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  1. Looking at You, Looking at Me

    A rosy blush appeared on Cecilia's cheeks as Robert insisted he preferred to spend time with her. She watched as he tossed his pan and could not help when an elated smile spread across her face. The blush only lingered for a moment. It was time for this swimming business. "Is the water deep enough here or is there another spot you prefer? I haven't been here long enough to hear of any swimming holes," she asked, glancing at the river running past his cabin. Well, there it was then. The young lady definitely wanted to learn how to swim alright, she had obviously meant every word she said yesterday. Now he was on the spot, it was up to him now to either talk her out of it or back up his promise and do exactly what he had offered. It was an easy choice to make though now. She was a pretty girl, he was a young man, she certainly liked him...alright, they both liked each other. "Umm, no las....Cecilia, it's only up to me knees even in the middle here," he pointed to the water then gestured with a long finger further downriver, it's path cutting through hilly forest and curving away from the road, "we go that way and there be a place where the water drops into the perfect swimmin' hole. Private too...in that no one can see us from the road. I've never seen anyone there but me." Several feet from where he had been panning, he had his revolver lying on a flat rock, he didn't own a holster. By no means was the young Irishman a gunman but this was the frontier and one had to carry some protection just in case. He moved then to grab that then stuffed it into his beltline. "Just to be safe ya know," he figured she would understand. "That sounds serene," she smiled, imagining how lovely it would be to just quietly float in the water once she learned how. She followed his finger with her eyes in an attempt to imagine the place that he had described. Robert had no idea what 'serene' meant but she smiled so it had to mean something favorable. Cecilia arched a brow as Robert picked up the pistol. Had she not known him, she might have been a little wary. But, then again, most people carried some sort of weapon for protection. "Perhaps, you will provide me another lesson in using that one day?" she teased. "What?" he asked before realizing she meant the gun then chuckled, "I might not be much of a teacher...I've only fired three shots with a gun my whole life. And those were at bottles while me brother was showin' me." Truth be told, she had no interest in even touching a gun. Without any more hesitation, Sissy picked up her skirts and began to lead the way. "Well, come on! Let's not waste any more of your day off!" she smirked, teasing him. "In quite the hurry? Alright then," Robert now started to parallel the river, they couldn't get lost really and it was about ten to fifteen minutes at the longest to reach their watery destination. Gave them a bit to talk though. "So, I'm trustin' you'll not be plannin' on diving in with that on?" he was referring to her nice full dress. She'd sink like a rock once all that material got waterlogged. @Cecilia Atwood @Robert Cullen
  2. Underneath the Pines

    He grinned for a moment then explained his amusement, "Tell ya, darlin', when I strike it rich, first thing I'll buy will be a nice big bathtub." "Perhaps you ought to build a great big home to go with it?" she smiled. She felt guilty. She was born into wealth, and she wondered what made her more deserving that Robert. She thought what the consequences might be if she chose to help him. Not to be charitable, but because she liked him. Perhaps convincing her father to hire him as a foreman, if he was qualified of course. She wanted to see him succeed. It wasn't fair that he should have to wait for his dreams to come to fruition. "That'll be on my list too...well, not that I can make a list. I can't write," he shrugged, lack of education never really was a big deal to him. It was her turn to blink at him. "For example, lass....you are educated n' all, but you canna swim. I can swim just fine. All us kids used to swim in the river near home as much as we could in the summer," he pointed out. Those had been some of the good times in his young life. "How about we strike a deal then? I'll teach you to read and write if you teach me how to swim?" The suggestion brought a smile to her face as it gave her an excuse to see him again. Robert considered it for a moment, "Not sure that's fair, lass....I mean to you. It'll take me a long time to learn to do all that, and I can have you swimmin' in a day." Not to mention where on earth was she going to teach him. She could hardly bring him into her home? Her parents would not be pleased, he was sure of it. Cecilia's face fell, and a frown replaced her smile. "Oh, I understand..." was her only response. What was the point in pushing it? Robert obviously held some reservations about being around her. He had dismissed her when they first met and now, it felt like that all over again. "Umm, alright...you do, huh?" Robert frowned also, he had apparently hurt her feelings he was guessing. Wait...she was moving then. Sissy held back a dejected sigh as she got to her feet. She dusted the invisible crumbs from her skirts as she spoke, "I suppose I shou'd be getting back before it gets too late..." She wasn't going to beg and plead with him. If he wanted to get to know her better, he'd have to make the effort this time around. Quickly he scrambled up onto his feet then too, trying to figure out what to say. He wasn't about to agree to months of lessons on something he had little real interest in, pretty gal or not. Children went to school for years to learn that stuff, he was too old for such nonsense. Yes, he was interested in her but not as no school marm. "True, a lady shouldn't be wanderin' 'round in the dark then should she? Well, thank ye fer the sweets, I really liked 'em. Yer a fine baker you are," he talked as she began to walk. Should he just let her walk off...........like the last time? Angry, sad, whatever she was. So how was he to stop her, grab her by the arm? One didn't do that to a lady especially a proper one like Cecilia. Cecilia had knelt to collect her basket, knowing full well her mother would wonder should she return without it a second time. With a half smile, she told him, "It was my pleasure. I look forward to our next run in." "Ahh, lassie. If yer of a mind to truly learn ta swim, you come on by my cabin sometime....it's just further down this road, you can see it thru the tree line on that side of the road," he pointed toward the north side of the road out of town. "I'd be happy ta teach ye but.....don' bring no books or pencils....maybe just a big towel to dry off with," he added. The girl paused in her step, peeking over her shoulder at him. She shrugged and sighed, "Perhaps." Oh, he was going to burn in hell for this, he just knew it. And he'd probably arrive there right after her parents killed him for catching him with their precious daughter. A smile flickered on her face, and she quickly turned back to the path ahead of her. "Goodbye, Mr. Cullen!" She called before she disappeared out of sight.
  3. Underneath the Pines

    Originally published on Fri Jan 5th, 2018 @ 3:07pm A figure garbed in a simple, white cotton dress, sauntered about on the edges of town. She paused every now and then to pluck a summer bloom from the earth and to adjust the violet bow at her cheek. She wore her bright auburn hair half-pinned beneath a straw hat to help keep the sun off her fair complexion. The day had been particularly warm, but not so uncomfortable that it could keep the girl inside. Cecilia thought about the young man she met, as she placed another wildflower in her new basket. She had been given the money to purchase a new basket, having told her father the supplies she had carried were too heavy and basket handle poorly fashioned. He cared little and provided for his daughter without question. As long as she continued to bake for him, Mr. Atwood was unconcerned. Beneath a pine, the young lady came to rest. She spread a handkerchief at the base of the tree and sank to the ground to rest upon it, not wanting to dirty her simple gown. She produced a small paper fan and fanned herself with it, eyes closing partway as she enjoyed the little breeze on her skin. It was the perfect end to a beautiful day and a welcome beginning to a serene evening. Emerging from town, on foot but leading his mule, Robert was in a good mood. It had actually been a profitable day. Most people wouldn't think it was much, but he had just made himself a few dollars for once. His panning had netted him a few small bits of gold ore, and he had parlayed that into some currency, less than twenty dollars but better than anything he'd done since he first arrived in the area. Of course, only a few coins were now left in his pocket as he had then paid off some of his standing debt at the general store. Finally, because he could for once, he had splurged and bought himself a bottle of some rather cheap whiskey at the saloon. He would keep it then in his cabin and imbibe a little each day or even use it to wash his hair, the alcohol did make the scalp feel better though if you got it in your eyes, it stung like all hell. The bottle was now snug inside a small satchel hanging off the mule's saddle. Now he was heading home, that being his small cabin a few miles further and just off the road almost hidden behind a tree line. He was deep in thought and almost missed spotting the young lady sitting up against a tree trunk off to the side. A second look to ascertain if the individual was injured or something and Robert suddenly recognized her! It was that girl who threw her basket during his encounter with the blacksmith's assistant. Cecilia...ummmm, At...something. He was too busy looking at her to commit her full name to memory. Even though it was a small town, he was none too sure they'd ever see each other again. Yet there she was. Doing exactly what he had no idea but, yes, it definitely was Cecilia. The late afternoon summer air was warm and heady. Though she fanned herself, Sissy could not stave off the lull that longed to overtake her. If she didn't get to her feet and start moving once again, her eyes would fall shut. There was no telling the danger that might befall her, or embarrassment for that matter. She inhaled deeply and closed her fan, tucking it back into her pocket. She focused her eyes on the scarlet and fushia Indian Paintbrush flowers that lined her basket. From her wrist, she drew a length of white lace ribbon and tied it around the stems of the flowers. Robert stopped dead in his tracks, his faithful mule then did too, it seldom was in any real hurry to get anywhere, a content plodder. Clearing his throat first, he then called out. "Ah....Miss.....Cecilia! Are you alright?" She was admiring the small bouquet she had fashioned when she heard her name. The voice was male but did not come from her father nor her brother. It was the young man whose behalf she had intervened upon about a week or so ago. She placed the bouquet back into her basket and rose to greet him. "Mr. Cullen," she greeted him, "Yes, I am quite alright." She smoothed her skirts before stepping from the shade of the pine. "How lovely it is to see you again. Who is your friend?" Sissy smiled brightly at him, having thought of him a few times since making his acquaintance. While he was glad nothing was wrong with her, her inquiry confused him for an instant. "My friend?" he started then caught on when he glanced back to.............his mule? Cecilia giggled at the confused splayed across Robert's face. She assumed he would know to whom she was referring. "Your mule of course!" she answered before moving to close the gap between them. "You mean Abercrombie here? I wouldn't exactly call Abercrombie a friend...more like an employee of sorts," Robert duly answered with a grin. Suddenly he remembered his manners and removed his battered felt hat, "Nice ta be see'in you again too, lass." Sissy studied the grey beast for a moment before finally asking "Is Abercrombie friendly?" She wondered if she might stroke his muzzle. "He can snap at folk jest so ye know," Robert warned her honestly. "Oh, well, perhaps it's best I leave Abercrombie alone then..." she said more to herself than to him. She would have liked to make friends with the handsome beast, but Robert would have to do. The girl fiddled with the hem of her sleeve, working up the courage to invite him to keep her company. She smiled nervously before finally asking, "Are you and your employee busy this afternoon? Perhaps you'd like to join me?" "Most of the afternoon's over," he observed wryly but quickly added, "I got time though.....and Abercrombie...he won't mind none." "Evening then," Cecilia quickly corrected herself. Why did this man make her feel so foolish? "We can take a walk if you like. Unless you'd rather sit under this tree with me and share some honey cakes?" Sissy smiled at him, hoping to convince him that she was worth more than a passing glance. A walk or something tasty to eat? Now that wasn't a hard choice to make, Robert smiled. "I've always been quite good at....sitting. And can hardly say 'no' to something sweet," he informed her...or for that matter, someone sweet. Sissy smiled at that and stepped back over to the shady pine and lowered herself back to the ground. She patted the spot beside her indicating that he ought to sit with her. "Umm, sure," he nodded then eased the mule over to another tree and wrapped the reins around a low hanging branch. The beast didn't have much ambition and would be fine there for awhile, he was confident. "Does Abercrombie like apples?" she asked, glancing back at the mule. Perhaps if she charmed the mule, she could charm Robert as well? "I would think he does, most horses and mules do...or so I have heard," he nodded. Though, what did it matter? Why did Cecilia care if this young man liked her or not? Sure he was handsome and his eyes breathtaking, but there was more to it. Robert Cullen has trouble written all over him. Sissy lifted an apple from her basket as well as small cloth parcel. She unwrapped the parcel and offered him a piece of the sweet cake she had promised. He took the apple with a quick "He sez thanks." Then he gave it to the beast who chomped on it with zest. That taken care of Robert lowered himself down to sit next to her, but not too close, it would not do to be too forward, this was a proper lady. Glancing down at the cake, he swallowed then reached for a chunk of it with two fingers. "Thankye," he nodded then bit into it, "Ohh, that is sooo good, miss." He finished it off next bite. Cecilia giggled as she watched the mule crunch the apple. "I wonder if he likes sugar cubes?" she said, thoughtfully. If Robert cared to see her again, perhaps she would bring Abercrombie a few extra treats. Robert shrugged, "Don't know, that I know he never had one." The young woman nibbled at a piece of the honey cake herself. She smiled brightly when Robert complimented the baked goody. "It gladdens me that you should find my baking so delectable," she said, her eyes sparkling appreciatively. Robert nodded though he did not know what 'delectable' meant for certain, he figured it was same as 'good' as she looked pleased.
  4. A Chance Encounter

    Cecilia stood there in shock. What she meant as an aid in the lithe man's escape turned out to be the brawny man's downfall. "Oh, foot!" she cursed as the smaller of the two men beat the tar out of the other. She winced watching the ruddy-haired man get pummeled, feeling like a fool for interfering. However, before she could find a way to intervene, the brawl had ended with the burly man knocked out cold on the ally floor. "You ain't right!" she snapped at the Irishman, "Perhaps it is you who is the brute after all!" She knelt next to the large man, checking for breath. Satisfied that he would merely wake up with a splitting headache, she exited the alley. "Are you hurt badly?" she asked Irishman, a gloved hand coming to his chin to tip back his head to inspect his nose. "You're a right mess." Sissy declared, taking back her hand and pursing her lips. Robert blinked, for someone who had helped him there at the sacrifice of her little wicker basket too, she certainly appeared to be unhappy with the result. He did have to smile a little though, "First time anyone ever called me a brute, missie. But I don't argue with a lass." He watched as she checked over the bearded man and like him, seemed satisfied the man was alright, well except for the part about being unconscious. Those were the risks though when you pick a fight. It could have just as easily been him on the ground there, and Robert realized it full well. Then she came right up to him. He braced himself for a possible hard slap across his face for....ummm, daring to defend himself? But her anger seemed to have eased as she used one gloved hand to tip his head up for a quick inspection of his face. "No miss, I been hurt a whole lot worse'n this little scrape. All the blood just makes it look worse'n it is. I'll be fine," he assured her. "You're a mess in the head too, I think," Sissy chuckled, shaking her head. She had only meant to help the Irishman escape the blacksmith's assistant, not knock him out. Cecilia plucked a clean white handkerchief from her pocket. "Here, allow me," she said, gently wiping the blood from his face. The sound of a deep groan made the young lady peer back into the alleyway. The red-haired man was coming to. "We ought to skedaddle before he awakes!" she told the Irishman, her voice sounding a bit frightened. Cecilia worried what might happen to both of them should they stick around much longer. Actually, he had been knocked a bit witless on occasion with a hard punch or fall, but his head was fine right now, the chuckle though gave it away she wasn't quite serious. Amazingly, she used a nice hanky of hers to begin wiping blood from his face, he had not expected such attention. She was so obviously above his station in life. Then his defeated opponent made some noise and that spoiled that, she wanted to leave quickly, though that did make sense, he didn't want to hang around in case the man had friends. "Aye, I agree, miss. You go your way, I mine. Thankye again for yer kindness," he flashed a sincere smile and started to walk away. It had certainly been an interesting day this one! Worth the punches even. "Well, ain't you just precious!" she scoffed, hands coming to her hips. Part of her wished to retrieve her basket so she might have something to chuck at his head as well. "Ummm, if you say so," Robert shrugged and took another few steps, but she wasn't done. "Now wait just a cotton pickin' minute," Sissy called after him, "Is that any way to thank a lady?" She quickly caught up to him and reached out to stop him. He came to a stop. "Won't you help me carry my things home from the general store? I was on my way there before I wrecked my basket," she asked, her tone sweet. She might have batted her lashes at him too, though she doubted she needed the effect. "Your things?" Robert considered the size of that now-ruined basket, it hadn't been very big. Certainly, she didn't have that much to carry? "You want me to go with you inta the store then take your things back to your house?" he wanted to be certain he was grasping this rather stunning request. She said it herself - he was a mess, his hands were bloodstained but most important of all, she was obviously a proper fancy young lady way above being seen in mixed company with the likes of his lowly self. "Yes. How else do you plan to thank me for savin' your hide?" she smirked at him, "You would have lost the brawl without me, you know." She couldn't hide her grin as she awaited his retort for injuring his ego. "Is that what ye think, miss?" he just rolled his eyes. "C'mon now, don't keep me waitin'." she smiled at him and slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow. This gal was definitely not taking 'no' for an answer. They both could get into trouble for this? She took note of his bloodstained hands and tutted at him, "Maybe we ought to stop at the bathhouse first before I let you put your paws all over my sugar?" "Bathhouse? I can't afford to pay for no bath. I live near a stream, and I use that...no cost," he quickly pointed out. Money was very tight for him, every penny even. Cecilia frowned at him and released him from her gentle hold. "It's not every day a girl makes a new friend 'round her own age." They were suddenly friends? What was she up to? They were of two different worlds. Robert would be even more suspicious except ...well, she was rather pretty. "It was gonna be my treat, but I understand," she said, the disappointment evident in her voice. She let out an inaudible sigh and stepped away from him. "Your treat?" the young man repeated her words. "I reckon I'll see you around then." She rubbed her pout together and gave him a small nod of her head before turning her back on him. Pa's applesauce cake wasn't going to make itself! "Ummmm, wait ...ahh, miss..." Robert paused, why he didn't even know her name or her his. She paused and nodded in answer to him, "I didn't expect a young man who fights in alleyways to afford a proper bath." Sissy wasn't just a pretty face. She knew she was well off than most, but she wasn't stuck up about it. That was a mite unfair, he considered. He'd witnessed many menfolk settle their disputes with fights, and they were of all classes. But he chose not to argue. The Irishman seemed like a jovial spirit, and although he was probably more trouble than he was worth, she wanted to know him. Cecilia wanted to know the man she'd broke her basket for. "Might I ask yer name given we are....or were....friends already?" he truly was curious. He had never met anyone like her, that was for certain. "Cecilia Atwood," she answered, "And yours?" "Miss Atwood," he nodded, he would have removed his hat, but he didn't have one. "Robert....Robert Cullen...tis a pleasure ta meet ya, Miss Atwood," once more he smiled, hoping his charm might make up for his less than impressive appearance. She couldn't help but return his smile with one of her very own. She found his charm alluring, and she was drawn to it. "Likewise," she replied. "You know, I am pleased it wasn't you knocked unconscious in that alley back there. Though, I do hope you're more careful. I wouldn't want to see that handsome face of yours broken." "I am a mite pleased about that too, miss," he still wasn't sure if he should call her by her first name, she was a proper young lady after all. Sissy smoothed her hands over her patterned cotton skirts and glanced up the street towards the general store. The girl couldn't help the frown that wormed its way back onto her face. The saloon alley wasn't far off, and if they didn't get into a or business or off the street before too long, the brute might attempt round two, or worse. "Perhaps I ought to go. I wouldn't want to keep you from your own business, Mr. Cullen..." "Oh...ummm, yes...sure. Thankye agin for the help and .....well, who knows....tis a small place, this town....we might just see each other agin I'm thinkin'," Robert stumbled over his thoughts but got it out. Thinking...he meant hoping! Unlikely though, she'd forget him by the next day more likely.

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