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Henry S. Guyer II

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About Henry S. Guyer II

  • Wood & Guyer Mining Co.

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    Anson Mount
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    Henry Speed Guyer II
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Physical Description

guyer-bio.jpgPale blue eyes. Brown hair now worn long to the shoulders. Henry decided it was easier than trying to locate a barber on his trek from New York west. Traveling by horseback across the country, a man cleans up as best he can. When in town he would certainly make use of baths and having what clothing he had washed or brushed. Long gone are the city clothes he started out in. Along the way, he replaced these things with the sturdier clothing of the frontier. Mostly nondescript. He maintains a  suit of clothes appropriate for business dealings. He is quite particular in his appearance.

Traits & Characteristics

Even-tempered (+): Henry remains even-tempered, even after four years of the carnage of the war.

Slow to Anger (+): He is slow to anger, yet quick to respond in a situation where there appears to be little or choice.

Morally ambiguous about killing (-/+): He has little concern about taking life when presented with a life or death situation.

PTSD (-): He has times where he is consumed by his war experiences, what would be considered PTSD in this day and age, but not in 1875.

Henry Speed Guyer, Henry or Speed, he answers to either would not always be a mining speculator. He could be a schoolmaster, and he could easily be a gun hand or lawman. He is generally even-tempered, neither sullen or jubilant but easy going or firm depending. Not easily backed down, he would support law and order.


Current Employment
Wood & Guyer Mining Company New York with Davis K. Wood.
Position: Co-Owner

Professional Skills
Geologist.  Henry is a speculator, hunting mineral deposits for  Wood & Guyer Mining. Tasked with locating, negotiating and reporting to the home office.


Self Defense: Henry carries an 1872  conversion pistol, with a second pistol in his saddlebags. A  Winchester repeating rifle all chambered in .44. An above average shot with either pistol or rifle. Experienced hand to hand combat. Average or better fist fighter. Henry has fought both hostile Indians and desperados in his travels.

Hobbies & Interests: Geology.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence
Belle-St. Regis Hotel , Kalispell

Place of Birth
Pisgah, Bunceton, Cooper County Missouri

Kith & Kin


Father: Henry Speed Guyer,  born: 15-November 1797 Death: 5 November 1854

Mother: Jane Guyer born: 15 November 1787 Death:  14 December 1863

Brother: Edward Guyer born 1817.

Sister: Margaret Guyer born1815



Life Events

May 20, 1838: Born to Jane and Henry S. Guyer, the third of three children.

1840~1860: Student/clerk in the family store Guyers Mercantile, Pisgah Missouri

1844~1861: Primary , secondary and college education. Pisgah school and Kean University.

1861~1865: War Between the States. Commissioned a 1st Lieutenant Army of the Potomac, 13th Regiment New Jersey Infantry, F troop. Saw every major campaign from Antietam to Gettysburg .

1866~1869: Formed Wood and Guyer Mineral Company locating and purchasing clams.

1869: Headed west to speculate mineral deposits.

1875: Arrives in Kalispel, MT

Character Notes

Eduction Details:

1846 - 1858: Pisgah school

1860-1861: Kean University, Union & Hillside New Jersey (2 semesters in teaching)

1861~1865: The education of men at their best and at that their worst.

1869~1875: Life on the plains. Tracking, concealment, campsite selection and foraging.
Languages Spoken: English

Animals & Pets
Horse and pack mule.

Player Notes

Character Concept: My Great Grandfather

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  1. Henry S. Guyer II
    Scrambling, dodging, trying to reach his rifle, Speed was unsure of the animals around him as they too were panic stricken. Gunfire , screaming horses and the snarling and roaring from the beast filled the air, along with random shots and  and a steady stream of curses.
    His hand gabbed the stock of the Sharps at the receiver and he tugged at it trying to pull it free of the underbrush as chaos raged all around him. The fifty caliber came free and lying on his back Speed brought it to bear. He all but had a clear shot as the grizzly reared up on his hind legs. He thumbed the hammer back and sighted in on the bears skull. Just as he squeezed the trigger, the beast dropped back down, his shot going nowhere!
    The report of the buffalo gun startled the already panicked horses and  before he could reload, Speed had to dodge hooves hearing another rifle report he looked seeing Addy knocked back but the recoil. Then another skittish horse blocked his view to see if she registered the hit ending this melee, forcing him to roll out of the way.
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  2. Henry S. Guyer II
    The Sharps was sticking out of the underbrush, horse were panicked, crow-hopping, bucking, and generally making his position on the ground more dangerous that when he'd been mounted. Yet he fought his way to a crouch and rushed to the rifle grasping the stock and finding it was ensnared in the jumble of the weeds, roots and tangles.
    "Dammit!" He uttered as he jerked on the rifle, tug after tug. When it came free it was all of a sudden, and it pitched Speed backward into the rump  of one of the frighted horses who was leaping backwards in his own attempt to get clear of the danger. The impact from the animal sent him sprawling into the brambles once again, the rifle tumbling behind him, skittering away from his grasp.
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  3. Henry S. Guyer II
    Speed sensed the quiet, felt the tenseness suddenly in the air similar to just before an attack during the war. Then he saw a flash of fur, the gunshot and then heard Shades horse scream followed by the collision of animals. He turned in his saddle to raise his Sharps when either Shade's horse or the bear rammed into his mount and sent Speed sprawling into the underbrush, the rifle flying out of his hand somewhere to his right. He was dazed but began scrambling in that direction.
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  4. Henry S. Guyer II
    Speed nodded as he listened to Addy retell the tale of their encounter. "Beast has no apparent fear, not of man or of gunshots, so we'd best be vigilant." He warned as he back stepped toward his horse. "I'd suggest we post to night sentries, but that's just me." 
    In one smooth motion he stepped into leather and swung aboard, retaining his sharps which he rested across his saddle brows,still having a firm grip on it. "Pistols will be of no use, keep that in mind." Not that he was the leader by any means, he just wanted to relay what he had learned first hand.
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  5. Henry S. Guyer II
    Speed look at the track a long minute, a chill ran down his spine as he recalled the encounter with the beast on the road from Whitefish to Kalispel.  he stepped back to his horse and drew the Sharps out of the saddle scabbard. If in fact the bear had decided to double back, there was no real way to tell where he might be. If he got a whiff of the men and the horses, well, the beast could be just about anywhere and he wanted to be ready.
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  6. Henry S. Guyer II
    Speed swung down, patting his horse on the neck as he dropped the reins, ground hitching his mount, something he took the time to train all his horses over the years. He slipped his canteen off of the horn and took a drink, the took off his hat and poured some in it for the animal.
    He listened to Shade and Quentin giving thought to changing mounts, but his wasn't even lathered, yet. He barely heard the question about how long ago the beast had passed, that would not be something he was able to gauge, yet. It would take more time on the trail tracking before he could be certain of a time.
  7. Henry S. Guyer II
    “Yes, that would be good, besides I’d figure most here would be use to hard tack, jerked beef and water.” He laughed lightly, not that rations in the field during the War of the Rebellion were anything to laugh about. Best get t this breakfast before it’s gone. Need to kill this beast and today’d be a good’a time as any.”
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  8. Henry S. Guyer II
    "Guyer, Speed Guyer. I do hunt some as is necessary. New here from the east." He said grasping the man's hand, then looked at the rifle, "It is, actually has the power to knock down just about anything, though I'm some cautious about this Ol' Satan beast. Addy and I had a run in with him already that wasn't so pleasant."
    He looked around admiring the room, eyeing the spread laid out before them, "Nice place. Yours?"
    Quentin nodded and smiled with pride. "Lost Lake Ranch is the name. For the last short while it's mine and Shade and some others. His brother and my sister started it...He and I have the place now."
    "Good of you boys to set up the feed before the hunt." Speed commended. "So, the beast been out this way much? The idea of where to start has me somewhat baffled."
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  9. Henry S. Guyer II
    As they dismounted, Speed slipped the rifle from the scabbard to take along, being inside would keep it warm, at least for the first little bit. Though well greased and oiled, he would do whatever to keep it warm until the sun came up.
    "Got my own pistol," Addy commented as she and Speed walked in on the conversation.  "Only good it'll do against that bear is ta put his victim outta their misery." 
    "True enough, Addy" He said opening the door of the building.
    "Smells real good in here," she continued, taking off her hat and coat.  "Nice rifles," she added, looking over the weapons.  "That'll take down that demon, certain."
    Speed half smiled at the array of heavy rifles some he'd not seen since Kansas City, some since the war. The Buffalo craze spawned newer, heavier caliber weapons to slaughter the Bison to quench the thirst for coats in the east. No wonder the plains Indians were in a rage. And a waste of meat for both Indian and white-men alike. Such was "progress." He looked about the room at the men, there were enough, perhaps, if they didn't have to fan out too far.
    Quentin looked at the newcomer as he stood silently looking over the weapons. "Quentin Cantrell..." He said by way of introduction as he held out his hand. "That's a nice weapon you have there also. You hunt?" Quentin left off the part where he inquired whether it was two or four legged quarry.
  10. Henry S. Guyer II
    It didn't really help that they had had to leave town well before sunrise, when the air was frigid and the trail concealed in darkness.
    There are things that one never parts with, his union greatcoat of heavy wool was certainly one, as were the gauntlet that covered his hands. They didn’t stop the war for weather or season
    Addy perked up and glanced at the man.  "Ya smell that?"  The delightful aromas of bacon and biscuits greeted them, and she grinned, the smile hidden behind her scarf.  "Seems like we're gonna get a good meal before we all go to our execution!”
    Speed laughed. “I don’t think so Addy, hopefully one of us’ll put ol’ Satan to rest once and for all, and there’ll be bear meat for everyone!” He had his Sharps fifty in his saddle scabbard, and a pocket full of cartridges. "In fact, I’m hoping this ordeal will be quick." Of course ol’ Satan’s likely got other plans for the day.
    He saw the man ride up and hail;  "Mornin! Landsakes, how are you people gonna manage come winter? This here is just plain invigorating. Last I checked it is August, right?"
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