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    Shared NPC
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    Clay O'Brien
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Physical Description

Scrawny kid with a big smile

Traits & Characteristics

Eager to please

Generally optimsitic



Does chores for several businesses around town, primarily for Addy at the Millegan Stage barns


Sweeping floors, grooming horses, delivering messages, eating pie

Aliases / Nicknames


Usually stays at the Millegan Stage barn

Kith & Kin

Unknown father, mother is an alcoholic who doesn't pay him much attention most of the time

Life Events

1863-ish -- born

Now -- being a kid

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  1. Weedy
    "My sister made em and say what you want about my sister but she really is a good baker," he assured the other boy.
    "So is Miz Emeline, so these should be the best!"  It was a great compliment that Wyatt would so eagerly praise his sister's cooking, so they must be really good! 
    Skirting around the adults, Weedy headed for the back of the table, then hesitated a few seconds, looking over the choices.  The pies sure looked good, but he wanted to just grab-and-go, so cookies it was.  "I think we should get two of each," he suggested, "so we don't have to come back so soon."  Three would just be greedy!
    Trying to be nonchalant, he started stuffing pockets.
  2. Weedy
    Wyatt, Weedy
    Any chance to eat so many good foods while watching grown-ups do silly things was well worth having to put on nice clothes and wash his face, so Weedy was here, hoping something good would happen, or that he'd at least see someone he knew that wasn't going to tease him.  Of course, no one was forcing him to be here, so he could leave whenever he wanted, and Miss Addy would be here for a while, so there wouldn't be anyone at the stage barn.
    He was eyeing the table that had all the pies and cookies greedily.   Sure, there were other foods here, but sweets were always the best, and there was on one to tell him he couldn't have them first...or only, so he started moving that way, wondering just how to approach it.  After all, there were several adults there, and he wouldn't put it past one of them to chide him for eating sweets.
    Then he spotted Wyatt and decided to see if he could recruit the other boy into his quest for cookies (pie was too messy, they could grab cookies and run!)
    "Hey!"  He grinned at his pal.  "Want to go get some cookies?"
  3. Weedy
    Shrugging, Weedy glanced at Addy, then back to Jay.  "I'm not smiling," he declared through his huge grin, "I'm just hungry for supper!" 
    "Right."  Looking at Jay, Addy smiled.  "He's excited about Ol' St. Nick comin' ta visit.  An' th' real good supper we got planned."  It was difficult to be cheery considering what they knew, but she was determined that Weedy would have a good Christmas.  "After that, we can have cider an' sing carols, an' Mr. Jay can tell us about Christmas where he's from?"  Her nose wrinkled up.  "Well, maybe not so much th' singin'!"
    @Jack  (Glad you are back and well!)
  4. Weedy
    "I'd appreciate your help, young man."  He was now in a better mood because he was warming up.
    "Yes, sir, I don't mind."  Weedy beamed widely, liking that there was a man around.  Sure, Miz Addy wasn't like other ladies, she was tough and straight-forward, without any floof, but even so, she was still a lady, and the boy was craving male influence.
    "I hope she took my money. She's too generous!"
    "Can't say on that, but you're right, she's a good lady, kinda mean sometimes, but she helps people and animals."  The boy shrugged, then suddenly asked, "What do you do, Mr. Jay, Sir?  Are you a wrangler?  Or a miner?  Gunslinger?"  It was all very exciting to the kid stuck in a small town!
    The shop clerk was a little curious who the large shirt and pants were for.  "Weedy isn't this tall yet, is he?"
    "No, sir."  Addy shook her head, thinking nothing of the question.  "I got one'a th' survivors from Whitefish stayin' with me fer a time.  Gent lost all he had, come here with just some tattered clothes, an' shot, ta boot."  She shrugged.  "Just givin' him some help 'till he heals a bit."
  5. Weedy
    "She's a very warm hearted lady."
    Weedy grinned as he grabbed a couple of clean towels and set them out.  "You ought to see her when she's riled!  She can give a great tongue lashing then lay a man flat with one swipe!"  He laughed.  "I heard she killed a bear with her bare hands, and he thanked her for it!"  Well, the part about killing a bear was true, but that had been with the help of a shotgun!
    When he saw the blood on Jay's shirt, the boy's eyes went wide, and his young curiosity piqued, but he'd been around long enough to know not to ask questions.
    "Don't mention it to Addy. She'd only be worried. I don't want that."
    "No, sir, but don't be surprised if she notices.  Miz Addy drove an ambulance in the War Between the States...she was at Chickamauga, seen plenty of injuries."  He wasn't sure why Jay wouldn't want his wound treated, but again, knew better than to ask. 
    He helped with rinsing out Jay's shirt, changing the water in the basin on occasion from the pump in the corner of the room, making sure to set more water on the stove to heat...Addy would be grumpy if she didn't have hot water on such a cold night!
    Then the kitten appeared and the boy was quick to pick it up and scratch behind its ears.  "Is this yours?  He's real nice.  What's his name?  There's an old barn cat here, Buster, Miz Addy says he owns her!"  He laughed.  "He only has one eye, he got sick when he was a kitten...but don't worry, he likes other cats.  Not mice, though, he's probably chasing them out of the barn right now!"
  6. Weedy
    Weedy wasn't sure what the exact problem was, just that he'd been mucking out one of the stalls in the big barn that the Millegan Stage Company used to house the draft horses and coaches, when he'd heard a crash, followed by a string of curses toward the back of the barn where Addy was working on her freight wagon.  As he'd dropped the broom and ran toward her, she'd ordered him to go for help, and hurry!
    Hurry was something Weedy was good at, and he spun in an instant and dashed out the door, looking around then heading to the closest person.
    "Hey, Mister!  Miz Addy needs help!  Come on!"  Not willing to be turned down, he grabbed the man's sleeve and started tugging.

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