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Nathan Brittles

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About Nathan Brittles

  • Major, U.S. Cavalry

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    Main Character
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  • Full Name
    Nathan Brittles
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  • Profession
    Cavalry Officer
  • Position
    Commanding Officer, Fort Lincoln
  • Birth Date
    July 7th, 1841
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    Reddish Brown
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Physical Description

Wears his uniform when on duty. 

When off duty, wears civilian clothes.

Well groomed. 

When on duty wears the standard military holster. When off duty, or in civilian clothes, wears 2 pistols.

Traits & Characteristics

Level headed.

Excellent leader.

Doesn't tolerate lying, cheating or drunkards in his command.


United States Calvary.


Commanding officer of Fort Lincoln, to be build.

Commands 100 officers and enlisted.


Graduated from West Point in 1861.

First assigned to White House and President Lincoln's military liaison.

Fought in several major campaigns. Battlefield promotions for valor. 

Promoted to Captain.

When President Lincoln was assassinated, was transferred out west. Rumor has it that President Johnson didn't want anyone who knew Lincoln personally.

In 1804, promoted to Major.

Aliases / Nicknames

His soldiers call him "Old Glory" behind his back.


When the fort is built, will reside in the commanding officers quarters.

In the mean time, resides in his tent.

Kith & Kin

Parents: Robert and Martha Brittles. Deceased.

Father was a rich industrialist. When his parents died, he received his inheritance, which includes a large house in Syracuse and the family fortune. 

Wife: Amanda Brittles. Deceased. Died in child birth.

Life Events

Born in 1821, Syracuse, New York.

Graduated West Point Academy in 1861, rank 2nd Lieutenant. First assignment was as liaison to President Lincoln, White House.

In 1863, transferred to cavalry unit.

Fought in several major campaigns. 

Battlefield promotions to Lieutenant, then Captain.

Fought at Gettysburg.

Transferred out west. First to Texas, then to the Dakota Territories. 

Promoted to Major, assigned Commanding Officer, Fort Lincoln.

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  1. Nathan Brittles
    As Nathan waited to see the colonel, he looked out a window at the fort...it was run down...no real defenses.
    There were soldiers standing guard near the stockade. He wondered who was in there.
  2. Nathan Brittles
    Major Brittles led his command into Fort Poison. 
    He saw that the wagons driven by his soldiers, were all accounted for, then the horses were unhitched and cared for. 
    Any  wagons driven by civilians were stationed near the other wagons, and their horses were taken care of by the soldiers.
    After seeing that all his people were taken care of, he approached the fort's commanding officer's quarters. Once inside, he saw a Lieutenant at a desk and when the Lieutenant saw him, he came to attention. "Can I help you, major?"
    "Major Nathan Brittles. I'm here to report in and pay my respects to the commanding officer."
    The lieutenant nodded, then knocked on the CO's officer, then entered.
  3. Nathan Brittles
    Brittles looked at Addy. "We'll be heading out to Fort Kilpatrick tonight." Brittles turned to his aide. "Lieutenant, have the men prepare to mount, we're moving out." With that Farley rode off.
    Brittles looked at Harriett. "Once we reach Fort Kilpatrick, I'll report to the colonel, and if he gives his permission, we'll start trying to track your cattle. I hope that meets with your approval, Miss Mercer."
    Brittles mounted his horse. "I hope, while we're at Kilpatrick, you ladies will do me the pleasure of dining with me."
    With that, he rode off.
  4. Nathan Brittles
    "Miss Mercer. As soon as we reach Kalispell see if they can track down your missing cattle. Your people, of course, are welcome to come along. How many cattle did the Indians take?" 
  5. Nathan Brittles
    "Miz Harriet, this is Major Brittles, US Cavalry, but ya probably figgered that out!"
    Nathan touched the brim of his hat. "A pleasure, Miss Harriet. Glad we could be of service." He gave the pretty lady a smile. "Is anyone in your party hurt?"
    Tag @Stormwolfe@Bongo
  6. Nathan Brittles
    Brittles and his men returned to Brittles dismounted and one of the troopers came over and took his horse to be fed and watered. 
    The major took the time to walk around the camp, making sure everyone, including the newcomers, were okay.
    He walked towards where Addy's wagon was. 
    He walked up to see Addy talking to another woman and a man....probably the ones that were ahead of the hostiles.
  7. Nathan Brittles
    Both turned their mounts and started back to the command, clearing the treeline in time to see Brittles and what appeared to be a squad, starting off in he direction the attack had come from. They looked to one another.
    "Maybe ambush is is there!" Ke-Ni-Tay said.
    Brittles led his men at a fast pace, hoping to catch up with any Indians. He noticed that his bugler was struggling with his mount....he decided when they had a chance, he would give him some lessons in riding.
    They rode for about half a mile...with no sign of the hostiles....so Brittles had the men turn around and head back towards the camp.
  8. Nathan Brittles
    Brittles looked at the man. "What is it you want?"
    Quentin looked out before them before looking back to the officer. "Quentin Cantrell, sir...I and my party were bringing a small herd of cattle to the fort when we ran afoul of the indians. I would consider it a personal favor if you could assign a few men to help I and my group gather our scattered herd."
  9. Nathan Brittles
  10. Nathan Brittles
    Brittles had his horse brought over to him, then he ordered one of the lieutenants take a squad of men to check if the Indians were actually dead. He also ordered the lieutenant to recover and rifles the Indians had, and to round up any of the Indian ponies that survived.
    Brittles ordered his men to mount, and when they did, they started heading the way the hostiles came from.

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