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    • “A deal it is then.” He agreed. Then he looked around sort of studying the land without appearing to be doing so. Just a quick survey he would keep in mind. “So now thet alla thet’s outta the way, I’d like ta ask you if attendin’ the Harvest Festival’s somethin’ you be interested in doin’, an’ if so, if you’d be...I mean would ya consider goin’ there with me?”   There are a few things a man of his background had to consider when making such proposals, people knew what he was, the pair of pistols announced as much, not the Ranger part, just the gunman part, and most folks had no use for them until they were needed to stand between them and any possible danger.   Tag @Bongo
    • "Sure, it's a deal."  She nodded, wondering if she really could homestead.  But then, she'd picked up the pieces after Andrew had died and started serving meals in a tent on a muddy street in a small mining town,  and now she had her own building and an employee, and was doing well enough to close up on a Sunday to go on a picnic.  Maybe having a ranch wasn't out of reach?   "In the mean time I'll start hoarding my pennies, and even if it falls through, I'll have the funds to take some time to go to the Yellowstone, or San Francisco."  Since she was pretty sure she'd never make it to Paris or Cairo.   @Flip
    • Quentin heard snow crunching and turned back from the telescope to see Shade climbing the small knoll to stop beside him. Quentin handed the telescope over to Shade and pointed. "There is the town rescue party. Looks like we timed it about right..." Quentin looked back at the Lost Lake group then to the town group. "I think our mounts are probably fresher. We should get ourselves in front to help clear a path for them to follow. What do you think?" Quentin swore softly and tugged his scarf up over his nose to protect his face from the biting cold. "I forgot how much I hate winter..."   @Stormwolfe for Shade
    • "Really?"  While she had been courting the idea for some time, she hadn't put much hope in it, the cafe took up a good deal of her time, and she was only now starting to turn a decent profit. “Shore ‘nuff, Miss Emeline.” He responded.   "I have no idea how to start," she declared, "so I would be happy to discuss the possibility, and I think you'd make a stellar hand!"  Then she looked at him a bit more seriously.  "Why don't you homestead?  I'm sure you would do better than I, and you'd need a good cook and ranch hand.  It makes more sense, don't you think?  Of course, I would help fund you...partners."  She smiled.   “Tell you whot, I’ve an idea or two rattlin’ around in ma head. When we get back ta town gimme a day ‘er two to sort out a couple things an’ then I’ll tell ya whot I found out an’ what I think kin be done about it. How’s thet?” He knew that a woman making inquiries would likely get nowhere in a big hurry, but a man, a man with experience, that would be a different matter all together.   Tag @Bongo
    • As Mike lead the Lost Lake riders, his mind drifted back to when he had first heard of the disaster...   "There you go gentlemen, a royal flush," Mike said with a smile as he put down his cards.  It was too bad that they were only paying with matchsticks or he'd would have most of the wages of the men he was playing poker with.  There wasn't much to do on days like this except the odd chores that involved taking care of animals or chopping wood.  Besides the men would need any money they did get to buy clothes to keep them warm as this winter was turning out to be one of the worse he had seen in years.   Just as Mike was scooping up his winnings, a loud banging on the door surprised everyone.  Stan told Marty that it was his turn to open the door, a job no-one really wanted to do as the cold air was just that. Marty got off his bunk and wrapped his blanket tightly around him.  He grumble something about how he thought it was Sam's turn and not his.  Opening the door, wide enough to let whoever it was in and keep the cold, Marty was taken aback, "What the heck?  I thought you would be in town by now."   The young hand, whose name was Pete, shook his head, "So did I but...well there's no easy way of saying this.  There are bodies out there just lying in the snow on the trail to Whitefish."   Mike got up and went over to the man, "What do you mean by bodies?"   Pete went over to the stove to get warm, "Bodies...men, women, and even little kids.  It was bad.  I told Mr. Cantrell about it and he said to get someone to ride into town to find out what was going on."   Sam grabbed his gloves, "I'll go.  Matt or Hannah will know something,"   Mike nodded, "All right, but take it easy the snow will be piled high enough to make it difficult."   After Sam had left, Mike turned his attention back to Pete, "Was there anything else?"   Pete nodded, "Yeah, Mr. Cantrell said he wanted you up at the house."   Just before he headed into his quarters, Mike went over to Stan, "Make sure the men are ready to ride just in case."   "You bet," Stan replied.   When he had gotten his coat, hat, scarf and gloves, Mike had made his way up to the main house where he waited until Sam returned.  It had taken a few hours but Sam came back with the news of the disaster that befallen Whitefish.  Not long after, a group from Lost Lake were on their way to help.   @Longshot (or anyone else who feels the need to jump in)


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Before 1876, the nearest fort was located at the southern end of Flathead Lake. It was a former trading fort known as Fort Kilpatrick, although the locals just called it Fort Poison after the fur trading village next to it. As the trouble with the native populations increased, it was determined that the booming town of Kalispell and its surrounding area and population needed more protection, so Fort Somers was established five miles south of the town at the north end of Flathead Lake.


Commanding Officer: Wellington MacKenzie


See Map for location.

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Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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