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  1. Welcome to the White Rose Inn

    Elisabeth tossed and turned in her bed; the sound of thunder crashing above their tiny town did nothing to help her sleep. Her sister, Sarah was likely awake and would be equally as miserable, come morning. Sarah had feigned some sort of illness to which their father took pity and dismissed her from her duties. She would likely not lift a damned finger tomorrow either. Elisabeth was desperate for sleep. With her father out of town and a useless sister to depend on, much of the managing would fall to her. She cursed at the storm as she hopped out of bed, her mind on a bottle of whiskey in the kitchen. If anything would make her sleep, it was whiskey. Hopefully, she would be functional and without a raging headache in the morning. Bess shrugged on her dressing gown and stepped into her morning slippers before creeping out her bedroom door. She slipped down the stairs and was on her way to the kitchen when the sound of banging on the front doors caught her attention. Bess rounded the corner and peered into the darkness at the strange figure on the other side of the glass. She sighed, knowing it was probably someone just trying to find shelter from the storm. She wasn't about to turn them away, but she wasn't going to let the inn's services be taken advantage of either. "Just a moment!" she called through the door. She fumbled with the lock as another flash lit up the sky and the crash of the thunder shook the building. "Come in! Come in!" the young woman called as she swung open the door and ushered the oddly shaped figure inside before locking it back up behind them. Shade slid into the warmth of the building past the young woman that opened the door. He stopped inside the foyer because he did not want to drip water all over the place. Gingerly, he slid his hat back from his face. "Sorry to disturb you so late, ma'am. I've been trying to wait out the storms before heading back to the ranch. Didn't want to get my niece soaked to the bone," he explained as he leaned down to set Nettie on her feet so he could shrug out of his slicker. "Would you happen to have any rooms available?"' @Witchy Tags for @Elisabeth Blackburn
  2. Welcome to the White Rose Inn

    Yes. @Shade Harper

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