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Physical Description

knee.gif.f4beb3030826affaa591c49617a5f3b3.gifPersonal Appearance

Oskar stands a little below average height for a man, with long, silver-grey hair that reaches just down to his shoulders. He sports a large, straight mustache and a mid-length beard, often wiggling in either a genial smile or a stern look of concentration. He is a touch gaunt, accentuated by his age, but makes up for it with a hardy demeanor and strong frame. His blue-grey eyes could stare down even the most zealous of aggressors, and they certainly have.




Clothing & Styletumblr_inline_nz1qdiVXBr1qlr65v_500.jpg.bdf719494b070ab222e0b9222035c0a2.jpg

Oskar dresses primarily in grey overtones, with a fine-made jacket and paisley vest. Underneath, he will typically wear a white dress shirt or union suit, depending on the class of clientele he expects to be entertaining on any given day. On his legs he follows  with grey trousers and low shoes. When accented with a pocket watch or cravat, he can make himself appear quite the specimen, should he need to. He chooses not to wear a hat, which is more of a hanger-on of his city upbringing than any defiance of frontier norms. He keeps a pair of reading glasses in his shirt pocket, should he need to review any documents or deal with delicate machinery.


Weapons & Equipment

As a gunsmith, Oskar bears 'weapons & equipment' in spades. His collection encompasses a vast number of both American and European models. Rifles, revolvers, repeaters, shotguns, muskets and more await behind the cages in his store, along with the ammunition to load them with. The centerpiece, however, is an exceedingly rare Girandoni Air Rifle, once used by his grandfather in the Seven Years' War, and most certainly not for sale. For personal protection, he keeps a Gasser M1870 revolver in a holster at his hip, his last purchase before leaving Austria. He lives in a room round the back of his store, and so most of his personal effects are stored in there, but he does own a simple wagon for when occasions call for travel.

Traits & Characteristics



(+) Articulate - Oskar is a negotiator, and knows how to get what he wants. Having traveled across much of Europe, brokering deals and signing contracts, he is fluent in German, French, and English, and more importantly; is capable of flattery in all three.


(+) Shrewd - One does not become as successful as Oskar without learning a thing or two about humankind. Oskar is an observational man, with admirable perceptive abilities.


(-/+) Sporadic Nihilist - As a manufacturer of goods which, in essence; kill people, Oskar has come to develop a healthy level of disdain for life as a whole. However, sporadic flashes of violent determination shine through, in a bizarre bipolar dichotomy.


(-/+) Foreigner - Oskar is not from the US, and his accent is a dead giveaway. To some, this is cause for concern.


(-/+) Dedicated - Oskar is good at what he does, and does not take kindly to any interruptions in his craft.


(-) Aged - Though not quite an old man, Oskar is getting on a bit. Though he was never really tough, he's a little less so than he used to be.


(-) Obsessive - Oskar has a tendency to become very fixated on things, beyond all reason.



If determination was always a virtue, Oskar might be considered it's holy patron. Unfortunately, his determination can often go above and beyond any logical conclusion, even that of his own mental state. Under most circumstances, one might consider Oskar to be a very droll, somewhat exhausting fellow to talk to, but when he's fixated on something, he quickly becomes a man of action. Hypocrite though he may be, those fixations are much of what keeps him going in reasonable spirits.


An excellent gunsmith and a skilled businessman, Oskar is also persuasive, and tends not to take a position unless it is one of which he is sure. In this way, he can be quite an infuriating person to talk to should you wish him ill, as he often will come out either unscathed by any insult, or having entirely turned things around.


(Former) Austrian Army - Administration and Logistics (1848-53)

Arms Broker and Contractor


(Former) Self-Employed in Europe (1853-1870)

Arms Broker, Contractor, and Gunsmith


Self-Employed in Kalispell (1871-Present)




Oskar spent most of his life traveling Europe, and in the process, has picked up both French and English, to add to his native German.



Oskar appreciates fine work, and endeavors to put as much effort as possible into each and every one of his products.



Decades of brokering arms deals has left Oskar a skilled negotiator, and an excellent salesman.



The mires of Western Europe served as an example for the warring Empires, that weapons need be reliable, as well as deadly. Oskar takes that lesson to heart, and is meticulous in the care of his collection.

Aliases / Nicknames



Current Residence

Gunsmithy, Kalispell main road (1871-Present)


Previous Residences

Itinerant in America (1871)


Itinerant in Europe (1853-70)


Salzburg, Austria (1845-53)


Place of Birth

Vienna, Austria (1828-45)

Kith & Kin

Karl Winter - Father, Desceased

Maria Dengel - Mother, Housewife in Vienna

Life Events

Time as a Youth (1828-44, age 0-16):


Oskar was born in Vienna; the seat of Hapsburg power and the focal point of the Austrian Empire. He hailed from a strongly Military family, both his Father and his Grandfather having served the Österreich for much of their lives. Their rank and decor had afforded the family several plots of land in the Empire's capital, and grown their wealth to a considerable size. By the time Oskar was born, the idea of joining the Military was more one of tradition, than necessity.


For his part, Oskar never had great interest in following his Father's footsteps. To him, the army seemed a trap, for fools and desperate men, and so he instead turned his attention inwards, to the comforts afforded by a young gentleman of his status. Much of his youth was what we could consider 'misspent', and while he was not a slow learner, he found it difficult to remain engaged in his numbers and letters when the great capital city lay just outside the schoolhouse. He was charismatic and charming, wooing young ladies and making plenty of friends, sooner whiling away his time at a bar than behind a dusty old desk.


Time as a Contractor (1844-59, age 16-31):


At around sixteen, he begun an apprenticeship with a local businessman in the textile trade, importing silks from the Orient and reselling them on the Austrian markets. His charisma translated well to the dance of trade, and in just a few short years he had been sent out into the world, trained and ready to conduct his own financial ventures. Ironically, the first work he landed as an independent tradesman was for the government itself, in the supply of arms to it's soldiers, used in quelling the Krakow uprising. He secured a supply of Augustin rifles from independent retailers, and sold them on to the army at a high markup, which landed him well and truly in the black. When the uprising was put down, the military offered him a position as a more permanent contractor, and Oskar, who had found quite a knack for the trade, was all too happy to accept.


He moved to Salzburg, where supply from Western Europe could be more readily secured, and spent the next few years orchestrating grand shipments of weapons from all across the globe. Mostly he worked with the army of the Austrian Empire, but occasionally there would be shadier groups in need of firearms and swords for an insurrection or coup, and he would oblige, for the correct price. He justified his actions, as all bad men do with the adage; 'If it wasn't me, it would be somebody else.'


A New Passion (1859-66, age 31-38):


During the Italian wars of independence, Oskar found a new passion within his work. The complex mechanisms of the British and French weapons he dealt in began to fascinate him, and almost as a side project; he started to experiment in smithing. His income benefited as well, for ordering parts of broken weapons and repairing them by hand was far cheaper than reselling new models, and before long he had become just as skilled in the maintenance and production of firearms as he was in the selling of them. Business boomed, and he found himself in constant transit; signing deals and brokering trade with armies from the Iberian peninsula to the Black Sea.


Years passed, and the work began to wear on Oskar. Money became no object for him, he had more than he would ever need, and the wars that ravaged the continent seemed never-ending.


Finally came the Austro-Prussian war, and for the first time, Oskar found himself supplying weapons to a country that was actively fighting his own. He was traveling through Prussia for much of it, but returned home in 1866 to learn that his aged Father had been killed, directing Austrian troops on the field of battle. Try as he might, Oskar could not shake the feeling that he might have supplied the gun that killed him.


Onward, to Kalispell (1866-71, age 38-43):


It was all downhill from there, anyway. With the Empire defeated, and a Dual Monarchy established, there was less room for independent contractors in Salzburg. Cowed, and feeling remorseful, Oskar decided to quit the weapons trade, and resolved to live out the rest of his days somewhere isolated, practicing the (marginally) less taxing work of gunsmithing.


Somewhere Isolated (1871-76, age 43-48):


America would do.

Oskar traveled far out to the frontier, and set up shop in the burgeoning town of Kalispell, where he works as a gunsmith to this very day.



Shootin' Irons: In which Miss Anesthesia Orr came to visit Oskar in the wake of the growing 'Indian problem', seeking to purchase a rather complex French revolver. With great delicacy and care, the old gunsmith instructed her in its loading, firing, and maintenance, but for all the girl's interest in the revolver, she seemed quite upset at the end of it all. Far be it from Oskar to question why.


Character Notes

Miscellaneous reference images;


- Gasser Revolver


- Air Rifle


- Pocket Watch


Player Notes

As an NPC, I sort of intend for Oskar to be an 'as needed' character. Meaning, if your character ever wants a gun, don't be afraid to ask!

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Recent Posts

  1. Oskar Winter
    "A pair of nickle plated, ivory handled, Colt peacemakers in four and three quarters inch barrel lengths. Well cared for."
    "Ivory, you say?" Oskar repeated. "Well I'll certainly take a look."
    Ivory's price had been rising ever since the routes to Africa no longer ferried slaves, and such trips had become less profitable ventures for merchantmen.
    "Well, I'll be back, need to stop by and see Gunther about Grimes' horse. I'll have those guns here before days end."
    "Absolutely. Best of luck Marshal." Oskar offered, circling around to the door so that he could show Speed out.
  2. Oskar Winter
    Oskar listened to the Marshal's offer and gave a moment to think it over. Outlaws weren't known for their acumen in firearm maintenance, but as Speed said, he was being paid for the repair work regardless. He could at least distract himself from keeping up with the centennial for a time.
    "Yes, that seems most agreeable. I'd be entirely happy to." Oskar declared, sweeping the pistol below his counter and depositing it in one of the numerous slots and boxes housed therein. "Would you like the cash directly? I could hold off until the repairs are complete and then offer a lump sum in alternative?"
    He hovered his finger over the ejector on his till, as an accentuation of his question.
  3. Oskar Winter
    "Oh, the poor girl." Oskar remarked, though already his mind was on the weapon in front of him. He craned over the counter, sizing the machine up and already disassembling it in his mind. Modern colts had gotten remarkably more robust over the last few years what with the advent of centrefire cartridges, but even a good gun could run foul in the hands of a poor owner.
    "Let's see here..." he mused, as he worked the hammer and began to disassemble the weapon. "Not much rust or corrosion in the barrel... cylinder action is smooth... can't speak for its longevity..."
    He gave the hammer a squeeze and held the weapon up to his ear, listening for the click. The mechanism sounded like it was in good shape, even if it was clear by the weapon's assembly pins that it had been disassembled several times already. The problem with an aftermarket weapon like this though, is that customers were generally more wary of them, even if they were empirically better firearms.
    "Well, I can't say I see anything wrong with it." Oskar thought out loud. "In light of the smoothing on the mechanism-and of course the circumstances of poor Mr. Grimes and his sister, I am presently willing to offer fifteen dollars for this piece."
  4. Oskar Winter
    It was an airy afternoon, and to be entirely fair; Oskar was not feeling all in the mood for work. Slouched in a chair out back, he took idle sips from a little glass of something-or-other (horrible stuff that, not at all like Austrian brandy), and watched the clouds go by. Since the beginning of the Centennial States' fair he'd been receiving word by the day of new advances in the field of personal defense, and it had all become rather exhausting. That wasn't to say he was bored by any means - why, who could be bored of the grandest and boldest instruments ever designed?! His capacity for that excitement was simply experiencing somewhat of an overload.
    That was why when the little bell trilled its greeting from the inner room, he responded with a sigh rather than springing to his feet. The little wooden bandit sitting at the opposite end of his gun range seemed to sneer, pointing his painted gun at the prone gunsmith, as though he was being goaded into motion by an inanimate object.
    He set down the glass and pushed himself out of the chair, stretching, straightening his suit jacket and giving his arms a little stretch, before he wandered back into the store where who awaited him but Henry Guyer himself.
    "Marshal!" Oskar greeted, taking in the pistol at his hand and the look on his face. Even from this distance, the click of the rotating cylinder was audible to Oskar's trained ears, and he knew that the weapon that Speed held was no stock-standard firearm.
    "How can I help you this fine afternoon?" he continued, moving behind his counter to take up position.
  5. Oskar Winter
    "What I'm sayin' is you can have a free drink, I will pay for it. I don't make a habit of doin' that for just any customer but it's not an impo....imposition."
    "Well, if you're quite certain... then I'm sure a drink can't hurt." Oskar replied, with a well-meaning grin.
    "As for visiting the place, I like to think it's always a good experience if I have anything to do with it. You really should drop in sometime, hon."
    "I suppose I shall have to then, shan't I? Seeing as you've credited me with a free drink and all. Very well, It's decided - I'll see you, Caroline, at the stardust within the week. Perhaps I'll have an early fix for your derringer when I do."
    (end thread? could continue with a follow-up stardust one if you wanted?)
  6. Oskar Winter
    "Say there, you've been so nice ta me, I'd like to return the favor. Tell ya what, why don't you come inta the saloon sometime and ask fer me if I'm not about but I practically live there so that shouldn't be a problem. Then I will buy you a drink on the house."
    It was true that Oskar had lived for some years now in the US, time enough to broaden his catalogue of Americanisms. That didn't mean he always used them correctly, and herein he had to reevaluate his understanding of the phrase; 'On the house' as Caroline used it. If he understood correctly, she had offered to buy him a drink at her own cost, rather than it being paid from his pocket.
    "I- on the house?" he repeated, carefully choosing his words to avoid seeming ignorant. "I wouldn't want to impose. Although, I have not visited the Stardust in a little while. It could be a, uh, experience."
  7. Oskar Winter
    "That's a pretty gun."
    "I'm pleased you think so. It is quite well-made. A clever design." he agreed, though using strategically different terminology. Caroline would be right to think that 'pretty' was a seldom used term in Oskar's line of work, but not altogether absent.
    "I like it. I like it a lot, you got yerself a deal, hon."
    Oskar mirrored the girl's infectious smile. "Wúnderbar. I'm sure you won't be disappointed."
    "Does that forty cents include ammo?"
    "Hmm, I hadn't thought of that." Oskar admitted, suddenly thoughtful. "In honesty, it isn't very often that I rent guns. I'll tell you what; I'll give you a box free of charge-"
    He reached beneath the counter and procured a box of .22 rimfire, which he in turn offered to Caroline. "-and should you need to use it, you may pay the usual rate upon return of the gun. That is fifty cents a box, twenty-five bullets a box, two cents a bullet." his voice dropped an octave. "Let's hope it does not come to that, for being attacked once is one time too many, I should say. I digress. If you'll return this time next week, I hope to have your derringer in fine working order, and if not it'll be no less than three days after that."
  8. Oskar Winter
    "Well, you understand I don't exactly plan out when the dangerous stuff comes at me. Not like I put down  'drunken gunman...appointment on Thursday evening' in my note book. So yeah, I could use a spare then. Depending on this here small fee? Take mercy on a gunless helpless little lass, won't you?"
    "I understand, of course. The part itself will be around a dollar, and I would be willing to lend you a weapon at the rate of forty cents a week, provided that it is returned afterwards with no substantial damage or wear."
    He smiled, in a pastiche of Caroline's own countenance. "...and in my mercy, I believe a have a Sharps four-shot around here somewhere..."
    Taking a key from his pocket, he turned to one of the cabinets behind the counter, unlocked it, and swung the hinges wide. After a moment of poring over the weapons array within, he selected the little four-barrel derringer, and lifted it carefully onto the counter for Caroline to see.

    "It loads similarly to your Remington, though of course, holding four shots rather than two, with a little toggle here to open the breech, load the rounds into the barrels, close the breech, cock the hammer, and fire. Yours, as I say, for forty cents a week."
  9. Oskar Winter
    "Yer good with your hands for an older gent, ya know?"
    "Oh, you have a sharp wit, Miss." Oskar responded, matching her smile. This time, her humor was not lost on him, and to the old gunsmith's surprise, he too found himself amused at the admittedly crude joke. 
    "Caroline, hon, just Caroline, I ain't one for fancy titles. Oh alright then, so... give it to me straight, doctor, can it be saved or is my gun a goner?"
    "Well... Caroline." Oskar articulated, with only the smallest sense of difficulty in using a first name for a customer. "The gun can be fixed, but the camwheel is, like you say - a goner. I will need a replacement piece, which will need to be sent for, and likely carried up in a regular shipment from Missoula. It will realistically be a process of a week or two, I'm afraid."
    He glanced down at the disassembled gun, lying quite uselessly on the countertop. "Alternatively, for a small fee, I could offer you a similar weapon in the interim, if your personal defense situation cannot wait that long."
  10. Oskar Winter
    "Special? I don't know, just the rounds they came with when I bought it. Tell ya the truth there, hon, they all look kinda short to me."
    "Hmm? Oh, yes. Aha." Oskar absentmindedly responded, uncertain if there was a rude joke being made or not. "Well, if it wasn't the ammunition, I'm afraid I'll have to open this up..."
    He set the turnscrew upon the frame of the derringer, and carefully set about removing the grip, then separating the body. The screws in question were tiny little things, matching the tiny little gun in which they sat, and so it was no small effort to set them all in a little pile to the side of the counter. Finally, Oskar removed the top half of the frame, revealing the guts of weapon - it's trigger, lug, camwheel and hammer.
    "Aha!" he said, as prospector might upon finding a thick vein. With steady fingers he reached down to pluck out the camwheel, and held it up to the afternoon light. "Here is your culprit, Ms. Mundee. The wheel's notches have worn quite severely. Likely the hammer was not falling with sufficient energy to strike the primer."

    (OOC: piece number 5 is causing the trouble!)

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