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  1. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Let Me At 'em !

    In the wake of the race, Addy just wanted a drink, then she'd hunt down the conniving rattlesnake who had tried to throw the race. Fortunately, the man whose horse had been tripped up by the Steelegrave man hadn't been too badly injured, and the horse was fine, but Addy had let the man ride on Arabesque while she walked along with them, leading his horse that had a slight limp. Once she'd made sure the rider was in the doctor's care she had checked out his horse and put cold compresses on its leg, so it was late into the festivities that she headed to the tent where drinks were being served. Grumbling, she shook her head as she heard the shouting...just her luck that the minute she was able to grab a wiskey all hell was breaking loose. But maybe it wouldn't be that bad, or she could slip by and get to the bar... Then she saw the kids, Cody, Nettie and some boy she didn't recognize, peering anxiously in at the action, letting their curiosity get the better of them as they strayed a bit close... "Woah, there, young'ns," she chuckled, stepping beside them, attempting to herd them back without blocking their view, "stay outta harm's way...that yer pa in there?" She chuckled, then noticing Speed as well, and she shook her head. "This is truly gonna be some spectacle," she observed, "but let's stay back." "Yeah, that's Pa....oh and Clara's in there too. She's the girl. She's my sister, " Wyatt said excitedly. Dropping to a knee so she was closer to the kids' level, she asked, "So, we know yer pa's gonna win, but which of them others ya think'll go down first?" Never too young to learn about betting! "I say it's that big, ugly brute...I'm right, ya'll can muck stalls for me fer a day, if one'a you picks right, I'll buy ya all ice cream!"
  2. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Run for the Roses

    Letting out a jubilant, 'Whoop!', Addy gigged her horse forward and into the fray, just enjoying herself and not necessarily trying to get to the lead, although that would come later. For now, she was keeping an eye on Shade, and the lanky chestnut ridden by the suspect jockey. For now, everything looked to be kosher, but when they plunged into a wide stream, the Steelgrave horse bumped into a big dun, and at first glance, it looked to be an accident, but Addy noticed that the Steelgrave man twisted his ankle and quickly, subtly, drove his spur into the dun's flank, causing the horse to balk and then buck. Arabesque barely managed to dance around the horse and rider as they tumbled into the creek. Cursing, Addy pulled up her mount and turned her back, then jumped down to see if the man or horse needed help. The race was over for her, and there would be hell to pay when she had a chance!
  3. Adelaide Chappel

    Northwest Montana Into Every Life...

    "Reckon as it'll be about three hours or so, so long as nothin's amiss." Addy nodded to the man, acknowledging his help, although there was only so much she would let him do -- she didn't know how much he knew about teams and hitches, and even so, it was ultimately her responsibility. "You can get th' horses out an' start groomin' down for me. Mike there tries ta lay on ya when ya clean his hooves, so don't let 'im get away with that. An' Bob tries ta nip." She handed Speed a halter then grabbed one for herself that she put onto Duke, another of the four big Belgium horses. "Pay extra mind to th' area 'round th' neck an' chest where th' collar goes. Ya got a lot'a experience with horses?"
  4. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Run for the Roses

    Frowning, Addy glanced at the horse that was causing trouble, then shook her head. "Shows poor trainin'." she muttered, then she gave Shade a smile. "Thanks fer th' heads up. Reckon it ain't gonna be a problem if we're both of us so far ahead of 'im!" Speaking boldly, but she'd keep an eye on the troublemaker although she didn't really understand why people were like that. It was just in fun and it wasn't as if there was any real benefit from a win besides a modest pot and bragging rights, and she hated people that took the fun out of, well, fun. The moderator called for the 'Get Ready', and she gave Shade a final nod. "Luck to ya!"
  5. Adelaide Chappel

    Northwest Montana Into Every Life...

    Reluctantly, Mrs Ford let Matilda take her infant, trusting that the other woman wouldn't let any harm come to it, and that the men, as well, would protect her daughter. But she couldn't help but shudder as she took the dark-skinned baby, turning away and draping her shawl over her chest for modesty. "I don't know if I can," she whispered to Matilda, but after just a few moments her motherly instincts took over and she started to sing softly, rocking a little. By the door, Addy glanced at Speed. "How are ya at makin' coffee?" She grinned. "Seems like we got guests fer breakfast!"
  6. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Run for the Roses

    "Afternoon." Addy smiled and nodded to Shade. "Thank ya. This here's Arabesque, she an' me been tagether a while now." Leaning forward, she patted the mare's soft neck. "Nothin' special, but a good mount, knows what I need, sometimes more'n I do!" She glanced around for the kids, waving when she spotted them, then looked back at Shade. "Got ya a fine lookin' steed there, too." She grinned teasingly. "Hope she don't mind a little dust kickin' up in her face!
  7. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Run for the Roses

    It was something Addy might not normally do -- racing was pretty much pointless in her opinion. Didn't matter much how fast a beast you had if it wasn't sure-footed, strong and level headed. Running fast off the side of a cliff didn't serve a body any more than running slow off one, no, it was more important that a horse know not to run off that cliff, nor walk off it, and that it was important that the animal didn't drop of exhaustion after the first mile a run, and that it could fancy around obstacles without letting noise and sights fluster it. No, there was far more to a horse than speed, but this was a festival, and it was all in fun and good spirits, so Addy had entered Arabesque into the race. Not that she thought they had a chance, the sorrel mare was lanky and strong, a good saddle horse that could go all day and never flinch, but speed wasn't her strong suit. Still, the track did have some jumps and streams and whatnot, so that would likely equalize the work horses against any fancy-going gandy dancer. Leading the mare by the hackamore, she headed to the start line, then mounted up.
  8. Adelaide Chappel

    Northwest Montana Into Every Life...

    Cabin The air was tense in the little cabin as Matilda moved toward the small band, but rather than be aggressive, the men shuffled slightly aside to let her pass and go up to the woman. At first, the dark-skinned woman hesitated, and although she held her ground, she gripped the baby tighter until one of the men spoke sharply to her and she handed it over. Outside, Addy and Speed got closer to the group, and she relaxed a little when no weapons were drawn. "Maybe they just want breakfast?" Addy observed, then the Natives had a quick conversation and she frowned. "Somethin' 'bout th' baby...mother...dead..." She glanced at Speed. "Baby is hungry...I think th' mama died an' it needs ta eat. Mrs. Ford c'n do that." If she was willing. Right now she was just pretty pale!
  9. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Three Legs Are Better Than Two!

    Addy shrugged as the woman left them alone, then sat beside the kid. "Guess it don't much matter which legs we tie, so long as we're facin' th' same way." She chuckled. "'Course, ain't never done this before, so I can't really say." "That makes two of us, lass," Robert chuckled, "Have watched one once though. Seemed as much floppin' as runnin." Scooting closer, she put her right ankle next to his left. "Tie 'er good, don't need it slippin' off." Especially with her boots on, the tie would have to be tight so it didn't slip. "Ya think we oughta try it bare foot?" Robert checked out the competition, they all had their footwear on. "I dun know...we could....my feet are tough, went enough times without shoes durin' me childhood, couldn't afford none it was," he explained then shrugged and proceeded to pull off his worn boots then socks. Just to be silly he wiggled his toes and grinned at her. "Here goes then," he had waited til she had done the same then tied the rope as securely as he could make it without cutting off circulation, "Let's be hopin' we can get up now." @Adelaide Chappel
  10. Adelaide Chappel

    Northwest Montana Into Every Life...

    Inside "The baby..." Jonah wasn't sure, and he didn't speak any of the native languages any more than anyone else, but the only common factor was the baby. But at that simple word, Mrs. Ford whimpered and drew her knees up. "Miz Devereau, would you...try to approach the mother..." he nodded to the Indian woman, "see if she will allow you to take the infant to Mrs. Ford...I suspect the child might be hungry." He had no idea why that would be the case, but it was the only thing he could think of. "Just...be cautious...and try to convince Mrs. Ford..." Some folks, he knew were so prejudice against the natives that even an infant was abhorrent. @Wayfarer; @Flip
  11. Adelaide Chappel

    Northwest Montana Into Every Life...

    Outside Addy nodded to Speed's observation, glad at least that all seemed peaceful so far -- even if the Indians attacked with hand-weapons, there would be noise, screams, defensive shooting... "Give 'em a chance, but be ready...they c'n be all nice an' happy then turn on ya...got th' mind that anyone c'n kill an enemy, but it takes more ta kill a friend...don't understand that, but..." She shrugged, moving around the side of the building, then toward the cabin. The door was open, the visitors could be seen inside, and the man at the back of the group was keeping watch...he spotted Addy and Speed and tensed, taking a single step toward them...
  12. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Three Legs Are Better Than Two!

    "Of course!" Addy grinned widely and almost laughed as she looked up at Robert. "Name's Addy." She stuck out her hand. This should be interesting! "We got a minnet 'er two ta practice. Reckon we oughta let th' lass hobble us tagether an' see how it goes?" She'd never done anything like this before, but she wasn't shy around strangers and she was game for just about anything! The woman huffed, "I have better things to do than tie ....your sort up. Do it yourself. And hurry, the race is going to start soon." And with that helpful comment the woman turned to place a cord in the Irishman's hand then headed back to the sign up table. The new teammates were on their own. "Charmin' that one," Robert shrugged then looked at the other contestants for a visual check on how they were tied. "So let's sit down then? Next to each other and I will tie us up...I mean our legs...you know," he did not want that to taken wrong.
  13. Adelaide Chappel

    Northwest Montana Into Every Life...

    Outside Addy handed her pistol to Speed so she could scramble out the window, where she fell pretty unceremoniously to the dirt, but she was up quickly, trying to maintain her composure as she reached in for the weapons, then crouched down, her back to the barn as she surveyed the treeline. Once Speed was beside her, she waited a minute, then muttered, "Don't see nothin' more out here. Let's move in behind 'em." It was, at least, a good sign that there wasn't any shooting from the cabin, yet. She just hoped the folks in there didn't get caught too unawares.
  14. Adelaide Chappel

    Northwest Montana Into Every Life...

    Barn "Oh, they got weapons, all right." Addy drew her Colt slowly, cocking it as it cleared the holster. "Just gotta keep an eye...for more..." The small group seemed focused on the cabin and didn't seem to be aggressive...yet, but they could be unpredictable. "Let's go out th' back window, make sure there ain't more hidin' in th' woods.' Where there were a few there were likely more, it paid to be wary, but also to hold back so you didn't trigger something. "Ya think you can make it out that." She nodded to the window that was large enough for her to shimmy out, but might be a tight squeeze for the man. "Might wanna get yer boots, too." @Flip; @Wayfarer
  15. Adelaide Chappel

    Kalispell Fairgrounds Three Legs Are Better Than Two!

    This wasn't exactly the sort of thing that Addy would normally do...she didn't mind having fun and she certainly didn't mind making a fool of herself, but she was still fairly new to town and didn't know many folks here, and not any who would agree to something like a three-legged race. But Cody and Nettie had been so earnest that she sign up, and even after she tried to hold them off there had been that harmony of, "Pllllllleeeeeeeaaassssseeeee!" that had finally broken her. And those cute little faces... Come to find out she wasn't the only one who didn't have a partner, so she added her name to the list, and when race time came, she discovered that she was paired up with a man called 'Robert'. She just hoped he wasn't six feet tall...that could really prove amusing! *** Robert had been approached by a woman who straight out of the blue asked him if he would be willing to volunteer for a race event that was due to begin very soon. They needed one more person to even out teams. Robert didn't get it at first about the teams but as he asked, the woman became a bit less ....well friendly. "You're Irish? You from around these parts, never saw you before," the woman declared more than asked. " Aye, I happen to be Irish but that be no crime," Robert just grinned, he'd heard it before and long as it wasn't been said by a mob with clubs or a rope, he let it slide, "I work outside of town. Now what about this race a yers?" She then filled him in that each team needed one male and one female and involved tying legs together for a three-legged race it was called. They had one woman who was willing to participate but still needed the male. "You would have to do I suppose," she conceded a bit reluctantly. "I be your boyo," he nodded. *** So it was that young Robert was literally marched up then to his sudden unknown teammate and the woman announced, "Here is your partner if you'll have him?" "I don't bite, miss," Robert quipped.

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