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Previous Owner: Chance Thornton
Gender: Gelding
Age: 8 years
Hands: 16.1 hands
Breed: Quarter Horse / Spanish Mustang
Color: Medicine Hat paint.

Color Details: Spirit is a black and white pinto (aka paint). His base coat is white with black patterns. His mane, tail, and legs are black. Spirit's face is mostly white with. His crown and ears are black giving him the appearance of wearing a hat, hence how this color pattern received its name of medicine hat. Spirit's left eye has a narrow, light blue ring around the iris. A blue eye on a horse is uncommon, but not detrimental or more prone to equine eye diseases than normal brown irises His right eye is a normal dark brown.


Disposition: Spirit is a strongly spirited mount, but mostly well-mannered. He is a top stock and saddle horse. His Quarter Horse blood gives him speed and agility while the Mustang blood gives him endurance. Spirit was bred and trained on the ranch.

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