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Physical Description

Isiah is 5'11" and of medium build, but yet he is one solid muscle.  He has soulful blue eyes with a bit of sadness behind them and brown hair with reddish tints, especially highlighted during the summer months when the sun bleaches it more while working outside.  His hands are calloused and dirty from his hard work on the farm.  You'll most always find him wearing a flannel shirt, blue jeans and work boots.


Traits & Characteristics

Family man


Doesn't easily open up to others

Slow to new relationships


Hard working



Currently unemployed


Previously worked in Pigeon Forge, TN for his father's shipping company and helped on his father-in-law's farm. 


Isiah is a handy man and can do almost any kind of repair work put before him.  He's a natural with animals.  he's good with tools, guns and knives.


Hobbies: He loves the outdoors/nature, hiking, fishing, hunting.  Enjoys rock collecting (something he's done since he was a boy and has never stopped.)

Aliases / Nicknames


Place of Birth: Pigeon Forge, TN


Currently heading to Kalispell in search of his sister Addy Chappel

Kith & Kin


Father: Hiram Chappel, muleskinner,  still living in Pigeon Forge

Mother: Ledocia, died of consumption


  • Zachariah: 40, living in Pigeon Forge, ferrier, married with six children
  • Ezequiel: 36, living in Topeka, KA, drover, single
  • Adelaide: 28, living in Kalispell
  • Died in the War: Joshua, Absalom, Japeth, Jedediah, Hezekiah

Life Events

March 21, 1845: Born to Hiram and Ledocia Chappel in Pigeon Forge, TN

1847: Baby sister, Adelaide is born.  We are close in age and because of this our relationship is close.  Being the youngest two in the family we learned right along side each other from our older brothers. 

1851: Mother passes away. 

1855: Started helping Pa with the family shipping business doing what I love most - working with my hands and helping to repair and assist with whatever may have needed mending.

1862: Started courting Daisy Patten from our local church.  Fell in love quickly and after courting for just one year we were married much to her father's chagrin.  Her family was quite wealthy as he owned his own land and farm. 

1863: Married Daisy under the condition that we would live on her father's farm and I would assist as a farm laborer while also continuing to help my father with the family business. 

1864: Joined the Civil War fighting with the Confederate Army.  I served as an infantryman during the war alongside my brothers.  When I joined two of my brothers had already been killed in the war and I wanted to do what I could to help fight for what our family believed in and to be with my other two remaining brothers.  The war lasted about another year and it was October 1864 that my regiment,  which included myself and brother, were caught in a battle near Chattanooga.  We fought valiantly but Joshua was injured....bad injured.  I rushed to him, pulled him and myself out of the line fire and did what I could to help him.  Frantically trying to stop the bleeding from his chest he finally stopped me...he knew what was about to happen and he wanted me to just sit with him.  Hold him.  Hold him until he could take his last breath.  It was a day that will forever be etched in my memory, a day that haunts me.

1865: Returned home from the Civil War and tried to get back to some kind of 'normal' though I'm certain I will never be normal again after serving in the war - holding one brother in my arms while he died and losing 4 others. 

1872: After years of trying to get pregnant and two miscarriages later Daisy and I welcome a son, Joshua Chappel into the world.  I, of course, had to name him after my brother.

1875: Another year of hardship for me.  Daisy had taken ill and the doc suspected it was cholera.  She passed away just 5 years after welcoming our boy, leaving me a widow and Joshua with no mother....it felt as if history was repeating itself.

1875: This same year I couldn't stand to stay in Pigeon Forge no longer.  I needed to get away from it all.  Find a new start, a new way of life and find the one person that seems to understand me.  Heading out west would provide both.  Addy had been living in Kalispell for some time now and I planned on taking Joshua and heading there to find her...start new.




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  1. Isiah Samual Chappel
    Josh's eyes lit up as he heard the pie options and that there might also be some cookies and cake! "Mmmm, I want cake, Pa!" He said to his Daddy as he squirmed to get down from his Pa's arms so he could walk with Weedy like a big kid.  
    Isiah sat him down on his feet, ruffling his hair as he did. "You best wait and get there to decide what you want." He chided.
    As they walked into the Millegan Stage barn, Isiah whistled in delight at the sight of it.  It was something nice, they didn't have anything like this back in Pigeon Forge.  "Well ain't this somethin' nice?" He remarked to his sister and led his horse and Josh's to the closest empty stalls.  "I'm glad they're treatin' ya so well, sis." Isiah knew he'd normally have something smart to say, something to make her laugh, pick on her in a big brother kind of way, but he just hadn't found himself yet since Daisy had left him, but he knew sure enough he'd find himself again.
    As she introduced him to Aberesque he walked over to her stroking her down the front of her nose.  "Well ain't you a beauty?" He spoke to the horse and as Weedy set into action to get the hay and Addy the grain he looked over his shoulder at them. "Can I lend you a hand with that?" He asked them both, knowing full well they were capable of it themselves, had been before he'd come along so of course they were now, but it would be unmannerly of him not to ask and offer.  
    Josh set out to follow Weedy and help with the hay, especially 'cause he heard Aunt Addy say something about going into a loft and he sure loved to climb!
  2. Isiah Samual Chappel
    It sounded something awful to Isiah to not even have a desire to want to swim in the lake, climb tree, go fishing.....sleep under the stars at night by said lake! 
    Addy knew that Isiah agreed with her, that her description of the best day was also his. 
    "Oh Miss Orr!.....I already know the answer, that you've never even slept under the stars.  In all of God's creation there ain't nothing more beautiful than to stretch out by the lake after a long day and stare up at His creation." It was one of Isiah's favorite things to do.  
    "You stick with us Chappell's and we'll show you a good time." He motioned between the four of them, himself, Addy, Weedy and Josh.  He chuckled at the words knowing good and well there won't know way they were getting this dainty young lady behind a fishing pole and sleeping on a dirt ground.
    @Javia @Bongo
  3. Isiah Samual Chappel
    "Don't gotta be in so big a hurry," Addy said with a grin, "take a bit'a time ta settle in.  But there's some wood scraps behind th' barn could be used."  They'd always been taught to use salvage when they could, and not let anything go to waste, and a project like the beds could easily be accomplished with salvage.
    Isiah nodded his head and stood to get ready to go. "I can't be sittin' idle for too long, Addy.... you know that." He said with a smile back at her.  She knew he couldn't sit idle too long because he just plain didn't like sitting still.  He had always wanted to stay busy, but now, these days, he couldn't let his mind get idle either.  He was bound and determined he won't letting grief over Daisy get the best of him!
    "Weedy'll be happy fer a little cousin, an' it'll be good fer him ta have someone ta look after."  Addy nodded at the suggestion of pie, but added, "Let's get yer horse settled, we can do that on th' way, an' I'll show ya around th' barn.  Belongs ta th' Millegan Stage Company, but I run it."
    The horses were exhausted from the long trip but there was no way he was stopping along the way to get a set of fresh horses.  He'd had these two beauties he and Josh rode here for a long time and they were basically like family to him.  "I know they are ready to get settled." He agreed with her as he heard the patter of the boys feet running towards them.  Josh coming right up to him and he lifted him up to carry him out. "How long you been working with Millegan?" He asked as he pat Josh on the back, who he could tell was also exhausted after a long day, but nothing was stopping him from getting some pie!
    Josh wrinkled up his nose when Weedy mentioned that the girl had gotten married "I don't know why people go off 'n get married....so gross!" But then the mention of pie and he was running out right along with Weedy.  
    "What kind a pie is it?" He asked his Aunt Addy as they headed out the door and towards the barn. 
  4. Isiah Samual Chappel
    Isiah sure couldn't think of a thing that Pigeon Forge was famous for, that until Addy piped up and he chuckled at her reasons for it being famous.  
    Josh held tight to the horse and turned and looked over his shoulder at Ms. Orr and piped up. "And my Ma's apple pie had ta be the best in all tha world!"  As the horse turned and he could see the girl better he went on. "We had the biggest apple tree ya ever did see right in our backyard!  It has the bestest apples!  And that's where Ma go 'em all and I always helped her pick 'em....well I picked up the ones that fell to tha ground!"
    Isiah looked at his sister, he knew she'd know that tree real well.  Since he and his late wife had been living on the same land they'd grown up on the tree was real familiar. "It's that tree Pa told you not to climb that time.  The one you fell out of and nearly broke yer neck!" He said with a laugh....able to laugh about it now since of course she was well and good!
    He looked at Ms. Orr.  "That lake sounds mighty nice.  I'm guessin' there's some good fishin' to be had there?  I can nearly taste the trout right now!" Isiah loved fishin' and he s'possed it had been forever since he and Addy had done just that!
    @Javia @Bongo
  5. Isiah Samual Chappel
    When she suggested the bunk beds for the boys and even a room for him he could tell even more that she was pleased with the idea of them being here.  He couldn't help but smile. "Then I'll get started right on that tomorrow." 
    As she hugged him he wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug squeezing her tight. "It sure is good to be here." He whispered.  He could hear the two boys in the bedroom taking away and this made him feel good too.  He had no idea Josh was going to have a cousin waiting for him here when they arrived.  That was a nice surprise.  
    "I'm just about ready to take you up on that offer for pie in the town." He said with a laugh and looked towards Weedy's room. "Sounds like those two are gettin' along just fine."
    Josh's eyes got real big with excitement  when Weedy mentioned the friend and that his friend had a lake they could swim in. "Swimmin's prolly my most favoritest thing ta do!" He proclaimed.  "Is your friend Wyler big like you?" Because of young Josh, Weedy was indeed big and someone ta look up to and he figured having a friend like Weedy....well a cousin! .... would come in real handy being in this new town!
  6. Isiah Samual Chappel
    Isiah of course had no idea that Miss Orr was analyzing his answer only the way a woman would.  She couldn't just take it for it's word.  He was here to stay.  Yes, a permanent fixture as she was thinking.  
    He walked over and rubbed Arabesque on the side as his sister got her out.  
    "And whereabouts do you hail from, Mr. Chappel?" she continued her ever-so polite interrogation.
    "Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, ma'm.  Ever heard of it?" He asked as he helped the steady the horse, it seemed Josh did indeed want to take a ride on her.  He had grown up around horses of course and was quite fond of them and not scared one bit to go on a ride.  It would indeed be a good way to show the young girl that the gentle creatures were nothing to be afraid of."
    Josh held his hands up towards his Aunt and nodded his head excitetedly. "Yes'm! I'd love to ride.  And later you can ride my horse if you want to, Aunt Addy!" He thought it only fair that if she let him ride her horse then he should offer to let her ride his!
     @Javia @Bongo
  7. Isiah Samual Chappel
    When Arabella mouthed that Jemima was all right, he just nodded his head to her and decided not to press it anymore.  He went and  found his spot back at the table.  The food smelled delicious but he couldn't bring himself to eat, not with his sister and this Miss Mundee out there missing with those Indians.  He'd at least pretend to eat so the others would.  He wanted Weedy and Josh to not follow his lead so as he was reaching to serve the boys plates Arabella stopped him mid-move with the prayer.  He pulled his hand back and bowed his head.
    Isiah wasn't all that pleased with the Lord right now.  So many bad things happening to him and his family.  He knew he had to get right with Him though and he s'pposed that would happen sooner rather than later.  With head bowed he listened to the prayer, muttered an Amen and went back for the serving spoon when she started up again.  Eyes wide for a moment he dropped his head again and listened, this time when he heard his sisters name he focused real hard on the words, hoping maybe that would take them to heaven just a little bit quicker.  His interest peaked though when she mentioned his sister living with some Mr. Ryker.  And that she was an angel except for when she lived with him?!  He lifted his head and opened his eyes for a moment as she looked at the girl, but she was deep in her prayer.  He'd ask her about that later when everything was settled down and everyone was home safely.  
    And then again, he muttered his Amen reached for the spoon and was interrupted with yet another prayer request.  This time he leaned back in his chair, listening with his eyes open, feeling his stomach churn a little at the request, his face wrinkling up some at the description.  He made sure to clear it up though before anyone else had open eyes, but his eyes fell on Arabella as she finished.  Before he even made a move to try and grab that spoon he hesitated, but the boys were already digging into the delicious meal. "You sure?" 
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  8. Isiah Samual Chappel
    Isiah was mighty proud of his baby sister.  She'd come here and made a real name for herself.  He knew that their Pa would be proud of her too.  He smiled as he sipped on the coffee now and shook his head as he sat down the cup on the table.
    "You done made a real success of yerself, Addy." He sat up more in the chair and leaned forward some. "I'm happy for ya." And he was...it felt nice for a change to have something to be happy for. "Sounds like that boy and you were just lucky ta find each other.  I'm glad he's a good 'un."  He shook his head a bit and pointed a finger at her. "Pa'll be real proud of you Addy.  And those brothers of ours too." He smirked some.
    As she quickly mentioned that there was plenty of room in the house he could tell she wanted to make sure he and Josh felt welcomed here. "Thanks fer havin' us.  I'll get this place fixed right up for you." He'd always loved a good challenge and while the house was really nice, he was already making mental notes of how he could make the place just perfect for her.  He'd have to find work in order to get some money for a few of the things he had in mind, but that would come with time.  "And if we ever get to be a nuisance you tell me, OK?" He ask with a light laugh, but he was serious too. 
    Josh really liked the idea of being in the bed with Weedy and his Pa right in the same room with him.  At his house back in Tennessee he had to sleep up in a loft all by himself and he never did like it. "I'd like that!" The boy proclaimed and stuffed some of the cornbread Aunt Addy had brought in.  
    "Do you think I can call him 'Uncle Isiah'?"  It hadn't ever occurred to him that he might have uncles or aunts around because of Miss Addy.
    "Oh yes, you can! Pa already gets called that back home!" The boy spoke with his mouth kinda full. "You got a load more uncles in Tennessee and sum couzins too! They're so fun." Then the boy realized how much he missed 'em and his shoulders kinda slunk. "Maybe we'll all get ta go back to Tennesee one day and you'll get ta meet 'em!  And we'll go swimin' in the creek by Granddpappy's house."  The boy kinda shivered as he laughed some, rememberin' "That wuter is so cold even in the middle of summer!"
  9. Isiah Samual Chappel
    Isiah sure wished he knew that Weedy even had a inkling of an idea of where Jemima had described....but even if he did know would he drag the boy out there in that?  Nope.  He admired the boys positive nature, the optimism he brought to the table.  It sure helped to ease his nerves.  He managed to chuckle for all of them, smiling as he pat the boy on his back, even if it was hard to show any sort of happiness in this moment. "You got that right there, Weedy!  They gonna find out right quick that they poked the wrong bear." He winked at the boy as he got up and he and Arabella started to serve their dinner.
    Josh sure was worried and he was staying quiet.  He didn't know what ta think about everything going on but he knew he didn't want nothing ta happen to his Aunt Addy like had happened to his Ma.  He jumped up and went to the cabinet and was thankful the plates were on the lower ones because he'd never be able to reach up high.  He grabbed 5 of them and brought them over to Jemima, since he couldn't reach the table real good.  
    Isiah could tell that Jemima wanted to say something....or well he suspected.  "Well..." He motioned with his hand. "Go ahead, what's on yer mind?"  If she had something to share that could help them well, he'd like ta know. "I won't bite this time." He vowed as he raised his brows.
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  10. Isiah Samual Chappel
    Well this young lady, I could tell, seemed destined to be a teacher.  I raised my brows impressed by what she said about herself and about Addy.  Isiah kinda half wished he could learn to read and write, but he wouldn't dare to say nothing, well not right now at least. It would have been nice to learn as a kid, that stuff comes so much easier and you actually retain it.  Learning it as an adult...well the brain just doesn't work the same.
    "Oh, well, now, I'm just tryin' ta keep up with a ten year old sprout!" Addy declared with a laugh at Miss Orr's praise.  "I knowed a few letters already, an' Miss Orr has th' patience of a saint."  She grinned.  "Just no appreciation'a horses."
    Isiah smiled some at them both. "Well perhaps ya'll could teach each other a thing or two.  Horses really are great." He said to Anæsthesia agreeing with his sister. "You should give them a chance." He said to the girl.
    "Are you visiting for some time, Mr Chappel?" Anæsthesia asked politely: for among her many, if rather slight, talents, was a suitable mastery of small-talk. 
    "Well." He answered her. "Pretty sure I'm here to stay.  So yes, I'd say I'm here to visit for quite some time." 
    @Bongo @Javia

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