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Found 3 results

  1. The Old Ranger

    Open Tags Could I Have This Dance?

    The brawlers had spent considerable time accounting for themselves to Marshal Scott Cory. Much to the consternation of the Evergreen foreman, the two hands identified as Greer and Billy, were taken into custody pending charges being pressed for robbery and assault. In the end, Cory had only been able to keep Greer in jail for striking the Redmond girl. Billy was told to leave the grounds for the evening and to think really hard about returning the girl's property. Scott might only have Clara Redmond's word to go on, but he believed her over the men. She had no reason to lie. They did. Scott Cory sighed. They had had small dust-ups at previous Founder's Day Celebrations. People that disputed the allotment of prizes or the outcome of a race or other event. Of course, his voice had prevailed over the town fathers in the past, and there had been no saloon tent. This year, the Belle-St. Regis won the day and persuaded the council that its tent would keep people on the fairgrounds and spending money. Yeah, that had gone really well. After Scott had sorted out the brawlers and closed down the saloon tent for the night, everyone had gone their separate ways to clean up for the buffet supper and dance. The Belle-St. Regis had donated a couple of the remaining beer barrels which were now set up in the tent near the dance floor. The sun was dipping low as the band warmed up, preparing to open the dance with a lively country waltz.
  2. Elias Steelgrave

    Open Tags Meanwhile at the Evergreen Ranch

    Layton Harris stood, hat in hand, in the massive living room of the SGR ranch as Elias Steelgrave paced back and forth, chewing on his cigar, smoke swirling up and past his head as he moved. Seated on the divan was his wife Elinor watch what was transpiring and knowing that Elias’s temper was growing toward that fearful rage. Suddenly he stopped. “A fight and my people started it?’ He started to pace again and suddenly whirled around. “Who was involved?” He demanded. “Greer, him and that kid, Billy. They were the ones to start in on the girl.” “Girl, what Goddamned girl?” Elias barked. “It was that Redmond girl. Clara Redmond. She said Billy an’ Greer stole he stuff and commenced to lay into Billy. Greer tried to pull her off’n him an’ he hit her in the face.” Harris described. “Then this feller I ain’t never seen before come in with Thornton and Cantrell and it was Katie bar the door.” “And?” Was Elias’ question. “And all hell broke loose. Jenks, Mason and Daniels were in it and got whopped pretty good.” Harris continued. That red-haired fella he beat Greer pretty bad, and Mason? Busted a chair across his face. Believe he’s up to the Docs. Hannah Cory got smacked some too, so Kalispell ain’t real happy right about now.” “Red-haired fella?” The voice belonged to Leah Steelgrave. All eye turned to her as she seemed to float into the room. “This is none of your concern girl!” Elias barked. Now she might be daddy’s little girl, and she might get whatever she wanted but in this situation, Elias put his foot down. His sons were in Whitefish where another son Case was Marshal. Right job, wrong town for this one. “They locked up?” “Just Greer and Billy. Ain’t sure we kin bail ‘em out. Circuit judge ain’t due till Monday next.” Harris added in response. “The others were headin’ back after me, be here directly. Need ta put somethin’ on this split lip.” “You do that and then you ride for Whitefish and get my boys back here.” Elias ordered. “Yes, sir.” Was Harris’ response and with that, he headed for the door and bunkhouse. Elinor continued her needlepoint. Leah joined her quietly on the divan.
  3. Clara Redmond

    Open Tags Let Me At 'em !

    Clara had good reason to be very happy with the town festival thus far. She had won the baking contest and with Shade finished second in the three legged race whereupon the man generously bestowed upon her those winnings. So it had not only been a fun day but a profitable one and the Redmond family could certainly use the money. So it was that she could hardly say 'no' when she was asked if she could watch the Thornton twins, Cody and Nettie. She was used to taking care of Wyatt sometimes much to his chagrin so what was a couple more? Clara was not always so sober and even grim, she softened her personality when dealing with young ones such as these children and soon had the pair of them following her about easily enough, the little girl at least chattering like a magpie. With Wyatt along too, the foursome wandered about the grounds watching various goings on of interest. Late July and sunny so the heat wore down on everyone and soon the twins expressed an interest in getting something to drink, Wyatt jumped on that bandwagon immediately also. "Fair enough, let us see what we can find," Clara agreed finding their requests quite reasonable, she herself could do with something to quench her own now dry throat. There did not seem to be a well on the property, least not on the festival grounds but her eyes came upon the large tent erected to serve drinks for the adults, beer naturally enough though no doubt liquor too. Now Clara had tasted beer and, for the life of her, wondered why anyone could like that swill but menfolk it seemed never tired of it. Even her father enjoyed it on occasion, not that he was a saloon going man. Still they would have glasses in there and maybe water too? Or even better, just maybe they were serving sarsaparilla? She could splurge, just a little and buy the children a round of that carbonated beverage. "Hold up," she stopped their progress as she faced the tent, "You three stay here and don't go anywhere. I will march in there and see what I can get for you that's wet." "You mean whiskey?" Wyatt was wide eyed, this was a totally new Clara. "Of course not," Clara rolled her eyes, "Just leave it to me. I shall be back forthwith." Eying the twins first and seeing them both nod in agreement she poked Wyatt, "You're in charge. Do as I said. Wait." ***** In a moment Clara was poking her head inside the big tent, the place was already fairly crowded with an almost completely male population milling about talking, laughing, and of course drinking. There was a homemade bar stretching almost the length of the tent made of long flat boards placed upon an impressive row of barrels. Some gents were serving drinks from behind that and looked quite busy. No matter, Clara ignored what looks she did get, many paid no attention to the girl, and she approached the so called bar, silently rehearsing her order. She never quite got there. Clare came to a sudden halt as if she had run full tilt into some invisible barrier, her eyes widened first in surprise but then narrowed as it sunk in exactly what...or rather WHO she was looking it. She had no doubt whatsoever, it was THEM! Surprise faded, became anger. Sarsparilla was instantly forgotten replaced by a real thirst for justice.

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Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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