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  1. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    Dancer almost straightened up when the man exited the Marshal's office. He was new, Dancer had not seen him before, but he sure as hell recognized the type. Two guns. No ranch hand or squatter, and there was no badge, so whoever he was, it was a good bet that he was this Pronto Pike Case Steelgrave was interested in. Dancer watched the man as he passed, acknowledged the man's nod with one of his own, knowing the man knew what he was, if not who. He went to his own mount and climbed aboard. Dancer went through an alleyway past some out-buildings and headed north at a casual pace for a ways then spurred the grey to a gallop. Case needed to know about this man, and he needed to send another of his men as Pike had spotted him for what he was. Dancer was not afraid, he was careful and another man watching Pike would yield more information without the threat of a shooting confrontation. That is until Case ordered it.
  2. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    Dancer tossed off the shot. "Abliged. Be comin' back as time allows." He said, then turned and headed for the door. He'd nose around and surely locate this Pike fellow without a lot of trouble. It seemed to him that without actually going to the Marshal's office to see what they knew, he'd be able to get what information he needed on the street. Likely this Pike wasn't in town anyway. Likely as not Pike was at Thornton's ranch, waiting for the trouble to start. That all seemed reasonable to the gunman. He moved down the boardwalk a ways then took up a position leaning against an awning post. TBC
  3. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    Dancer gave his head a shake. "Have me one more." He ordered. "Reckon I'll just have to have a look around town." He paused looking the place over. "Got yourself a nice place here, all the best to you an' your partner. I'll pass the word when I get back to the spread. So, we'll be in time to time." @Ralph Flandry
  4. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    "Now that's an offer I like." Dancer beamed, a free dirk was always appreciated. "Lookin' for some information." He added then tossed off the drink. A double eagle clattered on the bar top. "Man name of Pike, likely new to the country." The outlaw asked. Have me another." Since this was the saloon's grand opening maybe this Pike fella hadn't been in as yet. "My boss is the one askin', I'm the one he could spare today." Tag @Ralph Flandry
  5. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    The main street of Kalispell was busy as the week began. There were folks everywhere on their morning business. Conveyances of several types almost clogged the wide street, but Dancer was on a horse with no need to turn around as would some of the wagons and buckboards. He rode directly, or indirectly as traffic allowed to the Stardust Saloon and pulled up. He climbed down and flipped his reins over the hitch rail and stepped up onto the boardwalk. In three steps he was pushing through the bat wings into the dimly lit cool room. He noted that the bartender looked up. It was early, but business was business. Dance stepped up to the mahogany bar, dropping a quarter dollar on the bar top. "Rye." Tag @Ralph Flandry or @Matilda Devereau or Bartender
  6. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    Dancer rose just at dawn, took his time with some jerked beef and a piece of hardtack, again washing it down with the last of his whiskey. His fire was long dead, but he kicked dirt over it anyhow. He buckled in his guns, straightened himself up a bit and went to saddling his horse. Dancer was a man that took his time, seldom saw the need to rush, and all he was after was some information on this Pike fellow. That wouldn't be too hard, the man probably had stopped in the Stardust saloon, probably used the livery for his horse, and likely as not ate at either the White Rose or the Bella St.Regis, but more likely the White Rose. Might have stayed there. Though he would have been surprised to learn they had spent the night not all that far apart. Mounting his dapple grey, Dancer moved toward the trail at a walk. Wouldn't be long before he found out just what and where this Barnabas Pike was, to include his employment. Then a bottle and a woman before heading back to Whitefish. TBC
  7. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    Dancer had gotten somewhat of a late start, his horse required a shoe be replaced, and even though he was on business for Case Steelgrave, the job took the time it took with three of Elias Steelgrave’s horses ahead of him. He made camp almost to Kalispell as darkness fell. He saw no reason to spend good money on a room when it could be used for better things, drinks, and ladies. He was in no rush and he was not sent to kill the man, so he found a likely spot with good cover, forage for his animal, and an excellent field of fire. Things a man considers when on the trail. He built a hatful of fire, fried up some bacon washed it down with whiskey. No proper coffee making utensils, so he made do. Come the morning, he’d get a bit in town, then see what he could find out about the Barnabas fellow, possibly see him, maybe even engage the man in conversation. But, one thing at a time. He rolled up in his blankets and was asleep in minutes. TBC
  8. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Sitting at his usual table down the street at the Silver Dollar, the news of Chapple's arrival had reached Town Marshal Case Steelgrave. Along with that news of a man with her that had not been seen in Whitefish before. It was clear though, that this stranger was not the gunman Case had interest in. "Boss, you want I should go down and see what's what with 'em?" Pecos asked. "Sort 'em out right quick like. Her wagon's bein' loaded with freight of one sort or another." Pecos was a salty one. Eager for the fight, short on manners, hygiene and, intelligence. A deadly sort of man. Case looked up at the man, appreciating his skill, and his faults. "Let 'em be, Pecos. I already know what the freight is, and I've got no interest in whoever this new fellow is. Besides, I kind of like Addie Chapple, so she gets a pass in Whitefish." He paused then looked coldly into Pecos' eyes. Nothing happens to Addy Chapple in town or on the trail. You might want to remember that. Go see about the Englishman's business tax. No trouble about it just ask." Right boss, I'll ask politely." And with that, he turned and left. Pecos
  9. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Sunday Morning In Whitefish

    Sunday morning would find the majority of the townsfolk headed to the church at the end of the main street, for the weekly ritual, as Case would call it. He, however, was downstairs from his room at the Silver Dollar Saloon, drinking coffee and rifling playing cards while he thought. There were plans in motion here. Plans for a new Mayor, a Mayor that Case had hand-selected for the job. Unlike his father, who relished ownership of the entire town, Case relished the power of controlling the town, and with him as Marshal and the Mayor in his pocket, the next move would be to take control of the city council. All he needed was one of the other two votes, and that would be simple. With him and the new Mayor on the council, that third vote would carry whatever agenda he had. And Case Steelgrave had an agenda. Then there was his fathers' new problem of Shade Thornton’s hired gun. The stranger, the one who was in a hurry to get to Kalispell. The one who wore two pistols. He was no cowhand, that was for sure. But who was he? How good was he? He looked up as the bat wings squeaked as they moved back and forth. “Dancer.” “Yah boss?” The man said, stepping over to Cases table. “Need you to take a ride to Kalispell, see what you can find out on a Barnabas Pike.” He tossed a pair of double eagles on the table top. Dancer scooped up the forty dollars and replied. “On my way. Bein’ Sunday may take a couple days.” “Take the time you need.” Case said to the mans back as he headed to the door. ‘Now I’ll see what I’m up against.’ He thought. He knew Elias would come to him as he was the deadliest gun in the valley. He smiled, it was going to be a good day. Dancer
  10. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Meanwhile at the Evergreen Ranch

    Whitefish, Hart Saloon Layton Harris pulled up in front of the Hart Saloon. He knew that the brothers would be inside as opposed to anywhere else in town. Drinking and whoring were what they did in Whitefish, and deal with their brother Case, the Marshal. Once in a while, they were in town on business, SGR business which was always about an increase. Land, cattle, horses, it didn’t matter which. Layton climbed the two steps to the boardwalk and strode through the batwing doors into the saloon, and there they were, all looking at him, knowing where he’d come from and why. Pa wanted them back to the ranch for one reason or another. “Harris! Step on up an’ have a drink. The oldest Ben offered. “What’s Pa want this time?” “Don’t mind if I do. Hard ride.” Layton responded. Your pa wants you back to the ranch. Greer and the kid got into it in Kalispell. Dumbass Greer punched the girl and got hisself arrested.” He tossed off the drink. “The old man’s fit to be tied.” He took a second drink. “Some new hand showed up. Whupped Greer to a frazzle, that was before he was arrested, an' whatta hell of a brawl ensued! “Hell, how come he didn’t send you to town with a wad o’ cash and spring him?” Clay Steelgrave asked. “Ya, why we gotta head back?” Zeke complained. “Suddup! Alla ya!” Everyone turned to face Case Steelgrave, the nastiest of the Steelgrave brood. Ben, now he was mean, but Case was a killer. “You get on them horses and ride hell bent for the SGR. Harris, what about this new hand?” The brothers were headed out the door, no one bucked Case when he gave an order, brothers or not. “New, ain’t never seen him before. Redheaded fella, likely ridin’ the grub line.” Was the report. “Or maybe he rides for Thornton.” Case surmised. “Dirty white shell jacket with tails, rust-colored shotgun chaps? Two guns?” “Seen everything but the guns, Case. Mighta put ‘em, what with the festivities and all." “Sounds like the gun hand I talked to this morning. Said he was headed to Kalispell, sounded like he was in a hurry, names Pike, Barnabas Pike. Seems I out to know him, but I just can’t figure it.” He paused. You ride back and let my Pa know what I told you.” “On my way, case. Thanks for the drinks.” And Layton Harris headed for the door in a rush while Case Steelgrave pondered the red-headed gunman. He was not mistaken about that part of it. “So, Thornton’s hired him a gunman.”

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