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Physical Description

lean, tall, athletic, somewhat filthy appearance 




Traits & Characteristics

Jay had a fairly good childhood in England but when he made his to the West as a young man to find the land that he had inherited from an uncle, life became tough. So did he. Jay is a hard worker and was willing to build his own home, work a farm and take care of it. The land was dry and unfarmable and after great disappointment and hardship, he fell for the easy way out. A lack of food, work and safety lured him into the wrong circles, that seemed to provide all of that. Because he was angry and disappointed, he traveled with them, stealing from others, sometimes with unnecessary force. Jay was never the first one out there, he had his reservations and knew what they did was wrong but the gang was his only way to survive. Once in, it was hard to get out, especially after what he'd done together with them.

The Brit had a secret, though, one that eventually made them want to get rid of him. So during one cold winter night, he took one of the horses, his pack and a simple woolen blanket and silently left the gang.

He's a loner, even though he would love some company at times. Jay is good with his hands, strong and resilient. But he has a temper, a big mouth and little patience.



He's a black smith by trade but wanted to become a farmer.

Now he's an outlaw, who rode with a gang of thieves, which is something he would like to get away from if possible.


Anything a black smith would do.

Owns a Colt Dragoon but isn't a very good shooter.

Better with his fists.

He can saw and cook because he's not been living with a woman.

Aliases / Nicknames



none - Jay is a wanderer

Kith & Kin


Life Events

Left England in 1869 to farm the land, which he inherited

In 1870 he gave up when he was almost starved and there was no chance the land would ever grow crops

1871-1872 Jay tried to find a job to support himself, worked as blacksmith and miner

7 months ago he joined a gang, who is pillaging farm, ranches and small towns out of frustration that the promised fortune and future had turned out to be nothing but hard work for nothing.

He recently had a fall out with them and ran away

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  1. Jay Ryker
    That kiss was so much needed. The longing for closeness to her, the attraction had been there from the moment she took him in. But he had never even dared to hope that there could be more. Suddenly there was and it was sealed with a kiss despite his confession.
    Addy chose not to know his whole story but at least he had offered itvand was being truthful with her.
    He watched her cheeks become pink after their lips parted and could still feel them lingering on his.
    "Beautiful." He meant the kiss but it could be taken as an attribute of the home.
    "We're not proper. No."
    Would they ever be?
    "I could come and visit...and since when do you care about peoples opinions. But it's better not to rile them up."
    He took her hand. "Show me the inside."
  2. Jay Ryker
    Addy had become very dear to him. So had Weedy. He could imagine them being his family which was the closest he had ever gotten to it. 
    So thevslowly passing moments after his confession were gruesome because he was very worried about her reaction. This could be the end of them...or worse. She could call the sheriff.
    But none of that happened. Instead she kissed him and made him gasp. It wasn't a shy kiss on the cheek either but a clear statement that he was incredibly happy about. So he joined in the kiss, lips crashing against lips, soft sucking and caressing the softness. His hand was behind her neck pulling her closer until their bodies touched.
  3. Jay Ryker
    Jay was willing to be open and honest with her now. She deserved to know the truth about him. He wasn't sure how she'd react to the whole truth but if she wanted it, he'd tell her.
    "I will tell you whatever you want to know but can you promise me not to tell anyone?" Even that was too much to ask really.
    "That didn't need it..." He repeated her words and wondered what she meant by it.
    "I don't think so. I've never shot anyone on cold blood. I've only defended myself when I was being shot at but I have killed people." Gosh, it was hard to face that fact.
    He didn't even want to look at Addy now.
    "Ask me anything. Best do it now. I think I owe you this and then you can consider whether you still want me in your life."
  4. Jay Ryker
    That she wouldn't instantly shoot him wasn't a given, so he was actual thankful for the promise.
    "Good because you might want to after I tell you."
    Jay had been going over this a million times in his head but now that he was actually going through with it, he still got very nervous. He had to take a few calming breaths before he said.
    "I've done things in my past that I'm not proud of."
    How could he word it to still be considered a good person? Was there a way?
    "I've even commited crimes. For a while I've wanted to walk away from it but I never could until I got shot. It was my way of escaping my previous life. I deeply regret my past but it is what it is and I can only do better now."
    He didn't even dare to look at her now. There was too much shame and guilt.
  5. Jay Ryker
    It was nice to spend a few moments alone with her again. There had been things that had not been said and Jay knew at some stage he needed to tell her.
    The place she had found for herself and Weedy was beautiful. "That's better than your barn for sure." He smiled at her and nodded. "I can make him a swing and build you a rocking chair for that porch if you wish."
    He took her by the hand and walked up to the porch with her, then sat down on the steps.
    "I want to tell you why I ran away at the dance. There is something in my past that I haven't told you about. You really mean a lot to me and I would like there to be more between us. So if you want to know, I will tell you."
  6. Jay Ryker
    It was a bit of surprise that she'd hook her arm in his. A pleasant one, though. Jay smiled at her in return as they walked alongside each other.
    "He'll be very happy about that but honestly, your barn and room wasn't a bad place. It's not about the rooms, it's about the love that lives inside." He said those rather poetic words and kept looking at her. Then he realized that he had been talking about her in terms of love. Now it was out and he had no intentions of taking it back.
    "I've missed you." He admitted while they kept walking.
    "I'm sorry, I left you at the dance. I even came back but you were gone."
  7. Jay Ryker
    The news about her 'adopting' Weedy was unexpected and then not. The boy had been living with her for a while and they knew his mother was dead. His father most likely, too.
    "Wow, that's a big step. I mean it is and it isn't. He's been living with you forever but now it's official, eh? Does Weedy know?" Jay craned his neck to look towards the classroom window but he couldn't see him from out here.
    "I'd like to see your place. You've already found a new one? We haven't seen each other that long?"
    He got up and nodded.
    "Why don't you show me."
  8. Jay Ryker
    Jay had waited for Addy to bring the boys inside and used the moment to get his bearings back. When she came back outside and sat next to him, he knew there was some need for talking. After all they hadn't seen each other since the dance which had so abruptly ended for him.
    He wasn't sure whether she was angry and hadn't had a chance to touch base with her because the old lady had blackmailed him into working night and day on that huge fence.
    He felt her hand and his and was quick to curls his fingers around hers, then he looked at her and smiled softly.
  9. Jay Ryker
    "Yeah, maybe giving you some lessons is not a bad idea, if Addy agrees."
    The walk back to the school allowed Jay some time to process what had just happened and how close the boys and him had been to getting shot. Maybe it was stupid what he had done but it had paid off. Now that it was all said and down, he started to feel a little shaky.
    When Addy brought the boys back in the classroom who seemed to be on some sort of high from the incident, he sat down on a bench outside and wrung his hands through his hair, blowing out some air.
    Strange what he was ready to do for a boy, who wasn't his own.
    He leaned his head back against the wooden outside of the building and let the sun warm his face.
  10. Jay Ryker
    The tension dissolved quickly when the robber was finally under control and had not shot any of the boys or Jay.
    Instead the boys hugged each other, glad that everyone was alright and at the same time extremely excited. Jay watched them with a sigh of relief but inwardly he started trembling because he knew he could have lost both of them and Weedy had become very dear to him. Not even speaking about his own life.
    He closed the distance and pulled the boy into a tight hug. "Weedy! I'm so glad you're okay." Then he ruffled Wyatts hair. "You, too."
    Of course thanks were in order to the one man, he had avoided like the plague thanks to his own history. "Thank you, you came, just in time. I don't know what would have happened otherwise."
    After shaking the mans hand he looked at Addy. Oh man, what if she had lost Weedy ...or him? A smile tugged on his lips as he walked over to her. "That was a close call."

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