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Henry S. Guyer II

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About Henry S. Guyer II

  • Kalispell Town Marshal, Wood & Guyer Mining Co.

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    Main Character
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    Anson Mount
  • Full Name
    Henry Speed Guyer II
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  • Profession
    Town Marshal, Speculator
  • Position
    Co-Owner Wood & Guyer Mining Co.
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    5' 8"
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Physical Description

guyer-bio.jpgPale blue eyes. Brown hair now worn long to the shoulders. Henry decided it was easier than trying to locate a barber on his trek from New York west. Traveling by horseback across the country, a man cleans up as best he can. When in town he would certainly make use of baths and having what clothing he had washed or brushed. Long gone are the city clothes he started out in. Along the way, he replaced these things with the sturdier clothing of the frontier. Mostly nondescript. He maintains a  suit of clothes appropriate for business dealings. He is quite particular in his appearance.

Traits & Characteristics

Even-tempered (+): Henry remains even-tempered, even after four years of the carnage of the war.

Slow to Anger (+): He is slow to anger, yet quick to respond in a situation where there appears to be little or choice.

Morally ambiguous about killing (-/+): He has little concern about taking life when presented with a life or death situation.

PTSD (-): He has times where he is consumed by his war experiences, what would be considered PTSD in this day and age, but not in 1875.

Henry Speed Guyer, Henry or Speed, he answers to either would not always be a mining speculator. He could be a schoolmaster, and he could easily be a gun hand or lawman. He is generally even-tempered, neither sullen or jubilant but easy going or firm depending. Not easily backed down, he would support law and order.


Current Employment

Town Marshal

Wood & Guyer Mining Company New York with Nolan K. Wood.
Position: Co-Owner, receives a monthly stipend of $1,000.00 for business expenses.

Professional Skills
Geologist.  Henry is a speculator, hunting mineral deposits for  Wood & Guyer Mining. Tasked with locating, negotiating and reporting to the home office.


Self Defense: Henry carries an 1872  conversion pistol, with a second pistol in his saddlebags. A  Winchester repeating rifle all chambered in .44. An above average shot with either pistol or rifle. Experienced hand to hand combat. Average or better fist fighter. Henry has fought both hostile Indians and desperados in his travels.

Hobbies & Interests: Geology.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence
Boarding Huse , Kalispell

Place of Birth
Pisgah, Bunceton, Cooper County Missouri

Kith & Kin


Father: Henry Speed Guyer,  born: 15-November 1797 Death: 5 November 1854

Mother: Jane Guyer born: 15 November 1787 Death:  14 December 1863

Brother: Edward Guyer born 1817.

Sister: Margaret Guyer born1815



Life Events

May 20, 1838: Born to Jane and Henry S. Guyer, the third of three children.

1840~1860: Student/clerk in the family store Guyers Mercantile, Pisgah Missouri

1844~1861: Primary , secondary and college education. Pisgah school and Kean University.

1861~1865: War Between the States. Commissioned a 1st Lieutenant Army of the Potomac, 13th Regiment New Jersey Infantry, F troop. Saw every major campaign from Antietam to Gettysburg .

1866~1869: Formed Wood and Guyer Mineral Company locating and purchasing clams.

1869: Headed west to speculate mineral deposits.

1875: Arrives in Kalispel, MT

Character Notes

Eduction Details:

1846 - 1858: Pisgah school

1860-1861: Kean University, Union & Hillside New Jersey (2 semesters in teaching)

1861~1865: The education of men at their best and at that their worst.

1869~1875: Life on the plains. Tracking, concealment, campsite selection and foraging.
Languages Spoken: English

Animals & Pets
Horse and pack mule.

Player Notes

Character Concept: My Great Grandfather

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  1. Henry S. Guyer II
    Ben turned to look at the newcomer.  He had met Pike a while back and found him to an amiable sort of fellow.  "No, you're fine.  I only dropped by for a brief visit as I have to go and see the other members of the town council to decide on a date for this election. Hopefully, we should have it worked out by the end of the week.  It will be no later than mid-April."

    Pronto stepped aside to wait his turn with the Marshal.

    “That sounds good, people should be getting around more in spite of the spring chores.” Speed stated. And I’d wager we’ll have a slate of candidates by then. Appreciate you stopping in, Judge.”
    He held out his hand to Speed, "Thanks for your time, marshal.  I'll drop by later in the week."

    “Look forward to it.” Speed acknowledged.
    On his way out, Ben acknowledged Pike, "Nice to see you again.  We can have a chat the next time I go over to the Lick Skillet for one of Mrs. Blakesley pies."

    “Yes sir, that’d be fine, so long as she lets me outta the kitchen.” Pike said with a grin
    As he opened the door, he gave a quick wave, "Have a good day, gentlemen."
    Both men responded in kind. Then Speed looked to Pronto. “What brings you in, as if I didn’t have an idea already. Leah Steelgrave?"

    “That’d be it, fer shore. Wants me as part of her security with a couple Evergreen hands that sided with her. Bein’s I’d be yer depity about then I figgered we oughtta palaver on it a bit afore it’s time ta act.” Pronto explained.
    Speed thought a moment, “Be a good idea that at least one of us was there.” He gave that a second to register. “I full well intend to help protect this project, just as I figure you do. Question is, how does Mrs. Blakesly feel about it?”  

    Pike gave him a curious look. “Really Pike? Hell son, half the town knows about you an’ her, and the rest’ll know before night fall.” Speed added. “Something to consider.”

    “Yeah, been thinkin’ on thet, bein’s she’s already lost one husband, not that I proposed ‘er anythin’, just sayin’, yeah, we been keepin’ comp’nee. I see the risk, but I see what’s at stake too.” Pike replied. “She told me I oughtta do what’s right. Backin’ clean out might it, standing an’ fightin’ surely seems whot’s right. I figger I’m good as any of ‘em, maybe better’n some. Long’s I don’t git back shot.”
    “Well then, I guess we throw our hats in the ring.” Speed allowed.

  2. Henry S. Guyer II
    Ben nodded, "Yes the family is a mess and has for Mrs. Steelgrave, I have been hearing rumour about town as to why she left.  Some of them are very nasty and in my opinion, no woman should be talked about in that way, even if she is a Steelgrave."

    “Rumors are ugly things, I agree. Of course, anything about Elias Steelgrave, well, it’s not to be taken with a grain of salt, that’s for sure.” Speed agreed. “I’ve heard some of the same things here and there. What concerns me most is the loss of Whitefish and how he deals with that. Then to find out wh
    He paused before continuing, "As for Miss Steelgrave, you may not see a threat but there are others that will.  It goes hand in hand with being a Steelgrave.  There are people in this town who have been or know someone who was the victim of Elias Steelgrave's brand of justice or business tactics.  Miss Steelgrave will have to prove that she is not her father's daughter and that is a battle I do not envy her."

    “I’d agree Judge, I surely would, was she anyone else. But what I’m seeing of her, she’ll not back down for any man, and that includes her father and the entire town if need be.” Speed added. “I see the threat, but it’s not to Kalispell, Ben, not one bit.”
    The door opened and Pronto Pike walked in, shaking off the snow. “Marshal, Judge. If this is a bad time I kin come back.”T

    Tag @JulieS
  3. Henry S. Guyer II
    “Scott would be a good choice, that’s for sure. He knows the town and it’s people which is important.” Speed observed. “I would vote for him, doubting anyone else would have his qualifications. Oh, and you can forget about me for County Sheriff, not with my own business launching come the thaw.”
    “Elias Steelgrave, he could be a real problem, I agree on that. And yes, I would imagine that there are those that owe him in one way or another, that we must be careful of, as you say in both positions.”
    As for Miss Steelgrave and her proposition, I fail to see any veiled threat in her plan. From what I know, she and her father are not on the best of terms, and her mother? Left the country as far as anyone knows. Could be somewhere in Montana, but who’s to say. Quite a mess, that family.”

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  4. Henry S. Guyer II
    Ben sighed heavily as he watched Leah leave.  Turning back to Speed, he just shook his head.  "Unfortunately, I had no choice. Even if her intentions are honourable, there's a lot of people who are very wary of anything that has the Steelgrave name behind it, including myself."

    “I understand Ben.” Speed said. “But you have to admit that she went to a lot of trouble to get the right of way sign sealed and delivered. Instead of by passing Kalispell they’ll have a depot here. Pretty impressive.”
    "Her mentioning the town needing a mayor is one of the reasons why I came by today.  We've been giving permission to hold both a mayoral and county sheriff election. I wanted to let you know before I make the announcement that nominations are open since you will have to work with both men."

    “Well, that won’t be a problem, lord knows this town’s big enough to need a Mayor, and having a Mayor will take a lot of the burden off of the council.” Speed informed him. “Any idea who’ll run for either office as yet?” Speed knew that the town needed a guiding hand from a Mayor, working with the Town Council. And he recognized two things, yes there were those, like Ben, that had no liking for any Steelgrave, nor would they readily accept anything from anyone of them without doubt. Then too, Leah was a woman.
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  5. Henry S. Guyer II
    Mature Content: No
    With: Marshal Guyer, Leah Steelgrave
    Location: Marshal's Office
    When: December 1875
    Time of Day: Afternoon

    The office was a place where plans for the business could be made. It was furnished, ready for the spring thaw. Speed needed some employees, mining men, secretary, and all of that would come in time. Right now they were blanketed in white and there was no mining to speak of but there would be, and hopefully plenty of it.
    Not that he considered Kalispell to be a wealth of mining properties, but his people would fan out to other areas, that’s where they would uncover prospects in not just mining, but minerals, timber and the like. As he sat back with a cup of coffee, he was comfortable in the thought that his business would take off.
    That was the very moment Leah Steelgrave walked in.
    “Marshal Guyer, can I have a word with you?” She asked in a pleasant tone. He had not had a great deal of interaction with the woman, and seemed about to change. If it was about her brother, he was not being held on any charges, he was free to go whenever he wanted.
    “Of course, I don’t believe I’ve had the opportunity or the pleasure Miss Steelgrave. Please, have a seat. How can I help you?” He asked.
    She moved a chair closer, “I have some projects that I need to discuss with you. I have spoken to Mister Pike about this, so I’ll be direct. Doctor Danforth and myself are in the early stages of planning for the construction of a hospital here in town, well a ways out. After which we are hoping to build an orphanage.” She paused to let him digest that. “There is a problem, we building the hospital with my fathers money, which has already been appropriated, not entirely his, please understand. Rightfully, it will be mine after his demise.” Again she paused.
    “If you know anything about my father I suppose you already know the type of man he is. I have two men, Bannister and Santee from his employ, he has a goodly number of riders, and they are the problem. They are the reason I spoke with Mister Pike, and the reason I am speaking to you.”
    “You realize you have just confessed to a crime, Miss Steelgrave.” Speed informed her.
    “I have. So what I am asking you is this, since Elias Steelgrave has gained his fortune by murder and theft, and I am simply investing stolen money into the town, if there was a chance that the railroad would come through Kalispell, and...that the right of way would cost this town and the county not one red cent, could your legal action on my confession be postponed until Mister Steelgrave came forward with a complaint?”

  6. Henry S. Guyer II
    “This place isn’t known for reputable people.” Speed said. “Thanks for lettin’ us know about them hombres, and about getting organized, be real good to get shut of this place, nothin’ but sadness and bad memories here.”

    He glanced at the other doctor.  "Have you seen most of them?  Just so we can look over who is going into the wagons, be sure they aren't trying to get a ride to Kalispell?"

    “I have, and it will be a pleasure to point them out for you.” Boone said firmly. “Was I a younger man I’d have done what I could, but I’m not, and then these folks would be without a doctor.”

    “Doc Boone, you point 'em out, we’ll try ‘em back in Kalispell.” Speed added. “Yoou let me know what more I can do.”

  7. Henry S. Guyer II
    "I'll make sure Marshal Guyer knows when he gets here."  He glanced at the other doctor.  "Are they staying in town?"

    "I’m really not sure, we’ve had no time to hunt for them, and few have guns to face them with if we did.” Doc Boone replied. “Actually they are the least of my worries. Exposure, sickness, lack of food, all have taken priority over them, and with Marshal Steelgrave down,” He paused. “We’re glad you’re here.
    The boy reached the Marshal and blurted out the request of the two doctors, his recital of what they were talking about concerning the outlaws was fractured, but did convey the urgency.

    Guyer scooped up the boy as they left the jail and mounted his horse. Picking his way to the church and dismounting. They climbed the steps and slipped inside, Speed shaking his head at  the number of casualties. “Gentlemen, how can I help?”
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  8. Henry S. Guyer II
    After hunting among the walking wounded, and those toiling in different parts of the former town he found Marshal Case Steelgrave in his office, also being used as hospital space. His head wound had become infected as all the splinters had not been removed because he went about helping out where he could. A simple cloth wrap was all he had been wearing for the injury.
    He was found burning up with fever lying in the rubble of what had been the apothecary, presumably searching for anything useful. That had been two days ago, but he was feeling somewhat better, though weak and tired.
    “Marshal? Marshal Speed Guyer, I’m here with some folks up from Kalispell to see what we can do to help.” Speed introduced. “I believe your sister is here somewhere.”
    “Guyer is it, glad to have you folks here. It’s been bad. Doc Boone’s done about all a man can do for these folks.” He said haltingly. “Watch for the outlaws, they’ve been looting, having their way with the women. My sister you say?”  His exhaustion was plain to see, lack of food had been a problem and in this weather it hadn’t taken long to show it’s effects, not just on him, but with all the survivors. “Hope you can get the worst of the sick out of here.”
    “Doctor Danforth is here assisting your man.” A new but familiar voice said. Leah stepped through the door, pushing the hat back on her head. “How you making out, Case?”
    Guyer turned and Case looked around him until he stepped away. “I’ll live. It’s good to see you. You know Pa’s livid about you, that and Ma left while you were gone.”
    “Well you two’ve got things to talk about. I’ll keep sharp for those men.” Speed touched the brim of his hat, Marshall, Miss Steelgrave,” And walked out of the office.

  9. Henry S. Guyer II
    Walking the street, end to end, up one side and down the other was more for relationships with the businessmen and women along the hard packed thoroughfare. He did not stop in at every business every day, but tried to stop in some every day. Of course, he would stop to talk with anyone along the way.
    The night rounds were about the security of the town, ensuring doors were locked, or otherwise secured. Darkness has it's way of promoting unlawful activities, for those rounds he carried either a shotgun, or a Winchester, just in case. After all, there were businesses with merchandise worth stealing, a bank worth robbing, and all manner of assaults on the public security and tranquility of his community.
    He'd not seen Addy for a spell, so he made that his next stop. Entering the barn he called out, "Hello Addy!"
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  10. Henry S. Guyer II
    “On that point, it would be hard to argue, and to be frank, I have my concerns about the security of the bank. What I’d like to find is a deputy that would be willing to act as the bank guard.” Speed said. He was aware that it was being done in the east with some success.

    “Now that Pinkerton man who was here, he’d be perfect and it’s one of the things they do, but, haven’t seen hm in some time, so he’s likely out of the territory by now. And I couldn’t ask Hannah Cory, or even her pa to take that on. But whichever way I’d go, it would still have to make it past the Town Council, and who knows how that would go.

    Abner smiled knowingly. Until there was a bank robbery it would be exceedingly difficult to add another salary to the town budget. “Well have those things delivered likely take a week. I’ll wire the company, speed things up for you.”

    “Appreciate that Abner, I’m in no real hurry just yet, but those efforts will make it easier.” Speed said. “My best to your bride.” And with that he headed out the door. It was coming together.

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