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    The brawlers had spent considerable time accounting for themselves to Marshal Scott Cory. Much to the consternation of the Evergreen foreman, the two hands identified as Greer and Billy, were taken into custody pending charges being pressed for robbery and assault. In the end, Cory had only been able to keep Greer in jail for striking the Redmond girl. Billy was told to leave the grounds for the evening and to think really hard about returning the girl's property. Scott might only have Clara Redmond's word to go on, but he believed her over the men. She had no reason to lie. They did. Scott Cory sighed. They had had small dust-ups at previous Founder's Day Celebrations. People that disputed the allotment of prizes or the outcome of a race or other event. Of course, his voice had prevailed over the town fathers in the past, and there had been no saloon tent. This year, the Belle-St. Regis won the day and persuaded the council that its tent would keep people on the fairgrounds and spending money. Yeah, that had gone really well. After Scott had sorted out the brawlers and closed down the saloon tent for the night, everyone had gone their separate ways to clean up for the buffet supper and dance. The Belle-St. Regis had donated a couple of the remaining beer barrels which were now set up in the tent near the dance floor. The sun was dipping low as the band warmed up, preparing to open the dance with a lively country waltz.
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    Complete A Fair to Remember

    The old man pulled his equally aged horse to a stop beside the picket line. The line was actually a heavy chain strung between two posts that had been set firmly into the ground. Large metal rings had been welded along the chain's length, providing a place to tie a horse's reins or lead line. There were four such picket lines set up allowing a large number of horses to be secured for the day's festivities without crowding the beasts. For those that planned on being at the event all day, there was a large corral and a shed for tack. Several horses were already milling around the enclosure. The man was not planning on spending the entire day on the meadow, so he gave a cheerful faced teenager the required five cents to look after his horse for a few hours. The boy grinned and led the horse toward an open slot, made sure to offer it water before loosening the girth to let the horse relax. Not a bad way to make a little money. The day was absolutely glorious! It was still very early morning, so there was a nip to the wind that blew off the Chogun Mountains. The grass, clipped short for the festivities, rippled as the wind caressed it. Copses of trees dotted the meadow, and the old man could hear the wind rattling their branches even over the racket of vendors setting up and children playing. Colorful pennants and banners snapped in the breeze, inviting people to stop by the booths and look over the wares. Livestock of all descriptions was being led to the show tents while ladies bustled around with their own goods and wares while trying to keep an eye on their children. In the three short years of its existence, the Founders Day Celebration had become a staple, a Kalispell tradition that everyone looked forward to. Even the men that had worked hard all week to put up booths, tents, arenas, and the bandstand and dance floor and grumbled each and every day were arriving with their families to take part in the day's festivities. Come one, come all! It was time celebrate and have a good time. With luck, the Mayor's speech that officially opened the festivities would once again be short and sweet. Nothing bad ever happened on Founders Day! ~*~*~*~*~*~ Deep in a tangle of brush, at the eastern edge of the meadow where a deep gully widened into a narrow arroyo, he stirred. A fence ran along the top of the embankment making him go a long way out of his way to cross between the two properties that bordered one another. In fact, the little farm to the east of the meadow had probably noticed some missing chickens. They had been easy prey, but winter was coming. He would soon need something bigger and more substantial to maintain and increase his bulk. There had been more noise than usual over the last many days. He growled low in his chest, sounding like the rumble of thunder beyond the mountains. The scent of man pervaded his waking and sleeping hours, and he hated that smell! Hated and feared it. It would be hard to sleep with them so near. Faint, fevered memories of heat and pain flamed through his being. It would soon be time to hunt, but not yet. He lay his massive head back down on his paws. The briars and brambles of his nest would protect him until it was time to feed...and to take his revenge.
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    Complete All Work and No Play

    The Kalispell Fairgrounds, most often referred to as the Fairgrounds, was located about two miles west of the town of Kalispell. The long, river-fed meadow's western border lay along the eastern border of Lost Lake Ranch and the foothills of the Chogun Mountains. It was a long, wide expanse of rolling grasslands. The landscape is spectacular with the meandering foothills being overlooked by the towering Chogun Mountain Range. The meadow has long been a gathering spot for local ranchers when they needed additional grazing for their herds. It has also been used as a place to muster several herds together for joint cattle drives. Shimmering blue pools dot the meadow where aquifers bring life-giving water to the surface. Even in mid-summer, the grass is green and verdant. The location of the meadow made it an ideal gathering spot for major town events such as the annual Founder's Day Celebration. The region's prominent families shared the cost of the fair and its events with the businesses from the town. This way it was never a burden for any one group. It also kept undue influence from being wielded over the events. The only event held on private property is the horse race which takes place on Drover's Meadow adjacent to the Fairgrounds and owned by the powerful Thornton family. The Founder's Day Celebration was created to commemorate the establishment of Kalispell as a town separate from the fort. The goal was to bring the community together to celebrate the town and the people of the region. Despite decided unease with the local Indians, it was not unusual for a delegation of Blackfoot to attend the gathering. This year will be one of the few that Indians are notably absent from. As with years before, the meadow is teaming with people working on the last minute preparations. They are putting the finishing touches on the grandstands, enclosures, and constructing the dance floor for the following night. The day is sunny and hot. At its peak, it will reach 95º. Day workers have been employed to help ensure that everything goes off without a hitch! Nothing bad ever happens on Founder's Day.

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