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  • Millegan Stage & Transportation

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    Adelaide Ledocia Chappel
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Physical Description

addy-bio.jpgThere is nothing timid or fragile about Addy, and she'll slug anyone who even hints that there is!  She holds herself erect and moves with an easy confidence, looking folks, man or woman, in the eye with deep brown eyes that sparkle with flecks of gold.  Her smile is quick and wide, her expression open, making her emotions easy to read.  Although she works at a man's job, around horses and in the dirt and mud, she keeps herself clean and neat when she can.  When she is working, Addy keeps her long hair back in a braid or shoved up under her hat, out of the way.

While the men's-cut style of her shirts don't change, depending on her mood and task, she wears either duck-fabric pants or wool skirts in dark colors.  When on the job, there is always a holster at her hips, holding her Colt Navy revolver as well as a Bowie-style knife, although generally she doesn't carry those in town.  She wears gauntleted gloves around the horses and when the weather is bad, she has a heavy woolen coat, or, for rain, an oil slicker.  She always has a dark blue slouch hat plopped on her head that has feathers and bits of ribbon shoved in the beaded band.

Traits & Characteristics

  • Mostly illiterate (-)
  • Easy-going  (+)
  • Caring, in a rough sort of way (+)
  • Insecure in matters of the heart  (-)

General Personality

Addy takes life head-on, not really caring what folks think of her, after all, it really doesn't matter in the long run, as she is confident in herself.   All her life, she's just been 'one of the boys', and while she knows that some folks look at her as an oddity and look down on her, she knows that there are others who just see her as a jeru, the stage driver.   There is little that gets under her skin, and while she won't back down from a fight, she doesn't actively seek trouble...usually!  Gritty, stubborn, she won't hesitate to take on a challenge or get dirty.

There is a soft side to Addy, especially where kids and critters are concerned, and she can easily charm children with her sleight-of-hand skills, putting them at ease. She does have a temper and won't tolerate bullying, and when she is riled, she won't hold back with a fist or a quick kick to the shins!


Employer Name

Millegan Stage and Transportation
Position:  Employee
Details:  Driving stage, occasionally freight, maintaining swing stations as needed, caring for the horses.

Professional Skills
Driving stage, four-up or six-up; cleaning and maintaining swing stations along the routes, including cooking occasionally for hapless travelers, grooming the horses and tending to any injuries.


Self Defense

Addy is a fair shot with a pistol, she can surely hit the broad side of a barn!  She wears a Colt Navy revolver, carries a Bowie knife.  She's a fair scrapper in a hand-to-hand fight.

Hobbies & Interests
Addy plays the fiddle and has some skill in sleight-of-hand 'magic'.  Addy also has some experience at treating wounds and such and is a passing good tracker.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence

Place of Birth
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Kith & Kin


Father: Hiram Chappel, muleskinner,  still living in Pigeon Forge

Mother: Ledocia, died of consumption


  • Zachariah: 40, living in Pigeon Forge, ferrier, married with six children
  • Ezequiel: 36, living in Topeka, KA, drover, single
  • Isiah: 30, living in Pigeon Forge, farm laborer, married with one child
  • Died in the War: Joshua, Absalom, Japeth, Jedediah, Hezekiah


TBD via game play and added later.

Life Events


  • 1847: I waz borned in a little shack in a place called Pigen forge Tennesseese, to Ma an' Pa...kinda like that wazn't no choice fer me...
  • 1851: My Mama died, an ' I miss her an' Pa an' my brothers did th' best they could raisn' me, an' I started workin' with mules an' critters'a all sorts.
  • 1858: I started drovin' local
  • 1863: I waz drivin' amblance waggins fer th' CSA down South
  • 1866: Waz when I started movin' West
  • 1870: I signed on with th' Millegan Stage Co.

Born in the hills of Tennessee,  Addy was the youngest of eight children,  and the only girl among the siblings.   She was the apple of her Pa's eye,  and he,  as well as her brothers,  doted on her.   The novelty of having a kid sister wasn't lost on her brothers,  and,  much to her Ma's chagrin,  they were teaching her at an early age to spit and swim and climb trees and do all manner of things that a lady wasn't supposed to do.   And when her Ma died of consumption when Addy was just a tyke,  that got worse.   After all, Pa had no idea how to raise a girl-child, and his time was tied up in the business...he was a muleskinner and drover, and owned a shipping company that the whole family participated in, even young Addy.

Not that she minded, she took natural to working around the animals and really didn't mind one bit mucking stalls and grooming the huge beasts...it beat cooking and mending in her opinion!  By the time she was eleven, she was driving short routes in town, and when the war broke out and the men were called to battle, she started taking the longer runs.  It was only a couple years into the war that she hired on with a local contingent of the CSA Army to drive ambulances, and it was during this time that she leaned a little about treating wounds and doing what had to be done.

By the war's end, only three of her brothers were still alive, and while they were content to continue in the family business, Addy had the bug to wander, and that she did!  Gradually working her way West, she took on a number of jobs, driving freight, stages, working in stables and such.  There was a brief, overnight marriage to 'Dirty Dan Wallace', a tall, 'strapping, bearded Scot with a charming brogue.  It was a silly whim, since she refused to have sex without being married.  The next day, after the alcohol wore off, they decided marriage wasn't for them and parted ways amicably.  She has no idea where he is.

Most recently, Addy has taken a job with the Mulligan Stage Lines, and has been assigned to the Kalispell route, and will be moving into the swing station there, where she will live in the small quarters in the barn, luxury accommodations!

Character Notes

General Notes
Can't much read nor write, but can trail a flying squirrel in a thunderstorm!
Addy talks English right good!  And she can understand drunk!

Animals & Pets

'Arabesque', her saddle horse, a bay Morgan-cross mare
All manner of horses, her favorite team are Belgians, Duke, Mike, Frank and Spike

Barn kitties, among them, Buster, Walter and Molly

Player Notes


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  1. Adelaide Chappel
    Although she'd never actually been enlisted, of course, Addy had spent plenty of time driving ambulances and freight for the Confederacy, so she was familiar with the ways of the military, and having grown up around harnessed beasts she was fast and capable when it came to unhitching her team and picketing them.
    Grabbing her rifle, she took up a position by her wagon, watching as the civilian riders charged past the cavalry lines and into the shelter of the wagons.  While she recognized that there was a woman with them, she hadn't paid attention to faces until she heard a familiar voice.
    "Quintin."  Grinning, Addy gave him a nod, then trotted over to grab his horse's reins.  "I'll see ta yer boy here..."  Not that she couldn't face whatever was coming, but as a man, he had a better chance of putting up a formidable resistance.
  2. Adelaide Chappel
    Although she had been alert, Addy was relaxed as she maneuvered her wagon behind the military vehicles, a bandana pulled over her nose to filter the dust.  Wasn't so bad, though, and she was enjoying being in a company, as it provided some entertainment in people-watching.  In particular, she was perusing the mounted soldiers, assessing their competence and potential usefulness in a fight, judging by the way they sat their mounts and what they were paying attention to, not that she put much stock in her conclusions.  A body couldn't really know what another would do until the bullets started flying.
    And it seemed like that might not be too far off...It was indeed in the distance, but there were clearly riders charging toward them, bent low over their horses' necks, their speed and demeanor indicating trouble.
    Sitting straight, Addy pulled down the bandana and snapped the lines, picking up the pace of her team so that she could pull up next to the doctor's wagon.  She glanced at the driver, giving him a nod, an indication that she was awaiting orders.  Likely, whatever the trouble, it would be met by the mounted troops and the caravan would form up in its own defense.
  3. Adelaide Chappel
    “Maybe eight, nine years or so. Man made a hard decision about his own people, but we only scouted down New Mexico, Arizona way three, four years before we were sent to the plains. Ke-Ni-Tay adapts real quick. Man has a knack for this kinda work. We’ll be glad he’s around.” He summarized.
    "Ain't never been so far south as Arizona nor New Mexico territory," Addy commented with a grin as she added, "too hot from what I hear, too dry an' desolate.  Now, I don't mind some isolation, but I want somethin' ta look at besides cactus an' lizards." 
    She laughed, then nodded.  "I know whacha mean 'bout big cities.  Smaller places in th' Territories might be rougher, but th' folks seem more...genuine."  You didn't have to hide who you were to fit in in the West, unless, of course, you were outside the law.  Without the niceties of a big city, survival was more paramount, and you did what you had to, and folks accepted that. 
    "Good ta know we got scouts with us, that's fer certain.  Hope we don't have need, but if we do, it's good ta have some warnin'.  I just hope them greenhorn soldiers keep their cool if we run inta trouble."  Seemed like there were enough veterans to keep the younger men in line, but you never knew until the shooting started!
  4. Adelaide Chappel
    "Yes, sir," Addy answered, "most recently from Kallispell, although I originated in Tennessee, an' been here an' there along th' way."  She grinned.  "Not a bad place, Kallispell, not so civilized yet as ta be inhospitable!"  Seemed like that once a place got too proper, it got all snooty and judgmental, too, and none too pleasant a place to live.
    "So, how long ya been scoutin'?  An' with yer Apache friend?  Can't say as I know much of their ways, though."  Of course, if this Apache was working with the Cavalry, he was 'friendly', at least in that he wasn't there to kill them.  Didn't mean he'd be social, but then, not everyone was happy to be around others, and that was fine.
  5. Adelaide Chappel
    "Mr. MacIntosh."  Addy nodded to the man, lightly touching the brim of her hat in greeting.  "I'm Addy Chappel, an' thanks fer th' warnin'.  I'm not too shy of th' Injuns, unless they're comin' at me with a war club swingin'!"  She laughed, then added, "I know some of th' local Flatheads, closer ta Kallispell, threat 'em with respect an' get on well with 'em.  I hope th' Major here don't ruin that."
    There was no telling if the commander had any true experience with Native tribes, nor what their attitude might be, and that was the danger of having Military close...if they were of the sort who thought that all Indians were savages and needed to be dealt with harshly, it could upset the delicate balance in the territory. 
    "Ya know anything of this Major Brittles?"
  6. Adelaide Chappel
    There was something comforting in traveling with the regimented group, where she knew what to expect, and Addy was glad for the companionship, not that she necessarily would have loathed making the trip alone.  She enjoyed being by herself, and wasn't too wary of encountering trouble, but it was always good to have someone with you if trouble did arise, and a whole troop of the US Cavalry was all the better.
    Of course, the drawback of traveling in a convoy like this was all the dust stirred up by those in front, and she'd had to pull up her bandanna over her nose and mouth to filter the air so that it didn't choke her.  Peering out from under the brim of her slouch hat, she watched the activity on the fringes of the group, knowing that out-riders would help keep them safe from surprises.
  7. Adelaide Chappel
    "Done good enough, thank ya, sir," Addy replied to Jack with a grin.  "Doin' somethin' I like, an' ain't much more a body can hope for.  I wish ya luck in yer search, don't need no vagrants runnin' around, female nor otherwise, an' I'll be sure ta watch my back."   After all, stages were a prime target, somehow, folks seemed to think that every stage had a strongbox full of gold under the seat and insanely rich passengers just ripe for the robbing!
    @Flip; @Chistery
  8. Adelaide Chappel
    Addy smiled and nodded to the newcomer, noting from the cut of his clothes that he was a civilian, and likely a scout...a good thing, someone who had first-hand knowledge of local tribes, and not just book-learning and hear-say that some of the officers assigned out here had.  It would make the trip safer, and hopefully make for a better resolution should they encounter any Natives.
    @Flip; @Wayfarer; @Glenn
  9. Adelaide Chappel
    Addy listened to the description and had to agree.  Ladies in britches totin' pistols was indeed and oddity, and there was the problem.  "Can't say as I have seen her," she commented, "but now ya mention her, I'll know.  Ain't heard of that group around here, had some problems with th' Barnes boys a bit back, but they ain't trouble any more."  Between her, Case Steelgrave and the school marm, that gang was done with.
    "See here, now...as a female traipsin' around in britches an' sidearms, people mark ya an' remember ya...makes it all that more difficult ta hide in th' crowd.  Easy ta spot, ain't that right, Marshal?"  She glanced at Speed.  "But now, were I ta fancy up in frippery, chances'd be no one'd know me, especially in a place they don't know me."  Holding out her hands, she added, "Some things ya can't hide...fingernails..."  Hers were clean, but short.  "Lady does work, ain't conducive ta pretty nails, look fer that in a lass all refined in a dress an' all.  An' if I come across her, I'll be sure ta let ya know."
    Honestly, she was a bit curious.  There were plenty of women, particularly in the West, who had to see to themselves, and the options were limited, although the frontier was more accepting of unconventional choices.  Still, there was no excuse to turn to crime and torment those that worked hard for what they had.
    @Flip; @Chistery
  10. Adelaide Chappel
    Up in the loft, Addy was organizing and cleaning, something she did on a regular basis to help keep out the mice that liked all the bits of hay left over, and to keep the dust down.  She was covered in that dust when she heard Speed calling to her.
    "Up here!" she shouted back, "just a minnet!"  Setting the broom aside, she scrambled down the wooden ladder, then brushed her hands on her pants.  "Hey, Marshall."  She nodded to Speed, then looked at the stranger.  "Sir."  Pulling off her gloves, she offered her hand.  "Addy Chappel.  Welcome ta town."
    @Flip; @Glenn

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