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Frank Efferson

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About Frank Efferson

  • Bounty Hunter

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    Supporting Character
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    Dominick John O'Malley
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    Frank Ryan Efferson
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    Bounty Hunter
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Physical Description


Traits & Characteristics


"A decent cowboy don't take what belongs to someone else and if he does, well then, he deserves to be strung up and left for the flies and coyotes."

  • Frank tends to be a mild mannered and unassuming sort.   He's introverted by nature, though certainly enjoys having a friend to bend an elbow with once in awhile, swapping tall tales, scuttlebutt, and maybe even a few jokes. His quiet ways lead folks to under estimate him, which suits him just fine.
  • If anyone needs help, whether it's with roundin' up cattle that got out during a storm, trackin' down a horse thief, or just diggin' fence posts, they never need to ask more than once.
  • Bad with money - it just seems to burn a hole right through his pocket.  




Ranch Hand - (1857 - 1861)

Confederate Army - Cavalry (1861 - 1865)

Bounty Hunter - (1867 - current)


Horses - He's always had a good knack for horses and by the time he was a teenager, was breaking colts and taking on the 'problem' horses to see if he could turn them around. Much to his mother's dismay, he also took to racing them on the track and spent a little bit of time as a jockey. But ultimately, he was too tall to take it very far.

Cows - he learned more about cows than he really cared to know during his time as a ranch hand

Guns - As a country boy, Frank's been shooting longer than he can remember.  Growing up, it was mostly utilizing his pa's hunting rifle.  During the war, he got plenty of practice with a wider variety of firearms.

Aliases / Nicknames



  • Tennessee, born and raised
  • Arkansas, ranch hand.
  • Confederate Army - various locations
  • Camp Douglas, Illinois
  • Arkansas again
  • The road - He's traveled from Arkansas to California and back, never staying in one place too long
  • Current:  ? 



Kith & Kin

Father - Franklin Efferson

Mother - Grace Efferson 

Sister - Jane, born 1834

Sister - Sarah, born 1836

Brother - Matthew, born 1841  (MIA during civil war, presumed dead)


Life Events

  • January 15, 1839 - Birth in Tennessee
  • 1854 thru 1856 - (Age 15 thru 17) Jockeyin' for low-stakes horse races.  Some official, some very unofficial. 
  • Spring 1857 - (Age 18)  Starts as a ranch hand in Arkansas for Mr Benjamin Owens.  Meets Caroline Owens.
  • Summer 1860 - (Age 21) Marries Caroline.
  • 1861 - drafted into Confederate Army - 3rd Tennessee Cavalry, under the command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • September, 1864 - Captured in battle when his horse was shot and fell on him.  Taken to Camp Douglas in Illinois where he spent the remainder of the war as a POW.
  • 1865 - End of War, released from prison, returns to Caroline.
  • 1866 - Buys a 2 year old, barely green broke, filly named Apple Pie because Caroline took a shine to her.
  • 1867 - Caroline murdered by unknown assailant.  Frank takes up a search for the man
  • 1868 - With no luck finding Caroline's assailant, Frank's running low on money.  Starts taking on the role of a bounty hunter


Character Notes



"Miss Pie's as gentle and lady-like as they come. One of the best I ever had the pleasure of bein' 'quainted with. When I count my blessings, I count my horse twice."  ~ Frank


Player Notes

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