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    All site related news and updates can be found here.

    Help Me!

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    Guest friendly forum for asking questions about using IPS, getting started with the RPG, or fixing a technical issue.

    Sagas' Saloon

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    The Sagas' Saloon forum is open for business. Chat about anything and everything. Keep it nice!

    All current episode plotting, planning, and discussions go here.

    • Discussion and planning the current episode plot.
    • Adding subplots to the current episode.
    • Requesting a character plot in the current episode.
    • Adding character plots to the current episode.

    Plot Ideas

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    Got a great idea for upcoming plots? Please add your ideas for main plots and long-range character plots here. We encourage everyone to get involved. The only caveat is that you need to help run your plot idea once it is selected for play.


    Want Ads

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    At this time, Sagas needs all types of characters! Need something more specific, browse the wanteds and neededs in this forum! A list of taken roles is pinned inside the forum.


    The Bear

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    • Episode Info: S1, Ep. 3
    • Timeframe: August 1875

    Read-Only forum for abandoned threads. Threads in this forum will be deleted after 90 days.

    No posts here yet


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    Archive of previous episodes organized by game year.


About Sagas

Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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