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Supporting Characters

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Supporting characters

The other two types of characters you will find at Sagas are supporting characters and NPCs. Supporting characters are regularly played player run NPCs. They usually have recurring supporting roles to a main character. Supporting character bios are shorter than a main character's, but longer than an NPC's. An NPC can be either player or admin run. NPCs should only be written from another character's POV.


It is highly recommended that you review the documentation in our Start Here forum and browse our Lore before creating a Supporting Character or NPC. If you get stuck, contact Admin via a PM, Discord, or post your question in Help Me!

Face Claims
  • We do not currently have a separate Playby Directory. Your Pending Bio (application) serves as your faceclaim reserve.
Create Your Character Page
  1. Login with your OOC Account.
  2. Go to Pending Approvals.
  3. Click on Add New Character (upper right of page)
  4. Fill out the static form fields (Character Name - Playby). You do not have to upload your image yet.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.


Complete your character's bio
  • This may be done online or offline. Whichever one you choose, save your work often to avoid losing it in the event of a computer glitch!
  1. Offline: Go to Downloads, choose the form (.rtf, .txt, or PDF), download it, complete it and copy it into your character's page.
  2. Online: Go to the Supporting Characters sample bio. Copy it into the corresponding sections of your character's page and complete it.
  3. Character Images: Upload a 250px (wide) X 350px (high) image of your character (2nd field). You may also add other images to your character's bio. Please keep images to 650px wide or less.


reviews & approvals
  • Please PM Stormwolfe and Witchy when the bio is complete.
  • If we see anything that needs changed, we will respond via PM.
  • Once changes (if needed) are complete, Admin will move the bio to the appropriate category and notify you.


create character account
  • For supporting characters, you will need a character account in order to post. Instructions for doing that can be found in Rules and Guidelines.

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