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  2. Matt escorted Hannah to one of the tables near the front windows. One of the windows was partially covered by a large pot containing a plant he had found out was called Cheyenne Mock Orange. It was something the previous owner had placed here in his efforts to make some sort of an impression. Even though the plant had already passed the blooming stage for the year, Matt acknowledged that the greenery did add a little bit to the room. After the winter, he was going to re-decorate the hotel and the plant's fate would be decided then. Smiling, he glanced down at Hannah, "I do hope that this is to your liking. If not we can sit somewhere else. It's a bit early, so you can still choose another table." @Stormwolfe
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  4. Continued from Cattle Drive [Part 1] Mature Content: No With: Quentin Cantrell, NPCs Location: Kalispell to Fort Poison, south end of Flathead Lake. When: Early September 1875 Time of Day: Varies Harriet sat astride Shade's big paint, Spirit, that had formerly belonged to Chance Thornton. She had ridden the horse before but never in the animal's capacity as a working cow pony. None of her string of horses had the training for the task at hand. The big gelding flicked his ears, and his body tensed. She could tell the horse was ready to follow the herd of cattle that meandered slowly past. Harriet put a gloved hand on the horse's neck and muttered a few soft words to calm him down. Three days ago, the San Francisco attorney had been in the office of Lost Lake Ranch's co-owner, Shade Thornton, explaining about the contract and how it had gotten lost. Somehow, it had been misfiled in with completed contracts. The ranch was in the black, but due to a judge's ruling regarding the custody of the five-year-old Thornton twins, it had to show a clear six-percent increase in profits. Losing the contract for twenty-five head of cattle would not impact the ranch's wealth. However, it might cause problems with the custody of the children. Another issue was the fact that the majority of the hands had ridden south to Missoula with Sage Miller, the ranch's night foreman, to deliver the fall herd to the stockyards. That left the ranch with a skeleton crew. They could not strip the remainder of the riders off the ranch, so she, Quentin Cantrell, and two of the younger hands were tasked with taking the herd to Fort Poison. Who knew that it would be Shade Thornton's sharp eyes that would see the codicil that stated the fort's commander would only take delivery from an owner or suitably high-ranking ranch employee, such as a foreman. The fort's commanding officer required the codicil as a means of preventing fraud and possibly the receipt of stolen cattle. Harriet had ridden into town with a letter written by Shade and copies of the appropriate paperwork. She had sent the telegraph on Shade's behalf and put the envelope on the next mail wagon out. It should reach Fort Poison well ahead of the drive. Now, here she sat, wondering precisely what she was supposed to do. Harriet had watched her friend, Regina Thornton, deftly ride, rope, and cut with the best of them. She felt clueless. Harriet hated the feeling of not knowing what to do and of not being in control of her situation. Suddenly a big red and white heifer broke from the meandering herd and shot toward where she was sitting. Before she could gather her wits and shout "Shoo, cow" at the creature, Spirit launched into action. Harriet uttered a soft shriek and hung on for dear life as the paint zigged and zagged after the heifer finally deftly turning it back to the herd. Quentin sat Paladin nearby. He brought his gloved hand up and covered his mouth to hide his wide grin as he watched the shrieking woman atop the cow pony as it herded the stray. He quickly schooled his features as her horse steadied and she shot a look over at him. "Ahem...You're doing fine, Harriet!" @Stormwolfe @Players
  5. Hannah was startled again. It was simply the unexpected invitation to lunch that made her blink slightly. The only man, other than her father, that had asked to have lunch with her was Ezra Hale's eldest son, Nick. In those instances it had been because he was in town, did not want to spend money at the cafe, and knew she almost always made time to prepare lunch for her father. Hannah's instincts were to to politely decline, give some suitable excuse and go to the White Rose Cafe for her meal. Her tongue seemed to have other plans and Hannah heard herself saying, "I would be happy for the company, Mr. Wentworth. Thank you." Still confused by her answer, Hannah took Matt's extended arm. Oh God! Now what? She was going to have to make polite conversation. Where was a fast horse when you needed one? @JulieS
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  7. “I can use ‘em if I have to,” she replied. Calling her a gunslinger would have been an outright lie, but she was fairly decent shot, at least with her left hand. With the right … well, it depended how big the target was. Flinch had taken the time to teach her and she’d been practicing and getting better little by little. Usually by shooting at cans that had been hung from a tree. Or sometimes having Flinch toss one in the air and seeing if she could hit it before it fell. Bobby hadn’t liked to include her in the actual gunfighting though, always telling her it was too dangerous. Stealing the Wells Fargo cash from the South Pacific Railroad line had been the first time he’d taken her on a job and it had been such a success that there’d been no need for trigger pullin’ at all. Still, there was some appeal to Billy’s suggestion. She didn’t have a wide skillset and she certainly wasn’t keen to ever step foot in a whorehouse again. “Maybe you can point ‘em out to me tomorra?” she suggested. “Hey, you mind if I go get my horse and bring him up here?” she asked, standing up and gesturing to where the other horses were tied and then down toward where Pongo was. “Left him down there and he’s still got his saddle on…” @Wayfarer
  8. “As a matter of fact I am at the Belle-St. Regis and I have business which will keep me here in town for a few days and dinner sounds delightful.” "Excellent, I look forward to it." At very least it would be interesting conversation, he could tell that Miss Leah was no innocent nor ignorant, and he wondered what her game might be, provided there was one. Even so, a lady like this always had some other motivation, and he was sure she would provide a different sort of relief than the newspaper lady. “Then I will expect your call this evening, and perhaps we might have my arm looked at?” "Of course, or we could do that now, so we don't mix business and pleasure?" He raised an eyebrow, returning her smile, and such an engaging smile it was! "Besides, you'd need to bare your shoulder for a proper examination, but I will leave that up to you." It would be a fine line between professional and otherwise, and it certainly would be her decision if she was comfortable alone with him.
  9. The woman said she wasn't upset, well Billy had his doubts about that alright. She sounded upset. But he wasn't about to argue with her over it. Instead he gave a look toward Greer as if to silently say 'stop it' then instead spoke to her. "Well, that's good then." He then changed topics and asked about if she might possibly be looking for work. Turned out she seemed at least a bit interested given her return question. "Not exactly....I just was curious but no, I didn't mean saloon or cat house. Still......you shoot those guns of yers pretty good? Can ya hit what ya aim at? Might just know a place or two where gunhands can get hired. Depends on how willing you are to actually use those?" Billy still wasn't wanting to come right out with it plainly.
  10. Matt looked over towards the dining area and back to Hannah, "Lunch will be served shortly, so you will have to time to peruse the menu and make your choice. I wholeheartedly recommend the roast beef. The gravy is a secret recipe that the chef says he got from his French grandmother in New Orleans," Matt leaned over towards Hannah, "Whether or not that is true, is something we are still trying to work out considering he has an Irish accent." Taking a moment to admire Hannah, he wondered why she didn't dress this way more often. It made sense not to do so while she was on duty but why she hadn't at other times was a bit of a mystery to him. She reminded him of something he had heard or read about one hiding their light under a cover. The covering of a deputy was certainly hiding the woman she obviously was. Maybe he could find out why over lunch. Matt offered Hannah his arm, "Since I was thinking of having lunch as well, I would be more than honoured if you would join me or at least allow me the opportunity to escort you to your table." @Stormwolfe
  11. It took a few moments for Hannah to register the fact that someone had spoken to her. She was not accustomed to being the "Miss" in any conversation. Hannah offered the man a smile while she nervously smoothed her skirt with one hand while the other hand clutched tightly to the strings of her purse. "Good day, Mr. Wentworth," Hannah responded, finally meeting his eyes. "A pleasure to see you also. It is such a lovely day, I thought I'd treat myself to lunch." @JulieS
  12. Dorothy wasn’t sure if Greer’s statement about these Steelgraves was supposed to be a direct threat or just a fair warning. It took her a moment to realize that maybe he thought she was here to do some cattle rustle or something. Ha! As if she knew anythin’ bout cows. If he really thought that, then he probably thought she had some friends lurking nearby. Good. Let him worry about it. Maybe that would help ensure he kept his hands to himself. “Ain’t planning on messin’ with no one,” she commented, her eyes still lingering on Greer as Billy chimed in to try to smooth things over. “And ain’t upset,” she added, despite the fact that she had most certainly been overly touchy about Greer’s comment. Seeming satisfied that Ol’ Dishwater there got her message, she let her gaze slide back over to Billy and allowed the tension to subside again. At first it seemed an odd question… after being lost for a week and with a wad of Wells Fargo cash in her saddle bags, employment wasn’t exactly forefront in her mind. But that money wouldn’t last forever and now that she gave it a thought, maybe picking up an odd job or two would let her get reoriented. Maybe figure out where she was going. “Ya know anyone willin’ to hire a woman?” she asked. It was worth a shot. “I mean… anyone ‘sides the local saloon or the cat house?” @Wayfarer
  13. “Take who you need, I’ve some men returning here the week or so, we’ll be fine.” Case added, then looked to the bar. “Be with you shortly, Cole.” Then back to his brothers. “My attorney Cole Latham, soon to be Mayor here, lock this burg up tighter’n a corset on a skinny gal.” They all laughed at the remark. Taking over Whitefish had been Case’s plan all along, though Elias agreed with it, seeing the advantage to such a move. He had been far more interested in Kalispell and Lost Lake Ranch, of course that wasn’t lost on Case at all. But to himm, there was time enough for that. “Aw’right lil’ brother, wished you was ridin’ with us, but soon enough I reckon.” Ben said thrusting his had out. “ More to do that’s for sure.” “You boys ride easy. I’ll be here waitin’ on word.” He turned then to his own men and added, “You do what your told, I’ll see you when you get back.” There was a murmur of acknowledgment as chairs scooted back on the plank floors, spurs jingling as the men stood and moved toward the door. Case shook each of his brothers hands and walked the cadre to the bat wing doors of the saloon. He stopped, watching the men descend to the hitch rails and mount their horses and head out of town. He stood for a bit after they had gone, looking up the street, then turned, “Now Cole, time to put our piece of the puzzle together.” TBC
  14. A little bit more progress, Billy thought, the gal didn't have any family locally. Still meant though a lot about her was a mystery. Then Greer went and was a bit too blunt with his questions, especially the second one. The woman bristled. Greer was no gunslinger. Oh he had a gun and he'd used both a rifle and a revolver during his lifetime but he preferred the odds to be all stacked in his favor as he was both an indifferent shot and a bit of a coward. "Well, don't have nothin' ta worry about with us. We are just plain law-abiding cowpokes. But mess with our employers and you could well wind up regrettin' it. The Steelgraves are hard folks," Greer replied. Billy almost chuckled about the law-abiding part but let it go. You didn't work for the Steelgraves if you were fussy about breaking laws. The only law was do whatever the Steelgraves told you to do. "Yeah, no need to get upset. You can't blame us for being at least a mite curious when some unknown woman comes inta our camp. Ain't we been welcoming though and proper gentlemen?" Billy added to their defense. He decided to move on to a different topic to break the tension, "So you got a job already or maybe lookin' for one, Dotty?" @Juls
  15. “Then Doctor, I would say that was three weeks well spent.” She responded. “As a matter of fact I am at the Belle-St. Regis and I have business which will keep me here in town for a few days and dinner sounds delightful.” He was pleasant company, and perhaps there was more information she could glean from him, or at least have a well mannered, educated gentleman for the evenings company The man that had been wounded, that would be her quarry, since a body had not been found, it stood to reason that the man would be this Pike fellow he father wanted eliminated. It may not be a task for her, but for one of the men, though she would have no qualms removing a hired gun of the Thorntons, if that is what he was. She smiled both at the thought of ending Mister Pike, and the thought of dinner with the Doctor. “Then I will expect your call this evening, and perhaps we might have my arm looked at?” Tag @Bongo
  16. Phinn moved to the stove and poured himself a cup of coffee. It was black as printers ink, just the way he liked it. Cup in hand, he glanced out at the street seeing nothing in particular, just the steady flow of traffic in the street and on the boardwalks. He liked it in Kalispel, big enough to be busy, small enough to be comfortable. He ambled back to his desk and dropped into his swivel chair that protested loudly as he turned in it to face the desk-top. He fanned out the rest of the mail, the one from Gregory in Texas, another from the War Department in Washington which he had not actually expected so soon, that one could not wait another second as he tore it open; Mister McVay, In response to your request for information regarding Captain Henry S. Guyer, 13th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, D Company. He was mustered out June 6, 1865, Washington DC. Honorably discharged. His complete war record is unavailable at this time. Sincerely Purvis Flannery Records “Typical!” Phinn said out loud. But really, what was there to learn that was more important than how the man was mustered out, and it was honorable. ‘Perhaps,’ he thought, ‘I can get his record at some point and use it for an article.’ but then wasn’t that the point of all h\is requests, for articles.
  17. “Oh my,” She said, raising a gloved hand to her mouth in feigned shock. “Indian I would wager.” "No, no, to the best of my understanding a bandito, up to no good." It occurred to Jonah that he really didn't know the full story, nor the man's name, although he had no doubt the gent would find him to pay for services rendered. “But he’s going to survive then? You made it sound as if it were just a superficial wound, which of course I’m glad to hear.” "Well, no, it was a potentially grave injury, but so long as the wound doesn't fester, he should recover, although it will likely be a long time before he can use that arm." He gave her a cheeky grin. "Besides, he received the best care available." “I must say Doctor, you make quite a good cup of tea.” "Ah, yes, my skills go well beyond healing!" Jonah laughed. "We took three weeks in medical school to learn to properly boil water!" With a chuckle, he leaned back in his seat. "I do hope you are planning to stay in town long enough for me to treat you to dinner?" @Flip
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  19. “None ‘round here,” she answered Billy about having family close by. She’d never even heard of Kalispell or Whitefish, but didn’t want to ask which state she was actually in and reveal just how lost she really was. Then they’d know for sure that there was no one within 100 miles or more who would miss her if she disappeared tonight. Still, the young man’s friendly nature was beginning to put her at ease. He reminded her a little of Flinch, who she'd always got on pretty well with. It didn’t last long. Dorothy bristled again at Greer’s questions. As if he were accusing her of something. Maybe something that happened to be true, but nonetheless, his tone put her back on edge. “One that don’t plan on endin’ up at the mercy of some mud sill, Mister Greer,” she said pointedly as she set down the now empty plate, which might give the impression she was freeing up her hands to draw those guns. @Wayfarer
  20. Billy nodded as the woman identified herself. Dotty...Jackson. Now he knew a Jackson family over Billing's way but he didn't recall them having a Dotty. Still it was a very common family name, lots of Jacksons. "Dotty. That's a right pretty name, " he lied thru his teeth, he actually didn't like it but he was trying hard to be friendly with this gal. She turned to meet his gaze then even as she asked a question about towns. "Oh yeah. Closest is Kalispell. Then probably Whitefish. You got family around?" he had his own questions. So did Greer who was far less diplomatic, "Why in tarnation you wearing two sixguns? What kinda woman runs around with guns like that?" Actually Billy thought that too but hadn't voiced it, leave it to his lummox partner. @Juls
  21. It occurred to Dorothy that the young man probably wasn’t really done with his plate of food, but she sure wasn’t going to offer it back to him now. Beans weren’t exactly her idea of a gourmet feast, but right now they were the best thing she’d ever eaten and she shoveled them in like somebody was about to steal it back off of her. It was only after several bites that she felt Greer’s rather uncomfortable stare. And her eyes moved back up to meet his with a challenge in her gaze as she scraped the plate with the spoon to get every last bean. Looks bout as dull as dishwater, she thought, rather uncharitably. “Dotty,” she said, taking the sticks of jerky and turning her gaze to Billy. “Jackson,” she added. She’d decided on that name at some point during the trek north. Seemed easy enough to remember and there were plenty of Jacksons back where she was from. Billy seemed the more likable of the two, even if she thought he was probably at least a couple years younger than herself. So she looked at him as to ask, “We close to any towns?” @Wayfarer
  22. OOC: I think it's a good place to end it, :). It was a fun thread though, thanks. They will meet again 😜 OOC: They surely will and poor ole Charlie will be in for a whole lot more (plus living down his reputation as a drunken lout ) - JulieS
  23. Billy figured it was in the end the food that drew her in as she made her up to the campfire then sat down. He now took his hand off his gun and relaxed a bit. He wasn't a trusting person, most of his life he had lived with and dealt with people you wouldn't want to trust. That included his current employers but they paid decent so he stayed on. The woman seemed quite content with beans then was rather pleasantly surprised with the tack on jerky offer. "Alright, here use my plate and spoon, I'm done eatin' anyhow," he passed over the utensils then got up again to go pull the jerky out of his saddlebags. Those were piled with his saddle on top of the blanket he would be sleeping on. While the young man did that, Greer just stared at the gal. She probably wouldn't want to know what his current thoughts were but whatever, he did not voice them. When Billy returned he had a few long sticks of jerky to give her. "So what's yer name then? Oh, this here is Greer - he don't like his first name none. And I'm Billy...Billy Watlow. " @Juls
  24. Pronto sat back in the chair and watched those already at their breakfast, cooped up in his room while healing had all but driven him crazy. He was a man that liked his freedom. A bound up shoulder had pretty much prevented that, of course the need to generate new blood had him quite weak. But today he felt much stronger and the need to be out of doors was overpowering, so here he was, seated at a table watching the folks in the room and the goings on out on the street just beyond the windows. It felt good. Though he realized he was not yet ready to ride, and gunplay was a risk he’d rather not take for the time being. What he knew, which was not much, someone had shot him and there appeared to be no reason for it, yet Pronto believed there was more to it than some fellow that liked shooting people. What was the motive? Protecting Steelgrave? Or was there another reason for the attempt on his life? If so, what could that be? At some point real soon, he intended to find out, there was a debt to be paid. “Here you are, sir.” The young woman said as she set down the plate. “I’ll just get that coffee and be right back.” TBC
  25. “My Dear Phinn, How we miss you around here, and how good it is to hear from you. I have some information that you requested on one Elias Steelgrave. He is noted for supplying the South with British made Enfield rifles through Southern ports until the Union blockades prevented English ships from docking. Interestingly he attempted an overland route to continue the supplying of weapons, however he quickly found that the Indians were raiding his wagon trains and the losses were considerable. Even using ports in Texas and Mexico and then pushing east became to perilous an endeavor, so he abandoned the cause and turned instead to organizing a network of purveyors, known as Comancheros in Texas, and by other names in the plains territories who dealt with the various tribes. These purveyors dealt in all manner of goods to trade, which also included whiskey, guns, powder and shot. There are warrants from that period for his arrest on those charges related to not only supplying the south but the red man as well. If I get more I will contact you at this address. Good health to you. Mallory” Phinn sat back laying the letter on his desk, the man had been, and likely still was ruthless. Other information, which had been surprisingly easy to come by, placed Steelgrave in the territory in 1860. That area was now called Missoula, prior to the establishment of the Territory of Montana in 1864, seven different territories of the western United States governed the area that was to become Montana. It is rumored that Elias Steelgrave was heavily involved in this effort, but was opposed to statehood. Phinn smiled, no sense in having Federal law to interrupt one’s power plays. He would file this away for now. TBC
  26. Dorothy watched the two men’s reaction to her, both of which gave her reason to keep her guard up: the younger with his hand resting on his pistol and the older giving her own guns the stink eye. Maybe she should have left the gun belt with Pongo. It made the whole ‘damsel in distress’ act a little harder. But she’d be damned if she was going to put herself at the complete mercy of two strangers in the middle of nowhere. At least she’d left the wad of cash back in Pongo’s saddle bags. That might prove more difficult to spin some yarn about. “Beans’re okay,” she said, a bit of her rough Pittsburgh accent slipping through. She’d picked up a little bit of a southern drawl during her time in Texas, but the northern habit of turning multiple words into one hadn’t completely gone away. She hesitated when Billy waved her toward the fire, as if he was just waiting for her to sit so that he’d have an easier time getting the drop on her. But the plate of beans and the offer of beef jerky was compelling enough to let her stomach overrule her head and she sat, trying to force herself to relax. “Jerky too? I didn’t know no better, I’d say you boys were trying to butter me up,” she said, letting her voice soften to a tone she knew men tended to like and allowing a half-smile to erase her wary expression. Though that trick might not work near so well when she was dressed like a tomboy that got dragged through a thicket. @Wayfarer
  27. "And a good day to you Miss Redmond," Sam replied sincerely. As the young lady walked away, Sam turned to his brother, "Well, you've really done it this time, Charlie. Mike warned you while we were on the trail to watch how much you drink." Charlie nodded, "Yeah I know. Guess I'm in for it now." "'Fraid so. You have to learn the same lesson me, Mike and Matt did. Our father may be many things but this is one good thing he did teach us. Us Wentworth men have our limits. I don't know why we react the way we do when we drink too much but for some reason we lose all sense of propriety and if we let it go too far, we can be downright mean." A frown appeared on Charlie's face, "Mean?" Sam sighed, "It's a long story. We went through it and we aim to make sure you don't. But for now, let's go back inside and get a good cup of black coffee down you." Charlie looked at Sam for a moment, not sure what to say. For now he would do as he was told and he started to make his way back inside. Standing and watching Charlie go in, Sam remembered the time when he had found out about his family's particular weakness. The doctors that had been consulted over the years offered no real answers. It wasn't just the usual affects of alcohol that most people had when they got drunk, it was something more where they were concerned. Until, they knew more, the Wentworth's had to work out what each of their limits were. For him, he knew the limit was three. He was a little bit younger than Charile amd it was at Thanksgiving. On this particular night, he was out with friends, going from bar to bar. The more he drank, the bolder and meaner he got. From what he could gather later on, the night had almost ended in him killing one of his friends. Fortunately, both Mike and Matt who were home on visit had somehow gotten wind of what was going and rescued him just in time. After that, his father had told him that they had hoped that whatever it was that caused him to act the way he did was in all of them. Knowing that one day, Charlie might have to face the same thing, they all agreed to work together to prevent. It was one of the rare times, that their father was working with them instead of against them. Seeing the way, Charlie was acting towards Miss Redmond, had thrown up warning flags. He might have been over-reacting but he didn't care. There was no way in hell, that Charlie was going to through what he did. Mike and Matt would be total agreeance with him. Hopefully, Mike would be back soon with news about work. The sooner they got Charlie away from town, the better as he would need time to think about what he would be learning very soon. @Wayfarer (you can jump in and finish off with Clara's thoughts/response or just leave it here)
  28. And then this mysterious woman finally appeared, emerging out of the darkness of the tree line as she approached the campfire. The woman replied that she already had her horse so that meant they wouldn't have to do a search when daylight came. That was a good bit of news because neither of the cowpokes had any ambition or desire to. "Oh, that's a good thing then," Billy nodded as he studied the woman. Definitely not that damn farm girl with her dark hair in pigtails....no this here was a grown woman. And looking a bit rough for wear but then if she had been wandering around in the wilds, small wonder. Billy wondered how old she was. He also wanted a closer look at her once she reached the fire so he could decided if she was pretty or not. Now on the other hand Greer didn't pay attention to all that as his attention was drawn to the fact this woman had not just one but TWO guns in her holster. In all his years, he never could remember any woman heeled like that. Nope, this was no townie or ranch gal. Nobody like that would wear two six guns. This one could be real trouble. The woman stated a willingness to partake in some dinner though. Afterall they had invited her to share their supper. "Sure, it ain't fancy. Just beans though but we got plenty left," Greer invited her in then. Billy kept his hand on the handle of his pistol but it remained inside it's holster, "Sure, you can use my plate, I'm done anyhow. Oh and we got some beef jerky too. Would you want a couple slices?" As he was standing he waved with his free hand for her to have a seat by the fire, "Make yerself comfortable." @Juls
  29. “We had a gent come in just last night that was shot-up in the shoulder, but it didn't happen here in town. Fortunately, his horse wandered into the stage company livery and the woman there called for me. It was a fairly simple job to patch him up." “Oh my,” She said, raising a gloved hand to her mouth in feigned shock. “Indian I would wager.” He voice stronger with the accusation, knowing full well she had uncovered what her father had sent her here to find out. “But he’s going to survive then? You made it sound as if it were just a superficial wound, which of course I’m glad to hear.” Now al she needed was his location and then she could make her decision as to how she should, or could proceed. In any event, killing a man in town would be of a high risk nature. Kalispel was not that large that comings and goings went unnoticed, especially hers. In fact this might call for one of the boys not in town to get it done. She’d have to wait and see how it all worked out. “I must say Doctor, you make quite a good cup of tea.”
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