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  • Lost Lake Ranch

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    Hailee Steinfeld
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    Clara Anne Redmond
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    Part time helper at Lick Skillet Diner
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Physical Description


Traits & Characteristics

Character Traits

  • Highly intelligent, sharp as a needle.
  • Driven, a hard worker.
  • Very opinionated, blunt at times.
  • Solemn, serious.
  • Family is everything to her.

General Personality

clara2.jpgClara showed her smarts at an early age, she was reading already at five, everything scholastic comes easy to her. Her father depends on her for so much around the farm, she has had to grow up quickly. Her work ethic is amazing and be it cooking or laundry or watching over her kid brother, she is diligent and competent about it.

She has her weak points, like any other person. Her tongue is sharp and she is way too eager to give anyone and everyone her opinion on things and people. She doesn’t seem to like a whole lot of people. She is still scarred both emotionally and physically by the Indian attack which wounded her and killed her mother. She could certainly use a sense of humor.



Lost Lake Ranch (August 1875 - September 1875)

Clara recently accepted the position of part-time nanny to Cody and Nettie Thornton at Lost Lake Ranch. She only works two or three days per week.

After resigning from that position Clara found new employment working at the Lickskillet, a local cafe in Kalispell. She helps with the cooking and baking plus can also wait on tables if necessary.

Redmond Homestead

She handles her share of the chores and work involved in keeping the family's homestead running.

Professional Skills

Reads and writes, excellent with arithmetic. Good with chores,
Cooking, laundry, and farm animals. Can ride a horse.


Self Defense

Her father has taught her to load and fire both pistol and rifle.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Voracious reader when she can get her hands on books and has the time given all the work she does at home.
  • Swimming when time and weather permits.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence

Redmond Homestead

Kalispell, Montana Territory

Place of Birth

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Kith & Kin


Father: Aurelian Redmond (see Timeline for details)

Mother: Kathleen Redmond (deceased)

Brother(s): Wyatt Redmond (a. 12)

Sister(s): Catherine Redmond (deceased, a. 3 months)



To be determined in game play.


  • Indians, any Indians, she hates Indians with a fury.

Life Events

| 1860 |

Born to Kathleen and Aurelian Redmond in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

| 1861-1865 |

Basically brought up by her mother as her father was off in service during the war. A precocious child, fast learner, with seemingly endless curiosity. In late 1863 she got herself a little baby brother, Wyatt.

| 1867-1872 |

Her family lived on a farm where she had a happy enough childhood all the while learning about all that entailed being a woman on a farm. She was a big help to her mother. Kathleen used to remark Clara was a better cook than she was.

Sadly there was another baby, Catherine, which was born in poor health and passed a few months later. They had to move also and their situation became increasingly harder. Finally her father decided they would move out west. Clara was excited, it sounded like a grand adventure.

| 1873 |

The train ride from the east out to Chicago was amazing to the girl, she usually kept her face at the window watching all the sights they went passed. For a time they stopped in Minnesota but her father said more and better land could be found further west.

| 1874 |

Finally her father pulled the trigger, as it were, taking up a homestead property for a very low price in Montana. This was to be their home from here on in. Work commenced on a cabin but they hadn’t been there long when Indians attacked them without warning. Clara was with her mother helping her wash laundry at the creek. It all happened so fast. The two ran for it at first sight of a grim looking warrior. Clara didn’t get far before she screamed in pain as an arrow sunk into her torso. Down she went. Her mother could have kept going but that was not going to happen. Kathleen saw the Indian raising his bow for another shot and the mother threw herself over the girl to shield her, taking the shaft right in her back.

By the time Clara recovered consciousness, she was in the nearest town in a doctors office, her father and brother at her side. Aurelian had to tell her that her mother was gone. That probably hurt more than the wound, which was misery enough. For awhile it was touch and go when she developed infection but stubborn as always, Clara pulled thru.

Their homestead had been burnt to the ground, everything left behind destroyed or stolen. Aurelian moved on as soon as Clara was cleared to travel. Finally he had a bit of good fortune. He met another homesteader who was leaving for the east as his wife didn’t like it out west. This man already had a property just outside the small town of Kalispell and there was also a cabin up too. Aurelian bought it and was determined to try again to make a home, a permanent home. Clara, who worshipped her father, was ready too. This time they would succeed if she had say so about it.

Character Notes

To be added as needed

Player Notes

To be added as needed

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Recent Posts

  1. Clara Redmond
    [Clara & Jacob outside]
    “Miss Clara Redmond, your boundaries are as safe as a barbed wire fence while I’m around”  Jacob declared.
    Strange allusion, but she got the point, "Very well."
    It was time then to talk about the moon and as it turned out the ancient pagan gods, the Trojan War,  planets and more. The boy might be a farmer but he certainly was not an ignorant bumpkin.  Clara enjoyed listening to him.
    “And even in modern times, she makes farm-boys spend their last two cents on a slice of pie, just so they can sit in a diner, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl they’re sweet on.” He said, turning to her now and looking down right into her eyes.
    Oh my! So he not only knew about her, he it seemed doted on her, spending hard earned money just to catch sight of her at the diner. And she had had no idea. They had never even spoken.  She was flattered, more than that she was touched.
    "Oh Jacob.." she started but he was not done yet.
    “Why, she’s so powerful she can even make that same farm-boy forget the solemn promise he made to respect that same, very beautiful girl’s barb-wire boundaries,” he finished, bending slightly to try and kiss her gently on the lips.
    Wait! What was he doing? His face was coming close, her eyes went wide.
    "Whoa!" and that's when Clara put up one hand about even with both sets of lips, blocking any contact even as she stepped back.
    "Jacob, we ....we have only known each other now for....minutes not even hours," she pointed out in a voice just above a whisper.
    "I meant what I said by boundaries, apparently unlike you," Clara wasn't angry, more like disappointed.

  2. Clara Redmond
    ooc: Not sure if I should be waiting on Javia as he was tagged next but maybe he's waiting on me? Anyhow we better move cuz the robbery is almost over.
    Clara was stunned to see all that was going on out there - sheer chaos as shots rang out. One..no two bodies on the street and they weren't moving. It was the bank, somebody was robbing the bank!  Emeline went there! Clara didn't know what to do. There was a weapon in the kitchen but  that would be crazy. She wouldn't only make things worse going out there and there plenty of menfolk with guns in this town. All she could was hope Emeline was safe.
    That's when she saw a man shepherding Bridget toward the cafe and quickly opened the door to allow them immediate entrance. Bridget didn't appear to be injured thankfully nor did the well dressed handsome man helping her. He looked familiar, she had seen him about town. Yes, it was the doctor not that she had ever met the man formally.
    "Hurry, come in! Bridget are you alright?" Clare greeted them.
    As for the gentleman, "Doctor I believe...I am Clara Redmond. I know Bridget, we are friends."
    @Javia  @Bongo
  3. Clara Redmond
    [Clara and Jacob outside]
    The boy was certainly proving to be most agreeable, Clara definitely like that. The pair left the barn then, strolling out the wide open doors and slowly walked thru other people gathered outside too, paying no attention to the chatter and laughter all about them. When they were a bit more in the clear, Jacob then offered his arm for escort.
    “I guess this is how I do it!” he smiled. “My sister says that a gentleman always offers his left arm so that he can draw his sword if he needs to defend his lady.” He added. “Or in my case, the penknife I use for whittling.”
    "Looks good to me," Clara happily agreed as she then entwined her arm with his, this was a first for her.
    "A penknife? Well then let us hope that I do not need defending," she quipped.
    They moved on a bit further and he was holding hands with her then, Clara had no objection.
    “It’s funny, now we’re out here and I’m looking at you; I hardly want to view the moon.” He said.
    "Oh? "
    “But I don’t want you think this was just an excuse to get to hold your hand, so we’d better step over yonder, where there’s a gap in the houses."
    "Hmmm, very well, but I am trusting you do know the proper boundaries though," Clara just wanted to put that out there  though she was not really alarmed, she had faith in the boy.
    They found a perfect spot though and, in truth, the view of the night sky and the sliver of crescent moon was amazing. Clara had never really bothered to do this sort of thing before and for the first time, she realized what she had been missing.
    "Oh gosh!" she just stood still and gazed upward.  There was more too.
    "That's Venus." Jacob said simply. "Boy, has she got a lot to answer for!" he added with feeling, squeezing Clara's hand a little .
    "Oh indeed? Why do you say that?" Clara prided herself on her education, though much of it had been self taught but she knew very little about the stars and planets.
    This farm boy was full of surprises!
  4. Clara Redmond
    [Clara & Jacob]
    “Maybe a walk outside to view the firmament and then a stop at the drink tent for a lemonade on the way back might be nice.” He suggested.
    Yes, lemonade was a good idea, Clara realized .
    “I would truly appreciate a few moments outside to cool off with some fresh air," Clara replied.
    “Clara, can I ask you something?” he said seriously. “I’m a little inexperienced with ladies and don’t want to overstep any bounds. Should I take your arm? Or is that too forward?”
    And Clara was more than a little inexperienced with boys so she had to think on a few seconds before answering.
    "Well....perhaps you should not in here...in public. We have just met afterall. But once we are outside I would not mind it," she believed she had come up in a good middle of the road solution.
    And with that the pair finished the last of the waltz, nodded to each other and exchanged 'thank yous' before then making their way out the wide barn doors into the cool evening air. Though outwardly calm, Clara's heart was pounding in excitement even nervousness.  This farm boy was so much nicer to get along with than those cowpokes. He was literally a breath of fresh air.
  5. Clara Redmond
    [Clara and Jacob]
    "To be honest, I never knew a body have so much to say about so little, bless her.”
    Clara gave a look, a pleased look, "Well said, Jacob! You summed it up perfectly. I do like her but in small doses, I believe she has had a hard life and she means well."
    The boy's idea to take her outside and check out this view of the moon seemed to still founder on Jacob's worry about her father might react.
    "I trust you to be the perfect gentleman and besides, we will be just outside still right in town, my father will understand," Clara buttressed her argument.
    “Oh, do you think we should ask him?” asked Jacob.
    "No, I do not," Clara gave a quick survey about the barn then added, "I do not even see him right now. Probably having a beer and discussing the spring planting with a few of the other farmers. Now my father is not a drinker but on occasion does enjoy a bit of imbibing. He is entitled for he is a hard worker and a fine family man."
    She had wanted to emphasize she and her father did have a good relationship, she was not one of those defiant willful teenagers. But to be honest the pair had never even discussed the topic of chaperones. Perhaps because she had never been out with a boy previously?  Whatever.
    "Besides....what with all this dancing and the crowd of people I must admit I am feeling a bit ....heated. I would truly appreciate a few moments outside to cool off with some fresh air," Clara was not above making something up on the spur of the moment if it aided her cause long as there was no harm done.

  6. Clara Redmond
    [Clara and Jacob]
    “The Reb never talks about anything else: ‘Clara says this’, and ‘Clara does that’. Why I’m surprised she hasn’t asked you for a dance herself.” He smiled 
    "Oh my goodness, well I highly doubt she has any desire to do that though," Clara was truly surprised by that revelation.
    But enough about Arabella, Clara changed the subject to wondering if he might be interested in simply chatting after the dance. And he was quite willing to do just that.  He then asked about whether she noticed the condition of the moon on this very evening and she explained she had no chance to even see it yet.
    “Oh, well, I can show you, if you like, that’s even more enlightening! It’s what’s called ‘The Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms’.”
    In case that sounded like too alarming an offer to the upright young lady, he added an unappetizing rider: “Of course, we could take The Rebel along with us, if you think that a chaperone would be in order.”
    "Good gracious, if we took Arabella along neither of us would get a word in edgewise. No thank you, Jacob. She means well but ...well you know her so you know what I  mean," Clara made her opinion clear.
    "I trust you to be the perfect gentleman and besides, we will be just outside still right in town, my father will understand," Clara buttressed her argument.
  7. Clara Redmond
    [Clara and Jacob]
    "I’ll try and put a damper on the compliments” he laughed “But when a feller’s dancing with the prettiest and most admirable woman in the room, it’s hard not to let a couple of them slip out, at least.”
    Clara probably would have laughed at his relentless attempt to please except laughing was not something which came easily to the young lady.
    He shrugged a little, “Well now, everyone I know speaks so highly of  your manners and your accomplishments, and if I ever met anybody who didn’t, well, I wouldn’t want to know them anyway!”
    "Goodness, they do?" Such was news to her, though Clara had to wonder who he knew that also knew her.
    She decided to make a request, "Say, when the dance is finished would you like to talk? Nothing special just a nice conversation?"
    "That’d be wonderful! If you can bear to talk to a feller that doesn’t know much about anything except raising crops and hunting.” He accepted with self-depreciating alacrity. “The only thing I know about besides that is the bible and a little astronomy.”
    "Well, I am a farm girl myself, we can talk crops and other farm topics," she jumped at one of those topics they had in common it seemed. Alright, and the Bible. But Clara well knew various denominations had various bibles which produced various interpretations and so forth. Best not go down that well.
    "You can tell me about astronomy. I know what it is but that is the extent of it," she honestly admitted.
    “Did you notice the way the Moon is outside this evening?” the boy asked.
    "No I have not. I had to show up early to help my employer set up the bakery table and the moon had not been up then. Perhaps you can enlighten me?" Clara was more than willing to hear him out.
  8. Clara Redmond
    Another work day, not that it really seemed like all that much actual labor - at least not to Clara. She enjoyed working in the cafe, far more engaging than the many chores she had at home. She had always loved baking more so than cooking though she was certainly capable in the latter too. Why only last year she had won the Blue Ribbon for the pie baking contest at the summer festival, not that she bragged about it but that blue ribbon hung above her bed.
    Her employer (and far more really, almost like the mother she no longer had), Emeline informed her she was going to make the short jaunt over to the town bank to deposit some of the profits.  This was a fairly regular occurrence and the woman then left Clara in charge for the short time of her absence. Clara by now could handle it, she was capable of doing anything Emeline could do be it in the kitchen or serving customers or making change if needed.
    Clara was scrubbing a pan when she heard a shot? No, another shot right after! Outside on the street too by the sound of it? Some drunken cowboy celebrating god only knew what? Wait, it was still morning though, drunk already? Ever the curious one, Clara slipped the pot back into the sink and headed thru the cafe toward the front door and windows. There was shouting going on too.
    A customer had beat her to the door and had it open, he was gawking in the direction of the bank though Clara had yet to realize that specific fact.
  9. Clara Redmond
    [Clara and Jacob]
    Ahh, so he had sisters, yes that might make sense then he was an accomplished dancer. Clara nodded comprehension then suggested they call each other by their Christian names. He was happy to oblige.
    “All right… Clara.” He said, a little self-consciously, then laughed a little. “Clara, Clara, Clara. That’s certainly a pretty name. Like Clara Barton! Except she isn’t pretty like you; she’s more … ‘admirable’.”
    "Well, I could hardly hope to compete with such a wonderful heroic woman as Miss Barton. I also had no real say in my name, that was my mother's decision but I am content with it," Clara opined.
    He must have suddenly worried he had said the wrong thing, “Course, you’re pretty and admirable!”  then shook his head, laughing at his own embarrassment.
    “Sorry Miss R... Clara, I’m talking too much; just nervous I guess!”
    "Please do not be nervous. I think you are doing just splendidly if perhaps a tad too enthusiastic on the compliments but I have to admire your effort," Clara smiled.
    "Thank you for the 'pretty'...but you do not really know me to decide I am 'admirable' though I appreciate the sentiment."
    Suddenly the girl decided to be pro-active and made a quick request, "Say, when the dance is finished would you like to talk? Nothing special just a nice conversation?"
  10. Clara Redmond
    [Clara and Jacob]
    The gangly seventeen year old smiled that toothy but genuine smile again and proffered an arm whose sleeve was a little too short and showed a mite more of his wrist and even his lower arm than it ought.
    Clara let him escort her out to the dance floor, not going too deeply though since the dance was already in progress. On most times Clara would have noticed his ill fitting wardrobe but not this evening. Instead she was studying the lad himself. Arabella had called him 'hayseed' which only added to her own assumption the boy was a farmer.  So they had that in common. Truthfully she had about quite enough of know it all cowboys.
    Once out onto the floor they quickly assumed the proper positions and joined on in, blending in without any issues. He knew what he was doing alright. Arabella had said he could dance 'like the devil' was it? Nothing devilish about it, to her mind. She was quite pleased.
    He waited until they’d done a once-around before he ventured to make conversation.
    “You certainly are a beautiful dancer, Miss Redmond.” He intoned casually.
    "Why thank you," she was glad to hear it and returned the compliment, "You are too."
    Wait! That needed a bit of fixing she suddenly realized, "I do not mean beautiful. But....elegant. You dance superbly. " She was quite certain boys did not want to be called 'beautiful'.
    "Oh and please call me Clara....Jacob," she added - Miss and Mister sounded so formal. This was just supposed to be fun.

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