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Elias Steelgrave

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Scene Rating: PG-16
Setting: Maine house of the SGR
Location: Living room

Layton Harris stood, hat in hand, in the massive living room of the SGR ranch as Elias Steelgrave paced back and forth, chewing on his cigar, smoke swirling up and past his head as he moved. Seated on the divan was his wife Elinor watch what was transpiring and knowing that Elias’s temper was growing toward that fearful rage. Suddenly he stopped.


“A fight and my people started it?’ He started to pace again and suddenly whirled around. “Who was involved?” He demanded.


“Greer, him and that kid, Billy. They were the ones to start in on the girl.”


“Girl, what Goddamned girl?” Elias barked.


“It was that Redmond girl. Clara Redmond. She said Billy an’ Greer stole he stuff and commenced to lay into Billy. Greer tried to pull her off’n him an’ he hit her in the face.” Harris described. “Then this feller I ain’t never seen before come in with Thornton and Cantrell and it was Katie bar the door.”


“And?” Was Elias’ question.


“And all hell broke loose. Jenks, Mason and Daniels were in it and got whopped pretty good.” Harris continued. That red-haired fella he beat Greer pretty bad, and Mason? Busted a chair across his face. Believe he’s up to the Docs. Hannah Cory got smacked some too, so Kalispell ain’t real happy right about now.”


“Red-haired fella?” The voice belonged to Leah Steelgrave. All eye turned to her as she seemed to float into the room.

“This is none of your concern girl!” Elias barked. Now she might be daddy’s little girl, and she might get whatever she wanted but in this situation, Elias put his foot down. His sons were in Whitefish where another son Case was Marshal. Right job, wrong town for this one. “They locked up?”


“Just Greer and Billy. Ain’t sure we kin bail ‘em out. Circuit judge ain’t due till Monday next.”

Harris added in response. “The others were headin’ back after me, be here directly. Need ta put somethin’ on this split lip.”


“You do that and then you ride for Whitefish and get my boys back here.” Elias ordered.


“Yes, sir.” Was Harris’ response and with that, he headed for the door and bunkhouse.

Elinor continued her needlepoint. Leah joined her quietly on the divan.

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Meanwhile, a lone rider entered the ranch grounds and after taking care of his horse, headed for the bunkhouse. Despite Harris' report to his employer, Billy was back and not jailed like Greer. There had really been nothing the local law could charge him for, there was no proof of any stolen property simply a girl's word against that of two males. Greer however had made a stupid mistake, punching that girl, however annoying she might have been. That not only got him a beating in the ensuing brawl but also he was thrown into jail. Billy on the other hand was sternly directed by the sheriff to leave town and not attend that evening's dance. He was no fool and complied, heading out of there as fast as he could mount.


Once inside the bunkhouse, he removed his bloodied shirt, looked at his face in the mirror - he was lucky his nose wasn't broken and by tomorrow one eye was going to show as quite the shiner.  His nose had sure bled enough though plus a split lip so he proceeded to fill a washbowl with water and use a cloth to clean his battered face. Still he consoled himself that Greer had got a far worse handling.....that idiot.  He also tried not to think if he was going to be in trouble with the Steelgraves. Hell, he had just been following orders.




"Harris opened the door of the bunkhouse and nearly jumped out his boots when he saw the boy. "Hotdamnboy, you got whooped to a frazzle. He exclaimed. "The old man's hot enough ta fry an egg, so you lay low. I gotta head over to Whitefish and fetch his boys. Them others stay in town or are they headed back?"


Layton Harris.jpg


Billy winced as he dabbed at the bloodied lip, "Yeah, thanks to that idjit Greer. Sheriff arrested him."


"I didn't see anyone else comin' back here," he shrugged bare shoulders.


Figures, old man Steelgrave was angry now, seemed like that jasper was always mad at someone or about something.


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"You lay low Billy, you keep outta the old man's way till the boys get back. Ain't sure you're in much trouble, not near what Greer'll find himself in." Layton Harris paused a moment. "Don't be the first one he sees is all. Now I gotta ride for Whitefish. You stay outta sight." Harris had been on the SGR long enough to know that when Elias was angry staying out of his way was best. He turned and went out the door, it banging shut behind him.


He saddled a fresh mount because it would be a hard ride to Whitefish. Of course, he thought, 'the boys might already be on their way home.' He led the dapple grey out of the barn and then mounted, he put the spurs to the mount and galloped out of the gate.




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