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    • "It sort of gives me the willies, trying to just figure out what the man has in mind, whatever it is, if there is just him running this plan, what's in it for him?" Was Speed's question.   "I kin see him doin' this just ta aggre-vate us." McNue tossed in. "Not jest us but them ranchers as well. An' with them meetin' to form up some plan he might jest be gettin' whot he's after."   "Confusion." Cook said. "Nobody knowin' what's next, or who's next, or why."   I believe you've a point there Cook. Everybody involved is off balance with just the one raid, which makes no sense to anyone but Case Steelgrave." Speed declared. "Not to make him a genius, no. There's a method to this madness, a method that will come out soon enough."   "They ain't never as smart as they think they are." McNue added.
    • "Well thank you Walter." He looked to Bradley Fairchild. "Interesting. Shall we put pour bags in the room and perhaps catch a bite and a drink or two? I have no idea what this could be but we'll know soon enough."   "Yes, let's, I could use a drink after that ride out here, maybe a couple, and something to eat, that sounds about right to me." The two men headed to their respective rooms to drop off their bags, then each headed toward the dining room, Tyndall clutching the mysterious envelope.   Each placed his order for an early dinner, and ordered drinks at the same time, those would be served right off so, without further ado, Carson Tydall opened the envelope and removed it's contents. A number of papers, on top a note of explanation. 'Mister Tyndall, Enclosed you will find a copy of a contract between the town of Kalispell and Leah Steelgrave. We believe that due to that absence of the signatures of myself, and Judge Benjamin Robertson there was no legal quorum, and therefor this contract is not valid. C. Latham'   There was the contract, a list of the council members and a copy of the minutes of the meeting where the contract was approved and a bank draft for five hundred dollars.   "Latham, he can be such a pain in the rump!" Tyndall stated.  
    • "Well next time you're 'helpin' a friend', move the bed away from the wall: I had to darn near stuff cotton wool in my ears when I was sleeping next door!"   "You are being overly dramatic....as usual.....that was ONE time and one time only. It just happened, we are not in any sort of a romance," Caroline was annoyed at the very idea of that.   That's when Arabella informed her that Brendan had picked up a job.......at the town butcher shop recently opened by that Jewish man from the East. Very welcome news, that!   "Say, I'm just running to the stores now, look, I got my little basket with me - why don't you come with me and we can call in on him and say Howdy and have a good look at his meat."    Caroline made a face, "I do not cook, you know who does at the saloon by now. She also does the shopping for groceries. I have never been in a butcher shop in my life."   She had other plans in mind, she wanted to head over to the Wigfalls and see Lt. Greene.   Suddenly she had an idea, "But I'll make you a deal. I will accompany you there but in return you must promise me that you will not show up while Lt. Greene and I are dining. Like last time."
    • A perplexed look appeared on Walter's face. Even though he had been looking at the envelope, he hadn't bothered checking out who it was addressed to.  It had been in the slot where mail was dropped off for guests who hadn't checked in yet.  The hotel was busy at this time of year, that the mail slots were only for use for guests who were currently staying at the hotel.  The former occupants of the rooms where Mr. Tyndall and his friend were staying, had left only a few hours ago.  Thankfully, Mr. Wentworth had a hired maids who did their jobs well enough to have the room ready in time.   Reading the name on the envelope, he saw that it was indeed address to Tyndall.  Smiling sheepishly, he handed over to the man.   He hefted the envelope wondering what was inside, but there was time to look at it when he was in his room. "Who dropped this off for me? Mister Latham perhaps?"   "Sorry, Mr. Tyndall I have no idea.  It was probably dropped off some time during the night.  You could ask the night clerk when he comes on duty at 8 o'clock."   @Flip
    • They returned to the Marshal's office which doubled as the Copper Queen's office for the time being. And, as Town Marshal, he needed to be in town as much as possible, which was not fair either Alice or Amos, at least as far as Speed was concerned. Yes, there was Charlie, but heaping too much on him was not fair either. He was hired to protect the town, no his own personal interests, although that was common in some parts of the country.   But with Alice for company, that made sitting at his desk a whole lot more pleasant. Waiting for Amos, who might be days getting back to Kalispell, would be worry enough for the pair of them.   As Speed was about to ask Alice about the wedding plans a man stepped through the door. A man he had seen, and possibly talked to, wearing two guns.   "'scuse me Marshal, I can come back." He said.   "No, it's alright. What can I do for you?" Speed asked.   "I was wondering, could you use some help, or know where a man short on cash might find work?" Speed looked at the man, "Names Thornton, Tyrell Thornton."


After the discovery of gold in the region, Montana was designated as a United States territory (Montana Territory) on May 26, 1864 and, with rapid population growth, as the 41st state on November 8, 1889.

Montana territory was organized from the existing Idaho Territory by Act of Congress and signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on May 28, 1864. The areas east of the continental divide had been previously part of the Nebraska and Dakota territories and had been acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.



Months: September - December

Year: 1875

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