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    • Mature Content: Yes, violence. With: Quentin, Brendan, Greer, Billy, and Blackjack Location: Somewhere along the property line between Evergreen and Lost Lake ranches When: Early July, 1876 Time of Day: Early afternoon     It was one of those hot dog days of mid summer, the sun was out,  only a light breeze made it reasonably tolerable - that is if you weren't engaged in manual labor. But that was exactly what three of the Evergreen hands were doing and were none too happy about it either. They had been ordered on firewood collection detail, an onerous task that involved going out into some of the wooded sections then chopping and gathering suitable firewood to fill up a buckboard. The wood was necessary for the large Steelgrave residence plus the bunkhouse for the rather large crew of hands who were employed on that ranch empire.   There had been four men sent out on this day, two mounted accompanying a buckboard wagon with two on board. Normally the job would be left to two men but with all the Indian trouble going on throughout the territory it was felt doubling the numbers was a precaution just in case. Of course all of them were suitably equipped with rifles and revolvers besides chopping axes for the actual wood gathering chores.     They had made their way to a sizeable stand of wood, with trees that were young enough to chop down easily and not be too heavy and thick cords to toss into the back of the wagon.  The wagon was now parked as close as possible to the treeline, the riders' mounts tethered to a convenient low tree branch. The quartet had just commenced with the work then.   In charge, mostly because he assumed the so called responsibility, was Black Jack Laine. He was also the oldest in his early mid thirties and was a rather forceful personality. He was reputed to be good with a six-gun and told anyone who would listen of his exploits in a cattle war down in Texas a couple years back. So of course the Steelgraves hired him, it wasn't for his cowpoke skills. He now sat on the wagon making himself a cigarette with paper and tobacco, having ordered the others to get started.     Greer was grumbling as he reached for one of the axes, something about having cut the palm of his hand the other day in the corral and how it would make swinging this tool a mite uncomfortable. It was an excuse, he was always making them. Hard work and Greer did not mix. Thing is everyone knew it by now and he got no sympathy.     Billy chuckled at hearing the latest whining, honestly that jasper was never happy, "That ain't a cut, that's a scratch."   "Damn, it's too hot anyhow for this sorta thing. We should do this at night when it's cooler," Greer now declared in that sorrowful tone of his.   "You want to wander about out here in the dark when Indians might decide to lift yer scalp...oh wait, you ain't got enough hair on that head of yers to get scalped," Blackjack smirked.   "Injuns don't attack at night," Greer argued.   "So you an Injun expert now too? How many Injuns you fought?" Billy chuckled as he stripped off his shirt, he was perspiring already and he had yet to take his first axe swing, "Crissakes, I'm sweatin' like a pig already."   Greer only muttered some more and finally picked up the axe. Billy grinned as he glanced over to Brendan next to him. "You watch, Bren, it'll end up bein' you n' me who'll do most of the work today."   Yeah, it was going to be one of those days, little did any of them know how momentous it was going to turn out.   @Bailey  @Longshot      
    • "My God Ben, we've got to do something. Half this town witnessed what happened, Case was drunk, I'm sure that was civil, but the main charges involve Case threatening not just his rumored opponent for the upcoming elections, Quentin Cantrell, but pulling a pistol on Marshal Guyer. I'm not sure how to get past those two charges, among others less severe."   It looked bleak from where Latham stood, Robinson was truly unable to assist in the release of Case Steelgrave, but there was the dealings of Elias's daughter, which prompted,   "The town Council? When are we meeting, and how do you see this hospital plan evolving, if I may be so bold as to ask." Anything positive on that front might quell Elias's anger about Case, at least for the short term. @JulieS
    • The meeting had been a shambles! her father could not have done a better job of ruining what she had tried to convey to the 'supposed' ladies of Kalispell. Yet even as she thought of the what had happened, and was still happening around her.   The bright spot had been the support of Anaesthesia Orr. She began to gather her things realizing that all was certainly not lost. They could proceed without any support from the community, perhaps it would be a bit more difficult, but with the grants she retained, that were in her name, it would be possible to proceed.   Still she was saddened by what had gone so horribly wrong. Causing Matthew to fire his pistol inside the room, what had been deafening, and certainly caused some damage that would need to be repaired. This had definitely been a day!   It was as she started for the door that she saw both Jonah and Josiah waiting in the lobby, and that was reason enough to smile. A hand touched her arm.   "Miss Steel, Phinias G. McVay, editor of the Union. The paper supports your efforts, Ma'am. Terribly sorry for, for whatever this was supposed to be."   "Thank you sir, you're support is highly valued." Leah replied with a smile , "please excuse me." She wanted away from the room and to confer with her partners.   "Certainly." Phinias replied as he got to his feet. There was type to set and a Special Edition to get out!   "Gentlemen." She greet the Doctors. Shall we step into the dining room?" @Bongo
    • Jonah's main regret was that he and Doctor Boone had been confined to the lobby, as they weren't 'ladies', and therefore didn't qualify for the ladies part of the meeting...   Which meant that he missed out on the donnybrook that had broken out, more's the pity!  Still, they could hear it, and then it started to spill out toward them, and he stood, ready to dodge any errant swings, finding it all entertaining and amusing...   ...Until he saw the look on Leah's face, and his heart went out to her.  This was her beloved project, and the 'ladies' didn't seem to be taking it seriously.   Glancing at Dr. Boone, he shrugged, then stood and waited for Leah to come through the waning melee.   @Flip
    • "Yes, of course."  Honestly, Emeline wasn't so inclined to serve the lad either, after this, but this was a business and she had to stay professional in it.  "It will be difficult, I admit..."    Wiping he hands on her apron, she instructed, "The biscuits need to come out in five minutes, and stir the stew."  She grabbed the coffee pot, then shook her head.  "I'm tempted to pour this over the young man's head!"   She wouldn't, of course, but it would feel good!   Going out to to the table, she smiled at the boy, wanting to give him a piece of her mind, but instead offering him coffee...   @Wayfarer


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