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  2. Barnabas listened, understanding the young mans desire to venture out, and also his hesitance to leave his sister behind. Life has those twists and turns that are possible blocks to what feels like their calling. "Well, you know, there are ways that you could manage that education, and there are ways that Lillian here could go with you." Then he cautioned, "I would certainly hesitate to travel to the Dakotas until the Indians are pacified. I'm sure they are filled with the power of their defeat of George Custer." "Then again, should you attend the university, things could be settled before you graduated and ventured out. Education is a fine thing, Tom, whether you use it here, or the Dakotas, or wherever you might venture forth. I only wished I had had the luxury of education beyond what I managed at my mothers knee and that one room school house in Texas." But fortune had smiled on him, the poker hand and what he had brought him, and then Em. His life was good, all things considered.
  3. Their cab driver was waiting for them, he'd stayed close, alert to when they would return, and he was content, having had a wonderful lunch that Mrs. Pike had had packed for him. Now, he helped get the remains of their picnic loaded, then made sure everyone was settled, with blankets in case they needed them, and started back for town. "That was a wonderful outing!" Emeline declared, chuckling. "Although I think I ended up with half the beach in my shoes!" That had been something she hadn't thought about when going barefoot...putting the shoes and socks back on had been a challenge, especially with no way to keep the sand out! She settled in, wrapping a blanket around her knees, since the hem of her skirt was damp, then rested her head against Barnabas' shoulder and was soon asleep. Across from them, Lillian was also dozing. "Thank you for letting us come with you, sir," Tom murmured quietly, "my sister works too hard and it's good for her to have some fun. And I appreciate the advice. College sounds like a good plan, if we can afford it. I'd love to go to Montana or the Dakotas, but I don't want to leave Lillian." @Flip
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  5. "Guess you're right about just showin' up at the ranch like that." He agree, and that is kind of you, but I've cash put by for this trip I've made. The hotel does sound good. And the local fare? Which is the best place to eat. Lookin' for big steak dinner I am. Been sometime since I was able to get somethin' like that. It was a trip to remember, long, hard, and with every temperature you could imagine." It had been that and a bit more. There had been Molly McGuire, he was missing her, but Kalispell would not be the place for her if all that had been said came to fruition between Lost Lake and the Evergreen. He had waltzed in on what could be a real corpse and cartridge affair, and one that went on an on til they forgot what it was about, or who started it. "I appreciate your offer, and your council about town and holdin' off till the ranch hands were in town. I'll do just that. @JulieS
  6. Benjamin gave up on the fruitless pursuit of the surviving war party, they were down a six or so anyhow and more than likely just heading back to their home village. If it was one thing the US cavalry learned about chasing Indians, you didn't catch 'em. Best horsemen in the world maybe. So he ordered his scouts and troopers to turn back and then spent the better part of a few hours just getting back to the rest of his command. It being dark did not help at all but the scouts were up to the task. Once back he found out that a lot had happened - almost all good too, well except another trooper had been killed. But Lt. Greene found (had lucked into it really but no criticism there - it was the great Napoleon who had said 'better a lucky general than a good one') the women and they were alive. Looking a bit worse for wear but no dangerous wounds, the saloon girl was already wearing trousers and a bluecoat lent her by eager troopers. And Greene had a face to face encounter with an Arapaho brave looking to kill the ladies. That Indian was dead. Barlow didn't press the young officer on the details, that he could read in the report Greene would have to write out later back in the fort, for the young man was wounded and in considerable discomfort. They didn't have a doctor with this detachment but one of the troopers who knew something about wound treatment assured Benjamin the boy would live and keep his leg. Well unless he didn't take care of it properly and get gangrene. The stage driver was quite the tough gal too. She was sporting a large bruise from where the Arapaho had belted her with his gun butt but in good humor and even told him that the two women had killed their guard and escaped on their own. Barlow was impressed. "Well, it's a pity we don't allow women in the army, we could use a couple more like you and your friend," Benjamin remarked to Addy. It was a tough call to make - normally traveling at night was not the wise thing to do but they had the wounded to think of and the sooner they got them back to better medical care at the fort or even town, the better. He decided darkness or not, they would head back and issued the appropriate orders. They kept the pace deliberately slow but steady. He wasn't worried about Indian attack - Plains Indians did not attack at night and besides that war party was good as destroyed and definitely dispersed. No, the bigger danger was loss of a horse or horses to prairie dog holes or god knows what else whilst traveling in the darkness. Then there was a holler from ahead. @MD @Bongo @Flip @Javia
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    Riding The Country

    Both men had agreed, it had been a hell of a day. That Bannister came to them had been unexpected, but welcomed. As they walked to the hotel after stabling their mounts they paused on the porch, taking up seats on the porch. Both men silent as they turned over the events of the day. Neither weary as they should be after a long hard ride back to Kalispell. "This shapes up different than I was thinking it would. I mean hell, this is father against daughter." Cook said, "Seen a few that was father-son, never father-daughter." "Odd one, that's fer shore. Now This Elias Steelgrave, you know much about him?" McNue asked, wonder what type of man is a threat to his own flesh and blood. "Some, none of it good, and none of it arrestable, if that's even a word. The man skirts the law in a way he gets what he's after without consequence. Though I've heard there's a dark past with some bodies, but again, no real proof. Well, we'll check in with Guyer in the morning, see what we can do." "Sounds to be a good idea, as dos gettin' our fair share 'o shuteye." McNue agreed. Both men got to their feet and entered the hotel. On this night their prospective of what was happening had changed.
  8. "I was supposed to marry well, according to my parents. What a joke that has turned out to be." She began, "I mean really? A spoiled brat was supposed to attract some well to do man and drag him into the family? I never could understand how that was supposed to be good for me, but it was his plan, not mine." She smiled, but there was no joy in it, just a facial reaction. "What a disaster my family has become. My mother run off, my brothers scattered about the state, if they are even still in Montana, and he is busy trying to increase his empire. The only one I am sure about is Case, and he is still around. What his relationship with Elias is, I have no idea They may not even be speaking, then again, they could be forging some alliance, an uneasy one if they are. The bad thing about being his daughter, I know how he thinks, yes. What he is capable of, and what he might do, but there is no second guessing Elias Steelgrave." @Bongo
  9. Meanwhile, Reeve had found Caroline and Bridget. If he had been expecting to find the two ladies sitting in armchairs sedately sipping tea and eating cucumber sandwiches or deep in prayerful mourning, he was in for a surprise; they were both on the floor playing dollies. Bridget could be very persuasive and insistent when she wanted to do something and, despite not having had dollies herself as a kid, and perhaps not knowing quite what to do with them, Caroline had been accommodating. Reeve looked from one to the other: all he knew about this Bridget person was that she was a simple-minded cripple. Maybe it was the old trope about dumb blondes which swayed his judgement, but he looked at straight at Caroline and said "Miss Monahan, I presume?" @Wayfarer
  10. She turned to Arabella and nodded. Whatever she had to say might have relevance to Bridget, so she decided to listen to it, "All right, Arabella does it concern last night's incident?" Arabella screwed up her face and let out a rather ungainly "Uh?!" She shook her head and got all secretive again. "No, it's about him!" she hissed, and shuffled closer to Mrs Wentworth so that she was within conspiring-distance. They were quite clearly alone now, but as the young Virginian whispered, her eyes kept darting about, lest her words be overheard. "Listen, see, you better watch out fer that Mr. Reeve. Me and Jemima Wigfall worked out that he's... well, let's put it this way, we all thought that he was all sweet and spoony over Anæsthesia Orr or at least sweet and spoony over her money, but she went over there the other day to 'range some spiritualist stuff with Mrs Orr and guess what? Well, I'll tell you what, she caught him and MISSUS Orr in what you might call a compromising combination, that's what the French call In Frangranty Derelicto!" There was more. "... and then the other day I bumped into him at the store, like the general store, and there was that there pretty new girl there what's called Anna Albrick, but he was just plain old ignorin' her and pitching woo at ol' Mrs Thingumyjig in there, the owner's wife and she's sixty if she's a day, and looks it too. You see what I'm gettin' at, Mrs Dubble-yuh? This feller likes his chicken well done! I mean, he goes fer the more experienced woman, even if she's married!!" She had finished at last, and stood back a little. "I don't want you to think I'm just a gossip monger, Mrs Wentworth, just, well, us girls has gotta look out fer each other is all. You'd better watch yerself with that feller, pretty looking lady in her forties like yerself. I reckon he's a homewrecker!" @JulieS
  11. Charlie sighed. "Well what you sighin' like that for?!!" Arabella queried a little crossly. "My friend's been shot dead or stabbed or something, least you can do is tell me what happened!" she nagged "You ain't tellin' me all that there blood came off of a shavin' cut?!" "I'm sorry, but I can't say much as there will probably be a Coroner's Inquest." He paused as he readjusted his grip on the stretcher. Since he was carrying the end where the top half of the body and most of the weight was, it was heavier than it looked. Maybe ol' Lorenzo was carrying a few more pounds than what could be seen. Arabella frowned at the lack of information; she supposed it didn't matter too much in the long run. Lorenzo was dead, no coming back from that. And she had to admit one thing, the responsibility of being a Marshall's Deputy had certainly wrought a change in Charlie's disposition for the better: he was more decisive and commanding now than he had been wont to be, certainly enough so that she did not press him any further for details of the tragedy. "However, if you find out anything from Bridget about the incident, it would be wise to go the Marshall and let him know." "Well, it's nice to know that she's still alive!" Arabella grumped. Then, to herself as much to Charlie, she hummed "I'd better tell Brendan about this, and Caroline..." @JulieS
  12. Rebecca watched as Reeve left the room. She was still mildly surprised at the swiftness of how he was carrying out his business. Most lawyers she knew took their time in working out the affairs of the deceased but Mr. Reeve was something else. "Missus Dubble-yuh!" she gasped wide eyed "May I talk to you fer a second: woman to woman?!!" She turned to Arabella and nodded. Whatever she had to say might have relevance to Bridget, so she decided to listen to it, "All right, Arabella does it concern last night's incident?" @Javia
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    SOMETIME LATER The group of cavalry soldiers and the two rescued women were now heading back to the camp. The two seriously wounded men were on travois. It was dark now and it was all anyone could do to stop their horses tripping in the dogholes as the small band traversed the seemingly limitless prairie. Then there was a holler from ahead. @MD
  14. "I know ya ain't no moocher." Addy returned the nudge, just a tad harder, then shrugged. "There's plenty'a things ya can do until ya find somethin' that suits ya better. I ain't destitute, I got a little set aside, so ya don't need ta worry on that. We'll get by." She knew her brother, and knew that he wasn't going to be without steady work long. He knew his responsibilities and accepted them fully, he was the sort to make his own way, and she knew that it would weigh on him if he had to live off her for long. "I hear th' doc is lookin' fer a nurse," she chuckled, "an' I know you can change bandages an' dole out medicine." He'd just arrived, but she was certain that he'd have a job within the week. @MD
  15. Charlie sighed. The last thing wanted to do was answer Arabella's questions. Knowing that Crabbe was dead, she probably already knew something about what had happen. Besides, it wouldn't be right to talk about it until the investigation was over. "I'm sorry, but I can't say much as there will probably be a Coroner's Inquest." He paused as he readjusted his grip on the stretcher. Since he was carrying the end where the top half of the body and most of the weight was, it was heavier than it looked. Maybe ol' Lorenzo was carrying a few more pounds than what could be seen. "However, if you find out anything from Bridget about the incident, it would be wise to go the Marshall and let him know." @Javia
  16. "Yes, I have small one bedroom cottage in the residential area on the southside of town. I don't even have a barn, if I did I would surely offer you a place to stay but I think you would appreciate a good bed to lie in. The Belle St. Regis is a nice place to stay and it might be a day or two before you can go to Lost Lake. As I mentioned before, it would be advisable for you to wait and go with some of the hands. With all of the tension, a stranger turning up unannounced might not get a good welcome." Sarah smiled, "As for meals, I will be happy to share them with you until. You could use your time in town effectively by getting to know more about what the situation is like. You should get to know who your allies are just in case. Also, there are some people who know more about the history between the Steelgraves and Thorntons than I do." @Flip
  17. "Well, of course," Jonah commented with a grin, "but you are your father's daughter, so you have the advantage of knowing how his mind works...maybe play his games before he does." She wasn't nearly as diabolical as her father, but if she could at least think that way, she may be able to anticipate what he was planning next, and confound him. Some people liked those kind of games, but Jonah wasn't one of them...he preferred that things stay uncomplicated and simple, but he was all-in with Leah on this, because it was Leah. "You are certainly meant to be more than a housewife, I have no doubt on that." She'd be miserable relegated to that sort of role, but it seemed that that wasn't going to be a path for her anyway. She was a remarkable woman, and hers would not be an ordinary life. @Flip
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  19. "Hell Pa, you can't even get your own sons together to take Thornton's ranch, how in hell are you going to raise an Army, and that'll be more than thirty or forty men?" Case wanted to know. "Money son, it speaks when nothing else will." Elias stated flatly, as if everyone knew that. Let's say that we join forces. I figure that's a good forty to fifty men right now. But, we'd have no one to handle the ranch while we were out. But, putting the word out, we could raise a hundred men, fighting men!" Elias smiled, and ugly, mean spirited smile. "Your brothers will com around to our way of thinking soon enough." "And Leah? What of Leah Pa?" Case asked. "Leah? What the hell's she got to do with anything? Maybe we put her out of business." Came the reply. "I'll tolerate no abuse of my sister Pa, none. No by you or any man you hire." Case declared. "I know you're angry with her, but no one touches her, or they answer to me!" "Don't push boy. She stepped away from this family, went against me and I will not have that!" Elias shot back. "We don't need her to come between us. Together you and I can run Flathead County and everything inside it's borders!" Case looked him in the eye, unsure of what the old man would do, but firm in his resolve. "You do what you want with her project, I don't give a hang about no hospital, but she is not to be threatened or harmed, or there's no deal."
  20. Jess was predicably surprised that his younger cousin was married and that they were expecting a kid already. "A baby?" He couldn't help but smile in joy for his cousin, slapping his hand on his shoulder. "Can't believe you're gonna be a Pa." Jacob gave a bashful smile and refrained from mentioning that the conception of the baby came a little before, and was one of the catalysts to, the marriage. Not that mattered: he was married to the woman he loved, no matter what the complications. Baby Arabella Blank was just an added bonus. Jacob did feel a slight urge to assure Jess that they would name the baby after the bereaved son's recently deceased mother, if it was a girl, but he was sensible enough never to promise anything Clara might not approve of. "You'll make a good one." He nudged him some the smile leaving his face. "I hope so." nodded Jake, and he meant that. Of course, 'making a good father' in those days meant something a little different than centuries later: putting food on the table, clothes on backs and setting a good moral example and making sure that children grew up well mannered, useful to society and good Christians was about the sum of it. Jess told Jacob how he felt about his woeful family situation. "I just wish I could change everything. Wish I coulda gotten back in time and wish I could change Pa and Zenobia..." and then what hurt him possibly most of all besides his mothers death.... "and Raymond would hardly even speak to me. I just know all this would hurt Ma something terrible." Jacob shrugged. "Zenobia's just Zenobia, I guess." Well, that was the extent of his philosophical evaluation of his stormy petrel of a cousin. "Ray'll come round, he's just piggy in the middle right now." he offered. Of his Uncle Abraham he offered no mitigating remarks. He lifted his head and looked at his cousin. "I'm not sittin' with 'em tomorrow at the funeral. I'm gettin' there early and sittin' in the back." He wanted someone to know and he knew he'd tell his Aunt Nellie later when he got to her house. Jacob nodded glumly. He wasn't exactly looking forward to the funeral anyway, of course, the thought that a fight might break out made it even more of a potential ordeal: the diabolical chemical combination of Abraham, Jess, Zenobia, and granny Nellie was an almost terrifying prospect when he thought that his pregnant wife and his sickly sister Leonora would both be present. Then the alluring Miss Mundee started to compliment him on the birth of Baby Arabella, damn!, Baby Blank. Some crossed wires. "Ralph, I'll take my usual, thanks. And hey, don't charge young Mr. Lutz this one. It's on the house in honor of his newborn babe. Hope she's doin' well," Caroline offered. "Sure thing," Ralph of course poured a whisky from Caroline's special bottle under the shelf, colored water, "Congrats, kid." "Oh! No! Er... the baby's still inside the, erm... tummy." he said lamely. "She's not coming out until, er, well, it's quite a space. And, erm, Arabella thinks we're gonna call her after her but, well, I reckon there's only one Arabella!" he grinned sheepishly. Funnily enough, the madcap Arabella they both knew was a million miles from the sensitive Miss Mudd who had just helped Jess with the difficult duty of visiting his mother's body. @Wayfarer @MD
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    The interviews

    "Exceptions, yes, and we'd rather not see them as the rule. We are not Dodge City for Gods sake! And we won't be. We'll ban guns from town, only the police will carry firearms. That Phin, will put a quick end to shootings in Kalispell." Latham expounded, "And with a regular police force patrolling the streets, everyone will be all that much safer." "So what you are saying is that the populace is currently unsafe, and unprotected?" Phin asked, "That Guyer and his deputies have somehow failed to provide the expected protection to the towns folk?" "What I am saying is it is eighteen and seventy-six, it is time, high time, that Kalispell moved forward as a town with it's aspirations of becoming a city in short order. McVay, you a stumbling block in the way of progress in our fair town. We'll not have it, do you understand, we will simply not have it." The veins were protruding from Latham's neck, and his face reddened. "People like you, and Guyer, and Leah Steelgrave, are holding us back! Standing in the way of real progress, and we will put an end to that, do you hear me? The rest of the mealy-mouth citizens hereabouts can either get used to the new age in Kalispell or move on!" "Cole Latham, you sound a whole lot like your master, Elias Steelgrave. Pity you and he have no understanding of the very men and women you intend to subjugate. Kalispell will fight you Latham, you and the Evergreen. These are free people here, not subjects, and you sir, need to understand that. For you will have a fight on your hands, whether you like it or not. So it is you and the old man out there that needs to understand this, Kalispell will not kowtow to you or anyone else!" He leapt to his feet fully intending to strike the first blow against this insanity, but restrained himself, taking a step back. "I believe this concludes the interview, Mister Latham." He turned and left the office slamming the door, and with it the frosted glass panel, which shattered.
  22. "You don't look to be the foo-foo type to me Alice Fletcher. So, I have this ring that just might fit you, one I think will be one that both you and the Marshal will appreciate." "No, no I'm not, and yes, I'd love to see this ring. It can serve both as an engagement ring and a wedding ring?" She asked. Yes, yes it can. I know that in the east some are going with two rings, which makes no logical sense to me. One with a stone mounted on it for the engagement, then a matching band for the wedding. The things they do in the east. I mean to say yes, that would be nice to have, but as far as being practical for how we live out here, just seems silly." "It does, actually. Even though yes, it would be nice to have, but when would one wear such a thing out here?" "Well here it is, now this is solid silver, Montana silver! It was made down in Virginia City where they have a jeweler. See the exquisite carving that was done on this. Only one like it, well, that I have." Mary explained showing Alice the ring, which gleamed in the light. "Now there was material added to the silver for strength, don't know what, but it's sturdy!" "Oh my, yes, it is beautiful!" Alice was immediately taken with the ring. It was simple yet ornate with the carving done on it. She did know that it was done in a mold, and not carved, but that was not important. "Can we try it?" May Anderson handed over the ring to Alice who looked at it, then looked to Mary, and then back to the ring as she slipped it on her finger where it fit perfectly. She fanned out her hand, holding it up to examine the ring on her finger. "Speed." She called out.
  23. Gilcrest felt pretty good as he trolled the boardwalk, asking after Brendan Connolly. Finally a man said he was at the old funeral parlor where there had been some sort of shooting and proceeded to tell the wrangler of the people that had been going in and out of the place, from the Marshal and the Doc, to the saloon singer, Happy with the news, Gilcrest followed the given directions to the building in question. Before he reached the door he ran into a young fellow wearing a badge so he stopped him, figure he would know about Connolly. "'scuse me Deppity, I'm huntin' Brendan Connolly, I was told he might be here?" @JulieS
  24. "Yes Ma'am. Haven't slept in a bed in some time, and I am tired of my own cooking, so a hot meal sounds real good along about now." Ty said with a smile. "As far as Shade goes, I have no idea where he is, nor what he's up too, other than the telegram." It was a mystery to be sure, and she was not the only one wondering where Shade Thornton was, and what it was that kept him from his ranch. "Are you now in town? I ask because I thought we might have breakfast if you took your meals here in town, before I ride out to see Cantrell on the ranch."
  25. "Hello, Caroline. Better give your friend some water," the young officer, who she now noticed was wounded, now handed her a canteen which the saloon girl reached up for. Addy was up on her feet and in good enough shape to make a quip though, she was tough alright. Caroline held out the canteen to the stage driver. "Take some. When yer done, I'd like a few swigs. Less our dashing young general here happens to have some whisky on him?" Caroline figured he would not but - if by some miracle he did, she would avail herself of some. Addy noticed the same as Caroline that the officer might be best staying mounted. A few more soldiers were closing in on them now, attracted by the shots fired. But it seemed to be all over, thank the Lord! "Joseph....thank ya for findin' us. I thought we were goners," Caroline wanted to thank him. "Oh, we heard a lot of shootin' earlier, did you run into the rest of the Indians? Hope you killed every last one of those bastards." OOC: We could jump a bit further now to get this group and the Barlow and his detachment along with Flip's scouts together again in one thread? Start heading back toward Kalispell then?
  26. OOC: I think at least for Brendan and Caroline, this is a good place to end the thread. Brendan will pop back up in Thy Will whenever an opportune moment comes up!
  27. Lucinda adjusted her hat after Aurelian, being the gentleman that he was, helped her into the wagon. She didn't know how far it was to the Redmond farm, and it wouldn't do to get sunburn on the way there. "Will Clara be joining us today?" she asked, blocking out the noise of her building-mates' good wishes and Hector's unsettling advice. There was a lot of grey area in what he wouldn't do. Her stomach jiggled a little uncertainly, like the filling in a chicken pie right before it got put in the oven. This was the first time she'd been out with a man in a situation like this, and society's expectations were different out here. Back home, she wouldn't have gone out without a chaperone. She laughed at herself and waved at one of the people waving handkerchiefs. Back home, she'd been unmarried. Here, she was a widow. Surely that made her riding out with Aurelian all right. Even if it was all right or not, she was doing it. And she was going to enjoy it.
  28. Isiah walked with his sister out of the barn as Weedy and Joshua caught up to them. Joshua picking up rocks as they walked along throwing them and then catching up to them and throwing them again. Isiah laughed at his sister "You sweet?!" he teased. "He nudged her with his elbow and smirked, laughing about Weedy as well. "I don't know many a kid that would turn down any of these dishes.. Sounds like there's no shortage of sweets in this town." Not being familiar with the area he, of course, would follow his sisters lead to the restaurant. As they walked along he was glad to hear the town was good to his sister and he was looking forward to getting to know more folk and the area. "I don't know if I'm going to be in a big hurry to find any work." He said to her as they boys ran ahead. "I'm not sure if I'm in the right mind for it yet, and when I do get work I want to have my head on straight." He was quick to add. "But I promise I won't be no liability to you. I can hunt food for us and of course I'll do anything around the house you need. Like we already said." He planned on getting up the very next morning and getting to work on that bed for the boys. @Bongo
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