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    • Addy's nose wrinkled up -- she hated change, but she knew he was right -- then she nodded.  "Yer right.  I got change given ta me, an' I'm grateful ta be able ta help th' boy, an' ta do that, we'd need a proper home." “Yep, a proper home’s all any of us needs, Addy.” He looked up from the spoon load of stew, “Sometimes that need changes, because things change.” H smiled ,and just before he took that spoonful he added, “Things changed.”   Didn't need to be big, just two bedrooms, besides the kitchen and common room.  "He'd be thrilled, I think, ta have his own place.  Might be th' first time he's had somethin' like that, I don't allow as he ever had a proper house with his Ma."  Yeah, she could get more comfortable with the idea looking at it from that angle, and honestly, it might be nice to have more than one room, and room to move around.  "I'd appreciate yer help on that.  Thank ya, Speed, this ain't been easy." “I know it ain’t, things of that sort ain’t never easy, ‘course, now, that’s what they say about responsibility too, it ain’t easy.” He smiled at her across the table. “You make your runs, earn your pay, there’s folks in town well aware of what you’ve done for that boy, and finding you the right place, they’ll all help. Might outta eat up, we got work ahead of us both.”  
    • [Pronto, Emeline, Bridget and Jay at the end]   "There you have it!" Emeline declared with a laugh, "Bridget will help with the cooking, and Barnabas can try our efforts to make certain that they are as good as they should be."  Then she added with a playful grin, "And Mr. Pike can do the dishes as well, he's quite the expert at that!"    “Man need ta have his options. Dish washin’ mine, when my hands’er too slow for gun work.” He winked an nodded. “Yes sir. Options.” She laughed again and gave Barnabas a quick kiss on the cheek.  "Or you can just make certain that we behave ourselves and don't burn down the kitchen!"   “Reckon I can handle that as well. Some don’t appreciate taste testers. Sorta an art form, down Persidio way. Texas.” He stood straight, face straight, then he looked at Em. “Didn’t know I was fully trained, did’ja?”   Then she patted Bridget on the arm.  "Don't worry one bit, we will have fun, we won't do any harm, and we can make whatever you like...well, so long as I know the recipe!"  @Bongo@Javia
    • Brendan, Arabella (and Charlie and Clara)   "Sorry," he said as they moved through the motions of the dance, "but she ain't the opposition, really. Here..." He smiled down at her. "There...happy now? Ooop..."    Brendan might not be able to tell much from people’s eyes, but Arabella could, and the way the man from Mississippi kept glancing over to Clara (or to Charlie perhaps, in a way it amounted to the same thing) told her something.   When the jigging and giggling part was over, they moved into another straight polka round in circles and Arabella was able to get to work on the earthy nature boy.   “How d’ya like my friend Bridget?” she asked “Nice ain’t she?”   “… an’ you know what they say about redheads!” she threw that into the pot as well.   She wasn’t sure herself what exactly ‘they’ said about redheads, but hoped it was more fuel to pique his interest. Somewhere in the back of her butterfly brain, something tugged at her conscience: why was she pressing the suit of the strange, almost ethereal crippled girl over her alleged ‘bosom friend’? The thought appeared and died again like a mayfly in Spring, but it would flutter into her heart again in time.   They danced around some more and Arabella tipped him the wink.   “All right, this is the walky part!” she explained “Just ignore them!” she heard herself adding, and almost jumped with surprise at the sound of her own voice, terse and didactic. “I mean, let’s pretend to be snooty!” she said with more fun in her voice, saving the mood, and the actress in her managed to pull a funny nose-in-the-air face as they turned and paced toward Clara and Charlie walking at them the other way.   @Bailey ( @Wayfarer @JulieS )
    • [Pronto, Emeline, Bridget and Jay at the end]   "There you have it!" Emeline declared with a laugh, "Bridget will help with the cooking, and Barnabas can try our efforts to make certain that they are as good as they should be."  Then she added with a playful grin, "And Mr. Pike can do the dishes as well, he's quite the expert at that!"   Bridget opened her mouth in amazement at this (she was pretty easily amazed, though, it had to be admitted).With his shiny badge and all, she expected he must be an important man; certainly too important for doing the dirty old dishes.   She laughed again and gave Barnabas a quick kiss on the cheek.  "Or you can just make certain that we behave ourselves and don't burn down the kitchen!"   The ginger girl giggled and hid her mouth, seeing them kiss and carry on like this. It was nice, though. Not like when that man tried to kiss her in Deadwood, not that bad kind of kissing. The dark cloud of a life before this pleasant move to Kalispell must have suddenly crossed her face.   Then she patted Bridget on the arm.  "Don't worry one bit, we will have fun, we won't do any harm, and we can make whatever you like...well, so long as I know the recipe!"   Bridget immediately brightened and remembered that Arabella was always going on about never being able to get something called ‘bear sign’ in these parts, and the way she had described the thing made it sound like a virtual manna from heaven.   She held up a finger and moved it in a circular, donut shaped motion.   “Want Bear Sign… make Bear Sign.” she intimated to Em.   Suddenly, she saw Mr Ryker heading in their direction, and she started to wave furiously at him, hoping to catch his eye: he looked like he was heading somewhere to attend to some seriously big business, so she hoped to catch him before he stomped past.   She kept waving at him, but risked a side-whisper of explanation to Pronto.   “He mended me.”   @Flip @Bongo @Jack
    • Thankfully he received the cup of coffee. A warm cozy feeling spread in the small place. Jay didn't need presents. His present was the company he was in. Weedy wanted more. He was excited about getting a present.   "I'm very happy to be here in such excellent company. Merry Christmas."   Jay took one of the small baked goodies. With a large smile he chewed. "Did Santa come last night?" Hopefully Addy had taken care of that.


The “Flathead,” as locals call the valley, lies just west of the Continental Divide in northwest Montana. Here you’ll find the gateway to what will someday be Glacier National Park and the home of Whitefish Mountain.


Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, is also among the cleanest large lakes – perfect for sailing, cruising, swimming, and fishing.

A surprisingly mild climate invites you outside all year. Typical winter temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. Summer temperatures usually range from the 70s to the low 90s. Winters can be harsh at times with massive amounts of snowfall and dangerous blizzards.


Kalispell is Flathead Valley's county seat, and there are smaller towns dotted around the lake and into the northern regions. Five miles south of Kalispell is Fort Somers. It sits on a low plateau overlooking Flathead Lake.


*Note: Since Flathead County was not incorporated until 1893, we will call our "country" Flathead Valley.





Months: October - December

Year: 1875

  • Remember to use the post tagging system to designate dates and specific locations.

Click on Weather Conditions to view the climate chart for the Kalispell region.


Adding Sub-forums

Sub-forums will be added when a location's activity warrants it. To request a sub-forum for your ranch or homestead, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Help Me! forum.
  2. Create a new topic titled Sub-Forum Needed for Ranch or Homestead Name.
  3. Provide details regarding the ranch or homestead (i.e. a short write-up for the sub-forum's description).
  4. DO NOT post the request in our Discord!



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Evergreen Ranch is the home of the Steelgrave family. The initial property was established between 1862 and 1864. Among the family's many business interests, they raise prize Black Angus cattle. Evergreen is smaller in the overall land area than Lost Lake Ranch. However, it is less mountainous and has more continuous grazing lands.


Owner: Elias Steelgrave


See Map for location.


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Before 1876, the nearest fort was located at the southern end of Flathead Lake. It was a former trading fort known as Fort Kilpatrick, although the locals just called it Fort Poison after the fur trading village next to it. As the trouble with the native populations increased, it was determined that the booming town of Kalispell and its surrounding area and population needed more protection, so Fort Somers was established five miles south of the town at the north end of Flathead Lake.


Commanding Officer: Wellington MacKenzie


See Map for location.


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Lost Lake was discovered by Ishmael Thornton, one of the geologists accompanying the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803 - 1806. He claimed most of the mountain and valley land surrounding the vast crater lake and named the mountains the Choguns (chogun means blackbird in the Blackfoot language). The main ranch house, Blackbird Lodge, is located in the mountains overlooking the lake.


The ranch raises a hardy and meaty breed of cattle, crossbred between Angus and Texas Longhorns. They also raise horses for the military, a cross between the Colonial Quarterhorse and local Mustangs.



See Map for location.


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There is a vast amount of unsettled lands around the Flathead and many small homesteads and ranches. Use this forum for posting in these wilderness areas or on a ranch or homestead that does not have its own forum.

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In 1875, Aurelian Redmond bought an established homestead from Lloyd Sidwell. The land was situated within five miles of Kalispell and shares borders with Lost Lake and Evergreen Ranch (see map). Its location could mean trouble since it is in a prime location, and the ambitious Steelgraves would love to acquire it to expand Evergreen Ranch's southern border.

About Sagas

Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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