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    • "Thanks fer th' warnin'," Addy chuckled, "I'll try not ta stick my tongue out at them!"   Then she looked back at Caroline and nodded.  "We do got some civilization out in these parts, but it's always good ta have some sorta protection."  One thing that truly riled her was women that weren't taught to defend themselves, or worse, them that were told that they should submit and not fight back.  It was good that Caroline seemed prepared in that way, she'd do fine in Kalispell.   "Go ahead an' climb on up there," Addy told her, then waited by the door, smiling sweetly and nodding to the family as they got in.  Once the door was secured, she clamored up to the box and sat beside Caroline, then gathered the ribbons between her fingers.   "Nice day ta be up top," she commented, "an' you'll get a better view of th' scenery.  If ya get cold, there's a blanket under th' seat.  Them front two lead horses are Hermia an' Helena , an' th' wheelers are Lysander and Demetrius."  She snapped the lines and the coach started moving forward.   @Wayfarer
    • In the Street/Lickskillet, Bridget & (clueless) Jonah, Clara   At least the young woman was willing to be led out of the street, and as Jonah glanced toward the bank he could see one of the law men running up to the front, so it was evident that something was going to happen soon, and they needed to be off the street.    “Where can… where can we go?” she asked.   "We'll just go inside the cafe here, all right?"  He nodded to the door of the closest building, the Lickskillet, just wanting to be clear of the street, and not at all understanding what the girl was asking.  "You're Bridget, right?  I saw you at the dance."    Her limp was making the going painfully slow, but they eventually reached the door and he pushed, not considering that whoever was inside might not be welcoming patrons at the moment...   @Javia; @Wayfarer    
    • Back Alley, Wyatt, Weedy, Cole, Jay   Heart pounding, Weedy glanced back at his partner in crime and grinned.  Of course, any chance to get out of school was great, and cow hands shooting up the streets was even better, and it was fun to watch all the folks on the street scrambling to get out of the way.  But to do that, they'd have to get to Main Street.   "Let's go behind the bank, then go up to the street," he suggested as he waited for Wyatt to catch up.  There was still some shooting going on, and a lot of shouting, so maybe this was even more exciting than the usual stuff!    But just as they were starting past the bank, the window shattered and two men jumped out, causing Weedy to skid to a stop.  And as one ran off, the other drew his pistol on the boys.   "Don't you two move or by the Lord Harry I'll kill ya both!"   The man reached out and grabbed Wyatt, who had passed Weedy by a few steps as he stopped, and Weedy was inclined to lash out and kick the guy, but he had a gun, and his friend, so he just stopped...   @Wayfarer; @Flip; @Jack (in that order, I think)  
    • The shots could be heard from afar. Jay lived just down the street from the bank, so he heard them inside his small place. Startled by the unusual noise, he reached for his own gun and left the building. It didn't take long for him to see the tipped over wagon near the bank, then the word 'robbery' was carried to his ears. Damn, who on earth would rob the bank here? Instantly he froze, hoping that it wasn't his old gang, who had returned to pay the good people here a visit (and him). He knew very well he should turn around and walk away, if there was a robbery in progress. After all his life here was on shaky legs.   But then he saw Weedy and another kid head up the back alley towards the bank. "Weedy!" He shouted after the boys but they had already rounded the corner and were gone. "Damnit!" Knowing how much Addy loved the  boy, he felt he had to follow him and make sure he stayed away from trouble and wasn't guided by his curiosity. So he followed the boys towards the back alley, trying to get their attention but they were too far ahead.
    • Her hand was there before he could question anything that was going on and Jay found himself reaching for it and shaking it firmly. Perhaps it was the relief of not having to sleep with her or the relief, that one day, if all went well, he might actually be sleeping with the right kind of woman. And he already had a good idea, who that might be.   The liquor from her pocket was another surprise, but a welcome one. Reaching for it he nodded towards her. "Thank you." Took a good long swig to calm himself down a little. The home made stuff burnt down his throat like fire and made him cough a little. "Holy smokes, that tastes like...wonderful." He had another smaller sip. No need to anger the woman, who had him by the balls now.   He made a mental note of the information about the land because he would have to do some research on that. "I always bring my gun...but as you know. Use it too seldom, unlike you." That little jab was necessary. Then he briefly listed his shirt to show her the scar that her bullet had left. "You got me." Maybe a little bad conscience would help his case.

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