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  1. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    He gripped the harnesses of the town animals just as Addy squeezed the trigger. Sad end, but more humane than leaving it to bleed out. The animals barely flinched at the shot, snorted wanting to toss their heads. "I'll get my pistol, it's in the wagon bed. You leaving the shotgun or taking it?" He didn't know if she owned the weapon or if it might belong to the freight company if in fact there was one. "Bareback? Since I was a boy." He rummaged through the back quickly and found his revolver, checking and replacing loads, then putting in in the holster. Grabbing the horses mane he swung up on the horse. "Think that bear'll be back?" Tag @Adelaide Chappel
  2. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "Damm..." she muttered, shaking her head, "damm bear, pretty bold attackin' on th' road like this. We should let th' sheriff know." Thank god it hadn't been a lone rider who had bee attacked, that might have been real bad. Speed stood near dumbfounded. The shotgun had slammed back and popped him on the forehead. The was a slight trickle of blood, and the knot was rising. He exhaled heavily and said, "Damn is right. That horse looks done in. Shame." He wiped his forehead and looked at his hand. "I had thought to ride along with you too, might have been me." He walked over to Addy. "Anything I can do here? Hell of a mess we got." He thought to find his pistol and then there was the shotgun to consider, though it was doubtful anyone would be along anytime soon, at least not till they got back to retrieve the wagon and its contents. Tag @Adelaide Chappel
  3. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Speed leaped to grab the halter of the animal, though he knew he'd have a hard time of it holding the animal from bolting. The bear was lumbering off now in the distance. The threat appeared to be passed as the animal jerked free and bolted in the opposite direction of the bear. The force generated by the horse drove Speed to the ground. He quickly regained his footing and turned, offering a hand to Addy. "You alright?" He asked, genuinely concerned. "How far you figure the horse will run?" Tagg Addy
  4. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    The chaos was disorienting, but Addy knew that panic would be deadly. "Loaded...just don' shoot me!" “Not on your life” Speed responded fighting to hold on with one hand and taking the shotgun with the other. His intent was to kill the bear. The wagon was stopped, the cargo askew, the bear mauling the horse a Speed eared the hammers back and took aim. And with that, she jumped to the ground then pulled her Bowie knife and started to cut? the harness from the near wheeler, no easy task considering the horse was trying to climb over her to get away from the bear! ? As with all things in life, the unexpected happened just as Speed squeezed both triggers, the horse attempted to bolt throwing him off balance and both barrels sent buckshot into the night sky! “Damn it!” Speed shouted. Tag @Adelaide Chappel
  5. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    All thoughts of Mars or bricked roads were gone in a heartbeat as the wagon lurched precariously and the creature attacked the horse, the others panicking and fighting to get away from the danger. Speed drew his revolver and fired as he hung on for dear life. The first shot went wide, the second creased the animal's head, the third grazed the thing's shoulder. But no real damage was done. Where was the shotgun? He continued to fire three more times but to no effect. "Addy? Shotgun" He shouted trying to re-holster his pistol, finally tossing it in the back with the freight.
  6. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "Maybe not ta town proper, but we'll be back to th' bigger roads, so it won't be too hard. Horses know where they're goin'." Heck, they could likely even navigate the way home without her, so long as they knew the barn and supper were waiting! "Course, they'll be eager ta get home so they'll step a little livelier!" “Horses know. I agree. They can find their way over familiar terrain with few if any problems.” He agreed. “Most of the trip the animals I bought had been steady mounts that didn’t mind the picket pin. But one in Ohio jerked that pin and set me afoot. The trail had been simple to follow, right back home. Man was agreeable enough and swapped him out for another. But that was some walk.” Addy relaxed back, holding the ribbons loosely, "Less likely ta run inta anyone else much, an' that's good. On occasion, ya get behind a farmer movin' hay or takin' a load'a grain to th' mill...lumber, too, an' there's nowhere for 'em ta move outta yer way." Of course, other people had a right to be on the roads and had to do their business, but it could be annoying, especially when she was on a schedule. “Oh, I imagine so. One day though, the trails out here will become roads with room in both directions, like the wider roads you have already.” He predicted. “Seen it happen in the east already. Then some are covered with cobblestone and brick. Cobblestones have been with us since Revolutionary times.” It wasn't long before the light was starting to fade and the waning Moon was brightening overhead, along with a few stars and a planet. "Lookit there...Mars, right, th' red planet. Folks say there's bein's living up there. Ya reckon that's so?" “Mars? I’ve heard some of that talk when I was in New York. I suppose if the Maker wanted to, there could be, though I’ve not heard a word on the religious front.” Speed speculated. “Looks to be a long ways away don’t it?” @Adelaide Chappel
  7. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "Then it seems we have a deal." Speed said as he climbed aboard. "Loaded like this I would expect it'll take longer to get back. You're sure we'll make it by dark?" He asked, not that it would be a problem, it was clear and he knew that the moon and stars would sufficiently light their way, should darkness fall before they reached Kalispell.
  8. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "So when we get back, you have folks to unload for you?" Speed asked, laying a quarter dollar on the table. "If not, I'll lend a hand. So far this has been a great time. Fact is if I'm not out scouring for mineral deposits and the like, I'd be glad to ride with you anytime." And he meant that. He followed her out of the place into the cool of the evening.
  9. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Speed finished his steak, then his beer. "Rain?" He asked. "Does it come on all of a sudden like? I've seen that in the east and in the south." He wasn't sure if she was joshing him, or if she was serious. "Starlight in open country, nothing like it! Been one of the best parts of the trip out here. He sat back and agreed. "Yes, pie for the trip back sounds just capital." @Adelaide Chappel
  10. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "Well," He began, "There's trolley cars all over in the east. And still one can find open country if you get out of the city. But honestly, you'd think there wasn't any room the way the buildings are jammed together." At that moment, the food arrived. "Ah, thank you, this looks good." He attacked the steak with vigor, realizing how hungry he was. Between bites, he asked; "How long you figure to get back?" Tag @Adelaide Chappel
  11. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Leaning forward, Addy raised an eyebrow, then whispered, "So, th' rumors 'bout gold are real?" She was joshing, of course, and even if she wasn't she'd never say anything like that loud enough for anyone to overhear -- even an unfounded hint could bring a rush of insanity that could lead to massive destruction. Knowing what that word could do, Speed leaned forward and in a low voice replied; “Gold?” He smiled. “That remains to be seen, I’ve yet to get out in the field. There could be.” Then he sat back. She sat back with a grin and took a sip of her beer. "I've found that away from th' big, fancy cities folks take ya fer what ya are, so long as ya look out fer yerself an' mind God's law. “A major part of what I found so far. Oh, there are those that have abandoned the law and run roughshod over good people. But in the end, most are good God-fearing folks who mind their own affairs and are always ready to lend a hand.” Speed said seriously. Few ever questioned her driving a stage or wearing britches out here, and if someone did, there always seemed to be another who would jump to her defense. "'Cept maybe school marms," she observed, "folks are awfully particular 'bout who's teachin' their young'ins, no matter where they are...Nope, no drinkin' of marryin' fer them!" “Yes, a sad thing. But it's the same in the east. Hopefully, that will change.” Speed responded. “It seemed to be loosening up before I left New York. I mean people have the right to be happy and be dedicated to their calling in life. Seems we just ten years past fought a war for reunification of this country, That was enough sorrow for one nation. Sorry, just an old soldier ranting here.” He took a sip of beer. Tag @Adelaide Chappel
  12. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "True, I'm looking for mineral deposits, timber, that sort of thing. Mosty minerals though." Speed began. "My partner and I have a firm in New York. I find the ore, he finds the buyers. Pretty simple. Except I don't have to be in New York and he, Davis Wood, doesn't have to leave the city. Works out beautifully for the both of us." He smiled. "Actually. I hate the cities. Too crowded. Out here a man can stretch out, make something of his own. Can't do that in the cities. Oh, you can start a business alright, but then one is trapped in it. I admire your outlook."
  13. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    After matching Addy's order of a steak and a beer Speed began, "Well, I wouldn't exactly call this a big city." Speed replied with a smile. "I've been in the big cities in the east, and trust me I much prefer Kalispell and Whitefish to them." He paused as the waitress delivered the beers. "Wilderness, well, it's freedom. After the war, I thought New York would be the end all be all for me. It wasn't. It was crowded, noisy, filthy. Worse than the war, and that was plenty bad enough." He raised his glass to her. "The wilderness. So, tell me, Miss Chappel, how'd you come to be a teamster?"
  14. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    "Food here's pretty good," Addy commented as they settled at a table, "owner's from England, an' they got things called 'cottage pie' an' 'toad in a hole'." She didn't mention the 'spotted dick! "An' they got excellent steak! "Now I could use a good steak." Speed admitted. It had been a long stretch since breakfast at the White Rose Boarding Houses cafe. And, he knew, it would be a long time to get back with a loaded wagon. The company was good, though it would be slow going. First, though, she'd start with a beer to wash away the heat and road dust. "Best get us something to wash this dust out of our throats if you'll allow me? He offered. "Seems like a couple of beers would go pretty good about now." Tag @Bongo
  15. Speed Guyer

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    As Speed waked along the buffet table he helped himself to the bounty that was laid out before him. It was then that he saw Ralph Flandry. He smiled and spoke. “Mister Flandry, good to see you again.” He greeted. “Quite a spread they’ve laid out. Although I’m glad to have missed the brawl. Looks to be an interesting evening ahead.” He liked being in town. He liked the idea of people, of businesses and opportunities that awaited. The celebration was a welcome change from life on the trail.

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