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About Clara Redmond

  • Lost Lake Ranch

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    Main Character
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    Hailee Steinfeld
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    Clara Anne Redmond
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    Part time helper at Lick Skillet Diner
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    Dark Brown
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Physical Description


Traits & Characteristics

Character Traits

  • Highly intelligent, sharp as a needle.
  • Driven, a hard worker.
  • Very opinionated, blunt at times.
  • Solemn, serious.
  • Family is everything to her.

General Personality

clara2.jpgClara showed her smarts at an early age, she was reading already at five, everything scholastic comes easy to her. Her father depends on her for so much around the farm, she has had to grow up quickly. Her work ethic is amazing and be it cooking or laundry or watching over her kid brother, she is diligent and competent about it.

She has her weak points, like any other person. Her tongue is sharp and she is way too eager to give anyone and everyone her opinion on things and people. She doesn’t seem to like a whole lot of people. She is still scarred both emotionally and physically by the Indian attack which wounded her and killed her mother. She could certainly use a sense of humor.



Lost Lake Ranch (August 1875 - September 1875)

Clara recently accepted the position of part-time nanny to Cody and Nettie Thornton at Lost Lake Ranch. She only works two or three days per week.

After resigning from that position Clara found new employment working at the Lickskillet, a local cafe in Kalispell. She helps with the cooking and baking plus can also wait on tables if necessary.

Redmond Homestead

She handles her share of the chores and work involved in keeping the family's homestead running.

Professional Skills

Reads and writes, excellent with arithmetic. Good with chores,
Cooking, laundry, and farm animals. Can ride a horse.


Self Defense

Her father has taught her to load and fire both pistol and rifle.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Voracious reader when she can get her hands on books and has the time given all the work she does at home.
  • Swimming when time and weather permits.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence

Redmond Homestead

Kalispell, Montana Territory

Place of Birth

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Kith & Kin


Father: Aurelian Redmond (see Timeline for details)

Mother: Kathleen Redmond (deceased)

Brother(s): Wyatt Redmond (a. 12)

Sister(s): Catherine Redmond (deceased, a. 3 months)



To be determined in game play.


  • Indians, any Indians, she hates Indians with a fury.

Life Events

| 1860 |

Born to Kathleen and Aurelian Redmond in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

| 1861-1865 |

Basically brought up by her mother as her father was off in service during the war. A precocious child, fast learner, with seemingly endless curiosity. In late 1863 she got herself a little baby brother, Wyatt.

| 1867-1872 |

Her family lived on a farm where she had a happy enough childhood all the while learning about all that entailed being a woman on a farm. She was a big help to her mother. Kathleen used to remark Clara was a better cook than she was.

Sadly there was another baby, Catherine, which was born in poor health and passed a few months later. They had to move also and their situation became increasingly harder. Finally her father decided they would move out west. Clara was excited, it sounded like a grand adventure.

| 1873 |

The train ride from the east out to Chicago was amazing to the girl, she usually kept her face at the window watching all the sights they went passed. For a time they stopped in Minnesota but her father said more and better land could be found further west.

| 1874 |

Finally her father pulled the trigger, as it were, taking up a homestead property for a very low price in Montana. This was to be their home from here on in. Work commenced on a cabin but they hadn’t been there long when Indians attacked them without warning. Clara was with her mother helping her wash laundry at the creek. It all happened so fast. The two ran for it at first sight of a grim looking warrior. Clara didn’t get far before she screamed in pain as an arrow sunk into her torso. Down she went. Her mother could have kept going but that was not going to happen. Kathleen saw the Indian raising his bow for another shot and the mother threw herself over the girl to shield her, taking the shaft right in her back.

By the time Clara recovered consciousness, she was in the nearest town in a doctors office, her father and brother at her side. Aurelian had to tell her that her mother was gone. That probably hurt more than the wound, which was misery enough. For awhile it was touch and go when she developed infection but stubborn as always, Clara pulled thru.

Their homestead had been burnt to the ground, everything left behind destroyed or stolen. Aurelian moved on as soon as Clara was cleared to travel. Finally he had a bit of good fortune. He met another homesteader who was leaving for the east as his wife didn’t like it out west. This man already had a property just outside the small town of Kalispell and there was also a cabin up too. Aurelian bought it and was determined to try again to make a home, a permanent home. Clara, who worshipped her father, was ready too. This time they would succeed if she had say so about it.

Character Notes

To be added as needed

Player Notes

To be added as needed

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Recent Posts

  1. Clara Redmond
    “Er, that’s right, Sir! We were wondering if you would marry us… we want to get wed.”
    Clara blinked. Gosh, Jacob moved fast. She was going to ease into it but there it was now. She settled for a quick nod of agreement and waited, heart beating rapidly, for the clergyman's answer.
    "Why, I can't say why I shouldn't." Thomas said, beaming. "I'd invite you in to discuss matters but, well, I'm afraid it's a little pokey in there. The church should be empty this time of day, if you'd like somewhere to sit?"
    "Oh, well certainly. If you would rather talk there. Anyplace is fine with us," Clara would have agreed to discuss it even if he had suggested the middle of a river. She just wanted to get it done!
    The man then offered, "I could fix something to drink? Tea perhaps?" 
    "No thank you, we do not wish you to have to make a fuss on our account," she gently shook her head in the negative.
  2. Clara Redmond
    Clara stood behind Arabella as she approached a freshly built shack...well, it was nicer than a shack but it was certainly not up to the standards of a residence in her opinion. So the new clergyman was living in this place? They had not even thought to go around to the back of the church when the couple had first searched for the man. Still, what he did or how he chose to live was none of her business, as long as he married people.  Her mind was racing even now as the trio stood there waiting for some sort of response to Arabella's rather over complicated attempt at getting the attention of whoever was inside.
    The door suddenly opened and a white haired old man greeted them as Clara straightened her posture and tensed up for this crucial conference of sorts.
    "Hello Arabella. Who've you brought with you?" he asked, as he gave a welcoming smile to the other two.
    Clara, at the best of times, was not much of a smiler and was now far too nervous to attempt it now. However she was determined to do the introductions rather than depend on Arabella to do them as that would be a meandering possibly incoherent rigamarole before she ever got to actual names.
    "Good day, Reverend. I hope we did not catch you at an inconvenient time? I am Clara Redmond, daughter of Aurelian Redmond. We are regular attendees at Sunday services. And this is Jacob Lutz, he too is a member of the congregation," she spoke quickly before Arabella could get a word in edgewise, no mean  feat, that!

  3. Clara Redmond
    Arabella seemed to be deep in thought regarding her request, Clara noted but slowly moved forward looking very solemn (plus she wasn't chattering away for once!). Stopping short Arabella then had a request of her own.
    “Can I feel her?”  and said in a whisper too not her usual high volume.
    "There is nothing to feel yet, it is far too early," Clara softly explained, "And we cannot be certain it will be a girl either. Or is that what you are hoping for?"
    Honestly she had not really spent much time thinking about it, she would be happy with either as long as the baby was healthy.
    She looked at Jacob and then back to Clara.
    “I'll take you to Brother Thomas right now, but... do you need any money?” she whispered.
    "No, I mean Jacob has some but the marriage should not cost us anything other than perhaps a dinner for the minister. We just need you to help us find the man for now, Arabella. One thing at a time," Clara was really a bundle of nerves but trying very hard to keep calm and focused.
  4. Clara Redmond
    How did she manage to get caught up like that? Honestly, that girl never failed to confuse Clara it certainly seemed anyhow. The girl was ordering Jacob to help her. Only then did she seem to notice Clara was standing there too.
    “Clara!” exclaimed Arabella, wide eyed in shock. She pointed dumbly at the tiled floor “In my laundry room!” 
    "To be more specific, I believe it is the saloon owner's laundry room," Clara calmly pointed out. No need to ask Arabella how she got in that predicament, it was Arabella, there was your answer.
    Jacob annoyed her now, "Never mind her! Where the heck can we get hold of that Father-Reverend-Pastor Reed feller, we need to see him!”  
    Well, husband to be, way to be nonchalant about it, Clara sighed. The girl did know and started telling them far more than just the needed specific location, something about a Love Shack? Only she did not finish. The look on her face changed too.
    Arabella looked at Clara, then at Jacob, then back at Clara and her eyes narrowed and she pointed at Clara’s stomach and mouthed the words ARE YOU PREGNANT?
    Clara let out a breath, denying it now would only bring out a torrent of questions and insistent declarations she was in the right. Clara was tiring of all these denials anyhow. She nodded very slowly then added.
    "And keep quiet about it. I am asking you as a friend, Arabella. Please."
  5. Clara Redmond
    Clara was not happy with being confused for Jacob's older sister, older indeed! She was actually younger than the boy.
    "Just another pal of Arabella’s” explained Jacob.
    Clara frowned, was he not going to even introduce her? Apparently not as the conversation took a new turn with a familiar voice bellowing from another room.
    “Hey! Is that Hayseed?!!” the speaker yelled, oh yes, Clara knew that was indeed Arabella, “Get in here, stranger, I need a hand pullin’ down ma bloomers!”
    Matilda pinched the top of her nose between two fingers, "Oh god."
    "Go talk to her. I'm sure it's not what it sounds like," actually Matilda wasn't completely sure! But she had other things to do.
    Jacob certainly knew the way into the kitchen, the lad had dropped produce in there more than once. So the two of them then entered the kitchen, Clara half wondering just what Arabella was doing this time? Jacob took the lead but Clara was on the alert right off behind his right side.
    "Hello, Arabella," she left it at that.
  6. Clara Redmond
    “All right, but you come too. Don’t worry, it’ll be all right, we won’t go in the saloon, we’ll go round the back where I make the deliveries. I don’t think I’m in Arabella’s good books right now, but she’ll do anything for you.”  Jacob replied.
    "Oh...alright," Clara seemed reluctant but not because of Arabella, she did actually like the girl, in small doses. But saloons were not the sort of places a proper young lady was to be seen in...of course to be blunt now she realized she actually wasn't a proper young lady anymore.
    When the couple reached the back door and Jacob was about to open it, it suddenly opened before his hand could even touch the doorknob. There was Matilda Devereau who instantly recognized the lad at least, he delivered food stuffs on occasion from his farm, vegetables for Cookie's popular stew. The saloon made no real attempt to compete with the local diner establishment but they did at least serve a tasty stew that customers enjoyed. Personally Matilda thought Cookie added too much salt but one thing you never do was tell a cook how to do their job. That is if you wanted her to stay working for you. Now recognizing the lanky jasper and knowing his full name were two different things though.
    "Oh....yer the ....Lutz boy, right? " as she asked she looked at the brunette practically glued to the lad's side and then past them both. No wagon in the alley. Hmmm.
    "You got a delivery for us?" she then asked.

  7. Clara Redmond
    Jacob took back the coin pouch from her after Clara's adamant refusal to accept Granny's money then counted it carefully while she sat here as the wagon rumbled slowly on the road til their eventual arrival in Kalispell. Ned dropped them off, the girl making a point to voicing her thanks to the man. She had to admire an honest and loyal man like he was.
    Of course the young couple checked out the church building first but no one was there. Clara was relieved in a way as she was quite certain Parson Evans would not condone a marriage like this especially without parental consent. Their hopes were on the new man. Rumor already had it the fellow lived in the saloon of all places! Fairly scandalous. Clara might be thinking blasphemously but a clergyman like that might be more willing to bend the rules for a marriage like theirs?
    “What are we going to do?” Jacob asked Clara weakly, looking around outside the church.
    "I honestly do not know," Clara shrugged, it was unsurprising things were not going well, this whole situation was such a disaster.
    “Arabella’ll know where he lives.” He proffered.
    "He lives in the saloon. I heard it in the diner," Clara announced out of the blue, "So you want to go in there and look around?"  She was not about to suggest she do such a thing.
  8. Clara Redmond
    Jacob shook his head. “She's nuts, and she can be pretty rough on people, but she ain’t mean to her own.”
    "I do not know how you can say that? I was only there in your house for a short while and she insulted and called both you and your sister names. She bullied you both," Clara countered.
    Ned chuckled his agreement with Jacob. “Ain’t that the truth, ol’ Jake here’s the apple o’ that old woman’s eye, even if she don’t always show it. Reckon her problem is: you’re the apple o’ his eye now, Miss Clara!” 
    "And that is hardly my fault," Clara sighed. So now among all their other problems, she had to deal with jealousy too?
    The pair decided to ride the wagon into town rather than walk so both clambered up and Ned urged the horse forward.
    Jacob picked up the bag and was about to count it when, on a whim, he gave it to Clara. “Here you are dear, you’d better have this: housekeeping money.”
    Clara shook her head, "We do not even have a house yet to clean. And I am reluctant to accept her money anyhow. I would prefer she apologize to the both of us for the names she called us.  I have no desire to be beholden to her."
    There was a catch, a price to this monetary gift, she was sure of it.
  9. Clara Redmond
    Ned seemed to accept their flimsy cover story, bless the fellow, and Jacob inquired then why he was out here on the road with horse and wagon.
    “Well, Jake, I was standing in the kitchen after you two lit out, and a certain person who shall not be named says to me ‘Now listen you, don’t you dare go getting that horse and cart and followin’ after that pair!’ she says. And then she says ‘And don’t you be getting’ that money I saved for that ungrateful rascal out from where I hid it!’ And I says to myself, ‘Why Ned, you’re a free man! You don’t need to do what that old woman says. So here I is, here’s the cart and…” he patted a small bag next to him “… here’s your money!”
    Money? Clara blinked, he did too say money! And it sure sounded like Granny had placed powerful hints to the old negro to do what he just now did. He also patted a money purse. Still Clara could not help but be suspicious - afterall it was the same woman who was so insulting and callous and demanding just earlier.
    "Would she give you money?" she asked of Jacob, "Maybe she is setting a trap? We accept it and then later she tells the law that we stole it?"
    Ned then asked where they were going. Jacob glanced to her, "Kalispell?"
    "Yes, yes, to town. Thank you, Ned," Clara nodded then let Jacob help her into the passenger seat,
  10. Clara Redmond
    Emeline was so optimistic. Clara liked to hear it but it was hard to go along with the idea. But she certainly hoped the woman was right and her own fears for the worst were wrong. And it did no good to give in to one's fears. She had to be better than that, stronger than that.
    "Oh, thank you for this encouragement. I so want you to be right," Clara declared.
    "I'm excited for you, Clara, and I have no doubt this will all work out, even though the situation isn't ideal," Emeline added more words of comfort or at least encouragement.
    Clara swallowed back emotion and tried to compose herself again.
    "If the baby is a girl, I am going to ask Jacob if we can name her after you," she announced solemnly.

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