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  1. Aurelian Redmond

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    Aurelian was a widower and with two children to take care already, not currently looking for adding to his responsibilities by taking another wife. However that did not mean he could not enjoy an evening of feminine company and maybe a few dances. He used to love dancing when SHE was alive, they made quite the pair. There was a second reason he was present now too, for his daughter's sake otherwise Clara probably would not have went. He felt as she was nearing womanhood, she should take part in social events such as this. Clara had so many strengths and gifts but there were times when she lacked some in the whole being sociable with folks area. Wyatt was along too but he had met another boy his age during the festival afternoon and those two wanted to find out more about each other. Oh and eat food too. There would probably be lots of desserts. Aurelian was in a reasonably fashionable grey suit, he was wearing a tie which was a most rare occasion for that. Clara had helped with trimming his hair, including mustache and goatee. He looked suitably dignified. "Lot of people here, bound to be some lads approximately your age," he smiled down at his daughter.
  2. Aurelian Redmond

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    Shade's friend pulled up the young cowpoke just as she was beginning to get in some decent hits and Clara fell backward for a minute, "He is mine!" No sooner did she get to her feet when none other than Shade once more - for a third time - seized her about the waist and plopped her right back on a table. "Stop doing that!" she was doing just fine she felt. Aurelian reached her then putting a fatherly hand, a firm fatherly hand, upon her upper shoulder, "No you don't. Enough, Clara. This brawling needs to stop before someone gets seriously injured..........or goes for a gun." Meanwhile Billy found himself up but restrained by some man pinning his arms, "Lemme go!" Shade then turned his fury on the young man, first giving him a hard backhand, snapping Billy's head to the side. Suddenly Billy could taste blood inside his mouth. But that was just the beginning, his attacker followed up with some hard punches to both his face and his body. The man was yelling angrily at him too but he was too stunned and pained to comprehend. Aurelian now stepped in the way, "Alright, enough! You wanna kill him? Stop, Shade. For god's sake." So this was one of the two who humiliated and stole from his daughter.........well, this jasper wasn't that much older than Clara by the look of him. Being a father, he wouldn't want his son beaten like this. If Shade didn't stop, Aurelian would try and physically restrain him though he had no wish to fight the man who had been so supportive of his daughter.
  3. Aurelian Redmond

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    Aurelian stepped in with the others, saw some young cowpoke hanging on to Clara as she did her best to resist and his eyes narrowed in anger. A voice rang out too saying some man named Greer had actually slugged the girl - HIS daughter! He took a step forward but one of the other men with him was faster, striding forward and decking that jasper. Shade was rescuing Clara from that other weedy cowboy only to get decked by a punch. It seemed the Evergreen crew was going to make this a full out fight. Aurelian was a reluctant brawler but he had a parent's anger right now so he plowed right in. Someone actually took a swing at the deputy too, wrong on two levels, Hannah represented the law and she was of course a woman. He stepped up, blocked a wild swing then jabbed hard, planting a fist right in the nose of the opponent who let him know it hurt with a sharp cry of pain. He would have followed up but there had been a big collision or tackle or something and more than one fighter tumbled to the floor, also taking the legs out from under him and down he went.
  4. Aurelian Redmond

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    "Well, there he is," Aurelian spotted his son and the boy was still with the Thornton twins....but where was Clara? She was supposed to be watching over the younger ones and it was not like Clara to shirk her responsibilities. It took only a second or two to see there was some big commotion going on as the children were frantically gesturing Shade, Quentin, and a man he did not recognize to follow them. He decided to break into a lope, heat or not, to catch up and see what all the excitement was about. Had Clara hurt herself in some freak accident? He hoped not. It was the big beer tent set up by the local hotel that drew the children and adults to it? The kids were jabbering away so rapidly he could barely make out a few words but one of them was Clara! He looked to Shade since he knew that one of the adult trio the best. "Now what?" But none of the men stopped for a discussion, instead they continued on parting the tent flap and entering the interior. It was filled with men many of them with drinks in their hands but most of all of them were standing there gawking at .................. "Clara?" Aurelian stopped dead in his tracks. Billy was still trying to get the girl under control, she wouldn't stop struggling but looking up there were now four men who had just entered the place, two of them he knew..........Shade Thornton and Quentin Cantrell. The Evergreens rivals. Clara squirmed enough to turn, "Pa! These are the men who robbed me!" One of the bystanders, who had been standing there with a frown, chimed in, "And that big ape Greer slugged the girl, there was no call for that!" The older of the two, Greer, had now been named and didn't like it. This was building up into more and more trouble. "Shut up! This girl has no right comin' in here like some harpy and making up lies. We didn't do nothin!" Greer protested. Behind him and Billy, some of the Evergreen hands began to set down their drinks and form up. Looked like a fight brewing and they needed to stick together...if for no other reason their boss would fire any shirker. TAG
  5. Aurelian Redmond

    Complete All Work and No Play

    A big festival, Aurelian thought that was a fine thing for the locals to put on. Things like that were good for communities, building histories, and also a great place to allow newcomers to mingle with the locals. He and his family fit that first category. It hadn't been easy for them this past year and even now their early experience with the locals had been mixed but definitely leaning toward the good. He did not regret his decision to buy the homestead from the Sidwells. By next time this year just maybe he'd be turning some sort of profit, meanwhile they just had to hang in there. Dropping his children off in town, for he did not trust their safety by themselves on the homestead, he had decided to join in on the preparations required for this local celebration. And there certainly was plenty to do. He was put to work right away. Not that he minded, he had never been afraid of a some hard physical labor his entire life. Perhaps the only drawback was the damned mid summer heat, it was like working in an oven. A few of the older men had to call it quits early and no one begrudged them either. He knew from his military past that men could die from heatstroke. Least they had plentiful water. It wasn't all work though, he got his chance to meet a few of the locals even as they shared various tasks. People seemed accepting of his homesteading even though he was enough of a realist to know some of the ranchers looked down upon such endeavors as detrimental to their livelihoods. But his immediate neighbor, the Thornton Ranch, had been friendly and cooperative. The incident with Clara had been unfortunate but the tough minded girl had bounced back quickly and neither of them believed the Thornton Ranch was behind it. It remained unsolved but who knew what the future would bring. At least there had been no new visits by those two mysterious cowpokes or anyone else hostile. Hanging over all their heads though was the ongoing Indian problems. Scattered incidents of violence had taken place all over Montana and the Dakotas, no one should let down their guard. Some frontier newspapers constantly were calling on the government to have the army forcibly clear all Indians from the entire territory as the only way to guarantee peace. It was a powder keg and being a former officer he was rather certain in the end it would result in a bloody war. Wasn't that always the case with the Indians since the white man first landed on this continent. Aurelian did not hate all Indians for the loss of his wife but he sadly realized the two quite different life styles of these societies could never really mesh. One was going to have to emerge on top, he knew who it would be too. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud call for a few of the men to assemble for the next task, wiping his brow he headed on over.
  6. Aurelian Redmond

    Neighbors: The Good and the Bad - Pt. 2

    Clara returned to her homestead cabin without further incident, her brother greeting her and instantly puzzled why she was dressed like that. She did not even have time to explain when their father showed up. He too was befuddled by the sight of his daughter clothed in garments obviously not hers and the presence of a woman dressed like a man. Answers were quickly forthcoming as Clara not only introduced the female deputy (now that was novel) but also related in full detail her brush with the two cowboys. Outwardly Aurelian took it calmly enough, he was putting on a front for his children but inwardly he was furious. Once Clara was finished, he nodded then requested she go inside and change into her own clothing. And as for Wyatt, he directed he go into the barn to do chores. The tone of his voice brooked no argument from the boy who was old enough to figure out he was being sent out of hearing so adults could talk. That left Hannah and Aurelian alone for a few minutes at least. "Thank you for your kindness to my daughter. I am doing my best to remain .........calm...but frankly, I expect something to be done about this. This might be the frontier but civilized people can have no toleration for such behavior directed at a girl...young lady," he declared, the words measured but his eyes blazing. Hannah studied the man discreetly. She had dealt with her fare share of irate fathers, her own included. Although she was inclined to want to go after Shade Thornton with guns blazing, her duty took precedence. She was mature enough to recognize where desire for revenge and her job conflicted. "If you and your daughter will accompany me to town and swear out a formal complaint, we can investigate the matter fully. I assure you, we take such incidents quite seriously and will do everything within our means and the law to see the miscreants brought to justice." She tilted her head, her blue-green cat's eyes cool and considering, "Truthfully though, Mr. Redmond, it is unlikely we can get them on more than theft. I doubt the prosecutor will bring indecency charges." "Oh we will go to town to file a formal complaint, that is a given, Deputy," Aurelian did not hesitate to answer in the positive. "Harassing a teenage girl in her state of undress and - as Clara stated - trying to get her to come out of the water so they can ...how was it? 'See what she's got. That to me is indecency. Don't know what kind of prosecutor you folks got around here," Aurelian pointed out, a bit frustrated. But a part of him knew the woman was probably correct. "And her clothing, the gun....I want it all back too or monetary compensation. We are not well to do and both will be missed. Now my daughter is down to one dress. You see we only recently arrived here after my original place was attacked by Indians and burnt down. We lost most of our belongings then. More importantly I lost my beloved wife and Clara her mother." He sighed but continued, it needed to be said before Clara returned, "Clara has not been quite the same since then...I believe she blames herself...unfairly but I cannot convince her otherwise. She was out with her mother that day looking for edibles like mushrooms when the Indians showed up. At first Julia ran but when they got separated she went back for Clara who'd got cornered. Clara took an arrow in the chest and then before the redskin could finish the job Julia shielded her with her body. She took two arrows in her back and died protecting her child. The Indian rode off. I was too late for Julia but ..........thank God, Clara pulled thru. The doctor said that time he doubted she would make it, it was truly a severe wound. But....he didn't know my daughter, she has a lot of spunk, my Clara, I like to say she was too stubborn to die. " "Sorry ...I run on sometimes," he then smiled. Hannah's eyes expressed her sympathy over the loss of his wife. She could not imagine surviving such an incident. And to almost lose his daughter as well! It put his anger into perspective for her. "Mr. Redmond, I can't begin to imagine what you and your family have been through and you have my deepest sympathy for your loss." She paused and tried to think of how to explain the legal situation. Their prosecutor was a good man and would do his best. However, she knew he would likely prefer only the charges that he stood a chance of getting a conviction for. The jury would likely be men. Her expression hardened as she recalled what Clara had said about where the two miscreants worked. She knew Ezra Hale would not stand for such behavior from his hands. But, was Ezra truly in charge now that Shade had returned? "Thank you for your kind thoughts, but I didn't mention it to look for sympathy, just to fill you in on my daughter's particular circumstances," Aurelian nodded. " With the complaint and Miss Clara identifying the two men that accosted her, there's a chance of getting the entire incident prosecuted. I just wanted to caution you that we stand a better chance of bringing them to justice for theft than a charge of indecency." Hannah looked toward the house and then back at the tall homesteader, "Did Clara tell you where the men claimed to work?" "Oh yes, they said they were hands at the Thornton ranch. She had already met Shade Thornton.....as did I. He seemed pleasant enough. But Clara had met him in different circumstances. Seems his cattle had trampled our garden plot and Clara confronted him when he rode on up. He chased the cattle off then. She didn't talk about the particulars with me later so I'm not sure of any more than that." Hannah's brows drew together. That the Redmonds had already encountered Shade Thornton bothered her. The boy she had known and loved would never purposely harm a woman or child. He had been wild and hot-headed, but he was basically good. Since then, considering the news that drifted back about him and the handbills, she couldn't be sure he wouldn't send ranch hands to harass them. It didn't really matter what she thought though. If the facts bore out the truth of Clara's words, Hannah could get rid of Shade Thornton! "The best time to catch all of the hands is first thing in the morning. If you will come into town with me now, we can swear out the complaint and go up to the ranch in the morning. Have Miss Clara see if she can pick out the two men that tormented her." Hannah looked at Redmond with a raised brow to see if her plan was acceptable. "Morning makes sense, yes. I am willing and I am certain Clara will be eager to go. My only reservation is................you don't think they would resort to gunplay at this ranch do you? I do not want to take my daughter into the middle of a gun battle," Aurelian figured this local would know these people far better than he as to how dangerous and violent they might be. Could Hannah guarantee that the two men at the center of the issue wouldn't go for a gun? She did not see how she could make that promise. Would Shade defend two such men? Hannah didn't know the answer to that either. She looked at Redmond and shook her head slightly, "Mr. Redmond, I cannot promise the two men will not put up a fight. I do know the Hales quite well though and neither of them would harbor such men knowingly. They would not willingly put your daughter at risk either." "I know...I know you can't make such promises and I don't expect you to either...just thinking out loud I reckon," Aurelian shrugged, "I have met Mrs. Hale and she impressed with her kindness to us, total strangers." "No...we will go tomorrow of that you can be assured, but I will be riding armed. You have my word I will not start anything but I'm not riding into a possible hornet's nest unarmed either," he assured her.
  7. Aurelian Redmond

    Welcome Basket with Cattle

    The man was taking his promised drink from the bucket's dipper, and while he did so, he offered to return her pistol, long as she gave her word not to shoot him. Clara thought that an unnecessary condition but nodded, "I looked at the welcome basket, it is as you said it was. And you did chase those beasts away from the garden....though damage has been done....so you are quite safe from being shot by me. I am quite different than the bloodthirsty sort of outlaws you apparently hung about with." "Also, I would like to point out that a gentleman caller would give a lady his name especially since he now knows hers," she pointed out solemnly. Shade sputtered, nearly snorting the water he'd been swallowing. He hung the dipper back up and looked at the girl, torn between astonishment and amusement. "I'm Shade Thornton, owner and foreman of Lost Lake Ranch." Technically, he was only half-owner but did not want to set his little niece and nephew up for trouble. Right now, the fewer strangers knew about their situation, even teenaged ones, the better. "The LLR will reimburse you for the damage if you'll draw up an accounting of your losses." Clara frowned when the man almost spit up the water, there was nothing wrong with the well water. "Shade? What kind of name is that?" her usual bluntness came out. As for the accounting, she would handle that part alright, she'd have to write up something very specific. "The kind of name I was given by my mother," Shade retorted good-naturedly. Leaning a hip on the edge of the well's enclosure, Shade studied the girl for several moments, "Since our cattle caused the damage, I can come back in a couple of days and help put things to rights as much as possible." Shade nodded toward the sack laying next to the welcome basket, "We had to slaughter a heifer yesterday that broke its leg. Mrs. Hale sent you the haunch and the hide. It'll keep for a while in a spring house or smoked. I can get it started smokin' for you if you want me too, Miss Redmond." Before Clara could reply to that her attention was distracted by the approach of a buckboard wagon with none other than her father and little brother on it, in the back was a load of freshly chopped wood. Aurelian, of course, had spotted his daughter and some cowboy standing there talking by the well. He could not help but wonder what that was all about. Wyatt no doubt felt the same. "Who's that, Pa?" "I do not know, son. We shall very soon find out I suppose," the man calmly replied. "That is my father, Mr. Thornton, it may be a good idea to give me back my father's pistol now," Clara pointed out as the wagon closed on them. "Or maybe I should just hold on to it and give it to your father," Shade replied, raising one eyebrow at the girl, a grin pulling at his lips. "After all, he's not tried to shoot me yet." "You offered to give it to me but fine, go back on your word," the girl shrugged, "And if you mean to get me into trouble, I do not think that will happen." "Hello!" Aurelian called out as he set the brake on the wagon then clambered off the vehicle, Wyatt beat him to it landing in one jump on his feet, his eyes riveted on the newcomer. He stepped toward Shade then, "Good day to you, sir. Do what do I owe the pleasure of this visit of yours?" It did not get by his notice about the Colt Dragoon in the man's possession, sure looked like his piece. He also exchanged a silent glance with his daughter and was relieved she did not seem neither alarmed nor afraid. Shade straightened and gave the older man a respectful nod and tip of his hat. "Hello, sir. I'm Shade Thornton from the Lost Lake spread, your neighbor to the west. Mrs. Hale asked me to ferry a welcome basket over for you and your family." He paused and waved a hand toward the meadow beyond the house, "I'm afraid some of our cattle strayed onto your property. I've asked Miss Clara for an accounting of damages." "Mr. Thornton," Aurelian nodded back, "They did huh? That'll happen I reckon." He glanced at Clara again, wordless communication between them. Clara nodded affirming the man's version. Fair enough. "Mrs. Hale is a wonderful lady I must say, tell her thanks from us. Clara, we must write her a proper thank you note," he added. "We meaning me," Clara commented dryly. "You have the best penmanship," the father smiled. Pulling the Dragoon from his belt, Shade offered it back to Clara. "This was dropped in the confusion," he added to Mr. Redmond. He would leave it up to the girl to tell her father what she wanted him to know. "I apologize for the trouble, Mr. Redmond." Clara accepted it, of course, a bit of surprise showing on those youthful features of hers, "Thank you." "Rather careless of you, child. Handling firearms is a serious business," Aurelian chided her but in a gentle tone. "Girls," Wyatt grinned, enjoying anything that might embarrass his know it all sister. Clara just forced a wan smile and inwardly seethed. "Oh, Mr. Thornton, this is my son, Wyatt, he and I were chopping wood in the treeline out to the west," Aurelian introduced his youngest. Wyatt was a happy go lucky boy and grins came easily to him, quite the opposite of his all too often dour older sister, "Howdy, mister. You sure got a nice horse. And is that one of those Winchester rifles too?" He pointed to the weapon sheathed next to the saddle. Wyatt had a boy's fascination with both horses and guns especially since he didn't own either. "Hello, Wyatt," Shade said affably. "Right on both counts. The carbine is a Winchester 1873. You have a good eye for horses too. That's Lakota, one of the best stock horses I've ever owned. If you ride and it's okay with your father, you can trot him around the yard." He looked at Mr. Redmond with raised eyebrows, asking permission on the boy's behalf. Wyatt looked excited as he glanced up at his father, but Aurelian shrugged, "Thank you for offering, kind of you, but I think I shall have to say 'no' at this time." The boy looked crestfallen but knew enough than to argue with his father. "Wyatt has been on a horse with me on occasion, but he does not really know how to ride yet. That day will come of course but right now I ....we simply cannot afford any injuries or accidents. And you know as well as I, Mr. Thornton, there are no guarantees once a person climbs aboard a horse. Even the best ones can get skittish or worse if something goes wrong," Aurelian explained. "Sorry, tiger," Shade said to Wyatt. "Maybe next time I stop by." Wyatt wasn't happy but took it like a man, "It's alright, mister." He sincerely felt bad to have gotten the boy's hopes up. Shade gave a rueful mental shake of his head. Seemed he was putting his foot wrong with every member of this little family. He turned his attention back to the man. "I don't know what Kate sent in the basket, but there's a side of beef in the sack. Had to slaughter a heifer yesterday that broke her leg. Smoked or dried, it should last awhile." "Oh, well, some more generosity. I appreciate it, we can certainly use the food, to be honest. God willing, come this time next year we shall be quite self-sufficient but in the meantime, starting over like this......well, it is certainly a challenge. One we will weather, isn't that right, children?" Aurelian declared. Wyatt just nodded, still wishing for that horse ride, but Clara gave a confident, "Yes father." "So your place then...what direction is it from here?" Aurelian asked. "What little of our boundary butts up to your property line is slightly north and west. If you follow the road west past your gate, you come to our main gate," Shade answered. "Guess I better get those cows moving. I'll have some of our hands look for the break in the fence and get it mended. Sorry for the trouble." "Ahh, I see," Aurelian nodded at his directions then waved his hand in dismissal, "No apology needed. We can't help where animals choose to wander. Thank you for coming to fetch them...and bringing us Mrs. Hale's kind gifts." Aurelian had his pride, but he decided he wasn't going to turn down the man's offer to have the ranch fix the break in the fence, he had enough other things to do with this still new property. Catching Lakota's reins, he led the horse a couple of feet away so that it wouldn't walk on anyone as he mounted. Grabbing the saddle horn, he pulled himself partway up and slipped his foot into the stirrup, settling easily into the saddle. "Miss Clara, I'll come back by for the accounting of damages in a day or two. If you folks need anything, please let us know." "Yes, Mr. Thornton, I will have it ready, and it will be a fair accounting," Clara assured the man. "Bye!" Wyatt smiled as he waved. Once the cowboy was out of hearing, Aurelian remarked, "Right nice fellow as is Mrs. Hale. Seems we have found ourselves some good neighbors." Clara gave a shrug, "He's....................alright....I suppose."
  8. Aurelian Redmond

    Checking Out the Town

    Aurelian paused upon entry to take a moment to give the store interior a bit of a once-over. It was quite reasonably stocked, things appeared tidy enough, the floor was swept, that all spoke well for the quality of the ownership. Now if the man was just the understanding sort that not everyone could pay for things upon purchase. Meanwhile, Clara swept right past him down the first aisle, already engaging in some visual shopping for needed goods. She'd do her usual diligent job, of that he had no doubts. At the moment no one was behind the counter, didn't mean much though he could be in a back room or showing a customer something out of sight for a bit. The bell tinkle would have notified whoever was working there were more customers. Aurelian wasn't in a rush anyhow as he now ambled deeper into the shop. There was a distinguished looking woman looking over some fabrics who had given him a smile when he first entered so he felt pretty comfortable gambling she would not mind the intrusion from a stranger. Removing his hat, he smiled, "Excuse me, ma'am. Sorry to bother you but I'm new to town. Would you be able to tell me who and where the proprietor of this store is? I'd be grateful." Kate looked up from the bolt of cloth she had been considering. The twins always needed new clothes. She saw that it was the stranger that had spoken to her and she smiled at him again, "Neil and Sarah Goodman own the store. They are probably in the stock room. Just ring the bell on the counter." Feeling a twitch on her skirt made Kate remember her manners, "I am so sorry! I'm Kathryn Hale. Everyone calls me Kate. My husband, Ezra, is the foreman at Lost Lake Ranch." Kate indicated the small boy peeking out from behind her skirts, "This is Cody Thornton and this..." she glanced around and frowned. "I am Nettie!" Cody's twin stepped out from behind a bin of hardware cloth. She looked up at the stranger, "Cody is my twin. He's shy. He calls me Nettles. So does Uncle Ezra and Aunt Kate. But I'm not a nettle. Those sting and I don't sting. My real name is Antoinette. She's a dead queen. Did you know her?" "Nettie!" Kate was torn between laughing and the need to discipline the little girl. The woman was immediately helpful with her advice then introduced herself. "Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Hale. I am Aurelian Redmond and the young lady down that aisle over there is my daughter, Clara," he responded then listened to the jabber of the little ones with a growing smile. His were that young once, and these two were cute. Putting his hands just above his knees he put himself a bit closer to the children as he spoke to them in an easy tone. "Hello, Cody. And hello to you, Nettie. As for that queen, she was a bit before my time and in a country far far from my home, but I do happen to know they say she loved cake. What about you then, do you love cake?" "I like cookies better," Nettie told the man and then pointed at Cody where he stood holding Kate's hand, "Cody likes pie." "I am sorry about that, Mr. Redmond. Afraid Nettie's never met a stranger. Are you new to Kalispell?" Kate asked, having offered a friendly smile to the young lady that had been introduced as Clara. She knew most people in the region, but new folks came in all the time. Kate always made it her task to see that people were greeted and could count on the men and women of Lost Lake Ranch to help them when they needed it. She and Mary would have a ton of work to do to get together a welcome basket for the new family. Aurelian paused grinning long enough to dismiss her worries, "Nothing to apologize for. The youngsters just have their opinions is all. We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food." Then he looked down at the twins once more, "Cookies are fine. I definitely am with Cody on the pie. My Clara makes wonderful pie." As for Clara, she was too far off and caught up in her silent appraisals of necessaries for the shopping to even notice Mrs. Hale's smile to her. Just then an older gentleman stepped out of a back room and behind the register, his eyes taking in who all might be in the store. Since Clara was the closest, he fixed upon her first trying to place the young miss without success. Clara, of course, spotted him back and approached with her usual confidence. "Good day, sir. We.........that is...my father would like to talk to you for a moment....that is when he can tear himself away from his current conversation," she declared then glanced over to Aurelian chatting with that woman and the small children in tow. Kate nodded toward the counter, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Redmond. It looks like Mr. Goodman is back." She had wanted to find out more about the man and his daughter. Not to be nosy, but to make plans to visit them with her usual welcome basket. She would make a point of asking where they lived once he'd concluded his business with the store's owner. "Ah yes, I see. Mr. Goodman...very well. I better get over there before Clara gets her claws into him," Aurelian smiled then glanced down at the twins, "You two be good now." "Thank you, Kate, for your help. Nice to meet you and I'm certain we shall be seeing each other around town on occasion," he replaced his hat then and took his leave of the woman. He had some very serious business to attend to. ~*~*~*~*~*~ It took awhile, and though Aurelian found Mr. Goodman to be a most decent sort, the fellow was still a businessman and was not about to stay in business by making poor gambles. This was the storekeeper's livelihood and extending too much credit to many folks who rebound to hurt him financially, Aurelian got it. He had to use all his charm and logic and even threw in an appeal to his kindness to get Goodman to agree to let his first purchases be on credit. Aurelian listened then to the man's conditions for payment and judging them fair, there followed a handshake deal. With that, he turned his highly motivated and efficient daughter loose on the store. It was a good beginning, a crucial first hurdle but there remained a lot of hard work and necessary good fortune to make this new life of theirs, him and his children.
  9. Aurelian Redmond

    Checking Out the Town

    Originally published on Mon Dec 11th, 2017 @ 3:36pm It was a warm one again but then it was July after all as two of the three Redmond family walked down the boardwalk of Kalispell. They had already made one stop, Aurelian introducing himself to the school marm and presenting his a bit reluctant youngest, Wyatt, to the woman as a first step in enrolling the boy into school. Wyatt was even now still there, taking a few simple tests for the teacher so she could judge how to better place him among her current class of students. They, Aurelian and his daughter Clara, would swing by and pick him up the way out of town once they had their own business taken care of. "So while I almost dread to ask, what do you think of the town so far, child of God?" Aurelian glanced down upon his daughter keeping easy pace with him on their boardwalk stroll. The girl gave a nonchalant shrug that was so typical of her, joyous enthusiasm was not something Aurelian ever much witnessed in her even before her mother's death. "It will have to do. It is no Scranton," she huffed. "You did not like Scranton you always said," he pointed out bemused. "It was in the main............unpleasant, but that was mostly the people," Clara countered. "Well, Clara dear, learn to get along with people here because remember we are staying here now long term. This is our home like it or not," Aurelian reminded. "I know.............I can be pleasant............most of the time," Clara grudgingly conceded. Aurelian didn't press the issue especially as they were getting closer to their current target, the town's General Store. They needed things there, a wide variety of things but there were issues. Being newcomers, establishing a line of credit might prove.....well, challenging. But Aurelian was down to little more than coins to his name. Clara had long been saving for a personal desire of hers, a horse of her own but now she was tempted to dip into that even though her father had not mentioned a word. But even then it wasn't a whole lot, less than $40.00 at her last count. "Very well, Clara, glad we are squared away on that point," he smiled then abruptly got down to business, "Now you let me handle the storekeeper when we get in there. And in return, I will let you be in charge of the purchasing if he allows it. I know you will watch our every penny and spend wisely, I trust you." "Oh I will, and I will demand..." she started. "Ask for," he hastily corrected. "ASK for a receipt of our purchases then double check. It would not be the first time some clerk could not manage simple addition," she asserted. Aurelian grinned, pity the poor clerk who got into a tangle with Clara over figures.
  10. Aurelian Redmond

    Starting All Over Yet Again

    Originally published on Sat Dec 9th, 2017 @ 7:07pm It had been a long day and a warm one also but then it was July after all. The family had been hard at work since morning arrival at the cabin of their new property. Aurelian had been very pleased with the structure itself, the cabin had been well built especially important in that Montana supposedly had brutal winters. The former owners had started on a well too, but since there was a nice lake very close, water was less of an issue he figured. There was also a chicken coop and then little more than a shed, but it would house the milk cow and the three horses he owned. Two of the horses were used for the buckboard and could also pull a plow. The other was for riding. After all, every man in Montana needed a horse, least that was his belief. The cow and the chickens came with the place as the couple gave him a more than fair price on them given they were heading back East on a train and had no further use for such. All things considered, as far as animals they were well enough off but it was still going to be a struggle to make this place a go, and he knew it. They lacked so many things even over and above their lack of funds. Their clothes and most personal belongings had been destroyed or stolen in the Indian attack. Only by the generosity of a few kind locals in the last community did he and the children have at least two sets of clothing to wear. More wardrobe would have to come later when he had some purchasing power, and he did not want to even think about the winter to come. Clara was fixing some beans at the fireplace, an actual stove was a luxury he could only dream of now. He had traded his old cavalry saber for some tin plates and a handful of cutlery, three cups. Again for now it would have to do. There was plenty of forest about, and he already planned on putting meat on the table by doing some hunting. Even on the way out here, they had seen enough deer about. All his thoughts and worries were suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice. "Pa, supper's ready," it was his boy, Wyatt, a smallish skinny lad who was always hungry it seemed. "Very well, then might as well sit down and eat it," Aurelian smiled as he took a few steps to the small wood slat table and sat down. Clara brought the small pot over to them and dished out three heaping helpings onto the tin plates then joined them at the table. "We are going to need quite a few things at the store, Father. We cannot live on beans. The Sidwells did not leave us much of anything," Clara pointed out. "We have a roof over our heads and a cow and chickens, be thankful for what we have, child of God," Aurelian smiled as he waited until Clara was seated and comfortable then glanced over to his son, "Your turn to lead us in prayer." Wyatt paused, "You sure?" Clara frowned, "Oh just do it. Honestly, you are so forgetful." The prayer was simple and short, and soon they were eating. Mouth half full of beans, Wyatt piped up after a moment, "So are we going into ...what is it called....tomorrow?" Clara sighed, "Chew, swallow then speak. And it is Kalispell." Aurelian had pondered the best plan of action and had already decided, "Yes, we will....all of us together." "But what about here?" the boy asked immediately. "Would you suggest we leave someone behind for the Indians to pick off by his lonesome?" Clara countered in that annoyed tone of voice of hers. Aurelian raised one hand, he had to do that a lot to head off those two and their bickering. It was never serious, but it was definitely something he could do without most times. "Now, now....Clara is right. As usual, might I say," he flashed a grin at her. That brought a smile, a slight smile to his daughter who then forked some beans into her mouth. "We stick together and don't worry about Indians coming here. The cabin has around now for what....the Sidwells said they built it over a year ago and no Indians have come to burn it down. It'll be fine. Besides, will give all three of us the chance to look the town over. We only rode thru it twice and once was at night. We will need to know where places are after all," he reasoned. "They have a schoolhouse," Clara announced, looking straight at her brother whose turn it was to frown. "Awww, I don't hafta go, do I?" he didn't ask his sister for he knew her answer, his pleas were to his father. "Oh yes, you do!" Clara smirked. "We will see, children. We will see. I need you both for all the work we have to do here yet. But down the line, yes, I want you to attend school, son," Aurelian declared, and his son knew well enough to know whining or arguing about it wouldn't work. "What about Clara?" Wyatt added. "I do not need school. I imagine I know as much as any schoolmarm they have managed to secure for that leafy burg," Clara contended with her usual self-confidence. Thing is Aurelian couldn't argue. She was fifteen now, and he believed she pretty much knew all she would ever need to when it came to educational subjects. "Clara is correct, she doesn't have to go," he pronounced much to Clara's satisfaction.

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