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  1. Main Characters

    */ ——————————— HISTORY SECTION ——————————— You may copy and paste the below format to use as a template. /* | YYYY to YYYY (age: XX - XX) | Details here.
  2. Elisabeth Blackburn

    1845 Joseph and Róisín, "Rose", became acquainted when she took up a position as a scullery maid at his family's inn. The two were afraid that Rose would be dismissed for being a distraction to Joseph and his work. Yet, they carried on a secret romance until Rose became pregnant. Joseph's family was not keen on him fathering a bastard and reluctantly gave their blessing. The two were married just months before their first child was born. 1850 Elisabeth Blackburn was the second child of Joseph and Rose Blackburn. Her brother, Connor, was the first born, followed by herself, then twin girls, Sarah and Nora. She was raised in her grandparent's inn and learned to appreciate hard work and. 1854 At the tender age of four, more than half her family would become ill with cholera. A total of 616 people would lose their lives to the outbreak, three of which were family members. The family was full of heartache for the loss of both Nora and Elisabeth's grandparents. The inn had been left to Joseph's eldest brother. Not five years later, Thomas would run the inn into the ground and be jailed for his debts. Without a steady income and the family name tarnished, Joseph took what little savings he had left and moved his family to America. 1859 The journey to America was difficult and filled with more grief. Rose would die on the crossing from England and the rest of the family would arrive during the war between states. Joseph had little hope left and charged ahead with the remnants of his family West. There were rumors of gold and riches to be had in the lands of the American frontier. 1860 In 1860, the Blackburn's settled in the thriving settlement of Fort Kalispell. With the money Joseph had left, he purchased an older building and transformed it into the White Rose Inn, named for his late wife. The little ten-year-old Elisabeth grew up quickly grew up. The family's solemnity and sorrow faded in the years to come, but they would never be the same. Joseph constantly coddled Sarah and would panic if she did so much as sneeze. Meanwhile, Bess grew older and took on more chores. 1872 When the civilian town of Kalispell was established, Joseph moved his little family and their inn. 1875 Connor has all but abandoned the family, having fallen in with the wrong crowd. Elisabeth spends her days working for her father at the inn. Some days she spends as a barmaid serving the patrons and entertaining the weary travelers, and others she helps with the cooking and the wash. She knows her place in this world and only hopes that one day the inn will be hers.
  3. Cecilia Atwood

    | August 23, 1856 | Cecilia Atwood was born to Elliott and Vivian Atwood. She was born into wealth and privilege, on a prosperous Louisiana sugar plantation right outside New Orleans. | February 1857 | Caleb Atwood is born. | June 1859 | Kitty Atwood is born. Having grown bored with the pomp and fuss of southern traditions, Elliott Atwood takes a gamble and invests a large portion of his estate in Keller & Sons Mining Company. Vivian was concerned and discouraged her husband, but he was convinced that their risk would be rewarded. And so it was. The Atwood’s wealth dramatically increased as the mining company struck gold in Happy Horse Valley. | September 1860 | Jacob Atwood is born. | January 1861 | Louisiana seceding from the Union was unsettling and with rumors that war was on the horizon, Elliott began preparations to move the family from their comfortable plantation to the territory. Due to the remote settlement, Elliott sent laborers ahead to construct a family home and organize the household for their impending arrival. Elliot sold the plantation, located about fifty miles outside of New Orleans, and invested the profits into Keller & Sons Mining Company. In the meantime, the family would take up residence within the city limits. | April 1861 | The Atwood’s plan to move north was delayed as war was finally declared between the states. It was a long five years as the war raged on throughout the South. During that time, New Orleans would be captured by the Union Army for its advantageous trade routes along the Mississippi River and its access to the Gulf of Mexico. The Atwood’s were forced to free their remaining slaves. They retained many of their former house slaves by offering to pay them fair wages for their servitude. Life during the war was hectic for the Atwood family. The greatest burden they endured was to feign sincere “southern hospitality” as they often quartered union soldiers during the war. The children never quite understood why they had to constantly entertain guests, but it became a normal routine as the years marched on. Cecilia never minded the revolving door of soldiers for most were kind and were amused by their little hosts. | May 1865 | The war between states comes to an end. The Atwood's delay moving North as they wait for the completion of a private rail system. | 1866 | It is decided to send their eldest boy to Hampton Academy and that the rest of their children will follow suit as they each come of age. | 1869 | At age thirteen, Cecilia follows her brother to Hampton Academy. | 1871 | With three of their five children attending boarding school, Elliott and Vivian begin their trek north. | 1875 | Miss Cecilia Atwood is expelled from Hampton Academy and rejoins her family in the Montana Territory. Sissy May finds Kalispell to be boring, especially with all her younger siblings still at boarding school. There is little adventure to be had, and while her family has forgiven her expulsion, they are not about to forget it. The young lady, on the edge of nineteen, is eager to escape the confines of this mundane town.

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Sagas of the Wild West is a roleplaying game set in the American Wild West of the 1870s. It is based on the classic television and movie westerns of the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s.

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