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  2. Mike raised his eyebrow. In a way, it didn't seem odd that Matt failed to mention knowing the deputy as he was the owner of the town's only hotel, so it made sense that he would have lunch with her. It was her exclamation of surprise that intrigued him. She seemed to be very impressed with Matt. "It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am," he answered back. "Thanks for the welcome. I've spent most of my time here on the ranch, learning the ropes. When I've been in town, I've been spending time with Matt as it's been a while since we've all been together. There's been a lot of catching up to do." He paused briefly to assess the deputy. Her clothes did nothing to give away anything about how much of a woman she really was as her buckskin jacket hid a lot. Her hair was long and messy, probably from the ride here but there was one he was sure of. If brother Matt had taken the time to have lunch with her, then there must be something. "Now, that I've met you, I'll make sure to come and say hello the next time I'm in town. Maybe we can have lunch and I can ask you any questions about these flyers after I've taken good look at them." @Stormwolfe
  3. "Medical director?" Jonah chuckled. "Never thought of myself as anything like that, but I do like the way it sounds." So he said, but there seemed to be a bit more permanence to it than he cared for, and that actually frightened him in a way, although he supposed he could look on it as a challenge to live up to a commitment. But then, he liked neither challenges nor commitments! And he certainly didn't want anyone to have confidence in him whatsoever, be it his skill nor his commitment, but then, he was in it this far, and he really didn't want to disappoint the lady. "And I suppose I can't argue with a bit of luxury now and then, although I'd prefer it didn't come with hard work!" He chuckled, but there was more than a jigger of truth to the statement. "What about you?" he asked impulsively, "What do you get from all this?" Altruism could only go so far. @Flip
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  5. “ Well then, You can count on an animal with some spirit come Sunday, say the afternoon? Early or late, or even first thing, after church, if you’s be attending.” He suggested the it dawned on him, she had just said she’d take the day off. “Well, reckon I need to clean out ma ears. I heard you plain that you was takin’ the day off. He admitted timidly. “I know the waterfall, well worth the ride out to it. So you just pick a time an’ I’ll have you a mount an’ be ready to ride when you are.” This was far beyond what he had though could happen. Tag @Bongo
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    “Like I said, no rush. The boy sounds interesting, and capable. Which leads to the question, if he’s not doing so good on his own, I’m wondering how he’d feel about making some serious money scouting out minerals and such.” Speed reacted. “Guess I should take a ride out there and find out for myself.” He surmised. “Need to find office space though.” So, Miss Devereau? How is she? It has been sometime since I’ve seen the two of you. Though I have heard the place is doing well, and that’s always good.” Tag @Wayfarer
  7. “Yes, I had seen that we al most have our choice of tables this evening.” Elinor agreed. “There are times like this where the dinner hour finds the place al but empty. It is a fair bit above what most locals can afford, at least on a regular basis.” She sped a table away from Leah and the doctor. “How about that one?” There seemed no sense in engaging with her daughter who could be bull headed and argumentative, a gift from Elias. There seemed no reason to subject Sarah to the family dis-function, not that she wouldn't learn about it soon enough. Actually, she liked the woman and was regretful at the dynamics between the two families which would eventually impact any friendship that might be forged. Although Elinor realized she would not be long for Evergreen or the area.
  8. The very specific directions snapped Clara out of it. The girl was very particular, detail oriented, and she always wanted to do whatever she was doing just so. It was exactly the sort of thing to break her dwelling on the sad past. "Oh, yes, sugar...salt," her eyes went to the assorted cans facing her, all well labeled thus making the completion of this little task a simple one, she got started immediately even as she listened to Emeline. The woman was right about mothers of course, well at least Clara's mother. She also brought up Wyatt. "Yes, carefree does well describe him. Perhaps too carefree. I always have to prod him to finish his chores - well, the ones he does not like - and now that he is going to school again, do his schoolwork. Wyatt does not like school much," Clara sighed as she carefully measured out the amounts requested. "He much prefers to spend time with Father as opposed to me because of it," she admitted, someone had to be the stern one though she would never admit it to strangers, her Father was too easy going, laid back, in her humble opinion. Clara paused to look a bit perplexed at the woman on her last point though. "Well.... I am unsure of course. Since it is a hypothetical. My folks would have been heartbroken. And there would be no one to pass on the family name then." @Bongo
  9. "Fine then, I'll be right back, gonna put the coffee on the fire," Ralph nodded then retreated into the interior of the building. He returned quickly enough, "Be a few minutes and it should be plenty hot by then." Ralph hadn't forgotten the man's question about that young man though and immediately set about answering it to the best of his ability. "Yeah, I think I know which one you mean. Course could be other prospectors about nowadays," he shrugged. "Last week we had us a young man, Irish no doubt about that - all you had to do was listen to him talk. I don't know his last name but his Christian name is Robert.... Bobby....what have you." "He lives outside of town, he said that much. He also said he looks for gold but by the look of his clothing, he ain't very successful at it. One thing he is good at though is using his fists," Ralph grinned. "A bigger man picked a fight with him and Bobby boy dropped him like a sack of grain with a good right left combination," he recalled it with obvious amusement. @Flip
  10. "Oh, you're one of Matt's brothers!" Hannah exclaimed in surprise. "He told me that you would be arriving when we had lunch sometime back. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wentworth." Hannah and Matt had followed up their lunch with a Sunday afternoon of visits so she could introduce him around the area. It had been pleasant, and she had enjoyed his company. Her instincts had told her not to get too vested in the man's interest. He was likely simply being friendly and polite. Hannah had run into him off and on in town since then, so he was a bit surprised that he hadn't mentioned that his brothers had settled at Lost Lake Ranch. "I had heard that the ranch hired a new foreman to replace Ezra Hale," Hannah added. "Welcome to Kalispell." @JulieS
  11. Shade smiled, hoping his expression wasn't as dopey as it felt. Just as he was about to head for the door with Kate, Mary handed him a beautifully made knitted shawl, "The rain may have stopped for now, but the wind is still blowing," she told him. Taking the garment, Shade draped it around Kate's shoulders. "We won't be outside long," he assured Mary and held up his hand to forestall the older woman's next spate, "and we will stick to the walkway." Shade led Katherine toward the main stairway but bypassed it in favor of taking her out the back door to the side courtyard. If they turned to their left, they could see the guest wing where Quentin lived. Instead of heading in that direction, Shade turned right and through a wrought iron gate and onto a cobbled walkway. Already, they could hear the sound of the waterfalls. They were louder than normal due to the recent rain. Once they were in the shelter of the forest, Shade offered his arm. The cobbled walkway had been carefully engineered for water drainage, but some of the stones could still be slick. "I hope I didn't put you on the spot when I asked you to the dance this weekend," Shade said. "I know you barely know me." @JulieS
  12. When she heard Mary suggest the walk, Kate knew when Shade asked she would say yes, so she had a little bit of time to compose herself while the children were saying goodnight. Hoping that she looked calm and in control, she slowly nodded, "Yes, I think that would be nice. It will give me an opportunity to talk to you about the children and their education." The last bit was for the benefit of the Pastor and his wife. She didn't want anybody seeing more into the situation then there really was. It was still early days and this flurry of excitement could dwindle away quickly. There was also the question of why Shade was paying so much attention to her. Was it because he was just being a good host or was there something more? Her own feelings throughout the day had gone up and own so many times, ranging from caution to wanting to fully embrace what was happening to her. All this was happening very quickly and what she wanted to do was to make sure of his intentions. Hopefully, the walk to the waterfall would answer all her questions. @Stormwolfe
  13. Mike nodded, "Shade told me that someone would be around eventually to deliver these. I'm glad it was you and not the marshal." He knew that the Kalispell deputy was a woman but this was the first time that he had seen her. In over the month or so he had been here, he had only been town a few times, mainly on the weekend which was usually spent with Matt and his brothers as they all got to know each other again. Learning his new job, the men he had working for him and how things worked here had taken up the majority of his time. Now that he was getting on top of things, he would have more time for other things like meeting the deputy. He smiled, "Sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Mike Wentworth. I'm the day foreman." @Stormwolfe
  14. As Sarah watched the desk clerk deal with Elinor's requests, she got the impression that the man was a little bit intimidated. She didn't quite understand why Elinor would make the feel this way but she did remember what Elinor had told her about her family. Maybe that had something to do with it. She heard Elinor say the man's name during their conversation, so when it was her to sign the ledger, she smiled at him, hoping that he would feel more at ease. After signing, the ledger, she wanted to get some help with her luggage, "Mr. Simpson, my luggage is outside on the landing where the stagecoach driver left, could you please get someone to take it up to my room." As soon as she had described what her trunk looked like, Simpson smiled and said that it would be taken care off. He seems to be more than eager to help her in any way that he could and remarked upon this. Sarah smiled in return and thanked him, before turning her attention back to Elinor. "I suppose we may as well go in and find a place to sit. The desk clerk said that there would be plenty to choose from." @Flip (OOC: I'm bring Matt in as my next post. Either Elinor can ask him over or he will approach the table on his own accord.)
  15. Emeline listened silently as the story poured out, her heart breaking for the girl. Loss was never easy, of course, but for one so young, and the circumstances so tragic...there was no doubt why she blamed herself. "We'll need three tablespoons salt and 4 of sugar mixed in the dry," she instructed as she pulled down the tin of lard. "A mother knows," her words were soft, "when their babies are in trouble, they know, and even if she had made it to safety she would have gone back for you." Of course, she couldn't know for certain, but unless the woman was cold-hearted and self-serving, she would have done what she had to, and, of course, the woman's actions had shown her character. "It's good that it wasn't you and your brother alone out there." She was trying to think of a way to help Clara look at things from a different perspective. "He seems so carefree, as a boy should be," she smiled, but then let out a breath as she added the lard to the dry ingredients. "How do you think things might have gone if he was the one who had fallen?" @Wayfarer
  16. "Spirited, but not wild." A wistful smile crossed her lips. "I used to tear across the fields bareback with my brothers when I was young, I loved it! I just haven't had cause to ride lately. If I go anywhere, I usually need the buckboard to get supplies, and even then, the mercantile will deliver most of what I order." Shaking her head, she took a sip of coffee. "I've been thinking about taking a day off, and I really haven't had a chance to look over the area. I've heard there's a waterfall, it should be quite active with all the rain we've had...provided we can make it out there." Another good reason not to take a buggy...they could get to more places on horseback. Maybe she was doing well enough now that she could take off one day a week, or at least an evening, especially if her idea of selling box lunches to the miners and cowboys panned out. @Flip
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  18. Harriet took her time washing up. While she was at it, she did her best to rinse her trail-weary clothing and laying them out to dry. She then changed into a clean split riding skirt, blouse, and vest. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do with her hair except tie it back with a ribbon borrowed from the lady-of-the-house. Feeling as presentable as possible, Harriet admonished herself for the slight fluttering of her heart at the thought of Quentin and how terrified she had been for his safety. Of course, they had hugged and held one another for a moment after what had happened. It did not mean that he had feelings for her...or her for him. Still, her spirits lifted at knowing she would see him in a few moments. Once downstairs, she went to the home's well-kept little parlor to wait on Quentin. Harriet was capable of finding the mess on her own, she was just waiting for him to help her thread the maze of military protocols...at least that was what she was going to tell herself. Quentin stood in front of the mirror mounted on the dresser in the small bedroom. He finished combing his hair back with some product he found on the dresser. He could use a haircut but if he tried to give himself one the result would probably be laughable. He set the comb down and looked at himself in the mirror. He had also enjoyed a bath and the shave did more than anything else to make him feel human again after the time on the trail. He stepped back a bit and smoothed out the black bibbed shirt. He nodded and looked down at the clean pants he had found in his gear. Quentin was also proud that he had managed to clean the trail dirt off his boots and even accomplished a reasonable shine with some time and polish. His hat was a lost cause and would have to serve only in the field until he could get back and buy a new one. Quentin put everything away and back into his saddle bags and then buckled on his gunbelt. He tied the holster to his right thigh and left his hideout Colt with his gear. Quentin then headed downstairs and set his personal gear beside Harriet's before he stepped into the parlor and came up short. "Oh, I apologize...I was looking for my trail partner, not a lovely lady..." Harriet blinked at Quentin for a second before realizing that he was teasing and complimenting her in the same breath. No wonder Regina had often talked about how charming her brother could be. It was not a side of him that Harriet had seen much of as they tended to rub one another the wrong way. The smile she offered in return actually reached and warmed her twilight-colored eyes, "Why, thank you, Quentin. You are a bit unexpected as well." She moved closer to him and her voice was a bit husky when she spoke, "Now that we do not have an audience," Harriet touched his arm gently, "I am very glad you were not shot. I was frightened for you." There! She had admitted it. Being forthright was one of her hallmarks. Quentin heard her words as he watched her face change from her smile. He reached a hand up and lightly cradled the side of her face and her neck. "I really did not care what happened to me as long as I knew it meant you were safe..." He leaned over and very lightly kissed her and let it linger across several heartbeats before he leaned back. "...Um...I guess we should get to dinner..." He straightened and offered his arm to Harriet. "Shall we?" @Stormwolfe
  19. Hannah Cory looked around as she approached the bunkhouse and barn area of Lost Lake Ranch. She had always felt that this area was meant to serve as a guardhouse for passage to the main lodge. As if the trail along the gorge, Ishmael's Pass, wasn't deterrent enough! Hannah spotted a man she did not know heading toward the barn and slowed Jingo, her splotchy marked roan, down to a slow trot and then to a walk. The man seemed at ease, so maybe he was a new hand? Truthfully, Hannah had not been out to the ranch since shortly after Shade's return. He was tall and lean with dark hair and even handsome features. Definitely not someone that Hannah had seen around. Of course, Lost Lake's men were usually only in town on weekends because of the long ride. Bringing Jingo to a stop near the man, Hannah pushed her hat back and let it hang by its strings on her back. She dropped to the ground and faced the stranger with a friendly-enough smile, "Howdy," Hannah greeted the man. She knew the badge on her vest was easy to see, so she did not bother with the whole deputy marshal spiel. "I'm Hannah Cory, brought copies of the latest wanted posters out for the ranch. Shade and Quentin like to have them to make sure whoever they are hiring is on the up-and-up." @JulieS
  20. Even with the unexpected guests, Mary outdid herself with the evening meal. Fried chicken, creamed potatoes, gravy, and fresh green beans cooked in the chicken broth left everyone groaning when they finished eating. Shade was determined to help her with the clean-up, but Mary shook her dishtowel at him, suggesting that maybe he wanted to take Miss Katherine for a walk. He couldn't help but think that was an excellent idea. It would, she said, allow her to relax and visit with her friends for a bit before bedtime. The twins were sent to their playroom with a promise that baths could be skipped for that one night. Once they had offered hugs and kisses, Shade turned to Katherine, "Would you care to walk to the waterfall with me? It isn't far." He suddenly realized that he was holding his breath, waiting for her answer.
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    With little to do other than walk the boardwalks, Speed had literally nothing better to do than to wait on coffee. “Well, no rush Ralph, none at all. And I would suppose that the town council might not appreciate their lawman drinking in the morning, but then they may not care either. Me, I’m not one to drink this early anyway." This, of course, was simply a social call, see if there was anyone new in town that Flandry may have seen, as well as general conversation. "I had heard of a young fellow,a prospector, you see I'm considering finding some office space for my company, Wood & Guyer Mining Co. out of New York. Like to speak to the lad, see if he might be interested in what we do." Tag @Wayfarer
  22. "Good evening, Mrs. Steelgrave." Elinor paused, “Good evening. I’ll need a room for the night, no sense in trying to get to the Evergreen tonight. My daughter, as you know, is in our suite, so anything will suffice.” She deplored night travel through open country, especially if there was another option. And the Belle S. Regis was a perfect option, even if she did not have the suite, all the other amenities were available. "So I would assume there is still plenty of time to be seated for supper? She asked, the pangs of hunger evident as she asked the question. The food at the hotel was always superb, Missus Thornton-Carlton and I will be having dinner as soon as our check in is complete." Tag @JulieS
  23. Yes, the woman was no doubt right, Clara realized her mother would have had it no other way, choosing it to be herself who was sacrificed not her child. But the thing was Clara still felt embittered SHE had not been given a choice that time. If only it had been her who died, then the family would be better off - Wyatt would have two parents as it should be. Her father would not be so lonely. Not that he ever complained, but Clara felt she knew. Clara had listened to the instruction Emeline gave though and began measuring out the flour needed even as she continued to talk. She didn't talk about that day much at all but once the words came, they poured out it seemed. Whether the woman, for all intents and purposes a stranger really, wanted to know or not, she was going to hear it. "It was my fault my mother died. I mean not intentionally my fault, but if it had not been for me and my clumsiness, perhaps she would have not died. We were by the stream, rinsing out some clothing when the Indians came. We first saw the Indian when he rode straight up toward us. He was yelling like the savage he was. His body was painted, his face black and red. Mother said to run and we both started for the farm. Father was there with Wyatt but he had a rifle and he knew how to use it from the war. We did not get far when I tripped and fell. I screamed for her. Then I saw the Indian, he had a bow and he fired it at me. He hit me too. Mother came back for me, she should have kept running, she might have kept running if I had not cried out for her. She reached me but I could not get up, it hurt too much. The Indian had another arrow ready to fire. Mother stepped right in the way to shield me and he shot her then. That was the last I remember." "When I awoke I was in a bed, a doctor was there with my father and Wyatt. Father told me that I needed to remain very still and take it easy. The doctor had removed the arrow but it was very serious. He promised he would stay with me. I asked about her but he did not answer right away. When he did he told me she was gone." Finally she had run out of breath, out of words. But the memory was still as fresh as if it had just happened yesterday, Clara doubted it would ever really go away. Her eyes were watering but she did not cry. She never cried.
  24. Leah smiled at his statement about being paid to be in charge of the hospital, “But Jonah, you’re a doctor, it’s a hospital, our hospital. Who else would we have run it?” The smile never wavered, “Of course there will be other doctors, but it will be you that is the Medical Director.” the statement about being spoiled made her laugh. “Yes I suppose you will, and in time, you’ll be spoiling yourself.” He took a bite of the squab, savoring the wonderful flavors. "It's amazing how the right application of ingredients can change something that is mundane and dull to something superb. But I suppose that applies to just about anything, doesn't it? Good ingredients are wasted without good use and vice versa?" Did that somehow apply to him? Likely the opposite! “Exactly my point, Doctor Danforth. You sir are the proper ingredient to make this hospital work, I have nothing but confidence in your abilities. It maybe rocky at first, but I have no doubt that you are the man for the job!”
  25. "It's been ages since I was riding, and honestly, I miss that." Her smile widened. "I have Sunday, if that is acceptable, after church, of course. And I can pack us lunch, make the day of it?" “Sunday? Shore, Sunday’d be fine.” Pike responded, somewhat off guard by the unexpected acceptance of his offer. He had hoped she would accept, but was not quite ready for a yes. "Oh, I don't have a horse myself, though, if that is a problem?" “Ah, ani’t no problem, no problem a-tall. I’ll have you proper mount, say nine o’clock. ‘Er is that too early?” He asked, grinning like a school boy. “Oh, you do ride, I mean, any horse’ll do ya? Maybe you’d want a gentle animal, or one with spirit? Jest makin’ sure.” Tag @Bongo
  26. Mature Content: No With: Hannah Cory, Mike and Sam Wentworth Location: Lost Lake Ranch When: Early October 1875 Time of Day: Mid-morning As Mike made his way from the bunkhouse to the barn, he thought about how things had been going so far. It had been over a month since he, Sam and Charlie had started working here and they were getting used to the ways things were done here. Shade, had been pleased with the work they had been doing and had made their jobs permanent. They were all beginning to form good friendships with the people they worked for and the people they worked with. All except for Charlie, who was still having problems with Clara but that was going to be a work in progress for some time to come. Just as he neared the barn, he caught the sight of a rider approaching. Not being told to expect someone, Mike thought of who it could. From this distance, he couldn't tell if the person was friend or foe, so just to be certain, he touched the gun in his holster in an act of readiness. Prepared, he waited for the rider to come near. @Stormwolfe
  27. As he walked down the stairs to the lobby, Walter adjusted his coat and looked over to the desk to see who had rung the bell. He had been upstairs, helping Widow Jenkins who claimed that her window was stuck and wouldn't come down. By the time he realised that this had been a ruse to get him to come into the room, he was at her mercy. Widow Jenkins was a woman, in her late fifties, who travelled to Kalispell a few times a year to visit her daughter, who was married to a local farmer. The problem was that every time she came to town, she would try her hardest to get him into a compromising situation and he was having none of that. Thankfully, the bell on the desk ringing was the excuse he needed to make a quick exit. There was no way he was going to lose his job on the account of an overly amorous guest. Seeing no-one at the desk, he scanned the room and saw a dark-haired, young woman standing looking a bit lost. Now, she was more his type. Putting on his best smile, he walked behind her the desk and greeted her. As soon as he had finished, the woman was joined by someone else he didn't expect to see here. Not knowing what to make of the situation, he turned to her, "Good evening, Mrs. Steelgrave." @Flip
  28. After Shade had shown them to their rooms, Mrs. Evans went back to the kitchen to join Mary, as she, Pastor Evans and Shade went to the library. As she listened to Shade tell the Pastor a few things about the books, she casually investigated the room. There was plenty of things to take in. After a while, they interrupted by the two children waking up from their nap. Nettie, happy to see that the teacher hadn't left, quickly took her hand and led her back to the playroom, eager to show off some of her dolls. They were followed by Cody and Shade. The four of them, in Kate's opinion, spent an enjoyable afternoon getting to know each other better. During this time, Kate felt herself becoming more attracted to Shade than she already was. It made her a little sad to know that she have to leave in the morning and then wait nearly a week to see him when he would be coming to take her to the dance. It made her a little bit more determined to make this time worthwhile and give her something to remember during the long week ahead. @Stormwolfe
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