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IPS Tips & Tricks

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sagas & IPS
IPS is not as common for roleplaying as other forums such as jcink and Proboards. Therefore, some of its features might be new to even veteran forum RPers. This guide is to help IPS novices get settled. This document will be updated as we add new modifications or learn something nifty!
account linking
  • For security reasons, IPS does not allow multiple accounts on one email. This is actually a good thing. It means if someone hacks one of your accounts, they don't get them all.

  • Use your character's first and last name with the sagasrpg.net domain for your character's emails. Example: johndoe@sagasrpg.net.

  • It is recommended that you cross-link all of your accounts. After you create your primary account (OOC) and link your character accounts to it; take the time to login to each character account and link it to your other character accounts. This way, you'll always get a Topic Author dropdown and can choose the author without logging in and out or actually having to switch accounts.

alerts & notifications
  • Set up your alerts and notifications by taking a few moments to go into each account's settings and making sure all notifications are turned on.
  • Follow Content: You can follow Players, Characters, Forums and Topics. This will insure that you get notified of new topics and posts.
  • Check the Discord Channels: Most forum topics feed to a Sagas' Discord channel.
  • Mentions: Remember to do an @OOC Name to alert players that they've been tagged.
  • Notify of Replies: Turn on the Notify Me of Replies at the bottom of topics and post windows.


  • You must be signed into one of your character accounts in order to edit JPs.
  • Remember to make sure that your writing partner is not editing a JP at the same time you are. You'll cancel each other's post out.
  • After you edit a tag into a JP, bump the topic so it appears as new again so people can find it.
  • Remember to subscribe to the thread so you'll get notifications.
  • Use @character name to notify your writing partner that they've been tagged.
  • Police your tags! If the tag deadline is running out (answer all tags once per week), contact your writing partner and give them a gentle prod.
  • For ease of reading, keep each post between 500 and 1500 words. This is more important for JPs that can get really long, really fast!
Road Map

How do I find stuff, you ask? Easy! We have kept the number of forums and layout as simple as we can and still include some of the features we need for writing and communicating.

  • Take a Drive! The best way to learn a site (website, forums, etc.) is to just browse the entire site. Click on links, see what's there. Sagas is no different. The top navbar will get you almost everywhere you need to go. There's also scrolling down to the forum and clicking on the links there.
  • Activity: If you click on Browse, you will see Activity listed just under Forums. That link will take you to a beautifully laid out page that shows all recent activity. Remember that our posting activity is skewed because our primary method of writing is via joint posts (we edit our replies directly into an existing scene).
  • Unread Content: This is great for quick looks to see what new topics and replies have been done since your last visit. It is not as good for tracking all content because of the number of joint posts we have going on.
  • Reading an Episode: This is quite easy thanks to the fact that we only have one game-current forum open for IC writing at a time. This lets us build an episode much like someone writes a novel, one chapter at a time. Only in our case, it's one scene at a time. Select the episode you want to read, navigate to the first scene (that will be the oldest one), then use the read next topic link at the bottom to go to the next scene.
  • Sagas offers numerous ways for you to communicate with each other and with the staff. You can post in the appropriate OOC forum, ask questions in the Help Me! forum, use the Messenger system (PM), or chat with us on Discord. Please take advantage of these forms of communication. While we cannot act on all suggestions and ideas, we love hearing from our community!

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