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  2. Mature Content: Yes, violence. With: Quentin, Brendan, Greer, Billy, and Blackjack Location: Somewhere along the property line between Evergreen and Lost Lake ranches When: Early July, 1876 Time of Day: Early afternoon It was one of those hot dog days of mid summer, the sun was out, only a light breeze made it reasonably tolerable - that is if you weren't engaged in manual labor. But that was exactly what three of the Evergreen hands were doing and were none too happy about it either. They had been ordered on firewood collection detail, an onerous task that involved going out into some of the wooded sections then chopping and gathering suitable firewood to fill up a buckboard. The wood was necessary for the large Steelgrave residence plus the bunkhouse for the rather large crew of hands who were employed on that ranch empire. There had been four men sent out on this day, two mounted accompanying a buckboard wagon with two on board. Normally the job would be left to two men but with all the Indian trouble going on throughout the territory it was felt doubling the numbers was a precaution just in case. Of course all of them were suitably equipped with rifles and revolvers besides chopping axes for the actual wood gathering chores. They had made their way to a sizeable stand of wood, with trees that were young enough to chop down easily and not be too heavy and thick cords to toss into the back of the wagon. The wagon was now parked as close as possible to the treeline, the riders' mounts tethered to a convenient low tree branch. The quartet had just commenced with the work then. In charge, mostly because he assumed the so called responsibility, was Black Jack Laine. He was also the oldest in his early mid thirties and was a rather forceful personality. He was reputed to be good with a six-gun and told anyone who would listen of his exploits in a cattle war down in Texas a couple years back. So of course the Steelgraves hired him, it wasn't for his cowpoke skills. He now sat on the wagon making himself a cigarette with paper and tobacco, having ordered the others to get started. Greer was grumbling as he reached for one of the axes, something about having cut the palm of his hand the other day in the corral and how it would make swinging this tool a mite uncomfortable. It was an excuse, he was always making them. Hard work and Greer did not mix. Thing is everyone knew it by now and he got no sympathy. Billy chuckled at hearing the latest whining, honestly that jasper was never happy, "That ain't a cut, that's a scratch." "Damn, it's too hot anyhow for this sorta thing. We should do this at night when it's cooler," Greer now declared in that sorrowful tone of his. "You want to wander about out here in the dark when Indians might decide to lift yer scalp...oh wait, you ain't got enough hair on that head of yers to get scalped," Blackjack smirked. "Injuns don't attack at night," Greer argued. "So you an Injun expert now too? How many Injuns you fought?" Billy chuckled as he stripped off his shirt, he was perspiring already and he had yet to take his first axe swing, "Crissakes, I'm sweatin' like a pig already." Greer only muttered some more and finally picked up the axe. Billy grinned as he glanced over to Brendan next to him. "You watch, Bren, it'll end up bein' you n' me who'll do most of the work today." Yeah, it was going to be one of those days, little did any of them know how momentous it was going to turn out. @Bailey @Longshot
  3. "My God Ben, we've got to do something. Half this town witnessed what happened, Case was drunk, I'm sure that was civil, but the main charges involve Case threatening not just his rumored opponent for the upcoming elections, Quentin Cantrell, but pulling a pistol on Marshal Guyer. I'm not sure how to get past those two charges, among others less severe." It looked bleak from where Latham stood, Robinson was truly unable to assist in the release of Case Steelgrave, but there was the dealings of Elias's daughter, which prompted, "The town Council? When are we meeting, and how do you see this hospital plan evolving, if I may be so bold as to ask." Anything positive on that front might quell Elias's anger about Case, at least for the short term. @JulieS
  4. The meeting had been a shambles! her father could not have done a better job of ruining what she had tried to convey to the 'supposed' ladies of Kalispell. Yet even as she thought of the what had happened, and was still happening around her. The bright spot had been the support of Anaesthesia Orr. She began to gather her things realizing that all was certainly not lost. They could proceed without any support from the community, perhaps it would be a bit more difficult, but with the grants she retained, that were in her name, it would be possible to proceed. Still she was saddened by what had gone so horribly wrong. Causing Matthew to fire his pistol inside the room, what had been deafening, and certainly caused some damage that would need to be repaired. This had definitely been a day! It was as she started for the door that she saw both Jonah and Josiah waiting in the lobby, and that was reason enough to smile. A hand touched her arm. "Miss Steel, Phinias G. McVay, editor of the Union. The paper supports your efforts, Ma'am. Terribly sorry for, for whatever this was supposed to be." "Thank you sir, you're support is highly valued." Leah replied with a smile , "please excuse me." She wanted away from the room and to confer with her partners. "Certainly." Phinias replied as he got to his feet. There was type to set and a Special Edition to get out! "Gentlemen." She greet the Doctors. Shall we step into the dining room?" @Bongo
  5. Jonah's main regret was that he and Doctor Boone had been confined to the lobby, as they weren't 'ladies', and therefore didn't qualify for the ladies part of the meeting... Which meant that he missed out on the donnybrook that had broken out, more's the pity! Still, they could hear it, and then it started to spill out toward them, and he stood, ready to dodge any errant swings, finding it all entertaining and amusing... ...Until he saw the look on Leah's face, and his heart went out to her. This was her beloved project, and the 'ladies' didn't seem to be taking it seriously. Glancing at Dr. Boone, he shrugged, then stood and waited for Leah to come through the waning melee. @Flip
  6. "Yes, of course." Honestly, Emeline wasn't so inclined to serve the lad either, after this, but this was a business and she had to stay professional in it. "It will be difficult, I admit..." Wiping he hands on her apron, she instructed, "The biscuits need to come out in five minutes, and stir the stew." She grabbed the coffee pot, then shook her head. "I'm tempted to pour this over the young man's head!" She wouldn't, of course, but it would feel good! Going out to to the table, she smiled at the boy, wanting to give him a piece of her mind, but instead offering him coffee... @Wayfarer
  7. "Wow, a loft!" Well, Weedy knew about lofts in barns, but not in houses, and it sounded pretty exciting! So much that he completely forgot about camping (squirrel!). "This is really nice," he declared, looking around as they entered the house. The house that Miz Addy had bought for them was good, and he even had his own room, but they hadn't really been in it long enough for it to feel like home. But Wyatt's house had all those personal things that made it lived in, what he imagined a real house should be like. "Girls smell all flowery, I wouldn't want to share a room with one." Well, except Miz Addy, who smelled like horses and fresh hay, except recently she'd been smelling a bit like flowers too, but he wasn't sure what that was about! @Wayfarer
  8. “Madame, I hope you will permit me to ask a question, for I have ever dealt with you with the utmost candor! … Are you ... spying upon us?!” she asked, in no uncertain terms. Sarah looked up at the young lady and smiled, "No, I'm not spying just taking down notes. What happened here today will make interesting reading for those in the east or in San Francisco. I make my some of my living writing for ladies journals." A thought then struck her head that might appease the young lady. "My readers will be eager to know the name of the lady who was bold enough to stand up and defend Miss Steelgrave. Do I have your permission to print your name, Miss?" @Javia
  9. Ben Robertson shook his head slowly, "I'm sorry, Cole. If Montana was a state I would be able to help you out but since its a territory any criminal charges, as you well know are handled on Federal level. You'll have to do your wheeling and dealing with Harland Bryant when he gets here." He paused for a moment before going on, "However, if you have any reasons that come under civil law, then I might be able to do something. As the only judge in the area, I still have some authority in those cases." @Flip
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  11. "Well, sir, I got a right fine rig, I keep 'er in top shape," she declared proudly, "an' fine springs...not as smooth as th' thoroughbraces on a coach, but as good as ya'd find on a wagon. An' I can give ya two-up or four," she continued, referring to the horses on the team, "dependin' on weight. Ya know it's a good eight ta ten days, right?" “It will be well worth the journey if these items can be brought safely to Kalispell.” Said Falmer Browne. "So, ya wanna go take a gander at my underpinnin's?" “Of course, but there is something else, Miss Chappel, before we go … I shall need to supervise the operation, be there to take care of the … items.” he said mysteriously. “Would that be a difficulty? If I were to ride ‘shotgun’ as they say? Or alongside on horseback, if that is more to your liking.” He asked. “I certainly do not wish, in any way, for you to feel that I am ‘looking over your shoulder’ all the way there and back. You are the professional and I trust to your judgement implicitly. It is more the nature of the cargo requires my careful attention.”
  12. Weedy produced the freshly baked bread, if Wyatt begged enough, they could probably eat it with some of the butter from their very own cow. Clara tended to ration the butter though not everyday use. This was definitely a special day though. "I know Clara, she's really nice...I help out there sometimes, and she and Miz Emeline will give me cookies and things," Weedy declared. "She ain't always so nice, she is kinda strict but maybe she'll be on her best behavior cuz you're company," Wyatt didn't want Weedy to go overboard on Clara. "I want to see the house, too! Do you have your own room?" the boy sure was curious. "Come on then, we can go inside for awhile. And nope, when we were younger, me n' Clara shared a bed but then Pa decided she needed her own bed cuz she is a young lady now. You know what he means," Wyatt answered as he waved him to follow him on inside. "I sleep up in the loft, you can't stand up in it but it's fine and dandy for sleeping," he added. Wyatt deliberately did not answer Weedy's trail sleeping suggestion, he knew what Pa and Clara would think of that one. NO. @Bongo
  13. Mature Content: No With: Alice Location: The Rafter A, east of Kalispell on a finger of the Flathead River When: April 21, 1876 Time of Day: Afternoon She stood in the yard, such as it was, dirt, sage, prairie grass, not much of a ‘yard’ as she had known it in some of the past places she had lived. This was her place, hers and her fathers. He had found it, haggled with the owner and made the purchase. There were some cattle, perhaps twenty head, a beginning. There were half again as many horses in the pole corral. A stream that ran past, supposedly from the Flathead River, the water was clear and cold, and there were fish, trout, Westslope Cutthroat Trout he Pa had said they were called, but there were others, like brown and bull trout too. The place was peaceful and for the most part quiet, and that was what she enjoyed the most. The quiet, save for the animals noises. She was a woman of thirty-eight, widowed, and with few, if any, prospects for marriage, yet she had made peace with that. And Arthur Fletcher, no account he had turned out to be, had made here wary of men who took an interest. There was a town not far from the place, Kalispell it was called. Pa was there now, with that awful wrapped body to collect a reward, and perhaps, she hoped, look for a job, or some direction. Being a bounty hunter might be fine for younger men, but Amos Conroy was getting up there, and he wouldn’t be able to track men for money much longer. It was good to have a place where he could call home after boarding houses, bunk house, shanties and line shacks of his recent past. Though he had always seen to her, before and after Arthur died, having him around was good. This was going to be a good life out on the range. Plenty of room to spread out, if they liked. Oh, she’d heard tell of the Indians, but that was not much different than some of the places she had called home before. There were always dangers to face no matter where one lived, and that would be precisely why the Henry rifle was in her hand, not much seventeen shots couldn’t solve if push came to shove. She had been alone in too many places for too long to be afraid. The day was getting short, so she turned to walk back to the house, all three rooms of it, to get supper on as her Pa would be home any time. TBC
  14. Greer smirked as he took his holstered gun, then the cartridges which he shoved in his pocket, "Bout time. You law....when Mr. Steelgrave finds out what you done to Case, well yer gonna regret it. Wouldn't want to be in yer shoes." "Good day...deputy." Then he headed for the door, he couldn't wait to get out of there. Actually he didn't much really care about Case and the lawmen's feuding, his thoughts were on that sonofabitch from Lost Lake, Cantrell. He would make him pay for pistol whipping and...well even worse humiliating him in front of the whole town. He would be smart about this though, Billy always said he was an idiot but this time he would bide his time and when he got the chance, ambush that Cantrell.
  15. "I'm gonna cut Greer loose." Speed said suddenly. "Most we could get him on is public drunk, and the part about Quentin being a peace officer wouldn't float with the circuit judge, hell, not even with Robinson." "'spose yer right about that." Pike said. "No need of him bein' locked up, but you know he'll high tail it for the Evergreen." "Truth be told they already know, and they're already making plans for us. You let him out, I'll get his rig ad we'll be rid of him. Make Case a bit angrier than he already is." Pike laughed, took off his guns, as a precaution, then went out the door and down to the cell block. He stepped in looking at the men in the cells. Speed had put Greer and Billy in a separate cell, probably anticipating this. "Greer, on your feet, you're gettin' out. Marshal's got your gun rig." Pike said. "Better open this cell door and let me out Pike, or there'll be hell to pay!" Case bellowed. "Shut up Case, you ain't goin' anywheres, lessin' the circuit judge arrives today." Pike took Greer by the arm to lead him out. "I'll kill the both of you when I get out of here! You hear e Pike? I'll kill you both for this!" "Ha, no supper for you. Move Greer." he shove the man and followed him out shutting the door, leading Greer out and then into the office. Speed handed Greer his outfit, then the cartridges from his gun. "Get out." @Wayfarer
  16. Mature Content: Nope With: Amos and Speed Location: Marshal's Office When: April 21, 1876 Time of Day: Afternoon The man sat his horse near the end of the street. A grizzled man of some age, but as much as he was grizzled, he was hard, tanned deeply by the sun, a gratified top hat sitting atop his long greyish mane, and a full beard to match. His clothes showed their age as well. Pieces were of military issue and well worn civilian type. Trousers of cotton duck as opposed to wool, knee high cavalry boots that had seen service as well as repair. His mount? A grulla stud, a mustang by lineage, as tough as the man on his back. A black stripe down his spine, and black stockings added to his grey color, and an aged McClellan cavalry saddle. The pair had seen many a mile together, that much was obvious. Both alert to all that surrounded them, almost out of place in a town setting. This was Amos Conroy, and he was in town on business, bounty business. Just outside of town in the trees was a body draped over horse, wrapped in his ground sheet. That man was two hundred dollars, cash money, name of Jethro Dollarhide, wanted by the Allen and Millard Bank of Virginia City Montana, dead or alive. He eased the mustang toward the large building in the center of town as people stopped to look at the man wondering if he was trouble or not. He stopped, reading the painted sign announcing “Municipal Building 1868.” Then he looked at the glass window with words “Town Marshal” in gold leaf and at the bottom, David S. Guyer, Marshal. A smile cracked the craggy face and he stepped down, casually flipping the reins over the hitch rail, then stepping up on the boardwalk, nodding and tipping his hat to a couple walking past. He stretched and then stepped to the door, opened it and went inside. The door on his right was ajar, so he simply pushed it open and stepped through saying, “Not THE Captain Guyer is it?” Speed looked up and after a moment his eyes went wide as he leaped from his chair and the two embraced. “Amos! Amos Conroy! What are you doing in Kalispell?” The two separated, “Got me a circular and the man to go with it. Lookin’ to collect on it.” “Damn! Well,” he said as Amos handed him the poster, “The bank will honor it since it’s from Millard Bank. It is good to see you. You’re a long ways from home.” “Nope, got a spread east of town. Lookin’ to quit huntin’ men an’ maybe set some roots. Maybe hunt a bit of gold ‘er silver.” He said with a smile. “Might ought ta drop around, Alice would like to see an old friend.” “Alice, you drug her out here?” Speed asked. He remembered her, she was mid-twenties back then, and married. “Nope. Was the other way around actually. She did the draggin’, I did the follerin’.” “Wish I could, got me a cell block full that needs my attention, but you bet I will.” Speed was thrilled to see Amos, he had not seen him since the war. Right near the end of it. “Well, I’ll be up to bank, after I drag the carcass so’s it can be seen, and then to yer undertaker fer proper burial." He started for the door, then stopped and looked back, “Speed, you come out, Alice was widowed back in seventy, no account, well, you come out.” “Count on it, Amos.” Came the reply. He watched him leave, then saw him mount up and head back up the street.
  17. "Shall we get the food over to the jail now? Is Marshal Guyer minding things there?" If Barnabas was here, certainly someone was keeping an eye on the brigands in the cells? “Yep he’s there alright. I’ll spell him after I walk you back here. He’s a bit uneasy with Case in there. Fact is, there’s a pallet on the floor, I’ll be spendin’ the night. His turn tommara night.” “He refused to negotiate Case’s release with that sidewinder Cole Latham. Takin’ him to trial an’ he’s purtty sure words already gone out to the Evergreen, so, he’s expectin’ the worst. The old man, he won’t be happy and he’s got him a bunch of men to do somethin’ about it.” Barnabas explained. “Could be more trouble afore that circuit judge gets here.” @Bongo
  18. Well now, a challenge and a handsome reward...what more could a teamster want? Still, there seemed to be a bit of a mystery about the cargo, and Addy would have to know specifics on that before she made any commitment. Still and away, she was relieved that the man wasn't after Weedy, and she could use a good job. "Well, sir, I got a right fine rig, I keep 'er in top shape," she declared proudly, "an' fine springs...not as smooth as th' thoroughbraces on a coach, but as good as ya'd find on a wagon. An' I can give ya two-up or four," she continued, referring to the horses on the team, "dependin' on weight. Ya know it's a good eight ta ten days, right?" Which meant she'd need to plan for meals and camping, but that would be fairly easy. "So, ya wanna go take a gander at my underpinnin's?" @Javia
  19. "Well then, if you have an appreciation for my song and dance, then I would have to say you certainly have good taste," Caroline smiled. As to his bragging, nothing wrong with that. Young man probably was right good at his trade, he looked intelligent enough and appeared to be a good physical specimen not that Caroline actually knew all that much about being a cowboy. But damn, if those cows and horses weren't big so she had to respect the men for that much at least. "Good to hear it," she nodded at his self-compliment. "I don't come to town often, but I'm gonna be comin' more now that you're here, Miss Mundee." "Ahhh, that is most flattering, I appreciate it. Yer always welcome," she encouraged the young man. "Say, if I come into town some time durin' the week, what d'you do in the mornin's?" he suddenly asked. "Umm, well I sleep late of course cuz I have to stay up late. Then when I get up I have me some breakfast or maybe even lunch depending how late it is," she answered. "Why do you ask, hon?"
  20. "Smart girl!" He exclaimed. He nodded to Clara."And so, Miss Emeline, I must bid you farewell as I have other appointments waiting. Again, the pie was par excellence! Deputy, my appreciation for your assistance with the meal this evening. If ever you, either of you, require my assistance, do not hesitate to call on me." "Of course, Mr. Peabody." Emeline smiled and nodded to the man, adding, "and the same goes for me." There were a few who she helped out, after all, there was no sense in food going to waste at the end of the day, and as long as he wasn't so intoxicated that he caused trouble, she didn't mind the old man coming around. "Was you to stay sober, Marshal Guyer might could use your help. He's holdin' them two bank robbers for trial. An' Miss Mercer's out of town at the present." Dutton looked at the deputy a long moment. "I shall see him in the morning. And perhaps Miss Emeline, I shall stop in for breakfast. For you." He laid a silver dollar on the table. "Good afternoon," and with that he walked out. "Thank you, sir." Startled at the generous coin, Emeline smiled and nodded, then looked to Barnabas. "An interesting fellow, that." It was hard to tell how much of his talk was fabricated, how much was exaggeration and how much was true. No matter, he seemed a good man... Barnabas looked at Em, "If he don't end up in the hoosegow again tonight. Flandry said he'd toss him out on his ear next time he causes a ruckus." He smiled. "I ever tell you I'm kinda partial to you?" "Oh, a time or two." Grinning, Emeline reached over and gave his hand a squeeze, then stood and started to gather the dishes. For now, she'd just leave them in the sink and take care of the details later. "Shall we get the food over to the jail now? Is Marshal Guyer minding things there?" If Barnabas was here, certainly someone was keeping an eye on the brigands in the cells? @Flip
  21. Clara was relieved Emeline was willing to accomodate her on this request, she had not made it lightly. She was now prepared to explain why too. "That one with the hat on still at the corner table. He is near my age as best I can tell...no, probably older. Do not know his surname but everyone knows him as Billy. He works for the Evergreen spread. Late last summer I was swimming in the lake by myself and he and another cowboy rode up and wanted me to come out so, as Billy fully admitted, they could see what I looked like. I absolutely refused so he stole my clothes and my father's Dragoon Colt and rode off." "I confronted him at the fall festival in the beer tent and he was quite amused by it all. Long story short, Greer knocked me to the ground and a full brawl broke out. Hannah's father was sheriff at the time and he arrested the both of them. One of the stipulations to him being released was he had to return both my items of clothing and the Dragoon. Which he did." "There is worse though. Not all that long ago, just before the dance, another one of the Evergreen cowboys rode onto the farm whilst I was hanging up washing. As we talked, I admit I was not all that friendly because frankly I did not trust him, someone up in the treeline took a shot at me and just missed. Now Brendan, that was the Christian name of the cowpoke I was talking with, admitted that two other hands were up in that treeline. Greer and Billy." "It is one thing to swipe some clothing but quite another to shoot at someone. I simply do not want anything to do with Billy anymore. I trust you understand my reasoning," Clara now finished her long drawn explanation. @Bongo
  22. "Yeah, sure!" Weedy dug in the saddle pack and pulled out two bundles wrapped in clean cloth. "I know Clara, she's really nice...I help out there sometimes, and she and Miz Emeline will give me cookies and things." Sometimes, the work was actually worth it, too! "I want to see the house, too!" Now that he had something to actually compare it to, Weedy wanted to see what a real farm house was like. "Do you have your own room?" It would be pretty bad, he thought, to have to share a room with a girl! But Wyatt didn't smell all rosy, so probably not! "We should ask if we can sleep on the trail!" They had the horse, after all, they could ride out a ways and make a camp, with a fire and everything, and sleep under the stars! Of course, that would be after the swimming and climbing trees and exploring and maybe some hunting... He wanted to make the most of the visit, even if his plans were pretty ambitious! @Wayfarer
  23. "I can build you some chairs or a bench, whichever you prefer." "Yeah, sure, chairs would be mostly appreciated!" Addy commented with a smile, "an' there's some wood in th' back'a th' barn we might could use." She'd been thinking on doing something like that in her free time, but it would be far safer if someone who had an idea of what they were doing took on the task! "So..are you adopting Weedy or is he just staying with you?" "Would like ta adopt him formal, but can't do that just yet, 'til we know if he's got other family." So far so good on that, and she still held open the option of running to Canada..."Mean time, he's mine an' I'll do th' best I can by him." "If you want, I'll help you with some tasks...you know...things that I might be able to teach him or talk to him about since he's got no real pa. Not that I'm any good at it but I can try."[/b] "Be better'n what I could do," she chuckled. As much as she was in a man's profession and occasionally dressed like a man, she knew she couldn't give the boy the lessons a man could. "Have him help ya with them chairs." Weedy would love that! "So, this here's th' rest of it," she said as they stepped onto the upstairs landing. "I like it. It's quaint. Good fit for the two of you." "Yeah, it's gonna be real nice fer..." Oh, hallelujah Moses, an' hold th' horses! Caught completely off guard, Addy's instinct was to resist, but that only lasted a split second before she gave in and pressed into the kiss. Sure, she'd been kissed before, but that had been in a haze of alcohol and lust, nothing like this...she cared about him, more, if she would admit it to herself... For now, she was content to let the sensations wash over her, to make that connection to a man she was coming to love, and that she didn't want to lose him. "That was...right nice." she murmured, giving him a crooked smile...she really didn't know how to be courted, but she reckoned if this was it, she was more than happy to allow it. @Jack
  24. Last week
  25. There came a pounding on the door, loud and continuous. It was enough to bring Elias awake, he was in his chair beside the grey embers of what had been a fire. His clothes in disarray, an almost common sight anymore. The empty brandy decanter lay on it's side on the table next to his chair, and the glass crashed to the floor when he was startled awake by the incessant knocking. He sat up to gather himself, and his bearings, then managed to stand, swaying a bit in his hung over condition while he made his way to the door. He flung it wide open, "What in God's name, Ashworth? For Christs sake, you'll wake the dead." "Marshal Guyer arrested Case last night and I'm afraid he's got a good case." Ashworth spewed quickly. "Slow down, slow down. What about Case?" Elias asked as he made his way back to his chair. "Sit down, sit down." "Elias, Marshal Guyer arrested Case last night." He said slowly. "Case tried to pull a gun on him as I understand it and got a broken nose for his trouble, but Elias, I'm afraid he's in real trouble this time." "Trouble, huh. Well, do me a favor and get Harris an' Granger in here." As he said that there was a knock and both men entered the house. "Wondered what the rush was. Been here sooner but we ways a ways out." Layton Harris explained. "Didn't think you had comp'ny comin'." "I didn't! Ashworth says Case in in jail. Well, I want him out! You get some of the boys an go down there an' bring him home. You hear me? Get him outta that jail!. And get me another bottle of brandy!" Granger cringed, "Elias, uh, Mister Steelgrave sir, that will mean gun trouble. Guyer and his deputy, Pike, they'll not stand for it." "I give a good Goddamn what they'll stand for! You take every man that can be spared and you get my son out of that damned jail!" "Yessir!" Was the only reply, it was now just after nine, and it would take time to get the men together, it would be ten-thirty, eleven o'clock pushing hard to reach Kalispell. Almost mid-day and the streets would be busy with people. Neither man liked the idea at all. But they had their orders so they backed away and rushed out the door. "Well? You done what you came for." Elias barked. "Sad damned day when a an has to get his own bottle!" Nolan Ashworth left the yard as fast as he had arrived, he could see the activity, men riding out get others for the foray in to Kalispell. He would say nothing, work his way to the post office so as not to be seen, if that were possible.
  26. "I have every intention of doing just that!" Chuckling, she sat in an empty chair, then glanced over as Clara walked past. "Good day to you too, Mr. Pike," "Good day Miss Redmond." Pike responded. The girl had been of immense help to Emeline, and had covered for him at the sink when duty had called. "Good afternoon, Clara, and again, please be careful." She would suggest that Barnabas escort her home, but she wasn't sure Clara would appreciate that. "Smart girl!" He exclaimed. He nodded to Clara."And so, Miss Emeline, I must bid you farewell as I have other appointments waiting. Again, the pie was par excellence! Deputy, my appreciation for your assistance with the meal this evening. If ever you, either of you, require my assistance, do not hesitate to call on me." Pike looked up as Dutton rose from the table. "Was you to stay sober, Marshal Guyer might could use your help. He's holdin' them two bank robbers for trial. An' Miss Mercer's out of town at the present." Dutton looked at the deputy a long moment. "I shall see him in the morning. And perhaps Miss Emeline, I shall stop in for breakfast. For you." He laid a silver dollar on the table. "Good afternoon," and with that he walked out. Barnabas looked at Em, "If he don't end up in the hoosegow again tonight. Flandry said he'd toss him out on his ear next time he causes a ruckus." He smiled. "I ever tell you I'm kinda partial to you?" @Bongo
  27. The Hotel Bell Boy, not wanting to miss out, ran into the mêlée too. His actions were not entirely altruistic: he picked the prettiest girl he could see to try and carry out, and the most obvious one of those was the golden haired, white frocked Miss Anaesthesia Orr, standing at the front of the large room, brandishing a gavel. Being a couple of inches shorter than she, it was with some effort that he rushed her from behind and grasping his hands around to any parts he could get a grip on, lifted her from the ground with a grunt. On feeling this midget strongman lift her so, she gave a rather breathless and excited “Oh!” and kicked her little white boots in the air, whist keeping a tight grip on her gavel. Both of them looked a little disappointed when Mr Wentworth’s gunplay brough the whole fracas to an end, and he lowered her back to the carpet. Not sure what to say in such a circumstance, the bell boy went with his usual “Will that be all, Miss?” and she, on a reflex, managed to find a copper or two which she placed in his hand with pink cheeked and slightly panting “Something for your trouble, boy.” She then moved to Miss Steelgrave’s side. “Oh, the nerve of that beastly boy, putting his sticky hands all over me!” she puffed indignantly, yet somehow looking as pleased as punch about the whole affair. She gazed benignly, perhaps a little sadly, at Leah. Leah couldn’t help but smile, which quickly dissolved when Anaesthesia looked to her. Boys will be boys, whether right or wrong, and she remembered the first time she was touched in just such a manner. So she understood. “I am sorry that this did not go as planned, I am afraid that my attempts to help only made things worse.” She said, fishing for compliments. “I doubt the punch was a good idea, but whatever damage is done, hopefully your kind words were heard, and will be remembered by those who had imbibed of the punch.” Leah offered. “ I truly appreciate your coming to my aide, very well spoken, Anaesthesia, very gratifying indeed. We should have ea sometime soon.” It was then she saw Jonah coming through the crowd, and she smiled. Then something caught her eye and she nodded to Leah: the mysterious woman on the front row was scribbling furiously in a notebook. Outraged, Anaesthesia stomped right up to Sarah for the second time today. “Madame, I hope you will permit me to ask a question, for I have ever dealt with you with the utmost candor! … Are you ... spying upon us?!” she asked, in no uncertain terms. @Bongo@JulieS@Javia
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