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    Jill Wagner
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    Emeline Harris Blakesley
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Physical Description

Not too scrawny nor too fluffy, Emeline moves with grace but projects confidence and competence.  She is quick with a smile, but just as quick with the rolling pin of you step out of line!  She keeps her hair in a braid and dresses plainly but neatly.

jill wagner.jpg

Traits & Characteristics

Tomboy!  That sums Em up in one word.  There is pretty much nothing frail or fragile about her, she has always had a sense of adventure, wanting to learn and explore, learning best by doing hands-on, often with dubious results.  More than once, her big brother had rescued her from trees or the roof of the house.  She's good at going up, but freezes trying to come down!  But she trusted her brother, Aimon, idolized him, and was devastated when he was killed during the war

Dreamer...Like Aimon, her head is often in the clouds, playing out scenarios or creating worlds that are better than this one.  Unlike her brother, though, she has the heart and passion of a dreamer, using her free time to write her own stories or act things out, dancing her way through life.

Caretaker...Em has a quiet, gentle way about her that seems to put beasties at ease and make them trust her.  And she likes peace and order in her world, as much as she can, so she tends to try to organize things when she is able.  And if someone is hurting, be it physically or at heart, she wants to do what she can to make them well again, or at least to dull the hurt, often finding that action a catharsis for her own pain.  If she is busy helping, healing or dreaming, there is little time to fret over her own trouble.

Bold...Tomby that she is, she will stand up to a bully and isn't one to back down from a fight, especially in light of what she has been though. 

Scared Little Girl...Underneath it all, she is still a child, a little girl who yearns for the safety and security of family, who just wants to be able to play and dream without worrying that her world is going to be torn apart by tragedy and that some day she'll find love again.


Emeline owns the Lick Skillet Cafe


Cooking, of course!  Em also has some knowledge of using herbs and has a garden behind her cafe that she cultivates to use in her cooking.  She plays the concertina

Aliases / Nicknames



Born in Illinois, Emeline now lives in a small apartment above her cafe

Kith & Kin

Life Events

1849 -- Born in Taylorville, Illinois, Emeline Harris


1866 -- Married to Andrew Blakesley


1867 -- Andrew moves them to North Dakota to take up mining.  Emeline, pregnant when they leave, gives birth to a daughter during the trip


1868 -- Their daughter catches cholera and dies, Em is pregnant again, but mis-carries


1870 -- Andrew is killed in a mining accident, Em opens a cafe in a tent to support herself


1873 -- Bought the cafe in Kalispell


1876 -- Married Barnabas Pike

Character Notes

do rae mi!

Player Notes

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  1. Emeline Pike
    "I'll keep that in mind, thank you, sir."  Good advice was only good if it was heeded, and Tom was smart enough to know that.  He was still young, and knew that he had a long time ahead of him, and despite being anxious to get on with it, he had to be patient and take the right steps along the way.
    "Of course, there's no telling where my path leads," he observed, "I mean, I never thought I'd have a chance to have lunch with a real deputy, and hear first-hand tales.  It's given me a lot to think about."
    The conversation turned to topics such as fishing and hunting, the time passed quickly, and before they knew it, the carriage was pulling into the breezeway at the hotel.
  2. Emeline Pike
    Their cab driver was waiting for them, he'd stayed close, alert to when they would return, and he was content, having had a wonderful lunch that Mrs. Pike had had packed for him.  Now, he helped get the remains of their picnic loaded, then made sure everyone was settled, with blankets in case they needed them, and started back for town.
    "That was a wonderful outing!" Emeline declared, chuckling.  "Although I think I ended up with half the beach in my shoes!"  That had been something she hadn't thought about when going barefoot...putting the shoes and socks back on had been a challenge, especially with no way to keep the sand out!
    She settled in, wrapping a blanket around her knees, since the hem of her skirt was damp, then rested her head against Barnabas' shoulder and was soon asleep.  Across from them, Lillian was also dozing.
    "Thank you for letting us come with you, sir," Tom murmured quietly, "my sister works too hard and it's good for her to have some fun.  And I appreciate the advice.  College sounds like a good plan, if we can afford it.  I'd love to go to Montana or the Dakotas, but I don't want to leave Lillian."
  3. Emeline Pike
    "Yes, sir, thanks for the tips!"  Tom smiled, although Lillian just shrugged and shot him a stern look. 
    The conversation quickly turned back to the seals and sea lions, shells, the ocean, and the Farallon Islands, in the distance, that were gradually becoming obscured by the incoming fog.
    "It looks like we'd best be packing up," Emeline suggested as she stood and brushed sand from her skirt.  "It's getting cold, and we should be getting back before that fog overtakes us."
    She knew there was no danger in the fog, but it still made her a little uneasy think of it creeping in and over them.
  4. Emeline Pike
    "That's understandable, sir," Tom commented, taking one of the turnovers that Lillian was handing around, "and all the more important to have someone who is sympathetic to the Indian cause."  He was surely getting ideas, and was anxious to start looking into it.
    "I'm sure you'd do well at that," Emeline assured him, handing Barnabas a peach turnover. 
    Of course, none of this made Lillian too happy, but Tom was going to take his own path, and there were many careers just as hazardous here, and with less meaning.  "Well, hopefully, he can do some of his training here," she murmured, "so he's not running off to the territories too soon."
    "We can worry about that later!"  Tom laughed.  "You're just afraid I'm going to run off to some place wild, like Dakota, and you'll be obligated to follow, so you can keep track of me!"
    "Dakota isn't so bad," Emeline declared, "dry, cold, tornadoes, but not so bad!"
    "I bet they don't have sea lions, though," Lillian mumbled, although she was grinning.  "You might just be getting into more adventure than you bargained for, and I'll have to rescue you!"
    "Isn't that the way with men?"  Emeline smiled sweetly and took a bite of her pastry.
  5. Emeline Pike
    Tom nodded thoughtfully as he munched his quiche, belatedly appreciating the sort of food that he'd not normally be treated to.  "Man, this is good!"  He smiled, then added, "Well, I'm going to look into it.  I guess any of us would be upset if strangers came in and just decided they lived in our house." 
    "That was almost two hundred years ago," Lillian observed, "we didn't do that."
    "No,  not initially," Emeline added her opinion, "but we haven't hesitated to continue it, or shown any integrity."  Of course, the 'invading' population was becoming too widely settled to go back, and 'easy' solutions were not going to be easy.
    "But, this quiche is amazing!  And I think it's something I can use back home, if I can coerce the recipe out of the chef!" 
    "That shouldn't be too hard," Lillian chuckled, "Chef Wilson is easily flattered!"
    "Well, I've insisted more than once to Barnabas that we will have the best fed ranch hands in the territory!  And that means we'll have the best hands."  It was true that she loved cooking, and once they were living at the house, she was going to enjoy making the occasional special meal, in addition to standard working fare.
    "Now to see how Chef Wilson's fruit tarts compare to mine!"
  6. Emeline Pike
    "I'm sure it should be easy enough to find out," Emeline suggested, "maybe a Federal office in town?"  Certainly, a city as big as San Francisco would have Federal offices, and after that, it was just a matter of finding the right agency.  "It is a good cause, and they can use men who are concerned about the Indians."
    Of course, the job had its hazards, not all the native tribes took kindly to any of the nonsense being forced on them, especially after being betrayed.
    "It's probably not something you should just jump into, though," she commented, "go see if you like the lifestyle, the people, the land..." she grinned, "the twelve feet of snow!"  She didn't want to be discouraging, but the reality of life in the territories was far different than in the books!
    "And, no ocean or paved streets!" Lillian reminded her brother.  His head had always been in the clouds, and his nose stuck in dime store novels, although she understood that he wanted more than a factory job.
    "Here, now, you gentlemen sit and eat!"  Emeline offered plates of food while Lillian poured cups of the lemonade.
  7. Emeline Pike
    Tom nodded as they sat on the blanket by the ladies.  "I guess I never thought of it that way," he observed.  "I mean, sure, when we first got here, it seemed all right..."  The young man paused for a moment, pondering the thoughts in his head, and finding no good answer at the moment.  "Have you been around them a lot?  Living with them?  I think it would be fascinating, learning about their beliefs and rituals."  He chuckled, "So long as they didn't decide to scalp me or anything!"
    His sister rolled her eyes as she and Emeline made up plates.  "He fancies himself a Indian Agent," Lillian rolled her eyes.  "I suppose it's better than working in a factory or something."
    "Well, we certainly could use agents who care about the Indians."  Emeline shook her head.  "There are good ones, yes, but so many don't care beyond it being a job, and they don't take the time to learn about them.  And then there are the ones who are downright corrupt.  It's sad."
  8. Emeline Pike
    "Well, let's see what's in here!"  Emeline and Lillian pulled several wrapped plates from the basket and set them out, then carefully unwrapped them, revealing the goodies for lunch, although it took both of them to figure out what all there was.
    "So," Emeline announced, "we have quiche," she glanced at Lillian to be sure she was saying it right, "and ambrosia salad, that's fruits with sweetened cream, meat pies...Lillian says they look like the quail ones, and asparagus wrapped in bacon."  Emeline grinned.  "There's some lemonade, and dessert for later."
    It all looked elegant and delicious, and Lillian was excited to try some of the things she'd only been able to see before.
    As for Tom, it took him a moment to gather his questions, and finally settled with starting with the native peoples.  "Are all the Indians savages, then?  I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that they all mean trouble, but then, after what happened there at the Big Horn...wasn't that partly tactical errors?"
    He was fascinated by everything West, but particularly the Indians, a strange group of peoples struggling in the changing world.
  9. Emeline Pike
    "I always wanted to see China!"  Glancing over her shoulder, she grinned, a bit nervously as she stepped back out of the breakers.  "I didn't think it would be so cold.  But at least the sand is warm!  Let's have our picnic here."
    Well, several feet back from the water, where they could lay out their blanket and food, and have a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean, the distant Farallon Islands and the Cliff House as they were serenaded by seals and sea lions!
    "This is so beautiful!  Now, I do wonder what treats we have for lunch?"  Somehow, she suspected it would be a bit more exotic than the fare found in a box social back home!
  10. Emeline Pike
    Grinning, Emeline held the sand dollar up to her ear, then shook her head.  "I don't hear anyone in there, but maybe they're asleep?"
    Lillian laughed.  "And maybe it will be good luck to take him home?"
    "Nah," Tom was more practical, "it's like the shells that wash up -- whatever formed it and used it is gone now."  He stopped to pick up a fragment of broken sand dollar, showing the interior structure.  "But they are made of sand."  He'd have to find out just how that process worked, and what made the things.
    "Nature is amazing!"  Carefully, Emeline slipped the sand dollar into her pocket, then sighed.  "There is a tang to the air, isn't there?  But nothing like our pines back home."
    Moving closer to the water's edge, she watched the breakers for a moment, then cautiously stepped into the wet sand, lifting her skirts and waiting as the rim of a wave washed over her feet, then she glanced at Barnabas with a big smile as she felt the sand being pulled from beneath her feet with the retreating water.

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