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Lucinda Dietrich

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    Dominique McElligott
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    Lucinda Rosemary Dietrich
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    Wife and scholar
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    Lucinda is a woman of average height and weight. She has blue eyes, fair skin, eyebrows that give her a perpetually quizzical expression, and curly blonde hair. She keeps her hair pulled back in a chignon as is appropriate for a married woman and tends to wear an outfit consisting of a white blouse, patterned shirtwaist, and several different colored skirts. However, she is not opposed to wearing trousers if the situation calls for it, like the winter she spent alone after her husband's death.



  • Character Traits

    Lucinda has a sense of humor, fun, and mischief that was not knocked out of her at finishing school and that has not dulled during her married life and hardships. She likes to test each boundary and rule to see how far she can bend it without breaking it. She is generally perceptive and good at interacting with others, but when it comes to people of a "lower class," she does not know quite how to relate to them and may become slightly more introverted and aloof-seeming. Moving out west has helped with this, but there are times when she longs for the society back home that she grew up with.  She enjoyed flirting with Francis and might engage in harmless, coquettish flirting as learned at finishing school, but she never means for anything to come of her flirting.


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  • Employment

    Lucinda has never had "a job," but she spent time at a finishing school back east before getting married, and then took on the responsibilities of a housewife. Since her husband's death, she has been searching for a place to settle down and some way to make money. She feels a little lost since the west is so different from her home in the east. Her ideal employment would be a governess, but those positions are few and far between out west. Right now her morale is low, and she is considering anything...anything.

  • Expertise

    Lucinda is an "accomplished" woman who is well-educated and is capable of running a household, but her passion is learning. She is fluent in French and knows a smattering of Spanish and Latin. Although she has sold many of her belongings in order to pay Francis's debts, she has managed to keep her most precious possessions - her books - and rereads them often. She knows everything there is to know about etiquette and how to entertain in polite society, and she even has a decent voice, but her acting and performing skills are lacking.


    After spending a winter by herself, she knows how to care for livestock and how to live simply, but she considers it a miracle that she survived the winter alone. Francis showed her how to shoot a gun, but she has never yet shot an animal or human, and is rather frightened by the idea of guns.

  • Residence(s)

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    Spokane, Idaho

    Kalispell, Montana

  • Kith & Kin


    Francis Dietrich - deceased



    A stillborn son

    Two unborn children who were miscarried


    Immediate Family


    Ambrus and Abigail Goodwin







  • Timeline

    1845 - Born in Harrisburg, PA to wealthy parents.

    1860-1863 - Attends finishing school in Philadelphia.

    1863 - "Comes out" into society and is engaged to Francis within the year.

    1864-1865- Suffers one miscarriage early in her marriage, but enjoys married life until the Francis goes off to fight in the War between the States.

    1866 - Francis returns home from the war with a bullet scar in his arm and decides to make a new start out west. He and Lucinda spend a few years preparing and saving money, then begin the long journey across the country and reach Idaho in early 1872. Lucinda miscarries while they are traveling.

    1872-1873 - Francis and Lucinda stake a claim, build a house, and start making their homestead into a home. Francis, not being a born and bred farmer, buys far too much seed and supplies, all on credit, and is not able to harvest enough to break even for the year. Lucinda becomes pregnant and gives birth to a stillborn son in late 1872. Their second year of homesteading goes better, but Francis's debt increases slightly still.

    October 13, 1873 - Francis dies from consumption.

    1873-1874 - Lucinda tries to keep the homestead going, but wintering on the homestead by herself is much too hard and Francis's debts are too great, so she sells the homestead and makes plans to travel back to Harrisburg.

    Late June, 1875 - Arrives in Kalispell on her way back east, but realizes her money has nearly run out.

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