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Discord Updates

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Forum Integration

Discord is now fully integrated with the RPG site!


As our default live chat, our Discord at the forums will allow guests to talk to us via the Titan embeds bot. This application allows us to chat via Discord on the RPG site, on Discord's web application, or via the Discord desktop applications. It syncs all of the conversations so it doesn't matter which Discord platform you are using. For example, Longshot can be on the RPG site and send a message and I can respond from the desktop application.


When chatting from the RPG site, it will show your DIscord tag instead of just your nickname. This is a security measure. It alerts us that the RPG site Discord integration is being used and keeps guests from spoofing your ID because each one is unique. This will warn us if we have trolls or spammers to deal with. Don't worry though! The numbers after your screen name/nickname are called the discriminators. These have to to be unique and are assigned by the the Discord application. This protects you and your ID.



To facilitate live-chatting, we have turned on notifications for all messages. Originally, we had the server set to only send notices for mentions. If you find the notices annoying you can change them on a channel by channel basis or via your user settings. You can also right click on a channel or the server badge and mute it.


Forum Feeds

Another awesome feature! New topics and replies send an alert to the appropriate channel on our Sagas' Discord. You only have to click on the channel to see the latest alerts, updates, and new posts.

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New Temporary Channel Added

Using this channel is totally optional! You do not have to use it.


Since we are using multiple email addresses and character accounts, not all of us get all of the notices without going to the site. This proving to be very random which makes it hard to track down where the glitch is. Someday, this will not matter because a developer is working on a modification that will allow us to do away with the character accounts. However, for now, we have to deal with having a main account plus the multiple sub-accounts. With all of us using Discord regularly, this seemed like a good use for it.


I have created a new channel on our Discord server called tags. For those of us that are insecure about our notices and don't want to rely on the mentions tags in the IC forums, you can put tags in this channel. Y'all can let us know there or here somewhere if you'd prefer to have tags added to the channel.


Format: the following information is needed in some form...

@ name of player (i.e. Stormwolfe, Longshot, etc.), tags for character name @ link to the post. The quickest way to get a link to the post is to look for the share icon on the top right of each reply. Click on that and it'll give you a link you can copy.




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