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Jonah Danforth

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About Jonah Danforth

  • Kalispell Doctor's Office

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    Luke Evans
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    Jonah William Danforth
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    5' 10"
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Physical Description

jonahdanforth-bio.jpgOf average build,  Jonah has expressive brown eyes and a charisma about him.   He is quick with a friendly smile and is always well-groomed, although his clothes may be dated.

Traits & Characteristics

Open and friendly, Jonah can put people at ease. He is charming and a gentleman (maybe too much?  )

Underneath, there is a brooding.


Self-Employed: Doctor



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Current Residence
Kalispell, Montana Territory

Place of Birth

Pana, Illinois

Kith & Kin


Will be added if the character receives regular play.

Life Events

1840: Born in Illinois

1861: Enlisted in the US Cavalry, became assistant to a doctor

1865: Attended medical school in NYC

1866: Married to Miranda Harris who died a year later in childbirth

1871: Set up practice in Omaha

Now: Relocating to Montana

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  1. Jonah Danforth
    "To Spring," Jonah refilled their glasses, then raised his, "and the Kalispell Hospital!"  This was going to be done, one way or another, and would be a great asset to the whole territory!
  2. Jonah Danforth
    "Hopefully, we won't have to run or fight."  Jonah was fond of neither, he more preferred more subtle obfuscation, if such could be had.  Of course, with this group heading things up, there was plenty of talent, and he had no doubt that they would prevail.
    "I'll speak to Miss Mercer, we can start planning the supplies we need...what about fundraising?  Perhaps soliciting donations from the more well-to-do folks in town?"  He glanced at Boone.  "You may have the most credibility of the three of us..."
    After all, he was new, and Leah was, well, a Steelgrave...
  3. Jonah Danforth
    "So, we'll have to be alert and prepared, and in the mean time, carry on with planning, take things as they come."  Jonah was neither that optimistic nor charitable, but he had become invested enough in this to want to see it through, and it wasn't as if he was a stranger to hardship or opposition.
    "I think it would be best to have our contingency plans in the works, too, so that anything they throw out to stop us will only be a minor delay."  Being able to quickly regroup and move on would help advance the project, and show that they were determined in this.
  4. Jonah Danforth
    "When we speak to the man from the paper -- McVey, is it? -- we can also mention the economic advantage of a hospital here," Jonah suggested, "even just the building of it, not to mention the support we're going to need...nurses, cooks, maids, the supplies..."
    Jonah wasn't too versed on economics, but he did understand how something as big as a hospital could bring a lot of business to the town, not to mention families of patients who would need a place to stay, food to eat, goods to buy, places to board their horses...that would certainly boost support from the people in town.
    "Folks here might even put pressure on the town council, if they are reluctant to approve the land?"
  5. Jonah Danforth
    "I suppose we'll just take it as it comes," Jonah commented with a shrug, although he really would like for them to have a better handle on what the plan was.  "I have the property here, I and Miss Mercer, not quite an acre, but we could look into buying up land around if we have to."
    While a challenge made things interesting, Jonah wanted to think that they had some sort of chance for success, and the best way to accomplish that was thorough planning, as well as back-up plans and more.
    "We'll get it figured out and have our hospital," he declared, "especially with what happened in Whitefish, the territory needs something, and we're going to be growing, making the need even more." 
  6. Jonah Danforth
    "It's good that you have the marshal informed and on our side," Jonah commented, nodding.  "And we're aware going into it that there may be trouble, and you know your father best."  He looked at Leah.  "But from what I've heard, he isn't the sort to engage in a frontal assault, so we'll need to plan for underhanded attacks..." 
    He shrugged.  While he wasn't familiar with those sorts of tactics, he could imagine that it would be difficult to fight, since it would be hard to see coming.
    "Burning it down before it's complete," he murmured, partly just thinking to himself, then he looked at the others.  "That's what I would do.  Certainly, it could be rebuilt, but that would take all the more time and money."
  7. Jonah Danforth
    Jonah let out a sigh of relief, glad that he wasn't in this alone...not that he was alone alone, but Leah was handling more of the finances and organization, leaving the working end to him, and he felt completely inadequate.
    "It's an honor to have you with us, Doc."  Jonah rose and gathered three clean glasses that he set out on the table.  "I'm certain I can learn a great deal from you and that you know far more about this sort of thing than I do!"
  8. Jonah Danforth
    Jonah looked at Boone and nodded.  "Miss Steelgrave is not only sincere in her objectives, but earnest and dedicated as well.   She's started laying the groundwork for all of this, and I have no doubt she will succeed.  But she has her family name to overcome, and I'm still new here.  We think that your support would go a long way to seeing a hospital actually happen." 
    He took a sip of coffee, then added, "And, of course, your input on the project would be invaluable.  I'm afraid I don't know a great deal about such things, so I would appreciate advice on even things so basic as how many rooms we should be looking at, as well as equipment and such.
  9. Jonah Danforth
    She smiled, and not a pleasant smile. “I have a copy of everything. Every scrap of paper. He has the originals but I have a duplicate set, also signed. My father taught me well. When you involve yourself in a trade, always be prepared for deception and dishonesty, and if there was a man this side of the Mississippi it’s Elias Steelgrave.”
    "But that makes you the ideal person for this, since you know how he thinks."  Jonah smiled at Leah, still impressed that she wanted to help the community, despite what her family might want.  She was shrewd and fearless, and he had no doubt the hospital would be a success.
    He stood as Dr. Boone came in.
    “Well Danforth, what’s this about a hospital.”[/b]
    "Dr. Boone."  He shook the man's hand, then motioned to a seat.  "This is Leah Steelegrave.  She is planning to build a hospital in town, and later an orphanage.  Would you like some coffee?"  His thoughts were a bit scattered.  "We thought you might have some ideas and would like to help...Oh, Miss Steelegrave, this is Dr. Josiah Boone."
  10. Jonah Danforth
    "Just a moment, then."  Jonah stood and headed to the back of the house, where Weedy was working on painting a small table...the boy wanted to earn money to get Miss Addy a present, and this nickle Jonah offered him to fetch Doc Boone would help.
    He returned to the kitchen, refreshing their coffee before sitting again.  "It's a smart idea, having some sort of documentation that this was your idea, and where you want it to be, and the work you put in.  That newspaper man seems a good sort, but I don't know him personally, but it might be an idea to actually bring him in to the planning?"
    (You can assume Weedy fetched Dr. Boone )

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