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  2. Quentin looked around at the milling activity. Their group had circled around the end of the column and moved toward the wagons as they organized their circle. Quentin was thumbing more rounds into his Winchester as he cradled it while guiding Paladin. The small group reined up at the wagons and Quentin looked up to where an officer was forming a firing line, but it seemed very small from where they were. Quentin finished reloading and then looked around, seeing the others were safe and uninjured. Quentin's relief turned to puzzlement as his eyes stopped moving and settled on one of the wagons nearby "...Addy?" @Bongo @Stormwolfe
  3. Brittles, still on his horse, called out. "I want 15 troopers here....rifles ready!" The 15 men arrived. "First 5, line up. Next 5, behind the first line and the others, line up behind the second line." He watched as the men followed his orders. "First line will be kneeling, second line, standing behind them, and third line behind them. When I give the order, the first line will fire then reload. While they are reloading, second line will stand and await my order to fire, then they will kneel down to reload. Third line will fire on my order, then reload. Everyone understand?" The men nodded. "Make ready, men." Meanwhile, Lieutenant Farley was having the wagons move off, then form a circle. The horses were unhitched and moved to the center of the circle. The troopers took positions in amongst the wagons.
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  5. The Steegraves might object, but would certainly make their own change of plans to fit the narrative and the presence of Federal troops simply by revising Elias' map to facilitate the new fort, but will accept however it goes. Oh...and Elias will blame the Thorntons of course. LOL
  6. Elmer waved off Robert's concern. "Well, still gotta find it," he admitted. Where exactly the X was... he was hopin' he could find someone to tell him. "And I'd be glad fer the company! Iffn you can spare the lost day's work, that is." While Bobby was getting ready, the old prospector took another long look at the map, as if staring at it long enough would somehow make it reveal more information. But then he slowly folded it up and very carefully tucked it back into the book, which he then put back into his satchel. All the while lowly humming the tune he'd been singing on the way here. "Either on the way there or the way back, I wanna make a stop at the Carter farm too. See if I can get a bottle or two a the good stuff." @Wayfarer
  7. Hey, tough luck for the Steelgraves. I doubt the army would care what they thought. The military could appropriate land and the government would pay the owner a "fair" price for it. Sounds good though.
  8. Hey! I want to thank everyone for their participation in this thread, ongoing discussions in Discord, and all of the wonderful historical assistance. I really do listen and take as much into consideration as I can while still keeping the RPG flowing. It is a balancing act to keep the feel of history and still blend the action and stories in the style of the old TV and movie westerns. With everyone's help, I think we are doing a superb job. With all of that in mind - here is my understanding of where we are going...some of it with creative license. Below is Longshot's plot idea regarding why so many local Indians came together and are willing to take on Fort Poison (real name: Fort Kilpatrick). Per @Wayfarer, the Plains tribes did not normally have such a cohesive response to anything. We might have to add another backstory layer to give them added incentive to want to free the Chief's son from captivity. Other Plot Points Major Brittles is on his way north to the Kalispell region to oversee the building of the new fort (Fort Lincoln) and take command of it. Colonel Crazy As Yet Unnamed may or may not be aware that Fort Kilpatrick (Fort Poison) is being decommissioned and he is being recalled / reassigned. Fort Kilpatrick was originally built as a trading "fort". It has a low fence between some of the buildings to help contain livestock and the like. It is not a massive stockaded fort. Harriet and Quentin with 3 NPCs (not named except for wagon driver, Weems) were driving a herd of 25 cattle to the fort to fulfill a contract with Lost Lake Ranch when they were attacked by a band of Indians. They managed to escape during the melee and have made it to the meadow where Brittles, his men, and Addy are. Indians are in pursuit. ?? I am assuming we all need to get to Fort Poison, find out Colonel Crazy's plots and all of that. Fort Lincoln The original plan was that Brittles would scout out and secure land for the location of Fort Lincoln. While doing that, he and his men would set up camp in the Kalispell "Fairgrounds" (a large meadow west of town bordered by the fictional Chogun River. (I know! I need to work on maps). Again, the original plan was to locate the fort between Kalispell and Whitefish. However, after a bit of discussion, we decided that the Steelgraves would oppose that plan since having a large fort near their holdings might infringe on their nefarious dealings. Hence, I made a command decision to locate the fort where originally had it (before I decided to not deal with having a "Fort Kalispell"). Fort Lincoln will be a few miles south of Kalispell on a plateau surrounding by the mythical Chogun River and just to the north of Flathead Lake. Backstory The new Fort Lincoln will be built on the old site of a former trading fort called Fort Kalispell. Not lots of land prep involved, etc. This also means the new fort's residents will be close enough to Kalispell to be involved in lots of threads and storylines. I am sure I've forgotten things but this is why we have discussion threads in the forums as well as on Discord. Please let me know if I missed something. PS: We will do up a wiki page for Fort Lincoln with its current played characters and NPCs. @Players @Sr. Moderator @Members
  9. Apparently the older man's thoughts were same as his. This could be something valuable alright. And finding a treasure was a hell of a lot less work than trying to pan it out of these mountains tiny granule and nugget at a time, as the young Irishman could attest to. Old Elmer may have gotten really lucky here? "I suppose I could go with ye inta town then if ye want me to," Robert nodded, the other prospector's excitement was becoming contagious by now. "I mean....well, I don' be wanna hornin' in on somethin' that's yer find after all," he pointed out, not wanting to be pushy or anything of the sort. He liked and respected Elmer. @Juls
  10. The flankers were back plus some strange looking Indian too, thought the young bugler but then, in all honesty, he was so new out here on the frontier he thought all Indians looked strange. A lot seemed to be going on as the Major entered into a discussion with those present, he of course just waited. It's not like he had any say in the these matters. Then he got a direct order. "Sound assembly." Jean went wide eyed, the whole column was already present but the major must have had his reasons, he nodded, "Yessir!" Licking his lips he put the bugle into position and, despite his inexperience as a soldier, one thing he could do properly was play a good bugle call as the notes sounded out loud and clear. @Glenn@Flip@Bongo@Stormwolfe@Longshot
  11. "She's an attorney as well, and she helps with the expenses, so it's helpful for me." He took a sip of wine, then frowned. "So, the orphanage is in the works? Good. I've seen the orphan trains a couple times, and it's horrific." He really wasn't a sentimental man, but seeing the confused and terrified looks the children had, and worse, hearing their wails when siblings were separated tore at his heart, and if there was something he could do to help prevent that, he'd gladly contribute. "Are there many orphans, then? I imagine the mines take their toll." Not to mention the elements...Winter here was not for the faint of heart, so he'd heard, and he wasn't looking forward to it. @Flip
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    Settlin' In

    "That was fast..." she commented. The Marshal must have come straight here while she was dress shopping. Dorothy took the offered key with a smile to the clerk and then took the bundle off of Layton. "I s-pose I'll be right back then. Gimmie a jiffy to change," she said, then headed back to the room. It was surprisingly nice... at least to someone that had used her saddle as pillow almost every night for the last few months. And thoughts of dinner almost went out the window as she tested out the edge of the bed. Almost. Her stomach growled and she opened the bundle from the Mercantile to find the peanuts. "This is somethin' I might could get used to," she said aloud to no one, looking over the room as she ate a handful of peanuts. "Just gotta steer clear of the ding Pinkerton..." she added, like it was no big deal. But she knew it was a big deal. A very big deal. She took off the gun belt and went about looking for somewhere to hide the guns and the money. Under the bed seemed too obvious, but there really weren't a lot of options. So she stuffed both the guns and the money between the springs and the mattress, so at least one couldn't just see them with a casual glance under the bed. Later, when she had some time alone, she'd find a better spot. But she sure wasn't going to take the guns to dinner. That was just asking to have the Marshal take them off of her. Some 15 minutes later, she was returning to the front desk. She'd changed into the light blue dress, combed her hair up into a loose bun and left her brown and black hat back in the room. She'd even applied a little bit of the eyeliner she always kept handy... even being lost in the woods she hadn't lost track of her eyeliner. Dorothy did her best to put on a confident air, but it was the first time in a long time she'd been around men without the assurances the guns offered and she felt almost naked without them. @Flip
  14. "Let's send a scouting party out to trail them. Mister MacIntosh, you and your friend will lead...." Suddenly, they could hear horses approaching......and gunfire.....and war cries of Indians. Brittle's looked around. He turned to his aide. "Get the wagons moving...take 3 squads to guard the wagons." He turned to Private Lavalliere. "Sound assembly." Tag @Wayfarer@Stormwolfe@Bongo@Flip
  15. JulieS

    Lost Lake Ranch Hands

    The men who work at Lost Lake Ranch. All of these characters are NPCs and can be used as needed.
  16. "I wish I could join you, but I am expecting my brothers to arrive here at any time now." Matt half-smiled, "Although, I would like to take you up on your invite another day. It's been a while since I have some time off." He paused before going on, "I haven't seen my brothers in a long time and once they have settled in, I'll introduce you to them...unless they do it themselves which wouldn't surprise me one bit. Us Wentworth men are aware of when a beautiful lady is about and you Hannah, are certainly one." Leaning over the table, Matt took Hannah's hand and kissed it. "Thank you being such a wonderful dining companion." @Stormwolfe
  17. Although she had been alert, Addy was relaxed as she maneuvered her wagon behind the military vehicles, a bandana pulled over her nose to filter the dust. Wasn't so bad, though, and she was enjoying being in a company, as it provided some entertainment in people-watching. In particular, she was perusing the mounted soldiers, assessing their competence and potential usefulness in a fight, judging by the way they sat their mounts and what they were paying attention to, not that she put much stock in her conclusions. A body couldn't really know what another would do until the bullets started flying. And it seemed like that might not be too far off...It was indeed in the distance, but there were clearly riders charging toward them, bent low over their horses' necks, their speed and demeanor indicating trouble. Sitting straight, Addy pulled down the bandana and snapped the lines, picking up the pace of her team so that she could pull up next to the doctor's wagon. She glanced at the driver, giving him a nod, an indication that she was awaiting orders. Likely, whatever the trouble, it would be met by the mounted troops and the caravan would form up in its own defense.
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    Settlin' In

    Layton Harris took the bundle, not like it was the first time he’d carried parcels for a woman. The mounted the steps, Layton using his free hand to open the door for her and then following her inside. The clerk looked up, taking in both of them. “Ah yes, Marshal Steelgrave made arrangements and paid in advance ma’am. No need of signing in, that’s all been taken care of.” He explained cheerfully, turning and taking a key off of the rack. “Here you go miss, one-oh-three, just down the hall on the left. If you need anything, just let us know.” Harris was smiling. Tag @Juls
  19. Flip

    A Long March

    "Here comes MacIntosh now." Brittles watched as the scout approached. Then he looked at the Indian. "How many scouts are following us? Do you think we should make camp tonight or continue on towards Kalispell?" “Four, maybe five, they watch.” Ke-Ni-Tay replied. Not think there are more, maybe other side, maybe not. Camp is good, no sense push. Not be trouble tonight.” MacIntosh reined in as he reached the head of the column. “Trouble?” He asked matter of factly, for if there was to be trouble then it would be “Four or five shadow troop, maybe more out there, not sure.” Ke-Ni-Tay stated. “Major asks if we should camp or push on. Those who watch are waiting in trees off to right.” He gestured with his arm sweeping toward the trees. MacIntosh shook his head in agreement. “Major I might suggest outriders, rifles in hand, Ke-Ni-Tay and I will drift off to the left and have a good look, then swing up across the front of the column. We’ll know soon enough what their intentions are. For now, I’d plan on camping the night.” Tag @Glenn@Wayfarer
  20. Continued from Cattle Drive [Part 2]... It felt as if she had been in the saddle and riding hard for hours when, in fact, it was only minutes...very long minutes. For whatever reason, the band of Indians had not left off their pursuit. That surprised Harriet. She had thought that once they had clear access to the cattle and horses, they would break off. Harriet was not an expert, but she knew that most tribes wanted no part of attacking an occupied fort. Poison's former trading fort was nothing grand, but it was well-armed. On top of that, it was fairly close to the settlement. It simply was not typical behavior for Indians. Spirit stumbled hard as he leaped into the middle of a narrow, fast-flowing stream, jarring Harriet's teeth and making her lurch in the saddle. She managed to stay on the horse and pushed him to leap up the far bank. Their pursuers were gaining ground on them and Harriet was exhausted. She clung grimly to the saddle horn and the reins, spurring the big paint forward. Driving the horse hard, she and her companions burst from a narrow copse of trees into a vast meadow. This time, she came close to falling as Spirit threw up his head and neighed loudly. Far across the expanse of thick grass was a number of men in uniform... Harriet tossed a quick look at Quentin and leaned low over her gelding's neck. Fortune had finally favored them.... Quentin blinked as he heard Harriet's horse, his eyes widening as he saw the soldiers across the meadow. The flood of relief was almost as quickly overcome by a wave of fear. It would be just their luck to be shot down in the exchange of fire between the soldiers and the Indians pursuing them. Quentin spared a quick glimpse behind them and then he spurred to the front of the small group, pointing the Winchester off to the left as he guided Paladin in a curving path to get out from in front of the carbine barrels that were coming up and the snapping rounds coming from behind them. "This way! Left! Left!" @Stormwolfe @Wayfarer @Glenn @Bongo
  21. Harriet felt her heart drop like a stone when Quentin whirled his horse around to face the hostiles. She only had a second to think on it though. She and Barnes, the younger of the two hands riding with them, had bought enough time for Weems to get sorted. He had given up trying to snag one of the second string. Instead, he'd unhooked the team from the wagon and vaulted onto the back of the wheeler. With the wagon driver safely mounted, Harriet and the two hands made a last charge, firing a few shots in the direction of the milling cattle. With loud and frantic bellows, the animals finally scattered, many of them running toward the group of Indians. It would buy them a little more time... Wheeling the big paint in next to Quentin as he caught up to them, Harriet turned long enough to fire off two more shots. She had been stingy with the ammunition in her Winchester. She had come a long way with her marksmanship since Quentin's first lessons, but she was a long way from being able to reload while on the back of a running horse. She had seen Shade do it, holding the reins in his teeth and managing his horse with his legs. There was no way they were going to make it all the way to the fort. Harriet knew from the previous night's conversation that there was a long expanse of brush on this side of the river, some low-lying hills, and a couple of large meadows between them and their approach to Fort Poison. She gritted her teeth and focused on managing her horse although she spared more than one thought for their scattered herd. When the crisis was over, perhaps they could round up most of the herd and make-up the shortfall later. Harriet refused to consider that the ranch would default on this contract. A bullet whizzing far too close to her head brought her rambling thoughts back to the immediate issue at hand... Continued in The Long March...
  22. The entire experience had been surprisingly pleasant. The only man she had interacted with on a personal level was Ezra Hale's eldest son, Nick. She had enjoyed his company but not his wandering eye. It seemed that Nick thought of her more as a pal than a woman to be courted. The one and only time she had been in love had been in her teens...with Shade Thornton. He had left her waiting by the river on the night they were supposed to elope. Although she was starting to feel the womanly urge to have a home and family, Hannah was somewhat jaded on her prospects. The chance encounter with Matt Wentworth had proved fortuitous. He was a handsome and charming companion. Hannah also felt they might become friends. She had no illusions about anything else ever happening between them. Hannah smiled and indicated her dress, "I am thinking about changing, gathering my rod and reel and doing a little fishing. It would be nice to have fresh fried trout for dinner tonight. I want to make the most of my day off." She almost asked him about his plans, but stopped herself. He was a wealthy business owner. No doubt, he needed to return to work as soon as they were finished with lunch. @JulieS
  23. Elmer couldn't help but grin at Robert's speculation about the mark, which was in line with his. That only served to get Elmer a little more excited about the whole thing, as if he were already a millionaire just by holding the old paper in his hands. "That's zactly what I'm thinkin'." He drained the cup of coffee quickly. "Ya need a run into Kalispell?" he offered. As early in the day as it was and as much as he enjoyed visiting, he knew didn't have much daylight to spare this time of year, so he'd better get moving again. "Or need anythin' whiles I'm goin'?" @Wayfarer
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    Settlin' In

    Something about Layton's statements didn't sit quite right with Dorothy. Maybe it was simply that he'd laughed at her concerns, but she thought there was something else bugging her, she just couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was. You're just bein' paranoid... she chided herself, which did nothing to quell her unease at the idea of everyone in the whole ding town knowing she was running from a Pinkerton. How long until they all knew everything else about her too? So much for a fresh start... Betraying nothing of these thoughts, she nodded and faked a smile to Harris ... faking smiles was something she'd gotten talented at back at Donley's ... as she picked up Pongo's reins to lead him over toward the hotel. "I guess I do," she said, as if in agreement. For now, she tied her steed to the hitching post outside the hotel. "Mind holdin' these a minute?" she asked, already handing Harris the two dresses to free up her own hands to untie and collect her saddle bags, which she slung over a shoulder. "Thanks..." she'd take them back if the man didn't want to be seen carrying the dresses. Or, if he didn't mind, allow him to carry them into the hotel for her. @Flip
  25. "Here comes MacIntosh now." Brittles watched as the scout approached. Then he looked at the Indian. "How many scouts are following us? Do you think we should make camp tonight or continue on towards Kalispell?"
  26. McVay busily scribbled his notes as Asher spoke, looking up time to time and finally saying, “I’ll be sure to note that about poor choices. So she has not killed anyone, so far as you or the law knows I take it.”Rest assured Agent Asher, this will be front page, and will certainly mention your concerns about Miss Parsons. It’s not often that we have a story such as this, so I am in your debt for this.” Though Phinn had no love for Pinkerton agents, but in this instance old feelings from the War of Northern Aggression would be put aside to concentrate on the present time and events. “It will appear in this week’s Union, sir.” Tag @Chistery
  27. Flip

    Settlin' In

    "Ain't it... kinda askin' for trouble ta be talkin' bout them kinda plans in a café?" Harris laughed at her statement as they reached their horses. “You’ve a lot to learn about Whitefish, Dotty. As far as anyone is concerned Case Steelgrave runs this town, and everything that goes on here. But he keeps the town safe, and people here like that.” He gestured with his sweeping arm up and down the street. “Ask anyone, they’re happy here and want no outsider poking around, or up to no good. And, he has the men to enforce it. Hotel’s right there, we can lead the horse over and get you settled in.” Tag @Juls
  28. Flip

    A Long March

    "Sir, this here Indian says he is working for us as a scout. He speaks English real good and he's got something important to report," Braumann kept it simple and direct, if the officer had questions then he would be free to ask. Then he glanced toward Ke-Ni-Tay. “I am with MacIntosh. I have scouted your flank, there are scouts tracking you.” the Apache explained. Tag @Glenn@Wayfarer
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