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  • Kalispell Doctor's Office

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    Luke Evans
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    Jonah William Danforth
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    5' 10"
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Physical Description

jonahdanforth-bio.jpgOf average build,  Jonah has expressive brown eyes and a charisma about him.   He is quick with a friendly smile and is always well-groomed, although his clothes may be dated.

Traits & Characteristics

Open and friendly, Jonah can put people at ease. He is charming and a gentleman (maybe too much?  )

Underneath, there is a brooding.


Self-Employed: Doctor



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Current Residence
Kalispell, Montana Territory

Place of Birth

Pana, Illinois

Kith & Kin


Will be added if the character receives regular play.

Life Events

1840: Borned in Illinois

1861: Enlisted in the US Cavalry, became assistant to a doctor

1865: Attended medical school in NYC

1866: Married to Emeline Harris who died a year later in childbirth

1871: Set up practice in Omaha

Now: Relocating to Montana

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  1. Jonah Danforth
    "Well, we do have time to research, make certain we have it right," Jonah commented, "especially where children are involved, certainly not my field of expertise, unless they have a fever!"  He chuckled.  "I do suppose, though, we may need to confer with the city council, after all, a number of children needing the services of the school and such will change the needs."  Bringing in several children might put a toll on the schools, and maybe other areas as well, he had no idea, really. 
    "At least medical care will be provided!"  That was one aspect they wouldn't have to worry about, although this was getting to be pretty complicated.  But at least Leah seemed to have plans on where and how to start, and it wasn't going to happen overnight.  "And there will be plenty of fresh produce and milk!"  That would be something to do with all the 'payment' he got!
    (So, we're just ahead of Helena!)
  2. Jonah Danforth
    "In all honesty, I wasn't looking forward to having a hospital and orphanage in my private home," Jonah chuckled.  "I don't mind it like it is now, with the clinic downstairs and my rooms up, but all of the hustle of a full hospital..."  He shook his head.  "Not what I want as a home!"
    He took a sip of wine, then commented, "Provided it doesn't pour rain again tomorrow, would you like to look at properties?  Then we can work on the paper part?"  They'd have to have some sort of idea on what they were looking at for a location, he figured, to start laying out plans.  "Have you seen an orphanage?  I really don't know what it would entail besides a large house and a larger-hearted matron."
  3. Jonah Danforth
    "I imagine you have very good connections," Jonah commented, suddenly realizing how that sounded and stopping short of adding, 'and you know how to use them'.  There was nothing about her that would lead him to believe she got her advantages in any way other then her skill at manipulation, something most women possessed but ignored because of tainted mores.  "The house can give us a temporary start, but we can look at properties, or just extend what is there?"
    He wasn't really sure what her vision was, but then, that was the reason for these meetings, right?  "Do you think both institutions should be on the same property?  Or perhaps the orphanage closer to the school?"  He was just beginning to realize that there was a lot more to this.
  4. Jonah Danforth
    "Well, I certainly must defer to your knowledge on starting projects...or seeing them through, for that matter."  Jonah smiled.  "The most I have ever done was set up my own business, and that is completely different than this sort of thing.  I'm intrigued, though, I'd love to be in on the process, at least know what you are doing?"
    He looked over the menu, then commented, "I believe I'd like to try the roasted capon with fried sweet potatoes."  It was a change from the regular stew or scrambled eggs, and he may as well enjoy the meal as much as the company...or nearly as much!
  5. Jonah Danforth
    Jonah nodded, knowing that this was his time to gracefully back out, and as much as part of him was screaming to take it, the foolish part of him wanted to stay and help her, because..
    Well, because it was for a good cause, right?  But then, when had Jonah ever thought of anything other than himself as a good cause? 
    "I've dealt with detractors before, and honestly it just makes me dig in my heels and try all the harder."  Jonah looked at her evenly.  "I can't imagine how anyone would oppose either a hospital or an orphanage, unless it's because of your name, and that is ludicrous.  And we can't hide your involvement, so I say we just press on and defy the odds."
  6. Jonah Danforth
    "Me see out of this?"  Wasn't that obvious?  "Of course, a modern facility for caring for patients. This territory is growing and there will be an increasing demand."  He frowned and shook his head...he'd never thought of himself as being in charge of anything, much the less something as large and important as a hospital, but if Leah was going to be involved, it was worth it!
    "And, of course, the stray children can certainly use a safe place to stay, a place where they are fed and clothed, and they can attend school."  His tone was uncertain, although he was smiling.  Again, not something he would normally pay attention to.  Not that he was cold enough to just walk by a waif on the street, but it was easy enough to ignore after handing the child a coin or an apple, and go on his way, telling himself that they would be just fine now.  No, he was a selfish man, looking only to himself,
    "I suppose it will be an investment in the community, I hadn't necessarily thought to settle her for the long-term, but maybe..."
  7. Jonah Danforth
    "Yes, perhaps we can get a table that is away from others?"  Jonah wasn't sure why they needed to be secretive about such beneficial projects, but then, he supposed, there were people who might seek to undermine them simply because it was a Steelgrave who was involved, which was really a sad thing to consider, especially since he couldn't think of any ulterior motives Leah might have.
    At their table, Jonah held the chair for her then settled across from her.  "At least if you can look over the property, you'd have a better idea of what to tell any investors," he suggested, "and maybe we can talk to the local eateries about providing meals?"
  8. Jonah Danforth
    "It would be my pleasure."   Jonah took her arm, heading for the door behind the men.  He found it a bit unusual that a lady in these parts would have body guards, but then, from the rumors he'd heard of Leah's family, particularly her father, it wasn't a surprise.  And at least they weren't going to be tailing her to dinner...at least he didn't think so!
    "I'm pleased to hear you won't be leaving soon," he added, again, finding it unusual that she would defy the man in her life, even if it was her father.  Besides, from what he was learning of Leah Steelgrave, she had her own mind, and she had the strength and intelligence to make good use of it.
    "I'm sorry you didn't get to see more of the house today than the entry and kitchen."  Jonah chuckled.  "Hopefully, we'll get a chance to get to that.  Where are we headed this evening?"
  9. Jonah Danforth
    Mature Content: No
    Author: Jonah Danforth
    With: Leah Steelgrave
    Location: Town
    When: September / 1875
    Time of Day: Evening

    The rain had finally let up, and the skies were clear now, with the stars starting to twinkle brightly against the darkening purple of dusk, and it was quite lovely, if one bothered to look.  But Jonah was too busy concentrating on staying on the planks that someone had generously laid over the mud crossing the side streets to help keep pedestrians out of the thick muck.  After all the hassle of drying out after his earlier adventures, he didn't want to have to start over, especially since his shoes were actually still damp.
    Finally, he made it to the hotel and stepped inside, grateful for the warmth as he looked to see if Leah was waiting or if he was going to ask the clerk to send her a message.
  10. Jonah Danforth
    "Of course, I look forward to it."  Jonah took her hand lightly, running his thumb over the backs of her fingers once before releasing her.  "I do believe I'll wait until tomorrow for shopping for the lad, though, provided the rain lets up."  Of course, if it didn't he'd have to find a way to get back here relatively unscathed, but he'd figure it out. 
    He tipped his hat to her, then put up his umbrella and hurried across the muddy street to the shelter of the next boardwalk.
    @Flip (I'll get us a new start)

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