Button Image must be 88x31 in size and static! We will not add animated GIFs! Allow up to one week for us to add your button. Inundating us with requests will result in them being deleted upon receipt. You must add our button to your site, preferably in a static, not scrolling list. Our button code <a href="http://www.sagaswildwest.com/" target="_blank"><img src="https://s7.postimg.org/e33yw1wfv/Button1.png" border="0" alt="Sagas of the Wild West"></a>
  9. Advertising?

    Does Sagas of the Wild West allow other RPGs to advertise on their site?
  10. A Fair to Remember

  11. Spirit Animal Avatars

    1. What are spirit animal avatars? Sagas has created a gallery of spirit animals or totems in case players would like to use one of these as their OOC avatar. 2. Do I have to use one? No. They are just for fun and totally optional. 3. How do I get my totem animal avatar? See the directions below. Choose your spirit animal avatar from the Spirit Animals Gallery. You may choose the animal that represents your actual birth month or that of your main character. PM @Stormwolfe with your avatar request or you may create your own 220px X 220px spirit animal avatar and upload it. Staff will upload the avatar to your OOC profile.
  12. Spirit Animal Avatars

    What are spirit animal avatars? Do I have to use one as my OOC account avatar? How do I get my totem animal avatar?
  13. Plotting and Planning

    1. Does Sagas allow players to create plots? Yes, absolutely! See below. 2. How do I get people to plot and thread with me? Plot Requests: If you are more comfortable filling out a plotter, you can use our easy plotting form for creating character plots. Remember to mention people so they know you've created a plotter. #Plotting-Planning on Discord: If you prefer, you can contact players in Discord on our #plotting-planning channel or directly via DM. Private Messaging: Last, but not least, if you want a record of your plotting and planning, you can PM the Player(s) that you want to plot with. 3. Can I submit an episode plot? Yes! We ask that all episode plot ideas be submitted in our Episode Plotting forum. The current episode will be pinned at the top of the forum. Click on Start New Topic. Fill out the short form. Click Submit Topic. Be patient! We only run one episode at a time (excluding Historicals). When the current episode is nearly finished, the GM will review episode ideas and work with the players to select the next one to be written.
  14. Plotting and Planning

    Does Sagas allow players to create plots? How do I get people to plot and thread with me? Can I submit an episode plot idea?
  15. Tagging & Notifications

    1. How do I know when I've been tagged in a scene? Depending on your notification settings, you will get notified via an email, by a popup on the site, and/or with a notification which will show under the globe icon in the main navbar menu at the top of the site. We advise everyone to turn on all notifications until they see what works best for them. To change your settings, click on the globe, choose Notification Settings at the top right. Sagas also recommends that you follow players, scenes, and episode forums. The option to follow forums and threads is located at the top of each forum and each topic. Since JPs involves editing a post, you will only be notified in those posts when someone actively mentions you. 2. How do I notify my writing buddies that they have tags for their characters? You need to actively tag your writing partner by mentioning them in the scene/post or posting the tag in our #tags channel on Discord. Option 1: Mentions To Mention: Type the @ symbol and the first few letters of the player's name. A popup with a list of players will appear. Click the player's name that you are tagging (do not use the character's name). Repeat for any other characters in the post if it is a JP. Hint: If a player has more than one character in the scene, you should designate who each tag is for if it is not readily apparent. For example, @Stormwolfe tags for Shade Harper. Option 2: Discord #tags channel Click on the icon at the top, far right of the post you want to send the notification for (there's a little less-than sign < with a couple of knobs on it). In the drop down, copy the link. Go to the #tags channel, type the @ symbol and first few letters of the player's name. Choose the right name from the popup list. Type Tags @ Discord User Name Here: Copy in the link. Hit enter. Finding the post link (screenshots)

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Sagas of the Wild West is a roleplaying game set in the American Wild West of the 1870s. It is based on the classic television and movie westerns of the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s.

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