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  • Millegan Stage & Transportation

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    Clara Paget
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    Adelaide Ledocia Chappel
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Physical Description

addy-bio.jpgThere is nothing timid or fragile about Addy, and she'll slug anyone who even hints that there is!  She holds herself erect and moves with an easy confidence, looking folks, man or woman, in the eye with deep brown eyes that sparkle with flecks of gold.  Her smile is quick and wide, her expression open, making her emotions easy to read.  Although she works at a man's job, around horses and in the dirt and mud, she keeps herself clean and neat when she can.  When she is working, Addy keeps her long hair back in a braid or shoved up under her hat, out of the way.

While the men's-cut style of her shirts don't change, depending on her mood and task, she wears either duck-fabric pants or wool skirts in dark colors.  When on the job, there is always a holster at her hips, holding her Colt Navy revolver as well as a Bowie-style knife, although generally she doesn't carry those in town.  She wears gauntleted gloves around the horses and when the weather is bad, she has a heavy woolen coat, or, for rain, an oil slicker.  She always has a dark blue slouch hat plopped on her head that has feathers and bits of ribbon shoved in the beaded band.

Traits & Characteristics

  • Mostly illiterate (-)
  • Easy-going  (+)
  • Caring, in a rough sort of way (+)
  • Insecure in matters of the heart  (-)

General Personality

Addy takes life head-on, not really caring what folks think of her, after all, it really doesn't matter in the long run, as she is confident in herself.   All her life, she's just been 'one of the boys', and while she knows that some folks look at her as an oddity and look down on her, she knows that there are others who just see her as a jeru, the stage driver.   There is little that gets under her skin, and while she won't back down from a fight, she doesn't actively seek trouble...usually!  Gritty, stubborn, she won't hesitate to take on a challenge or get dirty.

There is a soft side to Addy, especially where kids and critters are concerned, and she can easily charm children with her sleight-of-hand skills, putting them at ease. She does have a temper and won't tolerate bullying, and when she is riled, she won't hold back with a fist or a quick kick to the shins!


Employer Name

Millegan Stage and Transportation
Position:  Employee
Details:  Driving stage, occasionally freight, maintaining swing stations as needed, caring for the horses.

Professional Skills
Driving stage, four-up or six-up; cleaning and maintaining swing stations along the routes, including cooking occasionally for hapless travelers, grooming the horses and tending to any injuries.


Self Defense

Addy is a fair shot with a pistol, she can surely hit the broad side of a barn!  She wears a Colt Navy revolver, carries a Bowie knife.  She's a fair scrapper in a hand-to-hand fight.

Hobbies & Interests
Addy plays the fiddle and has some skill in sleight-of-hand 'magic'.  Addy also has some experience at treating wounds and such and is a passing good tracker.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence

Place of Birth
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Kith & Kin


Father: Hiram Chappel, muleskinner,  still living in Pigeon Forge

Mother: Ledocia, died of consumption


  • Zachariah: 40, living in Pigeon Forge, ferrier, married with six children
  • Ezequiel: 36, living in Topeka, KA, drover, single
  • Isiah: 30, living in Pigeon Forge, farm laborer, married with one child
  • Died in the War: Joshua, Absalom, Japeth, Jedediah, Hezekiah


TBD via game play and added later.

Life Events


  • 1847: I waz borned in a little shack in a place called Pigen forge Tennesseese, to Ma an' Pa...kinda like that wazn't no choice fer me...
  • 1851: My Mama died, an ' I miss her an' Pa an' my brothers did th' best they could raisn' me, an' I started workin' with mules an' critters'a all sorts.
  • 1858: I started drovin' local
  • 1863: I waz drivin' amblance waggins fer th' CSA down South
  • 1866: Waz when I started movin' West
  • 1870: I signed on with th' Millegan Stage Co.

Born in the hills of Tennessee,  Addy was the youngest of eight children,  and the only girl among the siblings.   She was the apple of her Pa's eye,  and he,  as well as her brothers,  doted on her.   The novelty of having a kid sister wasn't lost on her brothers,  and,  much to her Ma's chagrin,  they were teaching her at an early age to spit and swim and climb trees and do all manner of things that a lady wasn't supposed to do.   And when her Ma died of consumption when Addy was just a tyke,  that got worse.   After all, Pa had no idea how to raise a girl-child, and his time was tied up in the business...he was a muleskinner and drover, and owned a shipping company that the whole family participated in, even young Addy.

Not that she minded, she took natural to working around the animals and really didn't mind one bit mucking stalls and grooming the huge beasts...it beat cooking and mending in her opinion!  By the time she was eleven, she was driving short routes in town, and when the war broke out and the men were called to battle, she started taking the longer runs.  It was only a couple years into the war that she hired on with a local contingent of the CSA Army to drive ambulances, and it was during this time that she leaned a little about treating wounds and doing what had to be done.

By the war's end, only three of her brothers were still alive, and while they were content to continue in the family business, Addy had the bug to wander, and that she did!  Gradually working her way West, she took on a number of jobs, driving freight, stages, working in stables and such.  There was a brief, overnight marriage to 'Dirty Dan Wallace', a tall, 'strapping, bearded Scot with a charming brogue.  It was a silly whim, since she refused to have sex without being married.  The next day, after the alcohol wore off, they decided marriage wasn't for them and parted ways amicably.  She has no idea where he is.

Most recently, Addy has taken a job with the Mulligan Stage Lines, and has been assigned to the Kalispell route, and will be moving into the swing station there, where she will live in the small quarters in the barn, luxury accommodations!

Character Notes

General Notes
Can't much read nor write, but can trail a flying squirrel in a thunderstorm!
Addy talks English right good!  And she can understand drunk!

Animals & Pets

'Arabesque', her saddle horse, a bay Morgan-cross mare
All manner of horses, her favorite team are Belgians, Duke, Mike, Frank and Spike

Barn kitties, among them, Buster, Walter and Molly

Player Notes


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Recent Posts

  1. Adelaide Chappel
    Adelaide...  He'd used her proper name, something Addy hadn't heard in years, and while it usually irritated her, there was something about Jay using it that made it actually sound  good, and as far as she was concerned, he could use it all he liked!  As for holding her hand, she didn't have a problem with that, either, except that Weedy might notice, and she might have to admit that maybe she was starting to have some feelings for Jay that she didn't want to acknowledge.
    But then the blessing was said, Weedy called out, 'Amen!' and the feast was on!
    "Ya done right good with this, Jay," Addy complimented, truly enjoying the meal, "we don't get much'a nothin' this good with me doin't th' cookin'!"  She gave Weedy a sharp glance, daring him to agree, but he was too busy tucking in to notice.  Yes, this was the best Christmas meal they'd have, ever, that she could recall.
    "So, is venison yer specialty," she asked Jay, glancing at him with a slight smile, "or there somethin' else ya do better?"
  2. Adelaide Chappel
    Addy smiled and nodded as Jay handed her the money, and after he left she stowed it in the metal tin that she kept under the bed.  It was getting enough in it now that she should open an account at the bank for it.  At the rate it was growing, the boy would have a grand education!
    She smirked at the knock on the door a short time later -- no, Jay wasn't officially more than a guest, but he was living here for now.  Still, it showed he had good manners, and so far, he had good everything, and she was glad that she'd taken the time to go out to that barn in Whitefish, where she'd found him.
    "C'mon in..."  She opened the door, frowning as she looked him over, not yet stepping out of his way.  "Sorry, thought ya was someone I know, lives here.  Can I help ya?"
  3. Adelaide Chappel
    She wasn't watching for him, really.  After all, she had no reason to worry about if, or when, Jay got here, she had no ties on him, nor he her.  Sure, they saw each other on occasion, and she counted him as a good friend, but he had his own life, was working steady, had a small room...
    And he was just a friend, that was all...except that she couldn't get that Christmas kiss out of her mind, she often found herself wondering what he was doing, she went out of her way to run into him...
    She just couldn't bring herself to think that she might be thinking of the man as more than a friend.
    And no, her heart didn't skip when she spotted him by the door, and sure, she could still breathe.  And maybe she'd have to admit that she really did care about him...care for him.
    Aw, hell, Addy Chappel wasn't one to run from trouble, and Jack and love were both big trouble, and she'd face it head-on...
    She grinned, going right up to him and giving him a nod.  "Good ta see ya, Jay...ya clean up real nice!"  Reaching up, she brushed a bit of lint from his shoulder.  "NIce duds, too.  Real fine!"
  4. Adelaide Chappel
    "No hedgin'..."  Addy stopped a few paces from the barn, tempted to turn back, but then Weedy spotted the pair and ran out to meet them.
    "Miz Addy!"  Proudly, he presented a crudely carved animal of some sort.  "I made a horse for you!"  The boy had gotten a pocket knife for Christmas, and had been practicing with it.  "Hello, Mr. Speed."
    "That's right nice."  Addy took the gift, turning it over in her hands a few times, the ruffled the boy's hair.  "I got somethin' I need ta talk ta you about.  Let's go inside." 
    She didn't want to do this out in public, so Weedy didn't feel exposed.  Steering him to a bale of hay, she had him sit, glanced at Speed, then took a deep breath.
    "So...Weedy..."  Where was a bear to fight when you needed one?  "No easy way ta do this.  I got a telegram some time back, it said yer Ma was in Whitefish when that storm hit, she died, that's why she ain't been around.  But doncha worry, ya know ya got a place here, with me..."
    Lord, but that had pierced her heart!  And the look on the lad's face...
    "Is not..."  Weedy spoke slowly and his tone was low as he looked from one adult to the other, trying to convince himself that this was some sort of joke or trick, even though he knew neither would do that to him.  "She's really..?  ...gone..."
    "Yeah, 'fraid so."  Addy shrugged and reached to touch his arm, but he pulled away as she tried to add, "Not sure why she was there, but ya know she loved ya..."
    But Weedy was gone...he had backed a few steps, then turned and walked out of the barn, his hands balled into fists.
    "Tarnation..."  Addy shook her head.  "Reckon I best go after him."
  5. Adelaide Chappel
    "Law might try ta find us,  but good luck with that!" Addy declared, grinning, although it was with a mixture of determination and teasing, "although if anyone could do it, it'd be you."  She surely didn't want him tracking her to Mexico, or Canada...
    Then he offered to talk to Weedy and she shook her head.  "Needs ta be me tells him, but I surely would appreciate ya bein' there."  She nodded as she headed toward the barn.  "I've a mind not ta give him th' telegram, though, just yet...maybe when he's older."  Sighing, she slowed, maybe trying to postpone the task, even though it had already been over three months.
    "Just...gonna tell 'im, no hedgin', right?"
  6. Adelaide Chappel
    "MIght'a been a bit more."  Addy shrugged as she came into the room, stepping close enough to get a good look at his injury.  "If you've a mind, ya can set somethin' aside fer Weedy's future."  She had a fund for the boy, although she wasn't sure if it would go to education or something else, but that would be up to him when the time came.
    "This is lookin' right good, don't think that ya need ta wrap it any more, 'cept maybe just a light bandage ta keep yer clothes from rubbin' on it."  The healing was progressing nicely, and he didn't need it getting irritated.  "Oughta be right as rain in a couple'a days.  Put them clothes on, see if they fit."  The mercantile would be closed soon, if they needed to trade them in.
  7. Adelaide Chappel
    The shindig was in full swing when Addy arrived, driving one of her big freight wagons, loaded with eager party-goers from the outlying farm, seated on bales of hay.  A few weeks prior, she'd put out word that she'd pick up anyone who needed a ride to the festivities, and now she was arriving with several revelers who had already started their party, singing songs to the music of Mr. Haro's fiddle.
    "Here we are!"  Addy hopped down from the seat, then went around back to let down the gate and help everyone out, then she followed them to into the building, pausing to look around, wondering if Jay was going to be here.
    She was as gussied up as she got, wearing a white shirtwaist that had tiny blue pinstripes, and even a bit of lace, and a blue wool skirt that was worn over several petticoats to give it some floof.  It didn't bother her that she wasn't a fashion plate, she'd never worn a bustle and never would, and besides, there were all manner of dress, and no one really paid much mind, they were here to have fun and mingle with neighbors.
    @Jack  (open)
  8. Adelaide Chappel
    "They'd hafta find us first," she grumbled, surprised but not that he knew what she was going to say.  "I'll give yer way a chance, an' I reckon if anyone could untangle this, it'd be Miz Mercer.  Ought we ta find her now, get this started?"  Then she'd have to find Weedy and finally talk to him, although she suspected he suspected, how could he not, what with his mother gone so long this time?
    "Not lookin' forward ta talkin' ta Weedy, but best get that done before he hears from someone else."  Wouldn't take long for word to spread, and even though there might not be any malicious intent, someone might ask him questions that would be awkward, especially if he hadn't been told.
  9. Adelaide Chappel
    With no specific answers, Addy nodded and followed after Speed, perplexed, but at least thinking that the longer there was a mystery to this, Weedy was safe.  "Seems like that if they could find his pa, they would'a sent th' telegram ta him, doncha think?  What's th' laws on that?  I mean, if he ain't got kin, he can stay with me, right?"
    It wasn't as if she didn't have the means, and she'd been essentially looking after him for at least a couple years, making sure he had what he needed and went to school.
    "I might just..."  Well, better not to say that aloud!
  10. Adelaide Chappel
    "Never heard of him before now," the man answered with a shrug, "but never been to Helena.  I suppose the officials sent in someone to sort all the carnage out?"  From what he had heard, there had been dozens of dead, something that would attract the state officials.  "Many of the survivors were brought here, so it makes sense they'd be sending notifications here."
    Addy nodded.  That made sense, but then, she wasn't sure how those things went.
    "I'll do what I can to find out about the other telegrams," the man added, "should take an hour or so." 

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