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    Chloe Grace Moretz
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    Saloon gal
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    Singer/dancer at Star Dust Saloon
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    Feb. 10, 1854
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To be filled in later.


Caroline has lived in saloons all her life, literally. She was the only child of a saloon keeper and his common law wife. She started young doing errands, washing dishes, sweeping floors, anything her folks needed. By age 13 she was taking drinks to tables and on occasion serving beer or whiskey behind the bar to thirsty customers when her father needed a break. By age 15 she began singing and people liked it, she had a good voice. By age 16 she was dancing too as part of the act.

Since then she has worked in a few saloons and now has arrived in Kalispell to take a job at the Star Dust saloon. She knows no other life style but loves her job and she's very good at what she does.


Aliases / Nicknames


Kith & Kin

None, both parents are deceased.

Life Events

1854 - Born in Chicago to Lalaine Stills. Father, Edmund Mundee.

1867 - Already working steadily at her father's saloon in the rough side of Chicago.

1870 - She was both singing and dancing by then in the same place

1870 - Her mother died of an unknown illness.

1872-  Her father was killed in a saloon brawl and had left no will. A rival grabbed the joint and there was no room

            for her anymore. Consumed with revenge, she stalked her father's killer and shot him down in an alley. Right

            after she left the city and headed west.

1872-1876  Worked in a few saloons in various places out west.

1876 -  Through a friend in the business she found out about a job opening in some burg called Kalispell and decided

             to take that job. Singer/dancer - exactly her calling.

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  1. Caroline Mundee
    The door opened and out stepped Brendan, in stocking feet and in Bridget's room. Caroline gave him a look.
    “Hey. Gimme a minute.”
    "I'll give ya a whole lot more than that, I wanna know what happened," Caroline frowned.
    Brendan opened the door to another room and the pair entered that. Probably for the best, that way Bridget wouldn't hear.
    Fumbling around until he found the lamp by the bed, he turned up the wick and faced Caroline as light sprang up in the room. “What’d you hear?”
    "Nothin' good. But I came here for answers not to repeat rumors. So....it seems you were there when it happened? When Lorenzo died...." her tone was trying to be calm but there was a certain sharpness to the words.
    "And tell me the truth. You owe me that much, hon," she waited arms on hips.
  2. Caroline Mundee
    "I don't see any reason Miss Mundee can't go upstairs, but please, just stay there until I'm done," Jonah commented, then added wryly, "I prefer not to be observed when I perform miracles." 
    "Thankya, Doc, I can stay up there while you do your duty. Later on though, I should talk to you or the Marshal. I know something I think might be important," Caroline smiled.
    Then the doctor looked at the lawmen.  "Show me the way, gentlemen.  Was anyone with Mr. Crabbe when this happened?"
    "Yes, Miss Bridget and Brendan Connelly were both here when it happened," Charlie answered, "We're still trying to work out the events that led up to Mr. Crabbe's demise."
    So Brendan was here before the death? Interesting. Caroline had a hunch about why too. But she wanted to hear it from the source.
    Thinking about the situation as it was, Charlie turned to Caroline, "Miss Mundee, perhaps it's best you don't go upstairs just yet."
    Caroline smirked, "I'm sure ya mean well, hon, but I'm goin' up there now. I'm good friends with both Bridget and Brendan."
    Though that friendship with the cowpoke may well be about to hit a wall if he did what she was worried he did.
    Halfway up the steps, she turned to the deputy, "It's you who should stay down here, this is between us up there."
    And with that she continued on up til she reached Bridget's room.
    @Javia @Bailey  @JulieS @Bongo
  3. Caroline Mundee
    The deputy gave her the answer she was sorta expecting but defnitely not wanting.
    "I'm sorry but Mr. Crabbe...well...he has met with an untimely end," he replied as looked over in the direction where the body.
    Caroline followed the direction of the young man's eyes and yeah, there was Lorenzo lying upon the floor.
    "Goddammit," she muttered.
    "As for Bridget, she's upstairs...with Brendan Connolly," the deputy added, the very last part throwing Caroline a bit.
    "Brendan? When did he get here?"  Caroline well knew about the whole possible marriage option with the cowboy and the unfortunate Bridget.  Was he here about that marriage? Was he discussing it with Lorenzo. Who now was dead. She had a lot of questions.
    That's when Marshal Guyer entered the place.
    "Miss Mundee, I'm afraid I'll need to ask you to leave. Doc Danforth is here to examine the late Mister Crabbe's corpse."
    "I doubt he's THAT good a doctor," Caroline wryly pointed out, despite the seriousness of the situation and the sadness she did feel.
    She would have to take some private time later to say her goodbyes to her old friend but that did not mean she was going to meekly scamper off because some lawman ordered it.
    "Fine, but I wanna go upstairs then and see Bridget. See how she's doin'. The poor thing must be in shock," Caroline started for the stairway.
    He paused, "I assume that Deputy Wentworth here explained that Lorenzo Crabbe is dead? We believe heart failure and a gunshot wound likely self-inflicted."
  4. Caroline Mundee
    "Thanks mister, usually I have to ask for a fella to buy me a drink. I appreciate it, yer a gentleman," Caroline was impressed while Ralph started to get her that drink. Her usual.
    Just then up popped Arabella to chat....no she did not chat....speechify the poor man. Caroline knew she might as just stand there and sip on her drink. As usual Arabella was a mix of useful and insulting, even offensive.
    Actually the fellow took all that Ara threw it up in pretty good stride then produced a telegram for them to take a look at. Caroline reached out for it first before Ara could snatch it away.  And Ralph, he had made no attempt to reach for it.
    "I can read," Caroline informed the man and turned to hold it such that Arabella could not easily make a try for it.
    "Don't know where this Shade jasper is, nobody's seen him around for quite awhile including some of his own ranch hands, they've said as much to me over drinks. And as for trouble, well yeah, Lost Lake and Evergreen have been feuding since I arrived and even before so as I've heard," Caroline then handed it back to the man.
    "You could go talk to this Carlton woman or you could ride on out to the Lost Lake place. Maybe Cantrell will be there," was her advice.
  5. Caroline Mundee
    As Caroline debated going deeper into the place to look for her friend, or she worried, look for his body if the rumors were true, who should show up but that young deputy.
    "Miss Mundee?  Is there anything I can help you with?"
    "Yeah, hon, you can. I'm lookin' for my good friend, Lorenzo Crabbe. I heard something real bad might have happened to him," she answered.
    "Oh...and checkin' up on Bridget too," she added.
    @JulieS @Bailey @Javia
  6. Caroline Mundee
    Caroline winced a little, not sure she was comfortable with Addy's plan. If she did tackle the Indian by his legs, that left the boy still in control of that pistol which he could use to shoot her. And if Addy went for his gun hand or even both arms then she couldn't use the cloth strip as a garotte to strangle him.
    But she did not get time to voice (however softly in volume) her worries for suddenly there was a flurry of shots in the distance. A LOT of shots!  Hard to judge just how far away in this rough country but obviously close enough they heard the firing!
    Houusoo was about to snap at the white women to quit their jabbering and just sit there when he too was distracted by the same outbreak of gunfire.  His people were fighting the waischus, it had to be. They had found them quickly.  His heartbeat quickened.
    Meanwhile Caroline decided no more waiting or plotting, she had a sudden idea. First off she grabbed a handful of dirt in one fist then she hissed to Addy, "I'm gonna get his attention alright."
    Without hesitation she suddenly jumped up and screamed in panic.
    She turned in terror toward the Indian, "SHOOT IT!  HELP!" as she fixed her eyes on the deep grass around them. It was quite a convincing performance really.
    Just as she had known, when things started to happen, they started quickly, and as soon as Caroline started her act, Addy was at her side, shouting out her own alarm.
    "Hurry!  It done bit her!"  
    As the boy turned toward them, Addy had a very brief pang of regret -- it did look like he was concerned and wanted to help -- but there was no time for pity...
    Kneeling in the dirt, she pushed Caroline's petticoat up, pretending that there was a wound there.  "Aw, Caroline!"
    Houusoo moved closer, he was not used to actually using a revolver, previously he had only used his bow and arrow or watched others fire rifles and pistols. He didn't even cock the hammer back as required to fire one of these single action guns. His focus was on the grass, looking for the snake. 
    Caroline waited just until she thought he was close enough then the act vanished in an instant. Of course she wasn't bit, the saloon girl now made her move. With one hand she threw the dirt right in the Arapaho's eyes while the other lunged for his gun hand wrist.
    The struggle was on!
    Only a split second behind Caroline, Addy sprang up, ready to slip the strip of slip around the boy's neck, but as his body and mind registered what was happening, he spun and struck out with his free hand, and although that missed Addy, the back of his head hit her in the face, causing her to stumble back, blood streaming from her nose.  At the same time, he instinctively pulled the trigger, the boom of the pistol loud in the close quarters.
    Caroline had her hand on his wrist of the gun hand and luckily the gun barrel was pointed upward when it fired. The loud report so close startled the hell out of Caroline but it didn't make her stop trying to do her part in overpowering this young brave. Luckily, the dirt had spattered right in his eyes so he was not just battling his attackers but trying desperately to blink away the debris to clear his vision. 
    Somehow he had lucked out as Addy had not managed to get their planned jump on him. Caroline redoubled her efforts for there was no stopping now. Time for another tried and true tactic that she had used more than once against some overeager customer who made the mistake of drawing up too close to her when she didn't want it.
    With a violent upward lunge of her knee, she connected hard right in his breechclout and between his legs. Houusoo gasped in agony, it was the sort of place which literally made it hard for a male to even breath it hurt so damn much. At the same time Caroline now kept a firm grip on the wrist while using her free hand to go for his remaining wrist.  All the time fervently hoping Addy was not stunned or hurt but could get back into the fray.
    Quickly, Addy shook off the pain in her face -- after all, she had grown up with a passel of brothers, and there had been 'accidents' -- although there was nothing she could do about how much her eyes were watering.  Still, she could hear where the fight was, and her vision was intact, albeit blurry.
    Unfortunately, she'd dropped the garrotte, so that option was off the table.  But Caroline knew her stuff, and even Addy winced as the saloon singer gave the kid a sharp knee to the balls.  That hurt, a lot, after all, she'd had a passel of brothers, and on rare occasion, one of them had deserved similar treatment, and she knew how debilitating it could be, at least for the first few moments...almost as bad as getting smacked in the nose!
    As Caroline tried to get control of his wrists, Addy lunged to tackle him from behind, driving her shoulder into his back and trying to get his torso and upper arms in a bear-hug!
    Houusoo was driven hard to the ground, adding to the pain and misery he already was experiencing from the saloon girl's well placed knee to the groin. It was all too much, the revolver went flying from his grip, landing in some deep grass a few feet from the struggle.
    Before he knew it, his arms were pinioned against his torso from the attacker behind him. Caroline let go of one of his wrists and punched him as hard as she could in the face. If she didn't break his nose she at least started it bleeding.
    Caroline knew their original plan was out the window, forget their cloth strip idea but she did not forget the young Indian had Addy's knife yet. It wasn't a big knife but it would have to do. Seeing the hilt on his waistline, she yanked it out, brandishing it before Addy and their victim.
    "Hold'im, I'll gut' im!"
    She then stabbed him right in the belly shoving it in up to the hilt as the boy screamed. If someone would have told her that someday she would do this to another human being, Caroline would have denied she could ever do such a thing.  But there she was, doing her best to kill without hesitation. 
    Houusoo was in agony but far from dead, still trying to struggle. Caroline pulled the bloody blade out then snarled "C'mon, die!" as she plunged downward into his belly yet again, only inches from the first wound, trying her best to ignore his screams.
    Addy had to give the girl credit, she sure had plenty of moxie, if not skill!  Doing her best to hold onto the struggling boy, Addy rolled onto her back, trying to get her legs around his so he couldn't kick out, but he was squirming pretty good.
    "Get 'im in th' heart!" she shouted, moving to readjust her slipping grip, only to lose control of his right arm.
    Now Caroline had never opened a medical book in her life nor ever laid eyes on any sort of anatomical drawing either. She knew the heart was up in the chest somewhere but to pinpoint it? Nope!
    The boy's right arm was free then and wildly flailing toward his attacker, he still couldn't see properly and was also in so much pain, it all was a rather futile defense.
    Caroline stabbed downward yet again, this time deliberately choosing to plunge the bloody steel point right into his navel like maybe it would be worse there? She had no idea just so badly wanted him to just plain die on them already!
    Houusoo was weakening , he half moaned, half sobbed as the woman pushed down hard until the blade disappeared right up to the hilt. None of these single stabs were of course immediately fatal but the net effect was ultimately deadly.  Still the young man clung grimly to life.
    Caroline had had enough and fell off him, sickened by what she was doing, HAD to do. But there were limits and she'd reached it.
    "Dammit! You kill him then!" she felt she'd done her share and more, let Addy end it all.
    It's not like there was much struggle left in the boy, the knife embedded deep within his innards.

    Feeling that it was safe now to let the kid go -- he wasn't quite dead, but close enough -- Addy scrambled out from under him, avoiding his flailing limbs, then grabbed the knife from his belly and poised it over his heart long enough to be sure of the target, then closed her eyes and plunged it down, leaning into the short blade, then twisting.
    Houusoo was just barely conscious with maybe enough eyesight despite the dirt and his fading strength to dimly be aware of the woman above him. Then there was yet another agonizing burst of pain, his audible reaction a mere pathetic whimper, his limbs quivered and all went dark.
      Only after the movement stopped did she open her eyes and look at Caroline.
    Caroline had just stood there, spattered in the Indian's blood and with bloody hands too, watching Addy make an end of the boy. It was done and there was time later for regrets and processing it all. She just nodded to her friend.
    "C'mon."  Addy was on her feet, wiping the blade on her pants, then she held a hand to Caroline.  The kid's horse was still there, and they needed to leave, now!
    Caroline reached for Addy's and the pair hustled over to the Indian pony which shied away from these strange persons and their sudden approach.
    Caroline looked to Addy, "We gonna be able to get on him?"
    That's all they needed now was for the animal to bolt and gallop off.
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  7. Caroline Mundee
    Meanwhile back at the scene of the unfortunate death, the front door opened and in walked Caroline Mundee, sans makeup and in probably one of her more drab dresses too. Her hair was down too, no customer at the Star Dust would have seen her look this......well, normal.
    "Hello! Anyone here?" she called out.
    She had just heard the terrible rumor - it seemed Mr. Lorenzo Crabbe had died?  There was little agreement on how. Murder? Suicide? Accident? Who knew?
    Caroline had an inkling how he might have passed though given what she knew about her old dear friend. Had he really gone and done it? And now Bridget was alone and it was certain that the poor girl could not live alone. Something would need to be done.
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  8. Caroline Mundee
    "Be still fer now, but when th' time comes..." was Addy's caution. Caroline nodded.
    Caroline had actually revealed she had just once before taken another life, an admission she had never made to anyone in Kalispell.  But she wanted to let the other woman know she was capable of such violence when it had to be. She also had been curious if Addy had ever killed anybody but she didn't get an answer there. Maybe Addy was uncomfortable with such an admission or....more likely ....she had indeed never done such a thing.
    But they were in extreme circumstances and both knew it. Desperate people were capable of desperate actions.
     "Try not ta let him shoot that thing, an' when we go, he has ta be...dead," Addy's words confirmed what Caroline was already thinking.
    "Yeah, I figured as much. Well, he killed that boy on the stage, it was his arrow. So he's a part of it all," as she spoke in a barely audible voice, she eyed the young Arapaho. He was young, yeah but he was probably stronger than his lean frame looked, these people led hard active lives, he'd fight like mad no doubt. That is if they gave him that chance. The idea was not to but to overpower him all of a sudden then take his life without giving him that chance.
    Question was how? She looked down at the dirty hem of her remaining garment and started to tear at it, hopefully she could rip off a strip of it big enough to.....
    "What if I distract him then you get behind him and slip this over his head? We get him down then and you start choking the life outta him. I can grab his wrists. Oh, and he still has that little knife of yers...I can see it now. I'll grab that and start stabbin' and we don't stop til we are damn sure he's...gone," Caroline's mind was working thru all sorts of options.
    Next she would try and come up with a good distraction.
  9. Caroline Mundee
    Fortner was finally leaving her be, his every desperate attempt to buy her favor by bribery having utterly failed. He didn't know Caroline Mundee, she was far from a saint but saloon trash (as many in town thought) or not, she had a moral compass about some things and she would stubbornly follow it come what may.
    But there was some shouting outside....Caroline followed up to see what was going on now.
    "Is the Sheriff around here?  Anywhere?  He needs to come out to the Potee place, right away!!"
    "What the Hell?" uttered Frank.   "What now?  God damn it!"
    Frank stood on the catwalk, high above the saloon floor and watched as some man was wringing his hands. Caroline stood at an angle behind him.
    'We need the Sheriff!  It's his missus.  She done hanged herself"
    "Oh shit!" Caroline snapped, "Well, at least she won't be homeless, now it's just a drunk and a little girl. Thanks to us."
    With a fierce glare directed at Frank, she spun about and went back to her room, slamming the door behind her.
  10. Caroline Mundee
    Wrapping her arms around Caroline, Addy whispered, "Be ready, not sure when nor what..."
    Caroline smiled ruefully, returning the embrace, her hip hurt from the fall but it was not a sharp pain, she doubted she had broken anything, "I'm alright. And yeah, I'm more than ready if we get the chance."
    The pair watched then as the Indians rode on off, well first their leader had held out one of the army pistols to young Houusoo, he could hardly guard two prisoners with a bow and arrow. The young man gave a big smile at the gift, this would be the first time he would have himself a gun. Like a true warrior. Later he was confident he would acquire a rifle too especially if the war party killed enough of the approaching waischus.

    Caroline frowned, seeing the boy was now better armed but just maybe the Indian had never even fired an actual gun before. That might give them a better chance when they....when they... What were they gonna do? They needed a plan.
    Houusoo brandished the gun proudly as the rest of the warriors disappeared into the trees. He pointed toward the ground with it barking out an order.
    "You sit now! You stay there. I tell you if I want you do something."
    "Yes, of course, we don't want no trouble," Caroline didn't hesitate but plopped down then sat cross legged on the grass. It was best they act completely obedient, even frightened. Might build up his overconfidence.
    Housssoo now padded over to his pony and rummaged for something in a buffalo hide pouch.
    Caroline kept her voice soft and low, "So...umm, we need to jump him....I got a question for ya, Addy. You ever kill somebody before?"
    She followed it up with a quick admission, "I did..just once. I shot him in the head before he ever knew what was goin' on."

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