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  1. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    As Speed waked along the buffet table he helped himself to the bounty that was laid out before him. It was then that he saw Ralph Flandry. He smiled and spoke. “Mister Flandry, good to see you again.” He greeted. “Quite a spread they’ve laid out. Although I’m glad to have missed the brawl. Looks to be an interesting evening ahead.” He liked being in town. He liked the idea of people, of businesses and opportunities that awaited. The celebration was a welcome change from life on the trail. Tag: @Ralph Flandry
  2. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    "It's a nice enough place, mostly good people." She shrugged. "Get's a little rowdy when th' cattle drives come though, but th' law handles it. Good thing is it ain't too...prudish...not Weemen's Aid Society tellin' ya yer hair's too long or it ain't right fer a lady ta be wearin' britches." She laughed. "Nor callin' th' likes'a me a 'lady'!" “Given time you might find that civilization from the east may flood into the west and bring their brand of society with them.” Speed observed. “I’ve seen it along the way. One factions ideals being forced on those already established in the community. Folks, not all, but some from the east don’t want to adjust to the western ways, they want it to be just like where they came from. The same things they detested in the east is what they want to bring to the new country. It’s all they know and they’re closed to anything else. They’re about as worthless as a pail of hot spit!” She chuckled as they stepped into the cabin. ?
  3. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    Henry Speed Guyer arrived at the site of the dance, knowing most of the town and surrounding area would be present. It would give him a chance to perhaps meet some of the locals, maybe talk a bit of business, introduce himself around. Dances were grand occasions and in some places had been known to go on for days. Riders would come from miles away to join the festivities. It would not be like the east, full of etiquette, all proper and stuffy. Oh, the eastern balls were fun enough, but in the west, dances were a celebration of life. In the west life was different, totally. The proper decorum of the east was replaced by the more natural feel for the celebration of the Western peoples and that was what Guyer appreciated most. He walked to the table laden with food and picked up a plate. This would be a real meal!
  4. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Speed Arrives

    Speed Guyer had finally arrived in the town of Kalispell, a long trip indeed. First thing was to secure lodging, which had been easy enough. A room at the White Rose Inn and Boarding House. Somewhat cheaper than the Belle St. Regis and he had a room overlooking the street. Next stop, the bank to have his funds forwarded to Kalispell. Then he took a ride to familiarize himself with the town and it’s immediate area, keeping an eye to possible mineral deposits. The ride took the better part of Friday, but what it yielded was the feeling that this might be the place where he’d settle for the immediate future. He put the roan up at the livery and proceeded to the boarding house. That evening he learned of the Founders Day Celebration the following day, and that sounded good, a festival atmosphere would be great after the long weeks on the trail. Also that evening he arranged for a bath to wash the trail from his body. Following that, he brushed out his suit. He would dress in clothing meant for town life, and not the trail. Though he had brogans, he preferred boots, as he would still likely use his horse to get about. Once he was ready for the morning, he climbed into a real bed for the first time in nearly a month. In moment Henry Speed Guyer was fast asleep. Come the morning Speed had breakfast and obtained a copy of the latest newspaper, which he took to his room and read cover to cover. The best way to get all the local news, happenings and opinions. He was in no real hurry to get to the fairgrounds, as it was evident the celebration would go well past the evening. Instead, he spent most of the afternoon re-reading items that had stuck with him. There was some talk of mineral deposits in the area, and there was mention of a prospector by the name of Robert Cullen. Speed would certainly need to meet with this fellow and see what information he might be willing to impart to him. Satisfied, he folded the newspaper and laid in on the table in his room and decided to get his horse and ride out to this celebration.
  5. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    "Let's go grab some grub an' get on th' road." Hopefully, the passengers were about done and she could shoo off the Indians without a problem. Speed finished saddling his own horse, smiled and replied. “Grub sounds good, and some of that coffee I made if there’s any left.” He chuckled. One thing he’d learned out here, if you wait, it will be eaten or drunk, unless of course, he had made it himself. “Seems like I’ve been on the road forever, but I’ve seen some beautiful country, as well as dangerous.” He started for the station with her. “So what kind of town is this Kalispell?”
  6. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    "You can get th' horses out an' start groomin' down for me. Mike there tries ta lay on ya when ya clean his hooves, so don't let 'im get away with that. An' Bob tries ta nip." “I’ll keep that in mind.” Speed said with a smile. He was no hand with draft horses, but he figured they were just bigger versions of saddle horses. He went to cleaning Mike’s hooves, and sure enough, the animal tried to lay into him, so he popped him on the rump which straightened him up. And Bob, he tried to nip, but Speed was able to dodge him and get his hooves cleaned. She handed Speed a halter then grabbed one for herself that she put onto Duke, another of the four big Belgium horses. "Pay extra mind to th' area 'round th' neck an' chest where th' collar goes. Ya got a lot'a experience with horses?" “Nope. Can’t say as I have. Although I’ve harnessed horses to buggies when I was back in New York. None so big as these though. I’m good with saddle horses, rode all the way here from New York, and I’m certainly game to harness these brutes.” Speed admittedly had never worked with horses of this size, he’d seen them pulling cannon and wagons during the war, and on the streets of New York pulling trolleys. The harnessing went smoothly, it seemed the animals knew it was time to go to work.
  7. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    "You folks keep an eye on that coffee, I'll be givin' Addy a hand with the horses." Speed declared. The idea of moving on appealed to him more than this domestic situation. Oh, he understood what was happening and why, and he was glad there was a woman that could help, but he wanted to get moving again. With that, he strode out of the station behind the teamster. "Addy, how long you figure to Kalispell?"
  8. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    "Well, coffee might just be my specialty." Speed replied with a smile. "Shall we?" He asked as he stepped inside. The room was crowded, or at least it seemed that way to Speed. He took up the coffee pot, filled it with water from the barrel and loaded in the coffee. Setting it on the fire to boil he wondered when they'd be on their way again. Of course, this had been one of those unexpected delays that life provides.
  9. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    I'd say that seems to be the problem. Let's just ease on up to the cabin." Speed said softly. He didn't believe they were in any danger, not with a woman and a child present. He didn't know a lot about the Indians ways, but he was pretty sure they weren't any more for risking women and children than the whites were. He eased the hammer down on the Henry rifle.
  10. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    The door was open, the visitors could be seen inside, and the man at the back of the group was keeping watch...he spotted Addy and Speed and tensed, taking a single step toward them... "Easy. Doubt this is trouble." Speed said in a low tone, why he had no idea, nor was he quite sure what this man had in mind. His sense told him it was not trouble. His brief experience with Indians was if they were coming for you, You'd well know it, and, there was no paint. He stood, rifle resting on his boot, right hand raised. One of the few signs he knew.
  11. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    "Don't believe it's a raiding party." Speed said as he scanned the treeline behind them, out of habit. "They'd be on us by now. This is something else." He started after her toward the cabin. There was no gunfire, no screams, nothing. He did not believe for a moment that those inside would be taken without a fight, so, indeed, this was something else. Yet he eared back the hammer on his Henry repeater.
  12. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    Speed eased the hammer down on the Henry, looking at the window. "Yah, that one I can make." He rushed to where he'd slept and laid his rifle aside, pulling on his boots. Then deftly dropping his spurs, as the jingle-bobs would certainly make too much noise. He scooped up his gunbelt and slung it around his waist. Buckling it, he looked toward Addy. "Okay, ready." and moved to the window.
  13. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    He was on his feet in an instant bringing up his Henry rifle, earing the hammer back as he padded to the door. “What the . . . with a woman? Some sort of trick to draw the folks inside out to them?” Speed was no expert on Indians, that was for sure. He had learned to dodge them well enough, perhaps from his military training and experiences. A fight with so few seemed unlikely so he whispered; “You see any weapons?” His head said they were either begging, something that was not uncommon, or, they were a diversion while others tried for the horses. Either way, he was prepared, except he wished for his boots which lay by where he had slept.
  14. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    "I was a Captain in the 13th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, F Troop." Speed replied. "Harrowing experience. Saw action in every major battle of the conflict. You boys got your fill as well." Though the war was ten years past, it was something that hung with the men who were survivors of it.
  15. Speed Guyer

    Closed Tags Into Every Life...

    Speed laughed. "Not likely I'd do that. Too many skirmishes when we were supposed to be in a safe area." Shaking his head. "I suppose being in the infantry will do that to a man. Granted, it's been a while now, but you know, it sticks with you. "Likely as not they'll be after the stock, so it'll be us shooting, less' we can't."

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