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    Shared NPC
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    Clay O'Brien
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    Dirty blonde
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Physical Description

Scrawny kid with a big smile

Traits & Characteristics

Eager to please

Generally optimsitic



Does chores for several businesses around town, primarily for Addy at the Millegan Stage barns


Sweeping floors, grooming horses, delivering messages, eating pie

Aliases / Nicknames


Usually stays at the Millegan Stage barn

Kith & Kin

Unknown father, mother is an alcoholic who doesn't pay him much attention most of the time

Life Events

1863-ish -- born

Now -- being a kid

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  1. Weedy
    "Hey!"  Grinning, Weedy slid off the mare then loosened her cinch and tied her to the rail with the lead rope on her halter.  "Two days, Miz Addy says.  And she let me use her horse, and she rides double, if you don't have one to ride." 
    He was really excited, it hadn't been often that he'd had a chance to just play with a kid his own age, and have the whole of the outdoors, a horse, a pond, a stream, plenty of trees...it was a boy's dream!
    "I have my stuff, Miz Addy made me bring my toothbrush, and she sent some bread for your pa."  He grinned.  "Don't worry, she didn't make it, she got it from the Lickskillet!"
  2. Weedy
    Mature Content: No
    With: W&W
    Location: The Ranch and Environs
    When: May/ 1875
    Time of Day: Morning

    Even though it had only been a few weeks, to Weedy it seemed like it had been months since the dance, when the boys had first schemed get together out at Wyatt's dad's farm, a place far more interesting than anything in town, at least to Weedy's thinking.  He'd pestered Miss Addy for days, until the arrangements had finally been made and the date set.
    And Addy had even offered to let him ride her mare, Arabesque, so he had a horse while he was out there.  Of course, she insisted on escorting him as far as the road to the farm, since she had a delivery to make 'out that way', and she'd meet him when it was time to come home.  Still, he had a horse, and a friend, and no school...how good could it get?!
    The farm was only a few minutes from the crossroads, and when it came into sight, Weedy gigged Arabesque into a gallop -- may as well make a grand entrance -- then pulled the mare to a sliding stop in front of the house.
    "Wyatt!  I'm here!"
  3. Weedy
    Wyatt & Weedy
    "Ahh, I'm good. That jasper should consider himself lucky I did not kick him a good one."
    "You were so brave!  There's plenty'a gown-ups who'd'a just fainted clean away!"  Now that it was all over and everyone important was all right, Weedy was actually a little jealous that Wyatt had been right in the middle of things while all he 'd done was hidden behind some crates.  Of course, he wasn't going to say that, he wasn't going to begrudge his friend that excitement.
    "I think I'm going to be a lawman, make sure bad men like that don't hurt anyone."  He was ready to go back to school so they could tell their tale, but he knew they had to wait for Miss Addy to say it was all right.
  4. Weedy
    Back Alley, Weedy, Jay & Cole
    Hunkered down behind some crates, Weedy risked peeking around the side to see what was going on with Jay.  He was more accustomed to the violence on the street that Wyatt, and was curious to know what was going on.
    He was just in time to see Jay shoot at the bandit, and see the bad guy flinch and stumble.  Assuming that it was a debilitating hit, he jumped out of cover and shouted, "You got him!"
    @Flip; @Jack
  5. Weedy
    Behind the Bank, Wyatt, Weedy, Jay, Cole
    Even with Wyatt being pulled away by the bank robber, Weedy wasn't going to run, but there really wasn't anything he could do at the moment, and then he heard a familiar voice behind him.
    "Let the boy go!"
    "Jay!"  Well, there was some hope now!  Jay would take care of things.  Weedy turned to look toward his friend who was still behind cover.
    "Weedy, behind me! Now!"
    For a few heartbeats, Weedy hesitated, glancing at Wyatt then back to Jay.  He didn't want to leave his friend, but there wasn't anything he could do, and he knew that he would only be in the way if he didn't listen, so he darted behind jay, gripping his fingers into the back of the man's shirt.
    @Wayfarer; @Jack; @Flip
  6. Weedy
    Back Alley, Wyatt, Weedy, Cole, Jay
    Heart pounding, Weedy glanced back at his partner in crime and grinned.  Of course, any chance to get out of school was great, and cow hands shooting up the streets was even better, and it was fun to watch all the folks on the street scrambling to get out of the way.  But to do that, they'd have to get to Main Street.
    "Let's go behind the bank, then go up to the street," he suggested as he waited for Wyatt to catch up.  There was still some shooting going on, and a lot of shouting, so maybe this was even more exciting than the usual stuff! 
    But just as they were starting past the bank, the window shattered and two men jumped out, causing Weedy to skid to a stop.  And as one ran off, the other drew his pistol on the boys.
    "Don't you two move or by the Lord Harry I'll kill ya both!"
    The man reached out and grabbed Wyatt, who had passed Weedy by a few steps as he stopped, and Weedy was inclined to lash out and kick the guy, but he had a gun, and his friend, so he just stopped...
    @Wayfarer; @Flip; @Jack (in that order, I think)
  7. Weedy
    Recess was the best part of school, of course, every kid knew that, and although Weedy liked it best, he was willing to admit that Miss Addy was right, that he should get an education so he had a 'dern good future'.  It helped that he and Wyatt had become good friends, so he had someone to suffer with him, and Wyatt was better at studies, so he helped Weedy along.
    But it was recess now, and the boys were at the side of the schoolhouse, playing marbles, when a ruckus started in the middle of town, along with some shooting.  Glancing at Wyatt, Weedy jumped up and called, "C'mon, let's go see!"
    Without waiting to see if the other boy followed, he darted past the school, toward the alley that paralleled Main Street.
  8. Weedy
    W&W, Pigging out!
    "Oh they won't have liver, they only have good food for one of these things,"
    "Too bad every meal isn't a party!"  Weedy laughed as he filled his plate, then followed Wyatt to one of the long tables set up around the perimeter of the hall.  "I don't even know why anyone would want to eat liver anyway," he commented, then taking a big bite of the beef.  "Thish ish sho goo', why hav' liver?"
    After swallowing, he then continued, "I don't even know where they get liver from?  I know it's supposed to be beef liver, but how can something so awful come from a cow?"
  9. Weedy
    "Just had the cookies."  Weedy shrugged, then grinned.  He was stuffed full of cookies, but that wouldn't stop him from eating more, and besides, beef that wasn't in a stew was actually a treat.  "But sure, I like roast beef, and then we can have dessert again!"  After all, it was free, right?
    He scrambled down the ladder after Wyatt and navigated his way across the floor to the table with the more savory food.  Not only was there roast beef, but there was pork, potatoes, a few casseroles, plenty to fill a boy's stomach!
    "I'm going to try a little of everything, I think," Weedy declared.  "There's enough people here, I don't think anyone's going to notice if we don't clean our plates."  He'd eat most anything, but there had been a couple things he'd come across that just weren't any good.  "Well, except if there's liver...that can stay!"
  10. Weedy
    "I already got one girl who tells me what to do....a lot,"
    "Sisters don't count!"  Although he didn't have a sister, Weedy sort of figured that they weren't girls in the 'girl' sort of sense, just like mothers and ladies like Addy.  They were family, and that was different.
    "Why is that man looking under that lady's dress?  Wait, that's Mr. Ryker!" 
    "Jay?"  Frowning, Weedy searched all the bodies below  them, looking for that specific one, then his eyes widened when he spotted the man...and the girl.  "What's he doing?"  Certainly, there was a good reason that Jay was in such a position, especially in public, right?  "He was dancing with her..."
    Frowning, Weedy sat back and shrugged.  He'd kinda hoped that Jay might be sort of like his Dad, like Addy was sort of like his Ma...they were sort of a family, but he wasn't so sure that could happen now.
    "Maybe he wants to marry her?"
    Then Miz Miggins started railing about something, but Weedy couldn't hear exactly what.  "Oh, maybe she wants him to marry her?"

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