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    Shared NPC
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    Clay O'Brien
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Physical Description

Scrawny kid with a big smile

Traits & Characteristics

Eager to please

Generally optimsitic



Does chores for several businesses around town, primarily for Addy at the Millegan Stage barns


Sweeping floors, grooming horses, delivering messages, eating pie

Aliases / Nicknames


Usually stays at the Millegan Stage barn

Kith & Kin

Unknown father, mother is an alcoholic who doesn't pay him much attention most of the time

Life Events

1863-ish -- born

Now -- being a kid

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  1. Weedy
    "Oh, wow!"  Weedy reached gingerly to touch the thing, then shrugged.  "Dunno...is it supposed to mean something?  Is it gold?  Hey, maybe it's cursed, and that's why it got thrown in the river?"
    The boy's eyes widened -- not that he believed in that hooey, but he was happy to follow his fanciful imagination.  "Maybe that means we broke the curse by saving it?  Or maybe we're cursed now?"
    He looked around as if he expected they might be struck by lightening, or trampled by a herd of buffalo?  That would be awesome!
    "Who can we ask?"  Not Clara, certainly.  She was smart, yes, but too literal minded, and besides, they needed someone who had been somewhere besides Montana.
    "Maybe Miz Jemima?  She's pretty smart, or...I know!  What about that newspaper man, McFinneys?"  That wasn't right, but it didn't matter as long as they knew where to find him.  "Do you think we could go to town?"
    Man, it would be torture to have to wait, not knowing what it was they had, wouldn't it?
  2. Weedy
    Weedy's eyes widened as he shook his head vigorously, suddenly realizing what  a good resource one of Miss Addy's brothers could be!  He could get all kinds of stories!  "She just said you 'waz onery'er 'a a possum what tangled with a prickly pork-y-pine that got woked up early on Sunday mornin'!'" 
    The lad adored Addy's way of speaking, but knew it wasn't 'proper', and wasn't allowed to do that, except when he was quoting her, so he found chances he could do just that!
    "Tell me all you can!" he encouraged as he clamored onto a stool to get into the cabinet for the bread, and finding a stash of cookies he hadn't known about!  "Here!  I knew she had them somewhere!"  Hopping down, he put the cookies on a plate on the table.
  3. Weedy
    "Oh, Miz Addy doesn't scare easy," Weedy pointed out, "she even killed a bear that killed one of her horses!"  He was real proud of her for that, even though she didn't make much of it.  "Gave the carcass to the Piutes, but she kept a couple of the claws."
    He led the way into the kitchen, where there was a table that (barely) seated four, although there were only three chairs, a small stove, pantry and a sink complete with indoor pump.  "Here's some water."  Carefully, Weedy used the pump to fill a tin mug that he handed to Isiah.
    "We can put the horses behind the house, and you can just stay in here when she gets home."  He looked up at the man with a grin.  "Are you the brother who pushed her in the lake or left her in the tree to find her own way down?"
  4. Weedy
    "It might be a pirate flag!"  Weedy had a good imagination!  "Stand back."  He grabbed the axe again and gave the the bottom of the box couple more good whacks, sending splinters flying, then he set the axe in the dirt and knelt beside Wyatt, peering in.
    "So, what is it?  Are we rich?"  He grinned.  "Do we get to buy our own sailing ship and...well, sail?"  Of course, he wasn't serious, and didn't expect there to be anything of value in the chest, but he still could hope a little, right?  And if there was real treasure, he didn't suspect that it would be pirate treasure, not up here in the mountains.
    But it was still fun in the mean time!
  5. Weedy
    When he heard that Josh had lost his ma, Weedy looked back at him with sympathy...seemed they had that in common, although he hoped Josh had had a better ma than he had. 
    "Miss Addy's been real good to me," Weedy commented, "even when Ma was still alive, she made sure I had meals and a place to sleep if I needed it."  Well, that made his own ma sound pretty bad, and even though she hadn't been much of a mother, she's still been his mother.
    Before he had to explain more, they were at the little house that Addy had bought for them, only a block or so from the barn.  "That's it!"  He pointed to the small house nestled along the tree-lined street, separated from its neighbors by a short picket fence.  It was in need of a coat of paint, but the stairs and porch were new and solid.
    "Come on in, we can wait for her there."  Weedy swung down from the saddle and ran up the front steps.  "I'll get you some water, and there's some bread."  The boy grinned widely.  "Ma got it from the cafe, she didn't make it herself, so it won't poison you!"
    (LOL< no sheeps or lady, but this is the house:)

  6. Weedy
    Wow, Josh had his own horse?  Weedy was hoping to have his own one day, but Addy kept saying he didn't need one in town, and if he went out to visit Wyatt, he could take Arabesque. 
    "Yes, sir, it's not far."  He let Isiah help him onto the saddle behind him, then shrugged.
    "Is your Pa at the house?"
    "My pa's dead," he answered matter-of-factly, "at least that's what ma always told me, but I don't know for sure.  After she died, I heard Miz Addy talking with the sheriff and she was worried Pa might come and take me." 
    It was all a lot for him to try to process, and now that Addy and Speed had decided that Addy was going to be his ma.
    "Oh, unless you mean Jay...he's sorta my Pa, but he and Addy didn't get married yet, and he's gone doing something."
  7. Weedy
    "Brother?"  Weedy's nose wrinkled up as he looked more closely at the man, then he broke into a huge grin.  "That's why you look familiar!  Come on, we can go to the house.  She just bought it a couple months ago so we could have a real place, now that I live with her all the time."
    Suddenly, Weedy rushed forward and hugged the man, then stepped back and looked up at him.  "Miss Addy's going to be real happy to see you, she said you're her favorite, even if you did push her in the crick that one time!"
    Maybe Isiah was going to be his uncle?  But he'd wait to ask about that.
  8. Weedy
    "Adelaide?"  Weedy's nose wrinkled up, but then he remembered that that was Addy's real name, but no one used it because when they did...
    "Call her that, Mister, and she'll deck you one!"  The boy grinned.  "Everyone here calls her Addy...and yes, she's out on a delivery, reckon she'll be back some time this evening."
    Maybe that would make the man leave?  But then, he seemed nice enough, and even a little familiar, and he didn't think a bad man would have a little kid with him.
    Oh, right, he needed to be polite.  "Oh, I'm Weedy, Miz Addy's my Ma.  I guess you can wait here at the barn if you want to.  Oh, and can I get you water or something?"  Maybe he could get them some lemonade from Miz Jemima?
  9. Weedy
    School was finally out for the day, and Weedy had run home to drop his books on the table -- he'd pick them up later, before Addy got home -- then headed to the barn to get his chores there out of the way before he tackled his homework...he'd much rather be mucking stalls than doing math and writing 'papers', and he wanted Addy to know that he would do his chores, even without her or Jay to make him.
    When he got to the barn, he noticed the man out front with the little kid and he nodded as he came up to them. 
    "Hey!  Can I help you with something?"  After all, the man looked kind of lost.  On the other hand, Weedy was ready to run if it turned out he was looking to take him away from Addy, although he doubted he'd bring a kid along with him.
  10. Weedy
    Weedy clapped as the ax struck the weakened wood and sank in satisfyingly...well, too satisfyingly!  It stuck, and even with both boys tugging, it didn't want to want to let go so the boys could claim their prize.
    "Back up a minute," Weedy requested, and when Wyatt was a safe distance back, he stepped forward and kicked the handle...which didn't budge, so he ended up landing flat on his ass!
    "Well, dang-rabbit!  If that don't beat all to Nogales and back on a swag-back mule!"  The boy had been around Miss Addy Chappel a bit too much!  "Lemme try again."
    Scrambling to his feet, he brushed dust from his britches, then took another shot, actually knocking the a loose this time.  "Got it!"  And as the ax clattered to the ground, he noticed the hole that it left. 
    "Lookit!  You can see in there!"  Well, it wasn't much of an opening, and it was dark inside.  "Is that what I think it is?"  He looked at Wyatt excitedly.  "C'mon, let's hit it again!"

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