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    Chow Yun Fat
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    Fang Sūn-Shen
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Physical Description

afang-250.jpgFang is a tall, rather intimidating man in his early fifties. He is very fit and athletic. Fang's thick, straight hair is black. He keeps it cut short and usually brushed straight back. His almond shaped eyes are also black. Fang dresses for the occasion. At home or with close friends, he wears the silks and robes native to his homeland. When on business, he wears typical western dress.


There is little to no trace of Fang's native accent. When he speaks, he sounds like the British aristocracy. The only difference is that his accent is not quite as clipped.

Traits & Characteristics

  • Loyal (+): Fang is one of the most loyal men ever born. It was this sense of loyalty that kept him from killing Franklin Hartwell Mercer despite the man's excesses and cruelty to his oldest daughter, Harriet. When Frank Mercer signed guardianship of Harriet over to Fang, he felt his duty and loyalty to Mercer had been fulfilled. He transferred that same loyalty to Harriet. The only difference being that he loved her as if she were his own daughter.
  • Brave (+)
  • Quiet (+)
  • Intelligent (+)
  • Calm (+): Fang is always calm, no matter the circumstances. He brings this calming influence to his work, often being able to settle even the most fractious client's nerves.


Current Employer

H.G. Mercer & Associates

Position: Investigator, Troubleshooter, Bodyguard

Details: Fang's duties are as varied as his skills. Since going to work for Harriet, he has completed his law degree and is able to take on clients for the firm. He also works as a legal investigator and troubleshooter for their clients. However, Fang considers his primary duty to be that of Harriet's bodyguard. 

Professional Skills

Highly Educated
Fluent in several languages
Martial Arts (Master)


Self Defense: Hand-to-Hand: Fang is a black belt and master of several martial arts. He rarely resorts to using weapons.

Weapons: Fang is an expert swordsman and with the use of knives and staffs. He dislikes using guns but is a good shot when the need arises.

Hobbies & Interests

World History

  • Languages
  • Military History
  • Martial Arts (history and styles)
  • Collecting bladed weapons (modern and antique swords, knives, throwing starts, etc.)

Aliases / Nicknames

Fang Sūn-Shen (birth name given by Shaolin Monks, Hong Kong)


Current Residence

Belle-St. Regis Hotel (Temporary Residence)
Kalispell, Montana Territory

Fang is using the suite that is leased by H.G. Mercer & Associates as his primary residence.

San Francisco, California

Fang considers the Haight-Ashbury townhouse his primary home, but he maintains an elegant apartment not far away for personal use.

Place of Birth

Hong Kong, China

Kith & Kin


Harriet Gene Mercer

Josephine Francine Mercer

*Fang does not have any children of his own. He was made Harriet's guardian when she was sixteen years old. As a consequence, he also considers her younger half-sister, Josephine, as a daughter also.


Major Justin Alastair (adopted)

*Fang does not know who his biological parents were. He is not aware of having any blood relatives.

Life Events

fang9.jpgMay 18, 1823: Fang left at a Shaolin temple near Hong Kong.

1824 to 1834 (a. 1 - 11): Educated by the monks and began martial arts training.

1835 to 1845 (a. 12 - 22) 

1836 (a. 13): Aids a young British officer during a skirmish.
1837 (a. 14): Adopted by Major Justin Alastair; begins formal English education.
1839 (a. 16): Baron Justin Alistair declares Fang the heir to his estates.
1841 (a. 18): Meets Franklin Mercer in London; becomes friends.
1843 (a. 20): Journeys to New Orleans to bail Mercer out of trouble; decides to remain.

1845 to 1855 (a. 22 - 32): Frank Mercer takes custody of his daughter after mother's death. Fang's perception of his friend, Frank Mercer, changes drastically after Frank's wife, Winnifred, dies and Frank learns she had made her own will leaving everything in trust to their daughter, Harriet. Frank's casual cruelty toward Harriet, the way he would speak to her, diminished him in Fang's eyes. He soon stepped in as the child's primary caregiver, caring for Harriet as if she were his own daughter. Legally, he could do little more.

1857 (a. 34): Fang returns to Savannah with Harriet. Shortly after Harriet's 16th birthday, Fang put his foot down and informed Frank that she needed to be in a normal school, preferably one for young ladies. Frank, seeing his opportunity to be rid of the child as she was of little use to him, agrees and goes one step further. He goes with Fang to the law firm that administers Harriet's trust and signs custody over to him.

1858 (a. 35): Frank Mercer dies in duel.

1856 to 1875 (a. 33 - 52):As Harriet grew to adulthood, eventually taking on the care of her younger half-sister, Fang was a constant presence in her life. He loves H.G. as much as he would a daughter of his own and is quite proud of her accomplishments. In 1858, he received a telegram begging him to come to New Orleans to once again help Frank who was in trouble. He arrives too late to stop the duel. As it was a fair fight, if over questionable reasons, Fang returns to Georgia to give Harriet the news.

Fang carries a secret with him when he returns to Georgia. On his deathbed, Frank confessed to killing his wife, Winnifred. He excused by saying she was going to die anyway. Winnifred Mercer had been struck by a freight wagon and seriously injured. Frank had used a pillow and leaned on the injured areas, exasperating her injuries and causing her death. Fang was disgusted and left before Frank expired. From things Frank Mercer said as he was dying, Fang suspects he had been poisoning her gradually during his brief visits back to Boston. However, there was no definitive evidence to support his suspicions.

Fang serves as H.G.'s most trusted business associate, mentor, and sometime bodyguard.

Character Notes


Fang is highly educated, having attended Oxford where he studied linguistics and history.

Fang speaks several languages fluently including English which he speaks better than many people who claim it as their native first language.

Player Notes

Character Concept

Alistair Fang was designed to be a mysterious sidekick, bodyguard, and guardian to Harriet Mercer. If his role expands, his bio will be fleshed out.

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