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Shade Thornton

Planning: The Bear

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The Brawl


The next event is open for everyone to tag into that wants to. We'll probably write most of it as a post-by-post scene so that we're not holding each other up waiting on JP tags. However, in the posts that require direct interaction, we can tag directly into that post (JP it). Let's try to keep any JPs to two characters at a time - again, this is to avoid tag pile-ups where we are waiting for each other to answer.


 Brawl Basics


Clara Redmond stops near the saloon tent to get water for herself, the Thornton twins and her little brother. The two Evergreen ranch low-lifes that accosted her by the lake some days earlier will be hanging about and she recognizes them.


Let the action begin!


Everyone! WAIT for @Wayfarer to kick us off with the opening post.



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