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Hannah Cory

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About Hannah Cory

  • Kalispell Marshal's Office

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    Supporting Character
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    Michelle Carey
  • Full Name
    Hannah Elizabeth Cory
  • Goes By
    Hannah, Han
  • Profession
    Law Officer
  • Position
    Deputy Marshal
  • Birth Date
  • Status
  • Height
    5' 3"
  • Hair Color
    Golden Brown
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Physical Description

hcory-250.jpgHannah is a trim, petite woman in her early thirties. Hannah's hair is a blend of golden brown and blond. She tends to wear it loose and long. Hannah has large, cat-shaped eyes. They are green-blue hazel, tending to be more light green than blue. 

Hannah is usually clad in durable, khaki-colored work pants, boots, and darker tan shirts. When the weather is cooler, she dons a fringed buckskin jacket. Her hat spends as much time hanging by its chin strap as it does on her head. She owns a few dresses, but rarely wears them unless forced to attend church, a funeral, or a wedding.

Bathing or a shower almost daily is something that Hannah enjoys. She doesn't mind getting dirty in the course of a day's work, but hates going to bed feeling dirty.

Hannah rarely takes the time to do more than brush her long, thick hair, leaving it to its own devices. It tends to look somewhat disheveled, wild, and unkempt.

Traits & Characteristics

  • Intelligent (+): Hannah is highly intelligent. Her father encouraged her to consider college, but she was happy at home.
  • Fearless (+/-): Hannah is brave to a fault. Unfortunately, sometimes she does not read situations correctly which can become dangerous for her.
  • Impetuous, but not rash (+)
  • Cool in a crisis (+)
  • Independent (+)
  • Spirited (+/-): Hannah's fierce and, sometimes, wild spirit has lost her more than one potential suitor. However, her father is proud of her, encouraging her to not change just to conform to society's dictates.


Hannah has a lovely, slightly husky voice with a trace of a Montana drawl. She speaks in calm, even tones although she will raise her voice if the situation calls for it.

Most people in and around Kalispell know Hannah and like her for her spirit and fierce independence. They also know they can rely on her to perform her duties as deputy marshal in an objective and fair manner. She is completely fearless, unless there are spiders involved! Hannah is know to be somewhat impetuous, but she is not rash and will look at all of the angles before leaping into most dangerous situations.


Employer Name: Kalispell Town Council

Position: Deputy Marshal

Details: Routine duties as assigned.

Professional Skills

Marksman (rifle, bow)
Horseback Riding (uses a custom Indian rig)


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Hannah has had no formal training in the art of basic fighting. She cannot hit as hard as a man, but she is a scrapper and can make her blows count. Hannah is smart. She knows she cannot win in a one-on-one altercation with most men and will go for her gun first.

Weapons: Hannah is a good shot with both a handgun and rifle, but she excels with the rifle. She is also a deadly shot with bow and arrow.

  • Rifle: Winchester
  • Handgun: Colt .44-40
  • Longbow

Hobbies & Interests

  • Horseback Riding
  • Reading
  • Gardening
  • Cooking

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence

Kalispell, Montana
Marshal's Residence, just east of town.

Place of Birth

Fort Kalispell, Montana

Kith & Kin


Father: Scott Cory (Kalispell Town Marshal)

Mother: Yvonne Cory (deceased)


Shade Thornton (1853 - Present; friend, ex-fiancé): Hannah and Shade were childhood friends and teenage sweethearts. They began dating at the age of sixteen and and planned to be married in the spring of their seventeenth year. While on a shopping trip a few days prior to the planned elopement date, Shade was embroiled in a gunfight and killed a man. He lit out from Montana, leaving Hannah standing at the altar. Over the years, his alleged exploits have continued to taint how she views him.

Life Events

| March 13, 1846 |

  • Born to Yvonne and Scott Cory, Kalispell, Montana
  • Yvonne dies from complications of a difficult childbirth.

| 1846 to 1856 (a. 1-10) |

Hannah's mother died only a few days after she was born. She was raised by a doting father who admits he did not really quite know how to raise a daughter. He had grown up in a house full of boys so tended to treat Hannah as he had his younger brothers. With a natural proclivity to be a tomboy, this suited Hannah just fine.

Although her father made sure she went to school, he was less inclined to make sure she stayed there. Hannah would often slip out a window and take off. She was very smart, but rather indifferent to learning. All she really wanted to do was be with her father. Fortunately, the Cory's housekeeper, Mrs. Rockfort, made sure that Hannah learned some of the basics of being a girl. She also took time to teach her to cook and maintain the house.

| 1856 to 1866 (a. 10-20) |

  • 1853: Meets Shade Thornton
  • 1862: Shade proposes to Hannah.
  • 1862: Shade leaves Montana the night before the scheduled elopement.

Hannah met Shade Thornton when he was sent to the Catholic school in Fort Kalispell. They formed a rather tempestuous friendship based in a large part on their shared dislike of authority. By the time she was sixteen and Shade seventeen, a fiery friendship had turned to an equally fiery romance. Shade proposed to Hannah early in 1862. Hannah's father refused permission for them to marry. He told them that if they felt the same way in a year or two, he would reconsider. Ever impulsive, Hannah agreed to elope with Shade when he returned from a scheduled trip to escort his future sister-in-law to Missoula for a final round of pre-wedding shopping.

Shortly before they were due to return to Kalispell, Shade was embroiled in a gunfight with a man who had attacked Regina. It was clearly a case of self-defense, and there were numerous witnesses, so no charges were brought against Shade. Still, the man's brothers vowed to get Shade and anyone that got in their way. Shade made the decision to leave the territory. Unaware of the events in Missoula, Hannah arrived at the place where she and Shade had agreed to meet. She waited an entire day before coming to the realization that he had left her standing at the altar.

Upon hearing what had happened, Hannah tried to understand Shade's reasons for deserting her, but she was desperately hurt by the fact that he made no effort to contact her. As things happen, the news of her planned elopement leaked out and Hannah began overhearing sly remarks about her relationship with Shade. With humiliation heaped on top of her hurt feelings, love turned to hate. Over time, as news of Shade's exploits as a gunfighter filtered in, Hannah convinced herself that she had been fortunate that he had left. She felt that she had learned a valuable lesson and dodged a bullet where Shade Thornton was concerned.

| 1866 to 1875 (a. 20-29) |

  • 1866 (a. 22): Takes job as Deputy Marshal

In 1860, Hannah's father became marshal of Kalispell, leaving her to tend their small farm on her own. Although her days were busy, she was still restless and felt rather unfulfilled.

Marshal Cory was wounded in a shootout during a robbery attempt in 1862 that required a few weeks of rest and recuperation. With the aid of a posse that she formed, Hannah brought in the shooters and saw they stood trial. The town council asked her to stay on in her father's place until he could recover and return to work.

Once Cory was able to return to his duties, he offered his daughter the job of deputy. She accepted and has been quite happy in the job.

Character Notes


  • Graduated high school; can read, write and do basic math.
  • Languages: English (native), smattering of French (learned from Canadian travelers)

Animals & Pets


Breed: Appaloosa (black roan)

Age: 8

Gender: Gelding

Height: 15.3 hands

Markings: Jingo is a splotchy black roan Appaloosa. His mane and tail are black and gray. He has what people call a broomtail, meaning it is short and scruffy. Ringo has black stockings on all four legs.

Jingo was caught during a round up of mustangs. Scott Cory took pity on the ragged colt and bought it for his daughter. Jingo is rather hard to handle and refused to take a conventional saddle. Since Hannah preferred riding bareback, Scott had the local saddlery make her a bareback rig.

Player Notes


Hannah is completely open for plots. She is a supporting character so, while I am open to romantic relationships, she might get uneven play. Please feel free to contact me for regular scenes!



While the site's rating is 333, I will not write graphic smut or violence. Romantic scenes will have to fade-to-black (non-negotiable).

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Recent Posts

  1. Hannah Cory
    "Kindness has nothing to do with it. I'm not one for giving out platitudes. If I think a woman is beautiful, I will tell her. And you Miss Cory are indeed beautiful.  It's a shame that you have to hide it."
    Those words played over and over in Hannah's mind as she followed Matt's request to be the first one to taste their meal. She cut a small piece of the roast beef, dipped in the thick gravy, and took a bite. Her eyes flashed up to Matt's in surprise, "I am going to have to be careful not to attack this roast beef as if it were my last meal. Please give my compliments to your cook. It's amazing."
    Hannah paused after a couple of bites and looked at Matt again, "You may call me Hannah. And," she gestured at her clothing, "I don't have to hide in man's clothing. My father has never mandated it. It is just more practical for dealing with the town's miscreants. In fact, I'm not sure the new marshal will keep me on. I'm the first to admit that it's an odd job for a woman. I just seemed to grow into it. Started with filing wanted posters and keeping the office side of things neat and up-to-date. Then, as deputies came and went, I began filling that slot as needed."
    Shrugging, Hannah offered Matt a genuinely lovely smile, "Now, I find I like making my own way. Although...." her eyes strayed to a young family that was dining across the room and she sighed, deeming it inappropriate to finish the sentence.
  2. Hannah Cory
    Hannah's cat-like eyes widened slightly and she felt herself blush slightly. She could only hope that it was a delicate pink flush to her cheeks, adding the appropriate amount of color and not a full-on raging red flame of embarrassment. Hannah also found herself regretting that Sister Mary Elizabeth had not taught etiquette. How exactly did a sophisticated woman respond in these situations? How should she?
    "Thank you, Mr. Wentworth, y-you are very kind," Hannah finally managed to say with only a slight tremor in her voice. But, she had to admit, it was true. Matt Wentworth had been very kind and also a perfect gentleman.
  3. Hannah Cory
    "Thank you again, the sherry would be lovely. If I could get a glass of water as well?" Hannah was not a big drinker although she did like the occasional glass of sherry or wine with a meal. Now that they were seated, she was beginning to think her impulsive acceptance of Matt's lunch invitation was something of a mistake. Another of her short-falls was the ability to make random conversation. What to say next? What would a small-town woman who worked in man's job talk about with a polished, handsome, man-of-the-world like Matt Wentworth. 
    "The hotel's business seems to be improving over what it was before you took over. The previous owner made it clear that he and his family did not care for the likes of the Kalispell locals." Hannah wondered how that line of conversation was going to play. It was the simple truth. In fact, she was had no idea why the Belle had been built. Kalispell had not been an incorporated town for very long. There were a few wealthy families in the area and the population was growing steadily. Still, it was surprising to find a five-star hotel in a backwater like Kalispell.
  4. Hannah Cory
    "This is fine, Mr. Wentworth. I like the light coming in."
    Hannah looked out the window at the street beyond. Unconsciously, she sighed. So far, the new marshal had not indicated that her job was in jeopardy, but what if Guyer decided Kalispell did not need a woman deputy marshal? What would she do? Hannah knew that her father would make sure she did not starve and if he won the mayoral election, he would be paid a bit more than he'd made as the town marshal. The thing was that Hannah was used to supporting herself. She did not want to have to depend on her father or anyone else. Besides, due to her chosen line of work, her marriage prospects were quite low, probably non-existent.
    Turning her eyes back to Matt, she gestured at the table, "I believe you recommended the roast beef?"
  5. Hannah Cory
    Hannah was startled again. It was simply the unexpected invitation to lunch that made her blink slightly. The only man, other than her father, that had asked to have lunch with her was Ezra Hale's eldest son, Nick. In those instances it had been because he was in town, did not want to spend money at the cafe, and knew she almost always made time to prepare lunch for her father. Hannah's instincts were to to politely decline, give some suitable excuse and go to the White Rose Cafe for her meal.
    Her tongue seemed to have other plans and Hannah heard herself saying, "I would be happy for the company, Mr. Wentworth. Thank you." Still confused by her answer, Hannah took Matt's extended arm. Oh God! Now what? She was going to have to make polite conversation. Where was a fast horse when you needed one?
  6. Hannah Cory
    It took a few moments for Hannah to register the fact that someone had spoken to her. She was not accustomed to being the "Miss" in any conversation. Hannah offered the man a smile while she nervously smoothed her skirt with one hand while the other hand clutched tightly to the strings of her purse.

    "Good day, Mr. Wentworth," Hannah responded, finally meeting his eyes. "A pleasure to see you also. It is such a lovely day, I thought I'd treat myself to lunch."
  7. Hannah Cory
    Mature Content: No
    With: Matt Wentworth, Open Thread
    Location: Belle St. Regis
    When: Sept. 10, 1875
    Time of Day: Mid-Morning

    Hannah stepped out of the courthouse into the bright sunshine of mid-morning. She had chosen the door that directly accessed the street rather than make her way through the municipal building itself. Since Ian Blevins had confessed to the beating and killing his wife for no reason other than the fact that he was a brute, the proceedings had been short. Hannah had not even had to testify. She had not been prepared for the man's sudden plea of guilty since he had maintained his innocence right up to the moment he was escorted from the jail to the courthouse. Judge Oliver Wendell had sentenced the man to hard labor in the Montana Territorial Prison for the rest of his life. It had been satisfying to see the Judge was just as disgusted by the man's actions as she was. Hannah hoped this would allow poor Molly Blevins to rest in peace. More importantly, Hannah hoped their three young children would come out of it none the worse for living with such violence. They had already been adopted by a kindly couple with a small far just outside of town. They had not been in the courtroom.
    Nervously, Hannah raised a hand to touch her small, dainty hat to make sure the pins were still secure. It would be terribly embarrassing if the wind caused it to fly off her head. She then smoothed her gray skirts and briefly admired the touch of cream colored lace at her cuffs. Thanks to the many changes occurring in Kalispell and in her life, Hannah had taken to wearing dresses part of the time, especially when representing the Kalispell Town Marshal's Office in the courtroom. With her father, former Town Marshal, Scott Cory, considering running for mayor, she needed to also represent him to the people of Kalispell. While on active duty, Hannah still wore trousers and a practical shirt and vest. Having to break up brawls at the saloon was not a time to worry about getting ones skirts soiled or torn. However, when  manning the office and doing routine administrative chores, she had taken to wearing a practical split riding skirt, low heeled boots and a decent blouse. Even with all of that, she was still nervous and self-conscious when clad in a gown and heels, even if they were low ones.
    Hannah had the rest of the day off. It was her reward for tracking Blevins down and seeing the case through to trial. She had investigated it thoroughly. Even had he not made an eleventh-hour confession, Hannah had handed the prosecutor with an airtight case. Honestly, she enjoyed the investigation, gathering of evidence, and interviewing witnesses more than than anything in her job. Anyone could break up a barroom brawl. Not many people could investigate a crime and get to the facts. It was surprising how much people would say to a genteel young woman that sipped tea and led conversations along paths that got to the facts of the matter at hand. She could still break up fights and handle a gun as well as most men. Hannah was just finding that she enjoyed learning another aspect of law enforcement.
    There were a few people on the street. Hannah nodded at an acquaintance or two and smiled as they realized who she was and stared with wide eyes. She was not sure if their reaction was positive or negative, just that it was a reaction and it felt good! Her steps had led her to the other side of the town square and toward the imposing edifice of the Belle-St. Regis Hotel. She had been inside a time or two to roust a drunk guest out that was disturbing other clientele. For several long moments, she stood and stared at the entrance, considering her options. The dining room would be open for lunch. It might be questionable for a young unmarried woman to dine alone but Hannah felt she had earned the right to a pleasant and somewhat leisurely lunch. 
    Hannah took a deep breath, pushed the doors open, and stepped inside...
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  8. Hannah Cory
    "Right," Hannah replied. "I'll need to let the Marshall know what happened as well. Sure am dreading his retirement." She shook her head at that. Her father had served in law enforcement in some form or fashion for many years. He deserved to retire yet Hannah could not imagine him doing nothing more than piddling around on their little farm. 
    She vaulted onto her horse's back and slid her rifle into the scabbard. "Let's go."
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  9. Hannah Cory
    "Addy, Mr. Pike, thank you for giving me a heads up on this incident. I'll keep a close eye on any of the comings and goings of Steelgrave's gang," Hannah said. With her father thinking about retiring, she sure did not need more trouble out of Whitefish and the Steelgraves. "Anything else that I can do for you before I head out?"
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  10. Hannah Cory
    Hannah nodded her agreement and turned to make her way back to the horses and wagon. It was best to call it quits for now. She knew Addy could take care of herself. However, neither Hannah or Addy had the firepower to make much of a dent in a bear the size of Ole Satan. On top of that, she had no idea how good the doctor was with a gun. It did not make sense going up against an enraged grizzly under these circumstances.

    As they reached the wagon, Hannah called out, "We tracked the bear to the treeline. Didn't make sense to go any further. You two about ready to head back for town?"
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