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Found 7 results

  1. Adelaide Chappel

    Open Tags [EP] Bear-ly There

    Whitefish, Blackbird Saloon and Chop House The request had been last minute, and had it not been 'urgent', Addy would likely have told the man at the freight office to just wait until morning to fetch the freight waiting in Whitefish, since the trip there and back would take several hours and it was already past noon. But with the bribe of a little bonus, Addy had agreed to the trip, and in no time she had her team hitched ad was headed out of town. If her timing worked out, she could grab supper at the saloon there while her wagon was being loaded, and she'd be back in Kalispell before dark. Of course, Summer and evening meant the possibility of fighting gnats and mosquitoes, but that was just something you had to contend with. And at least she had company...she'd been stopped by Speed on her way out of town, and the man had asked if he could accompany her, as a means of seeing more of the territory. She hadn't been disappointed...while she was more than happy to travel alone, Speed was an easy companion, fun and interesting to chat with, and the four-hour trip had gone by quickly. Now, as they waited for the wagon to be loaded with Dr. Danforth's equipment, as well as some other sundries that had been waiting for transport, they were at the 'Blackbird Saloon and Chop House', grabbing a quick meal. "Food here's pretty good," Addy commented as they settled at a table, "owner's from England, an' they got things called 'cottage pie' an' 'toad in a hole'." She didn't mention the 'spotted dick! "An' they got excellent steak!" First, though, she'd start with a beer to wash away the heat and road dust. @Speed Guyer
  2. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Dancer On The Trail

    Dancer had gotten somewhat of a late start, his horse required a shoe be replaced, and even though he was on business for Case Steelgrave, the job took the time it took with three of Elias Steelgrave’s horses ahead of him. He made camp almost to Kalispell as darkness fell. He saw no reason to spend good money on a room when it could be used for better things, drinks, and ladies. He was in no rush and he was not sent to kill the man, so he found a likely spot with good cover, forage for his animal, and an excellent field of fire. Things a man considers when on the trail. He built a hatful of fire, fried up some bacon washed it down with whiskey. No proper coffee making utensils, so he made do. Come the morning, he’d get a bit in town, then see what he could find out about the Barnabas fellow, possibly see him, maybe even engage the man in conversation. But, one thing at a time. He rolled up in his blankets and was asleep in minutes. TBC
  3. Elias Steelgrave

    Open Tags The Lady Comes To Town

    Leah Steelgrave had started the trip to Kalispell just at dawn, a possible four-hour drive. The buggy was to some degree more comfortable than riding sidesaddle for the sixteen miles from the ranch to Kalispell and Leah Steelgrave liked comfort. Of course, she lifted her speed to a trot off and on, which cut her time just under three hours, putting her in town close to nine o’clock in the morning. She had had an escort of Steelgrave riders part of the way, but they turned back when Kalispell came into view. Elias had said Leah did not need a show of force. The buggy eased down the main street at a walk and pulled up in front of the hotel. Leah stepped down, quickly attached the tetherweight to the halter and let it drop to the hard-packed street. She opened her parasol and stepped up onto the boardwalk moving fluidly toward the hotel doors, her silk bustle dress rustling as she moved inside closing her parasol with practiced ease. She moved across the lobby to the front desk where a man stood, smiling. “Excuse me, could you inform Mister Conners that Leah Steelgrave is here to see him?” She requested softly. TAG @Matt Wentworth
  4. The Old Ranger

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    The brawlers had spent considerable time accounting for themselves to Marshal Scott Cory. Much to the consternation of the Evergreen foreman, the two hands identified as Greer and Billy, were taken into custody pending charges being pressed for robbery and assault. In the end, Cory had only been able to keep Greer in jail for striking the Redmond girl. Billy was told to leave the grounds for the evening and to think really hard about returning the girl's property. Scott might only have Clara Redmond's word to go on, but he believed her over the men. She had no reason to lie. They did. Scott Cory sighed. They had had small dust-ups at previous Founder's Day Celebrations. People that disputed the allotment of prizes or the outcome of a race or other event. Of course, his voice had prevailed over the town fathers in the past, and there had been no saloon tent. This year, the Belle-St. Regis won the day and persuaded the council that its tent would keep people on the fairgrounds and spending money. Yeah, that had gone really well. After Scott had sorted out the brawlers and closed down the saloon tent for the night, everyone had gone their separate ways to clean up for the buffet supper and dance. The Belle-St. Regis had donated a couple of the remaining beer barrels which were now set up in the tent near the dance floor. The sun was dipping low as the band warmed up, preparing to open the dance with a lively country waltz.
  5. Matt Wentworth

    Open Tags A Time to Watch and Learn

    Taking his seat outside the front entrance of the hotel he now owned, Matt Wentworth settled down to watch the parade of locals making their way to church. He had learned that there were two churches in town - one Catholic and the other Protestant. The plan was to watch and learn more about those who lived in this town for another day or so. Having worked as an agent for the Treasury Department's Secret Service for almost ten years, he knew that making a low-key entrance was a better way of finding out what was what and who was who. It didn't hurt that the previous owner of the hotel had been very anxious to get rid of it, making it a perfect opportunity for Matt to get into town without any trouble. When he arrived three days ago, he first took time to check how his hotel was running. Having owned a few hotels in the past, gave him the knowledge of how one should be run, and he could see that there were problems with this one. Maybe the previous owner, had other concerns, especially about the person who had been planning to buy the hotel - Elias Steelgrave. Elias Steelgrave had caught the attention of the Treasury Department a long time ago. Steelgrave and his family had all been accused of one thing or another, but no-one could provide any evidence to arrest any of them. Most of those who had attempted to bring charges had either gone quiet or disappeared altogether. With Steelgrave, spending more time at his ranch outside Whitefish, the Service had finally decided to send someone in to keep an eye on them and to gather what information they could to bring about a conviction. Knowing, that Matt had the necessary experience for an assignment like this, the Service chose him. Part of the job would also be to serve a contact for any other agents in the area and owning a hotel would allow him to meet any strangers coming to town without raising any suspicions. The hotel was legally his so that if Steelgrave or anybody else for that matter decided to check things out they would not find a connection to his government job. Settling into the chair, Matt wondered how those who were caught up in yesterday's brawl were fairing. Some of them had manage to make it to the dance that was held last night after the fair. The fair itself had been very enjoyable and he had gone to the dance for a short while before retiring for the night. A man shouting at his children to hurry up, reminded Matt that he would have to introduce himself to the pastor of the Protestant church before joining them next Sunday. Today, he was content to spend the morning finding out more about this town he would be probably calling home for some time to come.
  6. Elias Steelgrave

    Open Tags Meanwhile at the Evergreen Ranch

    Layton Harris stood, hat in hand, in the massive living room of the SGR ranch as Elias Steelgrave paced back and forth, chewing on his cigar, smoke swirling up and past his head as he moved. Seated on the divan was his wife Elinor watch what was transpiring and knowing that Elias’s temper was growing toward that fearful rage. Suddenly he stopped. “A fight and my people started it?’ He started to pace again and suddenly whirled around. “Who was involved?” He demanded. “Greer, him and that kid, Billy. They were the ones to start in on the girl.” “Girl, what Goddamned girl?” Elias barked. “It was that Redmond girl. Clara Redmond. She said Billy an’ Greer stole he stuff and commenced to lay into Billy. Greer tried to pull her off’n him an’ he hit her in the face.” Harris described. “Then this feller I ain’t never seen before come in with Thornton and Cantrell and it was Katie bar the door.” “And?” Was Elias’ question. “And all hell broke loose. Jenks, Mason and Daniels were in it and got whopped pretty good.” Harris continued. That red-haired fella he beat Greer pretty bad, and Mason? Busted a chair across his face. Believe he’s up to the Docs. Hannah Cory got smacked some too, so Kalispell ain’t real happy right about now.” “Red-haired fella?” The voice belonged to Leah Steelgrave. All eye turned to her as she seemed to float into the room. “This is none of your concern girl!” Elias barked. Now she might be daddy’s little girl, and she might get whatever she wanted but in this situation, Elias put his foot down. His sons were in Whitefish where another son Case was Marshal. Right job, wrong town for this one. “They locked up?” “Just Greer and Billy. Ain’t sure we kin bail ‘em out. Circuit judge ain’t due till Monday next.” Harris added in response. “The others were headin’ back after me, be here directly. Need ta put somethin’ on this split lip.” “You do that and then you ride for Whitefish and get my boys back here.” Elias ordered. “Yes, sir.” Was Harris’ response and with that, he headed for the door and bunkhouse. Elinor continued her needlepoint. Leah joined her quietly on the divan.
  7. Case Steelgrave

    Open Tags Sunday Morning In Whitefish

    Sunday morning would find the majority of the townsfolk headed to the church at the end of the main street, for the weekly ritual, as Case would call it. He, however, was downstairs from his room at the Silver Dollar Saloon, drinking coffee and rifling playing cards while he thought. There were plans in motion here. Plans for a new Mayor, a Mayor that Case had hand-selected for the job. Unlike his father, who relished ownership of the entire town, Case relished the power of controlling the town, and with him as Marshal and the Mayor in his pocket, the next move would be to take control of the city council. All he needed was one of the other two votes, and that would be simple. With him and the new Mayor on the council, that third vote would carry whatever agenda he had. And Case Steelgrave had an agenda. Then there was his fathers' new problem of Shade Thornton’s hired gun. The stranger, the one who was in a hurry to get to Kalispell. The one who wore two pistols. He was no cowhand, that was for sure. But who was he? How good was he? He looked up as the bat wings squeaked as they moved back and forth. “Dancer.” “Yah boss?” The man said, stepping over to Cases table. “Need you to take a ride to Kalispell, see what you can find out on a Barnabas Pike.” He tossed a pair of double eagles on the table top. Dancer scooped up the forty dollars and replied. “On my way. Bein’ Sunday may take a couple days.” “Take the time you need.” Case said to the mans back as he headed to the door. ‘Now I’ll see what I’m up against.’ He thought. He knew Elias would come to him as he was the deadliest gun in the valley. He smiled, it was going to be a good day. Dancer

About Sagas

Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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