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Physical Description

lean, tall, athletic, somewhat filthy appearance 




Traits & Characteristics

Jay had a fairly good childhood in England but when he made his to the West as a young man to find the land that he had inherited from an uncle, life became tough. So did he. Jay is a hard worker and was willing to build his own home, work a farm and take care of it. The land was dry and unfarmable and after great disappointment and hardship, he fell for the easy way out. A lack of food, work and safety lured him into the wrong circles, that seemed to provide all of that. Because he was angry and disappointed, he traveled with them, stealing from others, sometimes with unnecessary force. Jay was never the first one out there, he had his reservations and knew what they did was wrong but the gang was his only way to survive. Once in, it was hard to get out, especially after what he'd done together with them.

The Brit had a secret, though, one that eventually made them want to get rid of him. So during one cold winter night, he took one of the horses, his pack and a simple woolen blanket and silently left the gang.

He's a loner, even though he would love some company at times. Jay is good with his hands, strong and resilient. But he has a temper, a big mouth and little patience.



He's a black smith by trade but wanted to become a farmer.

Now he's an outlaw, who rode with a gang of thieves, which is something he would like to get away from if possible.


Anything a black smith would do.

Owns a Colt Dragoon but isn't a very good shooter.

Better with his fists.

He can saw and cook because he's not been living with a woman.

Aliases / Nicknames



none - Jay is a wanderer

Kith & Kin


Life Events

Left England in 1869 to farm the land, which he inherited

In 1870 he gave up when he was almost starved and there was no chance the land would ever grow crops

1871-1872 Jay tried to find a job to support himself, worked as blacksmith and miner

7 months ago he joined a gang, who is pillaging farm, ranches and small towns out of frustration that the promised fortune and future had turned out to be nothing but hard work for nothing.

He recently had a fall out with them and ran away

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  1. Jay Ryker
    Weedy was so excited and Addys teasing very obvious. But Jay had a bit of fun, too, so he pretended to be thinking hard while he had some more coffee and another bite or pastry.
    Then he looked at Addy. "You think? Supper?"
    He was a bit surprised that there should be something under the tree for him as well but then he shrugged.
    "I guess we could have a look after breakfast."
    Weedy jumped up and down as if he was four years old and cheered loudly that Mr. Jay was the best.
    "I know, I know." Jay smiled and got up to join the boy.
    "You first, young man."
    Briefly he looked back at Addy extending his hand for her to come join them. He had mixed feelings because they hadn't told Weedy about his mom but he was also happy that they could give the boy what he would be missing out on otherwise. Maybe he wasn't such a bad person after all. Or maybe he could at least become someone better....if the law didn't catch up to him. What would he give for making this last.
  2. Jay Ryker
    On his way to the bathroom he saw someone waving their arms out of the corner of his eye, so he looked up to see what was going on. Apparently the generous wave was directed at him. For a moment he wondered why the girl was trying to get his attention. Did he know her?
    Then he suddenly recognized her as the bed ridden strange young lady with only one leg, who had been so dramatic. She looked very different now in a nice dress and standing upright.
    Jay offered her a smile and tipped his head, then he noticed she was headed his way. Was he rude enough to say he didn't have time?
    Not really, so he waited for her and said. "I see that leg is coming along alright. Are you enjoying your evening?"
  3. Jay Ryker
    Thankfully he received the cup of coffee. A warm cozy feeling spread in the small place. Jay didn't need presents. His present was the company he was in. Weedy wanted more. He was excited about getting a present.
    "I'm very happy to be here in such excellent company. Merry Christmas."
    Jay took one of the small baked goodies.
    With a large smile he chewed.
    "Did Santa come last night?" Hopefully Addy had taken care of that.
  4. Jay Ryker
    Jay Addy and Mike
    Jay took note that he just met the foreman of a farm, which could be a good contact to have.
    "I'm a blacksmith." He added on to Addy's explanation about possibly hiring him for help.
    "But I do general handy work, too."
    Despite the fact that he did not officially ask Addy whether she wanted to be more than just a a friend, he somehow felt a little odd when Mike asked her to dance. Was he jealous? Because of a dance? And if so...why? His gaze darkened a little when he tried to figure out what on earth was going on.
    Yet he didn't want to be impolite, so he added. "Go ahead. Maybe the next dance will suit you both. I'll quickly find the outhouse."
    He handed Addy his drink. "Would you hold that for a moment...just set it down over there when you go dance."
    His fingers brushed against hers and for a second their eyes connected before he left.
  5. Jay Ryker
    "You haven't heard the right kind of poetry." Jay smiled at his companion and the asked the man. " Am I not right?"
    In England learning poetry was part of the good tone unlike in the West.
    The man actually made him a compliment, which made Jay avert his gaze. Hearing sonething nice about his actual profession only made him.feel ashamed because for a while he thought being a black smith wasn't good enough.
    "Thank you. But that was an easy fix."
    He did not contradict when Addy told him that he was from Whitefish. It was better if she saud so because noone would doubt her.
    Without paying attention he had placed his own hand on hers, which was holding on to his arm.
    If the dance had been better, he would have asked her in order to escape the conversation before it got more intimate.
    "What do you do?" He tried to get the focuss of himself.
    That's when he spotted the girl, who had had a hissy fit at the saloon.
    Better stay clear of her.
  6. Jay Ryker
    One of the men took his advice much quicker than expected and hurried off to see the lady in question after making a slightly rude comment.
    Jay couldn't help but grin at Addy when she came to his defense and called him pretty. "Why thank you...."
    He didn't mind the insult. "Been called worse."
    Then he turned his attention on the other man while the musicians started a new tune. It was much livelier than the walz. 
    Generally people were in a very good mood tonight, chatting, eating, singing...he was glad he had come. Plus Addy showed him affection, which made his heart grow happy.
    "Oh, you enjoy poetry....who wrote that?" Jay shook his hand. "Pleasure, Mike. I'm Jay."
    What would he tell him if he asked more questions? Hopefully they weren't too personal.
    @Bongo @JulieS
  7. Jay Ryker
    The smell of fresh brewed coffee and their whispers woke him up. The night had been nice. A long peaceful sleep. After spending many nights in different beds, this felt like home now.
    Yawning and groaning a little Jay stretched. He was almost as good as new but he wasn't twenty anymore so early mornings required a good stretch, which usually made his side hurt a little.
    "I could get used to this...feels like home." He simply said what was on his mind and sat up, running two hands through his hair.
    "I smell coffee and oh....look at that." He pretended to be surprised by the presents under the tree.
    "Was St. Nik here?"
    Weedy nodded his head, making his own hair fly. "Yes, get up, Jay...Mr. Ryker....get up. I cannot open my present until after breakfast."
    "Oh, well...what's for breakfast?" Jay looked at the chief of the household wondering whether he'd have to catch one of the old chickens and squeeze an egg out. They barely laid any in the winter.
    He reached his hand into his pocket under the blanket to feel whether the small leather pouch was still there.
  8. Jay Ryker
    Jay was baffled and didn't know whether he should grin, blush or avert his gaze to hide his suprise. In his ears this sounded like being a couple wouldn't be a bad thing. They had shared the odd moment but Jay had assumed he simply wasn't her type of guy. She was probably into the real cowboys, not Englishmen with a shady past.
    But she held his hand much longer than the dance lasted.
    For a moment Jay got lost in her eyes and looked like a drunk fool but then he recovered and nodded.
    "Let's drink something."
    Together they left the dance floor and found their glasses from earlier again.
    Then the Englishman took one of the cookies from a small basket and had a bite. "Hm, these are delicious." How long had it been since anyone had offered him cookies?
    He broke off a piece and offered it to Addy. "Bite?"
    Next to them two men were having a conversation about who to ask for a dance and one breaking the other ones arm...it was all friendly banter.
    Suddenly Jay turned to face them to dish out a piece of good advice.
    "Maybe you should let the lady know. You might find unexpected joy, if she receives it well. Tonight with the music and drinks is a very good opportunity....oh and sorry for listening. Your conversation was quite loud."
  9. Jay Ryker
    It was easy to see that every one had fun with the dance and was in good humor. Noone got offended when someone stepped on their toes. They all seemed to like Addy, too. No wonder. She was a wonderful woman. For now nobody seemed to question, who he was either. Jay even recognized the lady from the day in Whitefish.
    Having helped there was probably a good thing, so nobody had any suspicions about him being part of the robbers gang.
    Jay returned his attention on Addy and the dancing. While they continued to turn, circle and swing across the dance floor, Jay whispered. "They'll think we are a couple."
    He looked down smiling at her while he pulled her closer with his right hand.
    By now he was feeling quite warm and actually ready to take his jacket off and maybe have a drink. But not before the dance ended.
    "Another dance or drink?"
  10. Jay Ryker
    Jay lowered himself onto his make shift bed but briefly wondered what it would be like to squeeze into that small bed of hers, holding on to her.
    In the meantime Addy was reciting the bible and Finn noticed that she wasn't really reading it.
    Weedy had long fallen asleep and Jay was close when she concluded.
    The lights were low in the small room now. Not having any children of his own , let him forget that he was probably supposed to play Santa for the boy.
    Instead Jay was curled up on the pallet bed and his small furry friend joined him and curled up in his arm. Even with his eyes closed he reached out to pet the animal.
    The next morning Weedy was the first one up while Jay was still sound asleep, snoring. The room had cooled down because there was barely any gleaming charcoal  left in the oven.

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