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Physical Description

lean, tall, athletic, somewhat filthy appearance 




Traits & Characteristics

Jay had a fairly good childhood in England but when he made his to the West as a young man to find the land that he had inherited from an uncle, life became tough. So did he. Jay is a hard worker and was willing to build his own home, work a farm and take care of it. The land was dry and unfarmable and after great disappointment and hardship, he fell for the easy way out. A lack of food, work and safety lured him into the wrong circles, that seemed to provide all of that. Because he was angry and disappointed, he traveled with them, stealing from others, sometimes with unnecessary force. Jay was never the first one out there, he had his reservations and knew what they did was wrong but the gang was his only way to survive. Once in, it was hard to get out, especially after what he'd done together with them.

The Brit had a secret, though, one that eventually made them want to get rid of him. So during one cold winter night, he took one of the horses, his pack and a simple woolen blanket and silently left the gang.

He's a loner, even though he would love some company at times. Jay is good with his hands, strong and resilient. But he has a temper, a big mouth and little patience.



He's a black smith by trade but wanted to become a farmer.

Now he's an outlaw, who rode with a gang of thieves, which is something he would like to get away from if possible.


Anything a black smith would do.

Owns a Colt Dragoon but isn't a very good shooter.

Better with his fists.

He can saw and cook because he's not been living with a woman.

Aliases / Nicknames



none - Jay is a wanderer

Kith & Kin


Life Events

Left England in 1869 to farm the land, which he inherited

In 1870 he gave up when he was almost starved and there was no chance the land would ever grow crops

1871-1872 Jay tried to find a job to support himself, worked as blacksmith and miner

7 months ago he joined a gang, who is pillaging farm, ranches and small towns out of frustration that the promised fortune and future had turned out to be nothing but hard work for nothing.

He recently had a fall out with them and ran away

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  1. Jay Ryker
    To actually be able to give in to his desires was incredible. Even more so because Addy threw all her inhibitions over board and fully gave herself to him. It was exceptional because it was so much more than plain physical desire. There was love.
    An hour later he found himself  in bed with her covered by light sheets. He held her close and smiled at nothing on particular.
    "I don't think I've ever felt this happy in my life, Addy."
    Jay confessed and turned to gently kiss her cheek.
  2. Jay Ryker
    His hands were still resting on her behind. So he gently pulled her closed against his own body and closed his eyes to enjoy another kiss. Was this even real? Those soft lips, he hair tickling his face, he body against his. Jay surely had imagined this moment more than once but he had never imagined it could be more than a dream.
    Especially not after telling her the truth. Yet here he was, holding her tight, placing kisses everywhere that wasn't covered in clothes.
    He pushed his tumb under the rim of her blouse, pushing it aside as far as she allowed and kissed her shoulder.
    His movements became more eager, filled with desire.
  3. Jay Ryker
    Jay could follow her reasoning. Addy had her own ways of thinking but he couldn't object to it. After all it allowed her to kiss him again. This time it was deeper but Jay was a little insecure whether she actually had thought this through.
    "Are you sure?" He gently let his hand slip to her hip and then even lower to let them rest on her well rounded behind.
    "I can't imagine myself with anyone but you. You're filling a void that I've felt for a very long time. For you I'll even risk staying. I've thought about moving on but I can't. Because you're here."
  4. Jay Ryker
    "Then just have me. Nobody needs to know. It's nobodys business." Why were there so many rules that forbid happiness?
    When she pulled him into a hug he was even more confused and didn't even close his arms around her.
    He was happy to hear that she didn't want to let him go but still confused.
    "I'm not sure what to think now. Didn't you just say goodbye?"
    He finally closed his arms around her.
    "I don't want to let you go either. I've ne er known a woman like you...I know I don't deserve you but I love you."
  5. Jay Ryker
    "What?" He couldn't quite understand what was going on. Had he not just confessed his live to her and she had done the same? Did this not mean they should be happy now even if they couldn't sleep together.
    Now she was shoeing him out?
    "Wait a moment, Addy? Does that mean you don't want me in your life if I can't marry you?"
    That stung so deep, he couldn't even wrap his mind around it.
  6. Jay Ryker
    His desire and lust was stopped by her taking a step back and declaring that she couldn't. It had been half expected and was probably the better choice. Addy was not some cheap girl you pick up in a saloon.
    "Of course." He muttered, still panting and clearly disappointed.
    "You're right. I'm sorry."
    He ran a hand through his hair and averted his gaze.
    "I just don't know whether it can ever happen. I cannot marry you, Addy."
    Wow, she had said she didn't want to know more but now he had to tell her.
    "I'm a wanted man. I cannot marry you and if I do, there's too much risk for you and Weedy."
    Both of them had to be very disappointed.
  7. Jay Ryker
    "You're very kind, sheriff. i really appreciate that and knowing what you just said to me will give Addy peace of mind."
    He knew that she wanted him to move in, she had even dropped hints of marriage. None of that would ever happen as long as he was considered a criminal. Things had suddenly taken a turn for the better, though.
    "If you don't mind, I'll hurry and let her know."
    He tipped his hat with the same hand that was holding the poster, neatly rolled up.
  8. Jay Ryker
    When he heard the sheriff speak openly about the robbery Jay was ready to run because he had no gun on him and no desire to gun an official down.
    But before he could bolt the man made it clear that he wasn't after him but quite willing to forgive him because he had saved the boys.
    Jays jaw almost dropped as he listened.
    When he finally received the poster he swallowed hard because this almost incredible.
    "I don't know how to thank you, sir. I swear I've changed my ways. I always knew it was wrong and will not be involved in anything like that again."
    he felt the need to be open an honest with the sheriff who was offering a second chance.
  9. Jay Ryker
    "Me, too." Jay confessed. He had waited a long time to tell her how he felt and was more than happy that she had told him she felt the same.
    Now he just wanted to kiss her and hold her and...well...he wanted to share everything with her.
    For a moment he forgot about all virtue and wrapped her in his arms, placed a few soft kisses on her cheek, lips and then let his hand slip from her waist to her bottom.
    "Stop me if I'm going too far....I just..."
    He panted. "I just want to be with you....let me be with you."
  10. Jay Ryker
    Nobody could possibly startle him like the sheriff. Jay had avoided meeting the man at all cost but somehow he had now found him. Judging by his words this was no curtesy visit.
    A cold shower ran down his back as he contemplated whether drawing his  gun or running away was the better option.
    Once he was inside the sheriffs office he could not run this easily and the gallows pole was only steps away.
    "What is this about?"
    He asked before he could possibly ruin his new life over a misunderstanding.
    "Are you arresting me for something?"

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