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About Clara Redmond

  • Lost Lake Ranch

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    Hailee Steinfeld
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    Clara Anne Redmond
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    P/T Nanny
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Physical Description


Traits & Characteristics

Character Traits

  • Highly intelligent, sharp as a needle.
  • Driven, a hard worker.
  • Very opinionated, blunt at times.
  • Solemn, serious.
  • Family is everything to her.

General Personality

clara2.jpgClara showed her smarts at an early age, she was reading already at five, everything scholastic comes easy to her. Her father depends on her for so much around the farm, she has had to grow up quickly. Her work ethic is amazing and be it cooking or laundry or watching over her kid brother, she is diligent and competent about it.

She has her weak points, like any other person. Her tongue is sharp and she is way too eager to give anyone and everyone her opinion on things and people. She doesn’t seem to like a whole lot of people. She is still scarred both emotionally and physically by the Indian attack which wounded her and killed her mother. She could certainly use a sense of humor.



Lost Lake Ranch (August 1875 - Present)

Clara recently accepted the position of part-time nanny to Cody and Nettie Thornton at Lost Lake Ranch. She only works two or three days per week.

Redmond Homestead

She handles her share of the chores and work involved in keeping the family's homestead running.

Professional Skills

Reads and writes, excellent with arithmetic. Good with chores,
Cooking, laundry, and farm animals. Can ride a horse.


Self Defense

Her father has taught her to load and fire both pistol and rifle.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Voracious reader when she can get her hands on books and has the time given all the work she does at home.
  • Swimming when time and weather permits.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence

Redmond Homestead

Kalispell, Montana Territory

Place of Birth

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Kith & Kin


Father: Aurelian Redmond (see Timeline for details)

Mother: Kathleen Redmond (deceased)

Brother(s): Wyatt Redmond (a. 12)

Sister(s): Catherine Redmond (deceased, a. 3 months)



To be determined in game play.


  • Indians, any Indians, she hates Indians with a fury.

Life Events

| 1860 |

Born to Kathleen and Aurelian Redmond in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

| 1861-1865 |

Basically brought up by her mother as her father was off in service during the war. A precocious child, fast learner, with seemingly endless curiosity. In late 1863 she got herself a little baby brother, Wyatt.

| 1867-1872 |

Her family lived on a farm where she had a happy enough childhood all the while learning about all that entailed being a woman on a farm. She was a big help to her mother. Kathleen used to remark Clara was a better cook than she was.

Sadly there was another baby, Catherine, which was born in poor health and passed a few months later. They had to move also and their situation became increasingly harder. Finally her father decided they would move out west. Clara was excited, it sounded like a grand adventure.

| 1873 |

The train ride from the east out to Chicago was amazing to the girl, she usually kept her face at the window watching all the sights they went passed. For a time they stopped in Minnesota but her father said more and better land could be found further west.

| 1874 |

Finally her father pulled the trigger, as it were, taking up a homestead property for a very low price in Montana. This was to be their home from here on in. Work commenced on a cabin but they hadn’t been there long when Indians attacked them without warning. Clara was with her mother helping her wash laundry at the creek. It all happened so fast. The two ran for it at first sight of a grim looking warrior. Clara didn’t get far before she screamed in pain as an arrow sunk into her torso. Down she went. Her mother could have kept going but that was not going to happen. Kathleen saw the Indian raising his bow for another shot and the mother threw herself over the girl to shield her, taking the shaft right in her back.

By the time Clara recovered consciousness, she was in the nearest town in a doctors office, her father and brother at her side. Aurelian had to tell her that her mother was gone. That probably hurt more than the wound, which was misery enough. For awhile it was touch and go when she developed infection but stubborn as always, Clara pulled thru.

Their homestead had been burnt to the ground, everything left behind destroyed or stolen. Aurelian moved on as soon as Clara was cleared to travel. Finally he had a bit of good fortune. He met another homesteader who was leaving for the east as his wife didn’t like it out west. This man already had a property just outside the small town of Kalispell and there was also a cabin up too. Aurelian bought it and was determined to try again to make a home, a permanent home. Clara, who worshipped her father, was ready too. This time they would succeed if she had say so about it.

Character Notes

To be added as needed

Player Notes

To be added as needed

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Recent Posts

  1. Clara Redmond
    It took long enough in Clara's opinion but finally this Charlie, as she now knew his name, seemed to come around and decide to make an apology...of sorts. The words he prefaced it sounded very reluctant though. Still she stood there and looked up at him to make eye contact. Her father had always stressed the importance of eye contact when dealing with people.
    "My apologies, Miss Redmond for my behaviour.  You can be assured that I won't be bothering you again."
    Clara paused, so wanting to blurt out  'that was so insincere' but her father also counseled that she needed to learn more tact. And besides the other Wentworth was such a fine gentleman.
    "Very well, apology accepted. I will take your word for it on that last part,"she nodded then.
    "Good day to you gentlemen," Clara then smiled.
  2. Clara Redmond
    Clara smiled, "Hello Mr. Wentworth, it has been a real pleasure making your acquaintance."
    She ignored Charlie as he wasn't willing to engage in polite conversation anyhow.
    It seemed before they went their separate paths, Sam had a request of her regarding that younger brother of his. Clara understood why he would ask such a thing, he was afterall a concerned brother but she was going to have to disappoint him.
    "A reasonable request and you are within your rights to make it but I am sorry but I am going to have to decline to agree with it. For you see my father has long preached in our family that tattletales are both childish and unappreciated. I know I certainly feel that way about my younger brother. He no doubt feels the same about me. So your Charlie here need not worry I shall be doing any such thing. Of course if he is doing something truly dangerous or the like, I would then be compelled to act but I doubt he is ...........that bad."
    She eyed Charlie for an instant.
    "I am going to put this incident today down to his drinking and let bygones be bygones. Hope you understand, Mr. Wentworth."
  3. Clara Redmond
    "Your father sounds like a good and honest man to me.  I hope I get the pleasure of meeting him one day."  He tightened the grip on Charlie's arm.  "For now, I think my stubborn brother should be taught a lesson in manners."
    The younger man continued to whine but Clara paid him no mind, much more interested in the gentleman of the pair. After all who didn't like compliments and now he had gone and praised her father.
    "Why yes sir, he certainly is but then I might be accused of bias on that score. I hope you get to meet him too," she smiled.
    The pair went on for a bit before the man turned to her, " "It seems my brother is in need of a keeper.  I can assure you that the next time you see him, he will apologise for his loutish behaviour."
    Clara was content - well mostly - she was not going to get an apology from that lout but she did decide to at least try for introductions before they parted ways. It was a small town and afterall they might run into each other again. Good to have a name to connect to the face.
    "I shall not hold my breath but if you ever meet a gentleman by the name of Aurelian Redmond - that is my father. We have a farm outside of town by the lake. I am Clara Redmond, the older of his two children. My brother is but a child."
  4. Clara Redmond
    Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of another man, not that Clara minded as the whole situation was becoming a bit uncomfortable. Though it might have been prudent to have simply turned about and ran off, that was not in her personality. But the new entry into this little confrontation was not piling on her but rather coming to her rescue. And he was a gentleman too, tipping his hat to her. She liked that and gave him a bit of a smile even. And he was suggesting........strongly suggesting his younger brother apologize.
    "Thank you sir," she nodded in agreement.
    The brother was proving to be quite unwilling though.
    "My brother regrets anything he might have said to offend and he wishes to apologize."
    "Well, that is...." Clara started.
    "No I don't."
    The jasper was not only ill-mannered but stubborn as a mule, Clara thought. Then the older of the two turned to her with what she decided was a sincere smile.
     "I can assure you that the rest of our family aren't as ill-mannered as my younger brother is. "
    "If the rest of your family is like you, sir, then I believe it. Every family must have it's black sheep I suppose," Clara declared again giving Charlie the stink eye.
    "Thank you though for trying. I appreciate it. Besides he has been drinking and my father says that spirits will often cause a man to do and say things they might later regret."
  5. Clara Redmond
    "I told you...it was not gawking. I was curious about the interior of the place having never set foot inside. And besides what is it to you anyhow?" Clara stood her ground even though the young man seemed relentless in his criticism of her. Almost like it was personal? What brought this on she had no idea.
    Defending her education only drew more derision on his part. A part of her said walk away from this confrontation, it wasn't worth it. But he continued to goad her.
    "I will have you know I do teach children, I have a job tutoring two youngsters at the Lost Lake Ranch. And as for dogs, they are really not all that difficult to train if you do it properly," she begged to differ.
    She also had him pegged too about the drinking, he even admitted it...well somewhat. But he had to continue with the insults.
    "If a woman does not stick up for herself in this world, she cannot expect anyone else to for her. My mother, bless her, taught me that," she then  pointed out.
  6. Clara Redmond
    For some reason the young man found amusement in her retort and even laughed at it. Instantly her youthful features screwed up into a glare.
    "I am a young lady and a true gentleman would show a lady some respect," she snapped.
    "And I have no need of school attendance, I am quite well educated already. Why I could probably teach the children in our local schoolhouse," she then informed him.
    "Have you been drinking?" she now suspected he had been.
  7. Clara Redmond
    Clara was so busy trying to get a better view of the hotel interior she was then startled by the sudden interruption of a male voice to her left. Head turning she instantly assessed the young man in front of her. Needless to say she had no idea who this jasper was but then, in truth, not living in town she did not know a lot of townsfolk either by name or sight.
    "First of all I am not gawking at anyone. In fact right now there is no one even in the lobby. I was looking at the ......architecture," she informed him then added with a bit of emphasis, "And I am certainly not a child."
  8. Clara Redmond
    With: Clara Redmond, Charlie Wentworth
    Location: Boardwalk of Kalispell
    When: September, 1875
    Time of Day: Early afternoon

    It's not that Clara did not like it on the farm, she had always been the dutiful daughter and with her mother deceased she had taken over the running of the household plus did her fair share of the farm chores too - all this and she did not complain. But it was indeed refreshing to go to town on occasion even if it was to just stop into the General Store for necessary foodstuffs or other sundries. So it was that on this breezy bright sunny September afternoon she was strolling down the boardwalk of one side of Kalispell's Main Street with basket in hand. She liked to wander and look into various windows of the variety of shops and businesses the town had. It wasn't exactly a big town compared to Philadelphia (where she had lived for a short time during her childhood) but it was vibrant and growing. It was....well, interesting.
    Now that she worked at the Lost Lake Ranch minding the Thornton children she actually had a bit of money to spend on occasion for herself too even though she gave the vast majority of her wages to her father and quite willingly too as the family needed it. So she was always on the lookout in case there was an opportunity to buy something interesting...as long as the price was not exorbitant naturally.
    She paused then just outside the entrance of the rather fine looking hotel in town, even the name sounded elegant in Clara's opinion, the Belle-St. Regis Hotel and took a quick peek into it's wide bay window. Of course she had never set foot inside the building, no reason to but a part of her did wonder what the rooms looked like. She imagined them to be fit for royalty or at the very least, rich folk. Both things she would never be.
  9. Clara Redmond
    Unfair, age discrimination!
  10. Clara Redmond
    Wyatt opened the front door, he was barefoot and without a shirt, his hair looked wet too. He grinned at the sight of the cowboy.
    "Howdy!  You here to see my sister?" he asked.
    Before he could say anything else or Shade could even answer, Clara half pushed the boy aside. Her eyes lit up upon seeing just who the visitor was. She had her usual work dress on but she too was barefoot.
    "Good morning, Shade. A fine day. What brings you out here?" she had her own question then frowned at her brother.
    "Will you put some clothes on. You would think you were some redskin savage or something."
    Shade grinned at Wyatt, "Mornin', tiger. I am here to see all of you actually," he replied to the boy before turning to nod at Clara. "It's good to see you, Clara. Is your father here? We've had some trouble at the ranch."
    "Yes, of course he is. Just a moment and I will get him," Clara nodded.
    Wyatt had ignored his sister's fussy demand and instead looked up at their visitor, they didn't get much company out here after all.
    "We just finished up taking baths. I'll just be dirty again by day's end what with helping Pa with the chores," he declared in all seriousness.
    "So do those two kids actually like my sister?" he had been told so by Clara and found that hard to believe, he could not imagine bossy Clara being their teacher for anything but grumpiness.
    Shade had to grin at Wyatt's declaration regarding having to take a bath and the probable lack of cleanliness by day's end. "That does sound like you'll need to bathe again tonight," he teased. "And yes, the twins really are fond of your sister. She's making a big difference for them. They even look forward to their lessons now."
    "Oh no, we don't go thru all this bother every day. Too much fuss, even for my sister," Wyatt shook his head. Who in their right mind took daily baths?
    "I'd be worried about those two twins of yours, sir. Think there might be just a little something wrong with 'em," he tried without success to come to terms with Shade's revelations.
    Just then Aurelian showed himself, buttoning up a shirt, his hair wet too.
    "Shade, good morning. I hope this is a social call and not that there is something amiss?" Aurelian greeted their visitor.
    "Mornin', Aurelian. Guess it's a little of both," Shade replied. "Wanted to make sure you folks were okay here and let you know that Ezra Hale was mauled by that old Grizzly the other day. We'll pay Clara for her time, but she needs to stay around here until we find that animal and kill it. Oh...nearly forgot...we slaughtered a couple of big hogs a few days back and the meat finished smoking. I brought you some bacon and pork chops."

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