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Physical Description

aredmond-250.jpgAurelian is just over medium height, lean and muscular in build. He has dark brown hair, just a touch of greying on the sideburns if you look closely enough. His eyes are also deep brown. Due to the fact that homesteading is labor intensive work, he tends to wear plain, durable clothing.

Traits & Characteristics

  • Sober minded, firm  (+)
  • Devoted to his family (+)
  • Driven to succeed, stubborn in his ways (+/-)
  • Brave, when young to the point of being almost foolhardy (+/-)
  • Upright, no tolerance for outlaws, troublemakers (+/-)

General Personality

Aurelian, at a first meeting, seems a very even tempered, mild mannered, solemn sort. He speaks calmly in a matter of fact tone of voice. His smile, when he chooses to use it, is genuine. One can tell he is educated given his vocabulary and knowledge of a wide variety of subjects.

However if he does become angry and or gets into a fight, the look on his face changes. He has a tightly controlled anger that is dangerous for those he might unleash it upon. Violence is not his first choice but make no mistake about, he is perfectly capable of using it including killing. His military experience included more than enough killing.

Around his children, he is patient but expects obedience and proper behavior. Anyone who watches the three of them interact would soon realize they are a close knit loving family.


Redmond Homestead


Kalispell, Montana Territory

Professional Skills

Ex-soldier in the cavalry. Knows weapons, horses, learned farming from his uncle prior to the war.


Self Defense

He can shoot, he owns two rifles and two pistols as his personal arsenal.

While he has been in his share of fisticuffs and brawls, mostly in his wilder young days, he would prefer not to engage in such things anymore. If involved though, he could at least acquit himself reasonably well.

Hobbies & Interests

Too busy for such foolishness as hobbies. His interests are making his homestead a success and seeing to it his children have a decent life.

Aliases / Nicknames



Redmond Homestead

2 miles outside of Kalispell, Montana Territory

Kith & Kin


Spouse / Partner

Kathleen Redmond (deceased 1874)


Clara - First born, age 15.



Wyatt - Age 11.



Catherine (deceased, 1874, a. 3 months)


Julius Redmond (They are no longer in touch by mutual consent)

Susan Redmond (They are no longer in touch by mutual consent)

Juliana Redmond (Younger sister, no longer in touch)
Other Family

Uncle Ramsey (Took in Aurelian when he was in his late teens until the war, taught him farming) Deceased.



TBD in game play


TBD in game play

Life Events

| 1836 |

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania to Julius and Susan Redmond. It was a difficult birth, perhaps foretelling the often contentious relationship between parents and son. Aurelian was named after a famous Roman emperor, even as his father had been named after an illustrious historical Roman too. Julius was a successful businessman in town and always planned his son would follow him to take over the business someday. Once old enough to be aware of such things, young Aurelian had other ideas. There were probably many causes and blame to go around, but Aury was quite - first a scamp and then later a rebel. Julius was stern even severe and did not hesitate to use a riding crop on his defiant son. It didn't work.

| 1851 |

Aurelian had a serious run-in with the law, it seemed he was charged with stealing a horse which he adamantly denied to little avail. Even his father did nothing to help him as their relationship was already poisonous enough. Fortunately being 15 years of age probably saved him a harsh fate but he ended up serving three months in jail and owing the horse's original owner for the cost of the animal as it had been injured during the so-called theft and was put down. His father would not give him a penny. That's when his Uncle Ramsey stepped into the picture. He took in the lad and put him to work on his farm. Uncle Ramsey could be firm in his expectations too, but he also was much kinder in his outlook on bringing up a boy. Aurelian got along so much better with Ramsey, and his behavior settled down.

| 1859 |

Aurelian was working in a local racing stable in the horse barn when he met Kathleen Bevins at an event at the local race track. They danced into the night and hit it off splendidly. After a short courtship, they were married later in the year, Aurelian's parents were not even invited and probably wouldn't have come anyhow.

| 1860 |

Late that year the couple welcomed into the world their first child, a baby girl who they named Clara.

| 1861 |

The Civil War began and in a burst of patriotic enthusiasm a rash Aurelian volunteered for the service. He enlisted in a cavalry unit due to his experience with horses. He found himself a trooper in the 6th Volunteers Regiment or Rush's Lancers, the only unit in the war to carry lances. Later in the war, they were issued Sharp's carbines, much more practical.

Aurelian participated in several skirmishes, his own opinion was the lance was useless but orders were orders. He was promoted to corporal in 1862 then to sergeant in 1863.

| 1863 |

A most memorable year for the young soldier and family man, during the Gettysburg campaign he was fortunate enough to be rewarded for his good service by a quick leave to visit his wife and little girl. It was but a single day (and night) before he had to head back to his unit, but nine months later Kathleen gave birth to a baby boy, Wyatt. Then soon after at the Battle of Brandy Station, Aurelian took part in what even many Confederate foes claimed was 'the most brilliant and glorious charge of the whole war,' his 6th Regiment suffering the single heaviest losses amongst cavalry in any single engagement of the war. Aurelian was both brave and lucky. He was nominated by his company commander for the Congressional Medal of Honor and survived two light wounds.

| 1865 |

By the time the war was over the 6th had been amalgamated with other units into the 2nd Provisional Regiment and was then mustered out late that year in Kentucky. His war was over, and he was heartily sick of it too.

| 1867 |

A rather subdued Aurelian now settled down to make a livelihood for his family of four. Uncle Ramsey passed away, just dropped dead out in his fields one hot summer day. He left the place to Aurelian, so the family moved in.

| 1870 |

Scranton had changed rapidly after the Civil War, growing into a full-size city and gobbling up the former farms on the outskirts. Aurelian was convinced to sell even Kathleen approved, they had been scraping by, but it had not been prosperous for the work put into it. 

| 1871 |

For a time they lived with Kathleen's ailing mother as she could no longer manage alone. Aurelian had difficulty finding any decent work, it wasn't easy for the family, and it galled him fiercely. To top it off Kathleen gave birth to their third child, another girl named Catherine. Another mouth to feed however dearly loved. Sadly though the baby was never really healthy like their first two offspring and the poor little girl died a few months later. Kathleen especially was distraught.

| 1872 |

Late in the summer, Kathleen's mother passed on, and since the property was next to worthless with a small rundown house, they hung around long enough to sell it for what they could get then made the momentous decision to go out to the western frontier. The land was available out there, an ambitious man could take advantage of the Homestead Act and carve himself out a decent sized plot of land. 

| 1873 |

The family utilized the railroads to take them west to Chicago then up into Minnesota where they stayed for a short time, but Aurelian had heard good things about Montana. It was a beautiful country there and more choice land available there than even Minnesota. So on they went further west. Seems no one told them about Indian trouble though. Not quite true, Clara, voracious reader that she was, had read of it in the papers when she could get a hold of one. Supposedly though there was a gold rush going on too and most were certain the government would have to protect the flood of prospectors swarming there.

| 1874 |

Montana was truly as scenic as they had been told. Clara sourly pointed out the winters would be hard, but Aurelian liked what he saw. Less civilization to him meant more freedom. Sure enough, they found a section of land they believed would be perfect, close to water, soil seemed rich and fertile. Aurelian put in a claim, paid his $18, and commenced to work on a place to live. That's when disaster struck. One early afternoon, they were hit by Indians. Later some told Aurelian they had been lucky it wasn't even a full war party but just a few young bucks looking for trouble and an easy target. Aurelian did not agree. It was all over in minutes really. Kathleen was washing some clothing at the nearby creek along with Clara. Wyatt was helping Aurelian with the roof. The Indians came at them from more than direction, and Aurelian no sooner spotted three braves coming at the unfinished cabin but heard screams from the creek. He and Wyatt scrambled down, a few shots missing them both until he reached for his rifle. He dropped one Indian, and the other two retreated. Then he raced for the creek, Wyatt in his wake trying to keep up. He found Kathleen first. She was dead, an arrow deeply embedded in her back. She was lying upon Clara who was moaning and also wounded. Another arrow had impacted just below her right collarbone, also a deep wound but not a fatal one. So far. Aurelian had no choice, he had to get help for his daughter, so he loaded up the wagon with her and his wife's body, hitched the team and headed for the nearby community. There was a doctor there and fortunately a good one. Clara lived. Once she could, Clara told of how her mother had shielded her with her own body after she had been hit by the first arrow. Aurelian knew that was his Kathleen alright. To add to his grief, later when he returned to his homestead, everything was either burnt to ashes or stolen, the Indians must have come back. Clara took a month to heal, battling an infection but stubbornly (for that was Clara) pulling thru. They left for someplace else in Montana then.

| 1875 |

Kalispell wasn't big, but it seemed nice enough. Plus Aurelian was a desperate man now, without his wife but with two children who depended on him, he had to find them a place to live. That is when he met Lloyd Sidwell and his wife. Sidwell was another homesteader, but he was in the act of leaving his place. He said his wife wanted to go back East but pointed out they already had a cabin constructed on their land. Aurelian paid him virtually the last of his money for that land. The man took him out there and indeed he had been telling the truth. It was actually a fine construction job too, better than he could have done, Aurelian grudgingly had to admit. 

He now had a roof over the heads of his family. It was enough for the time being. They couldn't give up, Kathleen wouldn't want that. It was time to make this place their home, no more moving. Come hell or high water, they were staying.

Character Notes

Will be added as needed.

Player Notes

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Recent Posts

  1. Aurelian Redmond
    The look on Aurelian's face, though he did try to disguise it, showed he was less than pleased to have to now spend time with the whole Wigfall family plus some of their boarders whom he did not even know. Frankly it was none of their damn business.
    He did reply with a simple "hello" back to Jemima and was surprised when she hollered for Lucinda that he had arrived. How the devil did she even know that? Apparently Lucinda must have told the Wigfalls.
    "Thank you," he replied to her compliment of how he looked.
    As to her question about where they were going, that was something she did not need to know so he simply gave no reply. By then the others had flooded up like the circus was in town. Mrs. Wigfall then repeated her daughter's questions .
    "Perhaps," he answered, leave 'em guessing.
    Mercifully, there came Lucinda then down the stairs, looking very nice in that dress too. He smiled up at her, ignoring his inquisitors.
    "Mr. Redmond has kindly agreed to give me a tour of his homestead," she said calmly. Then to Mrs. Wigfall, she said, "We have plans for dinner so I'm afraid we can't linger."
    "Indeed," Aurelian nodded tersely, his eyes firmly on the woman, paying no mind to the herd.
    Turning to Aurelian, she held out her arm. "Shall we?"
    "I do believe we shall," and arm in arm they quickly exited the building.
  2. Aurelian Redmond
    Mature Content: Highly doubt it.
    With: The Redmonds: Aurelian, Clara, and Wyatt
    Location: Redmond farm
    When: August 1876
    Time of Day: Mid afternoon

    Aurelian pulled up his two horse wagon next to the Wigfall boarding house and applied the brake, probably not really necessary, his horses were so used to this sort of thing they knew to wait. He was dressed for the occasion, wearing a dark suit with a tie and his good hat, he looked the part of a town gentleman rather than dirt farmer he really was. He had trimmed his mustache and what passed for a goatee, his dress shoes were shined.

    He had debated bringing along some flowers to present Lucinda but Clara felt that might be a bit too much, it's not like he was courting afterall. Just a friendly visit then a home cooked meal. Sometimes Aurelian thought he was more of a romantic than his no nonsense daughter but then she had fallen for a boy and gotten herself...............umm, married. There was a time when Aurelian thought the girl might never even meet a boy she liked...let alone marry one. Granted, in his opinion, the town and local ranches didn't exactly have a wide choice of suitable young men. The stress was on suitable not actual numbers.
    As he then approached the front door to the place, he mentally rehearsed his greeting to the woman. One did not want to say the wrong thing and she think him an idiot. The next thing was now that he had arrived, did he knock on the door or did he just go right on in - it was a boarding house afterall not a private residence. Hell if he knew, he had never visited a boarding house before. With a last second pause of indecision he decided to knock, there was a convenient door knocker there. He gave it a few raps then cleared his throat and waited.
  3. Aurelian Redmond
    "Of course you miss her," Lucinda said sympathetically. "She's your daughter."
    Aurelian nodded then smiled, "I'm not so sure my father would have said that about me. Not all parents and offspring are close." 
    The woman brought up a few other possible stumblings blocks to his invitation but the man deftly had an answer for them.  Finally she agreed.
    "Well, you make it sound so easy. So...yes," she said with a smile.
    "Good! So then, now that we have that straightened out what day would you be available to come?Oh and you don't have to give me an answer right off. I do not want to rush you," he added.
  4. Aurelian Redmond
    "When I left the homestead, I never wanted to see another farm again. But your farm...it sounds different than the one I left. So...yes, Aurelian, I would be happy to go out to the farm with you."
    Aurelian was a bit taken aback by that first part but managed a smile, "Well, most farms are probably basically the same but I suppose each have their own personal touches too depending on who lives there, that sort of thing. I don't claim mine is anything special but I have become quite attached to it."
    "I would be happy to cook a meal while I am out at the farm, but I'm sure it would be a better meal if Clara cooked it."
    "No, no, I wouldn't think of inviting you out there and then making you do the cooking. You will be my honored guest. Besides when I ask Clara, it is a valid excuse for her to come back home and I get to have her home with me even if it is just a few hours. I don't mind admitting, I miss her," Aurelian replied.
     "I don't own a horse. How would I get out to the farm?" she suddenly considered.
    "Not an issue. I would of course come and pick you up. I have a wagon, you need not even get on a horse," he had a quick answer for that problem.
    "Honestly, all you have to do is say 'yes' and I got it from there," he smiled.
  5. Aurelian Redmond
    "I was pregnant three times." She stopped and swallowed. She didn't say anymore but then she didn't need to, Aurelian got it and frowned.
    "I'm sorry. That must have been terrible for you and your husband," he responded in sympathy.
    They both didn't want to dwell on all that sadness in both their lives so he moved on to talking about Clara's baking skills, a little bragging like a typical proud papa.
    "I didn't know that. She doesn't seem like the type to boast about her own accomplishments, though. And...to be fair...we only met today."
    "Oh she wouldn't bring it up but she was quite proud of that blue ribbon she won.  Can you blame her?" it was a rhetorical question.
    He then mentioned that Emeline has played a vital role in Clara's life as a sort of replacement mother figure, hoping the woman would get what he meant.
    "Why, yes, that makes sense. Emeline strikes me as a very motherly type. I think she's the reason I wanted to stay, even if I didn't realize it at the time."
    "Oh I believe that. I was impressed with her the very first time I met her and felt very comfortable with allowing Clara to work for her," he nodded.
    "Say.....pardon me if this is too bold, I am not good at this sort of thing but.." Aurelian paused for the right words, "....would you want to come out to the farm once and see how the Redmonds do farming? Not that it is in any way spectacular but you might just want to take a look, I could cook up something or ...........maybe a smarter move...ask Clara to make something I could serve. Feel free to decline, I would not take offense."
  6. Aurelian Redmond
    "Well, Clara seems happy," Lucinda ventured. "I hope her life with Jacob is easy."
    "I think she is. I know she loves him deeply....Clara never does anything other than all out," Aurelian smiled.
    He leaned in closer to Lucinda then as if to tell her something hush hush.
    "She is pregnant. She doesn't want people to know yet. She only admitted it to me when I outright asked her. It's not showing obviously yet but I could tell," Aurelian confided in the woman.
    "It's going to complicate their lives alright. I know that well, having been a father three times," he added, then figured he should explain, "We did lose a child at birth sadly."
    Wyatt was still too young for any such serious things and Aurelian pointed out the boy had yet to discover girls as it were.
    "Enjoy him hating girls while you can," she said with a laugh. "Soon he'll be like Hector, following me around like I've bewitched him!"
    "Oh that young Wigfall....I know of him. Friend of Jacob. Clara does not like him. But - and don't tell Clara I said this - but Clara does not like a LOT of people," he smiled.
    "But never mind about Hector," she continued. "How was Clara's pie? Up to her usual standards?"
    "Always. A bit of a father bragging about one's own but did you know that she won the pie baking contest at the Kalispell fall fair the very first time she entered. She was the youngest contestant and almost no one knew her. But then Mrs. Pike had not entered that time or it might have been a harder decision by the judges. They both love their baking though. They make a good team. Mrs. Pike is the mother that Clara no longer has............if that makes sense?"
  7. Aurelian Redmond
    ooc: Sorry, this got lost. Remind me if I don't answer in a few days....
    "I know what you mean," the woman reached across the table to take his hand impulsively.
    Oh he noticed alright but did not pull away, why would he? He figured she was probably just lonely, being a widow n' all. He full well knew the sorrow of losing a spouse you were in love with .
    "Fair enough," he nodded.
    "So you're working the farm with Wyatt. What happens when he gets old enough to move away and get married?"
    Aurelian smiled, "That'll be some years yet I figure. Although Clara left the nest a whole lot earlier than I ever figured."
    "Besides, Wyatt tells me he's never gettin' married, he hates girls. I asked him about the girls in school, even all of them? And he said they were worse than Clara," Aurelian chuckled.
    "We both know that can change though as boys get older."
  8. Aurelian Redmond
    "A lake," she murmured, her eyebrows rising.
    "Yeah, sure....you know....those big things with lots of water in them," Aurelian teased. His conversations with Clara had often been filled with this sort of give and take and he missed that.
    "You would never want to go back east? That wouldn't be starting over...would it?"
    "Afraid it would, I left that world behind me. Sold what I had to pay for our trip out west. Later had to buy a wagon and team, supplies, to get around out here. I've got nothing back there. So, no, I would never want to go back anymore. It would almost be like Katherine died for nothing then if you know what I mean?"
  9. Aurelian Redmond
    The two engaged in knowing smiles, both well aware of what was probably going to or had already begun to happen upstairs. Nothing wrong with it, Clara and Jacob were married. Aurelian would have wished for a whole lot more self control from the young pair earlier but what was done was done. Clara was happy, Jacob seemed to be trying to be a good husband.
    "You haven't said anything I wasn't thinking. I'm not sure it would be considered decent, but..." she looked around the kitchen and then shrugged. "No one else is around to tell us it's indecent!"
    "Well, both of us were married, we know what goes on. As far as telling us anything, people can just mind their own business I say," he smiled, eying that pie slice.
    She must have noticed where his eyes had traveled.
    "Here. Whatever happens, you should eat your pie." She poked her head out into the empty diner and glanced back at him, her eyes dancing a bit.
    "Well, I suppose as long as you are twisting my arm, I shall reluctantly obey," he grinned
    "In fact...why don't we sit down out here?"
    "Why don't we," he promptly sat and then picked up the fork to cut into the slice.
    "Tell me about your farm," she said as she sat down at a table. "Do you raise crops, or cattle?"
    "Well, it's a farm, so it's crops. I got a milk cow and that's it. It's not a lot of acreage but I got it at a cheap price, a good deal for certain. The soil is good. Plenty of water, there is even a lake on the back edge of the property. My kids like it for swimming   (And other things it seemed with Clara)."
    "That's the good. Most things come with the bad though too don't they," he shrugged then paused to eat a big bite before continuing, "It is sandwiched right between the two biggest ranches in the county - Evergreen and Lost Lake. Luckily I get along with the owners of Lost Lake. Evergreen...well, the man who owns that is hard for anyone to get along with. I know he wants my property. He hasn't come with an offer though....yet. Not that I'm looking for one. I'd rather not start over.......yet again. We originally came from Pennsylvania where I had a farm but well..........things didn't work out there. My wife convinced me to go west and start over. One 'start over' is enough for me."
  10. Aurelian Redmond
    "Pardon my saying so, but I think it's mostly good. This country could do with a little more civilization," the lady offered.
    "Oh I most definitely think you are right," Aurelian replied with a nod.
    "I'm sure your visits mean as much to her as they do to you," she said with a smile.
    "I believe so, well at least I certainly hope so. But Clara has a new man in her life now and well....that's the way it is supposed to be," he shrugged then watched her cut up the pie. It looked mouth watering alright, he was indeed hungry.
    "Shall I wrap this one up for you, or would you like to eat it here? I'm sure Clara will be down in a few minutes if you'd like to eat while you wait," Lucinda gave him options.
    Aurelian only gave her a mischievous smile, "I'm not so sure she will be hurrying back down. My daughter is a hard worker, as I am sure you will find out soon enough if you haven't already but........she is human."
    "Oh, I'm sorry, I hope I am not slipping the bonds of decency with such insinuations. We can change the subject."

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