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Henry S. Guyer II

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About Henry S. Guyer II

  • Wood & Guyer Mining Co.

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    Main Character
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    Anson Mount
  • Full Name
    Henry Speed Guyer II
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  • Profession
    Town Marshal, Speculator
  • Position
    Co-Owner Wood & Guyer Mining Co.
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    5' 8"
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Physical Description

guyer-bio.jpgPale blue eyes. Brown hair now worn long to the shoulders. Henry decided it was easier than trying to locate a barber on his trek from New York west. Traveling by horseback across the country, a man cleans up as best he can. When in town he would certainly make use of baths and having what clothing he had washed or brushed. Long gone are the city clothes he started out in. Along the way, he replaced these things with the sturdier clothing of the frontier. Mostly nondescript. He maintains a  suit of clothes appropriate for business dealings. He is quite particular in his appearance.

Traits & Characteristics

Even-tempered (+): Henry remains even-tempered, even after four years of the carnage of the war.

Slow to Anger (+): He is slow to anger, yet quick to respond in a situation where there appears to be little or choice.

Morally ambiguous about killing (-/+): He has little concern about taking life when presented with a life or death situation.

PTSD (-): He has times where he is consumed by his war experiences, what would be considered PTSD in this day and age, but not in 1875.

Henry Speed Guyer, Henry or Speed, he answers to either would not always be a mining speculator. He could be a schoolmaster, and he could easily be a gun hand or lawman. He is generally even-tempered, neither sullen or jubilant but easy going or firm depending. Not easily backed down, he would support law and order.


Current Employment

Town Marshal

Wood & Guyer Mining Company New York with Davis K. Wood.
Position: Co-Owner

Professional Skills
Geologist.  Henry is a speculator, hunting mineral deposits for  Wood & Guyer Mining. Tasked with locating, negotiating and reporting to the home office.


Self Defense: Henry carries an 1872  conversion pistol, with a second pistol in his saddlebags. A  Winchester repeating rifle all chambered in .44. An above average shot with either pistol or rifle. Experienced hand to hand combat. Average or better fist fighter. Henry has fought both hostile Indians and desperados in his travels.

Hobbies & Interests: Geology.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence
Belle-St. Regis Hotel , Kalispell

Place of Birth
Pisgah, Bunceton, Cooper County Missouri

Kith & Kin


Father: Henry Speed Guyer,  born: 15-November 1797 Death: 5 November 1854

Mother: Jane Guyer born: 15 November 1787 Death:  14 December 1863

Brother: Edward Guyer born 1817.

Sister: Margaret Guyer born1815



Life Events

May 20, 1838: Born to Jane and Henry S. Guyer, the third of three children.

1840~1860: Student/clerk in the family store Guyers Mercantile, Pisgah Missouri

1844~1861: Primary , secondary and college education. Pisgah school and Kean University.

1861~1865: War Between the States. Commissioned a 1st Lieutenant Army of the Potomac, 13th Regiment New Jersey Infantry, F troop. Saw every major campaign from Antietam to Gettysburg .

1866~1869: Formed Wood and Guyer Mineral Company locating and purchasing clams.

1869: Headed west to speculate mineral deposits.

1875: Arrives in Kalispel, MT

Character Notes

Eduction Details:

1846 - 1858: Pisgah school

1860-1861: Kean University, Union & Hillside New Jersey (2 semesters in teaching)

1861~1865: The education of men at their best and at that their worst.

1869~1875: Life on the plains. Tracking, concealment, campsite selection and foraging.
Languages Spoken: English

Animals & Pets
Horse and pack mule.

Player Notes

Character Concept: My Great Grandfather

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Recent Posts

  1. Henry S. Guyer II
    Standing again and extending his hand once more he said; " Probably Addy, providing she's in town, drive for Milligan Stage-lines so can't be sure she's not out of town, but we'll check and make sure." There had been no word of anyone new, and especially not a woman to match the description Asher had provided. "I'll see you in the morning then."
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  2. Henry S. Guyer II
    Speed returned to his chair and sat down, setting the cup on his desk. “Well Mister Asher, so far as I know, most folks here abouts have yet to display their feeling one way or another. Fact is, when I was appointed to replace Marshal Cory, who retired, I heard no complaints. Folks in Kalispel are far from rude and insulting. Most are quite welcoming.”
    “If you’d like to come by, say nine, nine -thirty in the morning I’d be happy to take you around and introduce you to whomever you’d like to speak with. That’s not a problem at all. If Hannah, Deputy Cory, is in and cares to come along that would be a bonus, I’d think.”
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  3. Henry S. Guyer II
    “I’m just the town Marshal here, we have no County Sheriff as yet, so my going along wouldn’t be in any official capacity, and the general relationship with either the Steelgraves or Whitefish which are one in the same, are not particularly good.” Speed said. “If those are the folks you mean, I and my deputy are obliged to remain in town, as we’ve no jurisdiction outside the town limits.”
    Speed stood up and walked to the stove to refill his cup. “Now, as to the maps, maybe in the recorders office after nine in the morning. They can steer you in the right direction for maps, and I’d be for certain they either have them or know where one can be gotten.”
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  4. Henry S. Guyer II
    “Just did see a circular on most of them. Didn’t see one on her, this Dorthy Parsons, but you know, the mail and such, being what it is out here. Doesn’t mean I won’t see it next time the mail comes in, and as far as I’m concerned, you do what you need to.” Speed said.
    “Now, as I said, you’ve free reign here, Whitefish, whole ‘nother animal, I’m afraid. Thought it is a part of Flathead County, they have their own law up there, man name of Case Steelgrave. He has a standing posse of hard cases and there’s a direct connection with the Evergreen Ranch. Things might not be so friendly up there, and that Pinkerton badge, well, not so sure they’ll be as excepting as we are here in Kalispell.”
    He took a sip of his coffee and looked at the man. “Need anything, give a holler, glad to be of service.” As a Union soldier he was well aware of the Pinkerton's and their efforts during the late war. He, like most, had a great deal of respect for the Scot and his force.
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  5. Henry S. Guyer II
    The rap on the door drew Speeds attention. "c-min." He said loudly as he reshuffled the circulars, looking toward the door. It was getting on dinner time for him, but he was a public servant, and he guessed that a member of the public was just walking in, when he saw the badge.
    "Well, evening. You must be new in town." Speed observed as he rose to his feet and extended his hand. "Guyer, Speed Guyer. Haven't see that badge since I was last in Washington in sixty-five. How can I help?"
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  6. Henry S. Guyer II
    Speed was in the office idly going over a packet of circulars of wanted persons. He was sometimes surprised that there were women fugitives out there, but then, life in the west was not always kind to the fairer sex.
    His day had been slow, and confined to making his rounds and waiting. Hannah hadn’t been in all afternoon, but that was not all that unusual now that the work load did not rest on her shoulders.
    He got up hand poured a cup of coffee from the pot on the stove and returned to his desk thinking he may well have an ally in Pike, and that would be better than the other alternative.
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  7. Henry S. Guyer II
    Speed smiled at the boy as he darted off toward the schoolhouse, knowing the lad was full of excitement at the prospect of learning to shoot. For Speed, it had not been idle talk, the boy needed to know how to handle a gun, how to respect it and realize what it was, a tool, like a spade or a hoe.
    As he grew he would be carrying one for protection while out in the wild, or on the hunt for meat, so as far as Speed was concerned, the boy could not start learning soon enough.
    It was then he saw one Barnabas Pike entering the cafe, a man he needed to talk with.
  8. Henry S. Guyer II
    "Did you go to school?" The lad's nose wrinkled up as he considered the man.  He seemed pretty smart, but Weedy wasn't sure what school could teach you about finding criminals and keeping the town safe.  "Is there special school for sheriffs?  I'd like to try that, I think.  It would be better than sitting in an old office all day, writing on papers.  I mean, I know you gotta know writing and your numbers and have to read posters, I can do that now."  Well, sort of, he still had a ways to go to be competent at all of that, but he could get to that later.
     “I did go to school, Weedy.” Speed admitted, “didn’t finish in the top of my class but pretty near to it.” He fought to not shake his head at the next question, rather he struck a thoughtful pose. “Well now, I’ve not heard of such a school. Not out west anyway. Here a man learns as he goes. I think that’s much harder than if he was trained first.”
    "Maybe you could teach me how to shoot?  And I can ride, Miz Addy lets me ride her horse sometimes."  What else was there?  "Will you teach me to be a lawman?"
    “If I’ve the permission of your parents, or Miss Addy I could do that, be glad to do that.” Was the response. “And I can certainly teach you what I know now and as we go along. Hadn’t you head off to school? Remember, those lessons will be important to you as you get older, so study hard and let me what your folks and Miss Addy says about all of this.”
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  9. Henry S. Guyer II
    "She's good.  I think she's still sad about her horse, but glad that bear is gone."  He shrugged.  "She says I need to go to school to get smarter, but I'd rather be bear hunting or helping keep the town safe."  There was a hint of hope in his tone!  "I'm a real good helper!"
    “I’ll bet you’re a crackerjack helper, Weedie, and you know, it’s everyone’s job to be keeping an eye out for trouble. It’s Miss Hannah Cory and my job to enforce the laws that keep everyone safe.” He smiled.
    “Then there’s Lawyer Mercer to either defend or prosecute and finally, either Judge Robertson, or Judge Wendell to hear the case. So you see Weedy, everyone in Kalispel has a part in keeping everyone safe. Glad I know I can count on you to help out. Learning in school is just a part of a young fellas part in all of this.”
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  10. Henry S. Guyer II
    "Well top of the mornin' to you Weedy. Headed  out to school are you?" Speed replied, then responded to the lad's question, "That I was, son, and I too am glad that beast is dead. Means we're all a bit safer. So, how's this new schoolmarm you have?"
    He knew of the new teachers arrival, and glad he was the town had her. Not that he's heard much about her personally, but anyone teaching Kalispell's children was something to be grateful for. Building a nation would require educated men and women to lead in the project. True that most of this guidance would come from the east where people knew little of life in the west, and often their theories and directives did not match the needs of the people, but then, that was government.
    "And Miss Addy? How's she doing?" He asked.
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