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Tips and Tricks

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Here are a few helpful tricks and tips that I've learned as I've worked on the forum.


Account Linking

  • I recommend cross-linking all of your accounts. After you create your primary account (OOC) and link your character accounts to it; take the time to login to each character account and link it to your other character accounts. This way, you'll always get a Topic Author dropdown and can choose the author without logging in and out or actually having to switch accounts.

Alerts and Notifications

  • Set up your alerts and notifications by taking a few moments to go into each account's settings and making sure all notifications are turned on.
  • Follow Content: You can follow Players, Characters, Forums and Topics. This will insure that you get notified of new topics and posts.
  • Check the Discord Channels: Most forum topics feed to a Sagas' Discord channel.
  • Mentions: Remember to do an @character name or even @OOC name when leaving tags or trying to get someone's attention.
  • Notify of Replies: Turn on the Notify Me of Replies at the bottom of topics and post windows.


  • You must be signed into one of your character accounts in order to edit JPs.
  • Remember to make sure that your writing partner is not editing a JP at the same time you are. You'll cancel each other's post out.
  • After you edit a tag into a JP, bump the topic so it appears as new again so people can find it.
  • Remember to subscribe to the thread so you'll get notifications.
  • Use @character name to notify your writing partner that they've been tagged.
  • Police your tags! If the tag deadline is running out (answer all tags once per week), contact your writing partner and give them a gentle prod.
  • For ease of reading, keep each post between 500 and 1500 words. This is more important for JPs that can get really long, really fast!

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