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    • His employer then commented that it seemed things were under control. No argument there.   "Yep," Ralph thought so too, not much to add to it.   "I'm not about to reinvent the wheel.  So why don't you just keep on with what you have in the past.  When I get a chance, I'll go over the books --- maybe this weekend.  What I want you to know is that if you need any roadblocks cleared or help with problems, feel free to see me about 'em."   "Sure, I'll let ya know," the taciturn bartender nodded.   "What's your pay?" was the next question.   ooc: I have no clue what they made in the 1870s so I'm fudging the answer.   Ralph told him then, Matilda paid typical salaries in line with other saloons in the territory. And also...   "I get free room and board too, food and drinks on the house," he added.  He lived upstairs after all.        
    • "Well, Mr. Flandry," he began, once he reached the bar.  "How are things looking for us?  Any problems with supply or quality?"    "Nobody calls me that...it's Ralph," he softly pointed out before answering the pertinent question, "Supplies are good. Tildy always did a fine job of procuring the necessary amounts. She dealt with the Zimmern Brothers out of Helena, reliable distributors."   "I'm sure she left the books and correspondence up in her office," he added.   "Why thanks,.... Ralph," Frank began.  It was his practice to start off in a formal manner until advised otherwise.  "Sounds like you have everything under control."  He slapped his hands down on the polished bar and smiled.  "I'm not about to reinvent the wheel.  So why don't you just keep on with what you have in the past.  When I get a chance, I'll go over the books --- maybe this weekend.  What I want you to know is that if you need any roadblocks cleared or help with problems, feel free to see me about 'em."   He lowered his voice.   "What's your pay?" he asked.
    • After a few minutes of discussing his mother's plans for taking care of the young ladies in town and giving them something to do, Mike glanced upstairs.  Ruth was still recovering from her injuries and even though there wasn't many outside signs of the trauma she had been through, it was what could happening on the inside that was more of a concern.   From what he knew and from what Doctor Danforth had said, it was harder to determine how bad her injuries were on the inside with no way of knowing for sure.  Even if she felt pain each time she was examined, she refused to show it.  He surmised that she was being brave for the sake of her daughter.   During the last couple of months, while Ruth was still recovering, he had tried to find out if Ruth still had any family.  With the help of his father, Mike had sent telegrams to almost every town looking for anybody who knew any Masters family that had a daughter or relative called Ruth.  So far, there was nothing and the search would have to be widen.  It could be months or years before he could find her family, if at all.  That, then raised the next question...if Ruth died, what would become of Natosi.   Natosi's future was something the family would have to discuss before the end of the summer, especially with the new school year starting.  Natosi could read and write a little but nowhere near where other children her age were at.  The child also needed to get used to being around other people and not just his family. As it was now, Natosi only spent short periods of time away from her mother.   As he remembered one of many conversations he had with Ruth when he was trying to find out information about her family, she had told him that Natosi needed to learn "the white man's ways".  Ruth had said other things as well about how she would like Natosi to be taken care off, just in case.   A tapping of a spoon on a wine glass, bought his attention back to the dinner...   TBC
    • Ralston Pettigrew stood looking across the counter at the two men who said they had been advised by the bar keep that their boss, Case Steelgrave, had a parcel waiting, but that he was pushing the herd north. They wanted to pick it up.   Well, the name was well known throughout Montana, both the father and the son, as well as the brothers and one sister so it was without caution that he placed a crate of some sort, wrapped in butcher paper with Cases name scrawled on the front. with it an envelope.   Toole took up the weighty package, obviously a box, carefully wrapped, tied with  a cord, the envelope tucked under the cord. They thanked the man, who was equally as glad to have anything Steelgrave off of his hands. Toole and Guthrie mounted up and headed back out of town, have enjoyed a couple of drinks, picking up the package for Case, and finding out none were wanted in connection with Big Flat.   They rode for the camp without delay.   ----------------------------   'Case, in the box is your share of the first proceeds. Seventy percent. I took five percent to re-supply. Total haul from Garnet $1978.00, less thirty percent, $1684.00. We'll be in contact before Trout Creek.'   "I'll be damned!" Case said as he broke in the top of the crate. "Look it that!" A mixture of gold coin and paper money which was quickly counted and totaled as promised. The packaging had been meticulous, the coin wrapped tight so as not to make any noise. Most of the paper was of low denomination, but it would spend just the same, and they had done no work for these proceeds. "So lemme see, reckon we each get one hundred forty dollars, for doin' nothin'!"    That made everybody happy!      
    • Worcester Pettigrew was disappointed that the Englishman didn't get his 'ore-struck' joke, but you couldn't please everyone, he guessed. But the fellow from foreign shores did at least elucidate upon his occupational calling.   “I err..  Well… I studied law at university.”  James told Pettigrew, his cheeks once again slowly getting bright red.  “Didn’t have much call to study geology I’m afraid.”    "Well, a lot of the law round these parts is about Geology; Geology and cattle." Pettigrew pontificated "The territories have no code of laws themselves, as of yet..." he continued "... oh, they borrow a little from here, a little from there: as a matter of fact, your English Law cases are cited as much as judgements from other parts of the States. But the book you need to hit if you want to practice law round these parts is the California Code of Statutes. And why, Mr Vaughn, why?" he asked rhetorically.   "Because it deals with Geology, Sir, Geology!"   Then Arabella skipped up "What are you all talkin' about fellers?!" she hailed them "Dresses?"  
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    The Belle-St. Regis, Kalispell's upscale hotel, is located on Main Street. It includes a high-class bar, dining area, and meeting room. The rooms are elegant and well-appointed. The hotel serves a wide-range of customers from cowboys that want to spend a night somewhere nice after an arduous cattle drive to local politicians. It is a superb location for visitors passing through Kalispell.

    The Kalispell Courthouse and Municipal Building is located in a town square at the east end of Kalispell's Main Street. It houses most of the town's official offices and courtrooms. There are two law enforcement offices on the main floor and each has its own holding cell. For a list of the building's offices, please see the details inside the forum.





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    Editor/Proprietor: Phineas McVay


    The Kalispell Union's offices are located on Main Street in Kalispell. The newspaper offers printing services as well as publishing the only newspaper in northwestern Montana Territory. 


    Kalispell Union Back Issues



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    Local diner owned by ... More Information Pending.

    Kalispell is located in the Flathead Valley in the northwestern corner of the Montana Territory, seven miles north of Flathead Lake. The town lies between the region that will one day be Glacier National Park and the lake. Read More...



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    Beyond the bustle of Kalispell's Main Street are the quiet residential streets. Modeled after the rows of brownstones in New York city and San Francisco's townhomes, are rows of houses. Some are upscale, some are modest dwellings. Some of the townhouses have been converted into apartments and most have basement apartments that the owners can rent out. There are streets of small homes that have larger lots with small backyard gardens. Several streets away are the homes of Kalispell's wealthier citizens.



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    Drop into the Stardust Saloon for a wild night on the town. The Stardust is a popular watering hole for Kalispell's citizens and the residents of Flathead Valley. 



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    Evergreen Ranch is the home of the Steelgrave family. The initial property was established between 1862 and 1864. Among the family's many business interests, they raise prize Black Angus cattle. Evergreen is smaller in the overall land area than Lost Lake Ranch. However, it is less mountainous and has more continuous grazing lands.


    Owner: Elias Steelgrave


    See Map for location.


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    Before 1876, the nearest fort was located at the southern end of Flathead Lake. It was a former trading fort known as Fort Kilpatrick, although the locals just called it Fort Poison after the fur trading village next to it. As the trouble with the native populations increased, it was determined that the booming town of Kalispell and its surrounding area and population needed more protection, so Fort Somers was established five miles south of the town at the north end of Flathead Lake.


    Commanding Officer: Wellington MacKenzie


    See Map for location.


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    Lost Lake was discovered by Ishmael Thornton, one of the geologists accompanying the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803 - 1806. He claimed most of the mountain and valley land surrounding the vast crater lake and named the mountains the Choguns (chogun means blackbird in the Blackfoot language). The main ranch house, Blackbird Lodge, is located in the mountains overlooking the lake.


    The ranch raises a hardy and meaty breed of cattle, crossbred between Angus and Texas Longhorns. They also raise horses for the military, a cross between the Colonial Quarterhorse and local Mustangs.



    See Map for location.


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    There is a vast amount of unsettled lands around the Flathead and many small homesteads and ranches. Use this forum for posting in these wilderness areas or on a ranch or homestead that does not have its own forum.


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    In 1875, Aurelian Redmond bought an established homestead from Lloyd Sidwell. The land was situated within five miles of Kalispell and shares borders with Lost Lake and Evergreen Ranch (see map). Its location could mean trouble since it is in a prime location, and the ambitious Steelgraves would love to acquire it to expand Evergreen Ranch's southern border.



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    After the discovery of gold in the region, Montana was designated as a United States territory (Montana Territory) on May 26, 1864 and, with rapid population growth, as the 41st state on November 8, 1889.

    Montana territory was organized from the existing Idaho Territory by Act of Congress and signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on May 28, 1864. The areas east of the continental divide had been previously part of the Nebraska and Dakota territories and had been acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.

    As of August 1, 1876, there were thirty-eight states in the United States of America. There were also several territories that had not yet achieved statehood.


    The era known as the Wild West, or the American Frontier, began after the Civil War in 1865 and ended around 1895.


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    Flashbacks is the forum where all IC threads set prior to 1876 can be started and completed. It will also house all posts and threads set prior to the current game year when the year rolls over.

    In the 1800s, most people communicated by writing letters. Many people also kept journals detailing their lives as they moved west.


    In this forum, your characters can write letters to friends and loved ones, write a journal, etc. They can also receive letters back if someone is willing to write back for you. Please check with other Players before tagging them.


    Please read the Submitting & Claiming guidelines posted at the top of this forum before submitting a Character Wanted Ad or Claiming one. 


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    Forum for all completed In-Character threads.

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    Back issues of the Kalispell Union newspaper.



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    Archived out-of-character topics and discussions.

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