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    Sagas of the Wild West accepts affiliates of any genre or fandom. Our requirements are...

    • Our button must be in a static location on your site's index page.
    • We will verify that you have our button on your site before we approve your affiliation request.
    • If you post more than once, the older submission will be deleted.
    • Roleplay or RPG resource sites only. All others will be deleted.


    To Affiliate

    1. Click the Add New Affiliate button.
    2. Fill out the form.
    3. Upload your 88x31 site button.
    4. Click Save and voila! Your button magically appears at the bottom of our forum index page.



    <a href="https://www.sagaswildwest.com/" title='Sagas of the Wild West'><img src="https://content.invisioncic.com/k279657/pages_media/0_sagas-button.png?_cb=1564070791" title="Sagas of the Wild West" alt="Sagas Button"></a>

    If you need help or need your affiliate deleted or altered, please post in the Help Me! forum. Requested changes will normally take effect within forty-eight hours.

About Sagas

Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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If you would like to join the Sagas' Discord server or are already a member, click the image to open the Discord web application.

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Founders: Stormwolfe & Longshot

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