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Joint Posting How-To


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Joint posts or JPs are exactly what they sound like. Two or more writers get together to collaborate on a post or thread (scene). Most RPGs do joint posts in a live setting like Discord, Skype, or they have a dedicated CBox for it. We make a distinction between live-play and joint posting.


Live-Play (LP): This is when two or more players get together in one of our Discord channels or privately (DMs) and interactively write out their post live. They then format it into a post and add it to their scene.


Joint Post (LP): Joint posts are written much the same way as any other post. The difference is that responses are edited into an already existing post. Our site records all document revisions so all players with an approved character have post editing access in the in-character forums. Writing a joint post as a shared document takes the pressure off being expected to respond immediately.

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How To Write a Joint Post at Sagas


We normally use a 3 step process for setting up and writing JPs. This is not mandatory. In situations where there is immediate interaction and direct dialog, each post might be written as a JP. This outlines how we normally write them.

  1. Character #1 starts the thread (creates the topic) and sets the scene up.
  2. Character #2 replies and writes their character into the scene.
  3. Character #1 replies or acknowledges Character #2 in some fashion. This time, Character #2 clicks edit and adds their response directly into that post instead of hitting reply and starting a new post.
  4. Keep an eye on word count because JPs can get really long really fast. Break the JP at around 1000-1500 words and start another reply.
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