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    • With his arm curled around him protectively Jay waited for Addy to finish her instructions for Weedy. If he had any say in this, he would not let the boy scoop up kerosened hay while placing a candle nearby to see the mess. But he remained quiet. For a moment he considered laying down, when suddenly her hand, small and soft, was on his forehead. What a strange feeling. Jay instinctively flinched away but then turned back into her palm and let her feel it. "Just tonight." He whispered but it had become clear that he needed her help to get through tonight and possibly the next few days. If things went south, he could always overpower her, tie her and Weedy up to make a get away or...he didn't want to go further. Slowly and with a lot of effort he took off his jacket and then unbuttoned his shirt with unsteady fingers and pushed it back. The skin underneath was pale, so the burnt out wound stood out in stark contrast, even in the dim light of the room.  
    • "C'mon, now."  Addy helped support Jay as he struggled to his feet, willing to accept that whatever had happened with the lamp hadn't been intentional, and once he was in the room where she could safely have light she could look him over.   "Weedy, lissen close...I need ya ta go out an' scoop up as much of that hay as ya can, take it out back, put it in a bucket an' pour water over it."  She lit the lamp in the room, then added to the boy, "Ya know what kerosene can do, so be careful...don't need th' barn burnin' around our ears, an' takin' th' town with it."  While she hated putting such responsibility on Weedy, especially at this hour and in the dark, she had no choice, she had to see to Jay, but she was sure the boy was up to the task.   "So, now..."  Frowning, she looked at Jay, then felt his forehead.  Hot...maybe he had the grippe or something, not unexpected, considering what he'd been through.  "'Fess up, how long ya been sick?"   @Jack
    • Jay was happy to grab his thick woolen jacket and wrap his scarf around his neck to get out of the house rather quickly because he had enough of Claras antiques. Heading out was better than trying to discipline a child, that wasn't his.   Outside he spotted the barn with the horses and the snow covered fire pit. "Your daughter has the attitude of a grown woman." He remarked. "I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me." For a moment he chuckled to himself. "Wouldn't be the first one!"   It took a moment to clear it off and get some dry wood from the shack. In the meantime Jay went to get the horse and take a good look at the hoofs. Thanks to the soft ground they were in good condition and only needed a little work. He went to the front leg and with a slight touch of his hand had the horse lift his foot, so he could squeeze it between his knees and use his hands to work the rasp across the hoof with enough pressure.  
    • This was the first task around the place, which was somewhat pleasant. Of course, Jay had picked most of the unpleasant ones himself to repay all the favors, Addy was doing him. She had been a blessing without any disguise and Jay valued not only her company but her attitude. "I'm up for it." He nodded and slowly trudge through the snow. He couldn't lift his right foot properly without too much discomfort so he shuffled forward with a bit of snow falling into his boots until he reached her. "Could you grab me my jacket and hat, please? I'm pretty hot now but the weather is a little crazy around here. I'll grab a saw." He knew where she kept all her tools and went to get it.   When he returned Jay asked. "So his mother hasn't even shown up for Christmas? Is she giving you anything in return for your favours? I'm guessing not..." The boy definetly deserved a better home than his own. "Poor bastard....what'd the deal with his family. I mean, which kid hangs around the neighbors for weeks at a time? What's wrong with these people? " When he thought about Weedy's family he felt a strange urge to go looking for them and teach them a hard but valuable lesson.
    • He heard her curse at something, possibly him or the broken lamp but he couldn't focus properly for some reasons, nor could he stop himself from breathing so rapidly. Then Addy shouted out loud and got him to look at her in the flickering light of the candle near the door. His focus was gone as quickly as it had come. But he could tell she was kneeling down awefully close to him and the smell of kerosene. "Careful...." He warned her. Jay didn't have the energy to get up but anything was better than being out here, freezing, shaking and being miserable. He had a faint idea what was causing all this mystery but right now he was in too much pain to give a damn about not putting Addy in an Improper situation or even care about the half truths. He fished for her arm for support and force himself to his feet, which caused a long and disgusting groan to escape his throat.   In the light of her room she'd realize what he'd been hiding. While he had looked fairly presentable and had his witts together only 5 hours ago, he had changed into a sick, weak man . Jay was a mess. He had been able to tell something was off but hoped that the meal and a good nights sleep would cure him. No such luck, though.   Now he was slumped down on the corner of her bed with his head in his hands.

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