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Emeline Blakesley

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    Jill Wagner
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    Emeline Harris Blakesley
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Physical Description

Not too scrawny nor too fluffy, Emeline moves with grace but projects confidence and competence.  She is quick with a smile, but just as quick with the rolling pin of you step out of line!  She keeps her hair in a braid and dresses plainly but neatly.

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Traits & Characteristics

Tomboy!  That sums Em up in one word.  There is pretty much nothing frail or fragile about her, she has always had a sense of adventure, wanting to learn and explore, learning best by doing hands-on, often with dubious results.  More than once, her big brother had rescued her from trees or the roof of the house.  She's good at going up, but freezes trying to come down!  But she trusted her brother, Aimon, idolized him, and was devastated when he was killed during the war

Dreamer...Like Aimon, her head is often in the clouds, playing out scenarios or creating worlds that are better than this one.  Unlike her brother, though, she has the heart and passion of a dreamer, using her free time to write her own stories or act things out, dancing her way through life.

Caretaker...Em has a quiet, gentle way about her that seems to put beasties at ease and make them trust her.  And she likes peace and order in her world, as much as she can, so she tends to try to organize things when she is able.  And if someone is hurting, be it physically or at heart, she wants to do what she can to make them well again, or at least to dull the hurt, often finding that action a catharsis for her own pain.  If she is busy helping, healing or dreaming, there is little time to fret over her own trouble.

Bold...Tomby that she is, she will stand up to a bully and isn't one to back down from a fight, especially in light of what she has been though. 

Scared Little Girl...Underneath it all, she is still a child, a little girl who yearns for the safety and security of family, who just wants to be able to play and dream without worrying that her world is going to be torn apart by tragedy and that some day she'll find love again.


Emeline owns the Lick Skillet Cafe


Cooking, of course!  Em also has some knowledge of using herbs and has a garden behind her cafe that she cultivates to use in her cooking.  She plays the concertina

Aliases / Nicknames



Born in Illinois, Emeline now lives in a small apartment above her cafe

Kith & Kin

Life Events

1849 -- Born in Taylorville, Illinois, Emeline Harris


1866 -- Married to Andrew Blakesley


1867 -- Andrew moves them to North Dakota to take up mining.  Emeline, pregnant when they leave, gives birth to a daughter during the trip


1868 -- Their daughter catches cholera and dies, Em is pregnant again, but mis-carries


1870 -- Andrew is killed in a mining accident, Em opens a cafe in a tent to support herself


1873 -- Bought the cafe in Kalispell

Character Notes

do rae mi!

Player Notes

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Recent Posts

  1. Emeline Blakesley
    Em, Flandry, Barnabas in passing
    "I'm all right," Emeline assured Barnabas as he hobbled past, although she was trembling and clinging tightly to Ralph's arm for support.  She was fine, she just needed a moment to sit and catch her breath in the safety of her own space.  I did help quite a bit to know that Barnabas was fine.
    "I can't believe that happened...poor Mister Olsen."  Praise God she hadn't seen the man actually get shot.  "I didn't know what to do.  I don't suppose I could have done anything."  Even if she'd been a man and had a gun, chances were good anything she would have tried inside the bank would have resulted in her getting shot.
    "Please, Mr. Flandry, come in for some coffee and pie," she offered as the approached the cafe, but then she wondered if that was appropriate, or what was appropriate under the circumstances.
  2. Emeline Blakesley
    "Yes, yes, I'll be fine..."  Her tone was distracted as she looked toward the door, them back to Barnabas.  "Do you really think coyotes will get that poor raccoon?"  Could the creature make it though the night in its condition...and could she just ignore that it might be in danger?
    "Oh, Barnabas, I know you'll think me silly, but I have to at least see if I can find him..."  After all, she had left the door open, and it had been her elderberry wine...
    "I can put him in the shed out back for the night."  Although she certainly didn't expect him to partake in her whims.  "Then I'll behave and get to bed so I can be an adult in the morning!"  She grabbed an apron to wrap around the raccoon, if she found it.
  3. Emeline Blakesley
    Front/ Emeline, Quinten, Ralph, Speed & Barabas
    As bullets flew over her head, Emeline managed to kick free of her skirts and scramble back against the boardwalk, where she would be out of the way of the men trying to stop the miscreant.  Instinctively, she covered her head while she fought to control her breathing. 
    Then she heard someone talking to her and she looked up, smiling shakily as she took his hand and got to her feet.  "Thank you, Mr. Flandry, I'm unscathed."  Her gaze drifted to Barnabas, and she was happy to see that he seemed to be all right.  "A little shaken...there are still two more...they went out the back."
    They needed to know that there was still a threat.  "They shot Mr. Olsen...is he..?  Does he need help?"  Well, she was pretty certain that there was nothing that could be done for the man, but she had to ask...
    @Wayfarer; @Flip; @Longshot
  4. Emeline Blakesley
    "Ah, yes, that's a good idea."  Emeline nodded, but she was in no hurry to move away from him...as independent as she wanted to believe she was, she enjoyed and longed for the warmth and comfort of his touch.  It wouldn't be long that she could just stay in his arms, yet it seemed an eternity.
    Finally, she pushed away and took a step back, smiling.  "You're right, though, I was in a hurry and likely didn't close the door properly.  I'm afraid I don't pay as close attention as I should."  He was going to be angry with her, but there were mostly good folks around town so she wasn't very careful about always locking up.  Besides, she would never turn down someone needing a meal, so if they wandered in...well, she'd rather not have them sneaking around, but....
    "I'll be more vigilant..."
  5. Emeline Blakesley
    Emeline rolled her eyes, then laughed.  "Oh, just wait until you see the man who won my heart, he'll make that poor raccoon look like the Prince of India!"  She rinsed out the rag she'd used to clean up the wine then hung it on the edge of the sink.  "And even better, he drinks his wine from a glass and cleans up his own messes!"
    Grinning, she stepped over and kissed him, then nestled against his chest.  "I promise I'll pay more attention to locking up, but I'm glad I have you here to keep me safe."  Chuckling a little, she added, "Out at the house I suppose there will be all manner of critters looking for my biscuits and elderberry wine!  They'll all be welcome, though."
    Even if there were wild creatures lurking around, Emeline would want to help them....well, she'd keep mountain lions at a distance, but the smaller things she wouldn't mind.
  6. Emeline Blakesley
    Emeline had no choice but to go with the man, but that didn't mean she had to make it easy on him.  As much as she could, she dug in her heels, forcing him to slow a bit and push her.  As they got outside, she looked around, relieved to see that Barnabas was all right, and drawig some hope from all the people gathered around.
    As soon as he was in the street, the man dragged her toward a horse, then shoved her, sending her to her hands and knees in the dirt, and it took her a few seconds to catch her breath, the sound of gunshots ringing in her ears.
    It was funny, but she was more worried for the horse as Barnabas started shooting at it, and although she understood the need, it seemed such a sad waste.  After all, the horse had nothing to do with anything and...
    ...And it was dropping toward her, she needed to get out of the way but as she rolled and scrambled back she got tangled in her skirts, and the gunman was still looming over her...
    Digging in her pocket, she pulled out the derringer and pulled the trigger, barely taking time to aim...
    @Longshot; @Wayfarer; @Flip
    (She probably didn't hit anything)
  7. Emeline Blakesley
    Inside the Bank
    Chaos broke out in the bank, and Emeline wished that she could shrink, or just get out.  At least she had a spot out of the way, and for the most part the men seemed to be ignoring her, and she had no qualm with just staying quietly out of the way, there was nothing she could do that would actually be helpful, and as long as she was pressed against the wall and stayed unnoticed, she wouldn't be in the way or hinder any rescue.
    But then things changed...one of the men swore as he peered out the window, and as Emeline followed his gaze her blood went cold...Barnabas was just out in the street, exposed.  She had no idea why he was in the open like that, but she could see that the outlaw at te door was aiming at him...
    Without any thought or consideration, Emeline lunged, shouting, "NO!" as she barrelled into the man, shoving him off balance and partially out the door.  At that point, she was inclined to just keep going outside, but then she was grabbed and suddenly yanked back inside...
    @Flip, any
  8. Emeline Blakesley
    Emeline in the Bank
    It was taking all her concentration to keep her breathing under control, but Emeline knew she had to keep her wits about her, especially when one of the men suggested they take her hostage.  The last thing she wanted was to be dragged along with these men, especially since she knew that Barnabas would be in the thick of things, and if she was too involved it might distract him, and he could get hurt.
    Maybe, just maybe, he'd ridden out on patrol and wasn't actually in town, but as much as Emeline hoped that to be the truth, she knew that was wishful thinking.  Biting her lower lip, she scooted as tightly into a corner as she could, hoping the men would forget about her and praying for Barnabas' safety...for everyone's safety, even the idiots robbing the bank.
  9. Emeline Blakesley
    "Perhaps you'd better."  While Emeline didn't think there was anything more amiss than her own absent-mindedness, it wouldn't hurt to err on the side of caution.  "I'll get this cleaned up..."
    She hadn't planned on sopping up spilled elderberry wine, it had been a long day and she'd been up early, but at least the bottle wasn't broken.
    "Buster, you are supposed to keep critters out," she chided with a soft laugh as she grabbed a towel then set to work.  "Are you trying to frighten Barnabas off?  You know he knows about you, and besides, it's too late."  Reaching over, she scratched the cat's ears, "He already proposed and the date is set, so trying to make us look like wild heathens by inviting your friends over won't work!"
  10. Emeline Blakesley
    Mr. Raccoon finally managed to stagger out the door, and as Buster started in pursuit, Emeline snatched him up by the nape, chiding, "Oh, no you don't!" 
    Even at arm's length, there was an odor coming off the squirming cat, and Emeline frowned.  "Oh, you did not..."  She glanced at Barnabas and shook her head.  "He reeks of elderberry wine.  I think that poor raccoon is drunk!"
    Buster wouldn't actually drink the stuff, but if the raccoon had knocked the bottle over, the cat would have tramped through it, and it did explain why the wild critter was so off-balance.  And sure enough, once she lit the lamp in the kitchen, the evidence was there on the floor.
    "Oh, good heavens!"  Letting go of the cat, she started to laugh.  "I always wondered what Buster got up to when I was gone!"

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