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  1. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "Well, then..." Addy grinned, pushing her plate aside and motioning over the waitress so they could order their pie and settle the bill. "I thank ya for th' meal," she told Speed, "right good decision!" Chuckling, she stood and gathered the pie. "Should be long enough time that they got th' wagon loaded." That was the good thing about some of these runs...there was pretty much no work with it, just drive in, wait to get loaded, then head out. Of course, back in Kalispell, she'd have to unload, but she'd find help for that if she needed it.
  2. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Leaning forward, Addy raised an eyebrow, then whispered, "So, th' rumors 'bout gold are real?" She was joshing, of course, and even if she wasn't she'd never say anything like that loud enough for anyone to overhear -- even an unfounded hint could bring a rush of insanity that could lead to massive destruction. She sat back with a grin and took a sip of her beer. "I've found that away from th' big, fancy cities folks take ya fer what ya are, so long as ya look out fer yerself an' mind God's law. Few ever questioned her driving a stage or wearing britches out here, and if someone did, there always seemed to be another who would jump to her defense. "'Cept maybe school marms," she observed, "folks are awfully particular 'bout who's teachin' their young'ins, no matter where they are...Nope, no drinkin' of marryin' fer them!" @Speed Guyer
  3. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Raising her glass, Addy gave the man a nod, then downed a long swig. "In m' blood," she explained, setting the mug on the table, her finger idly rubbing over the handle. "Pa's a muleskinner an' drover, an' I just took to it natural. 'Course, I had a passel'a brothers, so I learnt more 'bout critters'n cookin'!" She laughed. "I like it better'n bein' in a house all day, an' I drove durin' th' war, when there wasn't no men ta do it...an' just kept right on." Honestly, she couldn't really imagine doing anything else, except maybe making beer! "What 'bout you? Ya say yer out here prospectin' or somethin'?"
  4. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Addy grinned. "I'd be more'n happy." When the waitress came by she ordered beer and a steak, then asked Speed, "Whacha think of th' big city'a Whitefish?" She laughed. "There more wilderness around these parts than ya figured, or was that what you were hopin' fer?" Some people couldn't handle the lack of 'civilization', others, like her, looked for it, and still others looked to exploit it.
  5. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Whitefish, Blackbird Saloon and Chop House The request had been last minute, and had it not been 'urgent', Addy would likely have told the man at the freight office to just wait until morning to fetch the freight waiting in Whitefish, since the trip there and back would take several hours and it was already past noon. But with the bribe of a little bonus, Addy had agreed to the trip, and in no time she had her team hitched ad was headed out of town. If her timing worked out, she could grab supper at the saloon there while her wagon was being loaded, and she'd be back in Kalispell before dark. Of course, Summer and evening meant the possibility of fighting gnats and mosquitoes, but that was just something you had to contend with. And at least she had company...she'd been stopped by Speed on her way out of town, and the man had asked if he could accompany her, as a means of seeing more of the territory. She hadn't been disappointed...while she was more than happy to travel alone, Speed was an easy companion, fun and interesting to chat with, and the four-hour trip had gone by quickly. Now, as they waited for the wagon to be loaded with Dr. Danforth's equipment, as well as some other sundries that had been waiting for transport, they were at the 'Blackbird Saloon and Chop House', grabbing a quick meal. "Food here's pretty good," Addy commented as they settled at a table, "owner's from England, an' they got things called 'cottage pie' an' 'toad in a hole'." She didn't mention the 'spotted dick! "An' they got excellent steak!" First, though, she'd start with a beer to wash away the heat and road dust. @Speed Guyer
  6. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    Surprisingly -- or maybe not -- Addy found herself enjoying the dance, although it was a bit awkward, they still made a decent show, and she did enjoy...well, just dancing. There was something about sweeping across the floor that allowed her to let loose and have fun, feel like a 'lady' for a few minutes, which, in all honesty, was enough for her! "Ya do that right well," she declared when the music had stopped. Grinning, she curtsied just a little. "We both survived, good job! Yer gonna need a ball room in that mansion of yers, most certain." She nodded to him. "Ya need a concertina player, I'm yer gal!"
  7. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    "Forward? Nah, not a'tall, an' I'd be happy ta trip th' light fantastic toe with ya! How bad can it be, we survived th' race, right?" Standing, she brushed out her skirts, then chuckled. "Got my clunky boots on, so best take care an' keep yer feet out from under mine!" She had passing knowledge of a few dances, and some she could improvise passing fair. "Just be careful that we don't run inta no one else!"
  8. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    "Don't reckon as I'd mind that," Addy answered with a grin. "I'd just clock ya if ya got too annoyin'!" She laughed and gave him a friendly wink. "Servants fer chores sounds good, too...no muckin' stalls or cleanin' up, an' if ya can afford more clothes then th' weather won't be much of a bother neither...just hibernate like a ol' bear all Winter, come out in th' Spring ta enjoy th' rest of th' year!" Honestly, she wouldn't mind not having her fingers frozen as she gripped the ribbons, freezing rain pelting her in the face. But then, there were the Summer days when it was hotter than Hades and her brain felt like it might boil under her hat! "Well, I do hope it works out fer ya. I'd like ta see ya struttin' around in tails an' a brocade vest!" @Wayfarer
  9. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    Topeka's in Kansas. Too flat there fer my likin'." Addy shook her head. "Once ya see them Rockies, ain't nothin' else like 'em...so high an' pretty with th' snow an' all." Her tone was wistful and her gaze distant for a moment before she looked back at Robert. "'Course I hear there's folks here that plain hate 'em, and I reckon I understand...wrong time'a year they're unforgivin." Then she smiled. "So whacha gonna do with all that gold ya find? Think ya might need a driver fer yer fancy carriage?" @Wayfarer
  10. Adelaide Chappel

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    Addy had to agree with Speed on the fact that some Easterners weren't of much worth out there -- either didn't like the hard work, or the hard circumstances of life here, the same circumstances that, to her, made it a great place to live...like having Indians to breakfast! Once the locals had left, Addy jotted out a quick note to the caretaker then rounded up her charges. "Ya'll go on an' git loaded up while I git th' place here shut up. Take them extra biscuits, in case anyone gits hungry." No sense in leaving them behind, it would be another couple of days before another stage came though, so they would just go to waste. Speed tied his animal on behind the coach, retrieving his Henry rifle from the saddle scabbard and then climbing onto the seat where he'd be joined by Addy. It was only a few minutes later that the stage with its passengers was on its way again.
  11. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    "Sorry 'bout yer pa an' brother." Addy offered a sympathetic shrug. "Lost my ma when I was little, brothers in th' war, but I reckon that's not so hard as havin' yer ma so far away that ya can't reach her." After all, chances of Robert ever seeing his mother again were pretty slim. Same for her with her pa and brothers, but part of that was by choice, not that she was avoiding them, she just didn't have any plan to go back to Tennessee any time soon. "Sister, too, huh? Got me three brothers yet, two of 'em tied ta wives an' children." Not that she minded kids in particular, just not for her. "They're all in th' hills in Tennessee, don't reckon as they plan ever on goin' far from there...'cept maybe Zeke, he's a drover like me, but prefers th' civilization of Topeka."" @Wayfarer
  12. Adelaide Chappel

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    “Seems like I’ve been on the road forever, but I’ve seen some beautiful country, as well as dangerous.” "That about says it," Addy agreed with a nod, then added with a grin, "but then, that says it fer most th' places back East, 'cept maybe Ohio." “So what kind of town is this Kalispell?” "It's a nice enough place, mostly good people." She shrugged. "Get's a little rowdy when th' cattle drives come though, but th' law handles it. Good thing is it ain't too...prudish...not Weemen's Aid Society tellin' ya yer hair's too long or it ain't right fer a lady ta be wearin' britches." She laughed. "Nor callin' th' likes'a me a 'lady'!" She chuckled as they stepped into the cabin.
  13. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    Addy grinned when she noticed Robert and gestured to the seat beside her. "Join me." Her grin widened as she nodded. "Yep, gonna be a dance, might be a thing ta see." While notby any means a philosopher, Addy was an observer of people, and dances meant people! "Got good food here, too," she added with a shrug. "Reckon I'll be around a bit ta see what transpires...might still be some hard feelin's after th' row this afternoon, who knows?" Although there were far more ladies present here than in the beer tent, and children, and families meant civilization -- the men were far more apt to behave! "So, Robert, what is it that ya do around these parts?
  14. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    She was most assuredly not the dance sort, that was where the food was, and Addy wasn't going to pass up a good spread. Most meals were pretty mundane for her, by practicality more than anything, there wasn't time for fancy meals, so this was an opportunity to jump at, even if it meant putting on a clean skirt and puffy-sleeved silk blouse...oh, and leaving her hat and boots behind. Walking into the big room, she paused only long enough to look around, then made a bee-line for the food. Maybe later, once she'd had a couple drinks, she'd look into dancing, but that wasn't a sport for someone who was sober!
  15. Adelaide Chappel

    Complete Let Me At 'em !

    In the wake of the race, Addy just wanted a drink, then she'd hunt down the conniving rattlesnake who had tried to throw the race. Fortunately, the man whose horse had been tripped up by the Steelegrave man hadn't been too badly injured, and the horse was fine, but Addy had let the man ride on Arabesque while she walked along with them, leading his horse that had a slight limp. Once she'd made sure the rider was in the doctor's care she had checked out his horse and put cold compresses on its leg, so it was late into the festivities that she headed to the tent where drinks were being served. Grumbling, she shook her head as she heard the shouting...just her luck that the minute she was able to grab a wiskey all hell was breaking loose. But maybe it wouldn't be that bad, or she could slip by and get to the bar... Then she saw the kids, Cody, Nettie and some boy she didn't recognize, peering anxiously in at the action, letting their curiosity get the better of them as they strayed a bit close... "Woah, there, young'ns," she chuckled, stepping beside them, attempting to herd them back without blocking their view, "stay outta harm's way...that yer pa in there?" She chuckled, then noticing Speed as well, and she shook her head. "This is truly gonna be some spectacle," she observed, "but let's stay back." "Yeah, that's Pa....oh and Clara's in there too. She's the girl. She's my sister, " Wyatt said excitedly. Dropping to a knee so she was closer to the kids' level, she asked, "So, we know yer pa's gonna win, but which of them others ya think'll go down first?" Never too young to learn about betting! "I say it's that big, ugly brute...I'm right, ya'll can muck stalls for me fer a day, if one'a you picks right, I'll buy ya all ice cream!" Wyatt did not share the woman's confidence in his father, "I don't know. Pa doesn't really do this kinda thing ...that I ever saw. Wow, did you see that fancy lady stick that man with a pin?" He then laughed. He did want to finish answering the woman though, "Which big ugly one? Seems like there is a few of those kind." Truth was a lot of those looked pretty big to him.

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