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    Paint the Town

    Harriet wandered down the hall, opening and closing doors. She was listening for squeaks and noises from the flooring that might hint at needed repairs. So far, like Jonah, she was quite impressed. At the end of the hall, where the back of the house would be, she saw a small indentation with a curtain over it. The curtain revealed a door which opened into a tiny alcove. Giving a squeal of laughter and delight, she looked back at Jonah, "An upstairs privy! This home is a miracle!" Moving back to where he stood, she slanted a look up at him, "As far as needing help and household goods...you will have all that you need once word gets out, which it will...that a good-looking, single man - and a doctor at that! has moved to town." Harriet's eyes sparkled with humor, "Your kind is a bit rare in these parts." @Bongo (Jonah)
  2. Stormwolfe

    Murder Mystery

    Hmmmm and where will Harriet be? Defending the accused or acting as prosecutor?
  3. Stormwolfe

    Murder Mystery

    And I've always been a sucker for a serial killer / pattern killer storyline! I have a couple of ideas percolating in the old head so will revisit this thread once my fever breaks and the brain is working again. Great idea to work on though! Oh oh! Maybe it is not a random stranger? We have someone it could easily be....
  4. Stormwolfe

    Paint the Town

    Harriet looked around the house, walking through the parlor and sizing up the furnishings that had been left. The things that had been left behind were in good repair. Although it had been abandoned, the home was relatively clean. Croft had informed Harriet that he sent one of his daughters to clean it on a regular basis just in case someone became interested in purchasing the place. The main floor was well-designed for a doctor's office. The parlor could easily serve as a waiting room and the smaller room across from it would work quite nicely for a receptionist. Harriet followed the hallway and found two more rooms, empty of furnishings. They could serve as examination rooms or an exam room and an overnight room. There was also a kitchen and a privy. Returning to the kitchen with Jonah in tow, Harriet noted a second set of stairs that led to the second floor. That would be handy if the doctor was going to make his living quarters on the upper floor. Large windows in the kitchen looked out on a small backyard, what appeared to be a chicken coop and stabling for a horse. There was also a space that had been used as a kitchen garden. Turning to Jonah, Harriet waved a hand at the kitchen, "Someone loved this home once upon a time. I think you could do quite well here. We should see what is upstairs too. With luck, there is a place for a small stove. You would not have to come downstairs just for heating coffee or soup." She offered a saucy smile, "If you decide not to take it, I might put in an offer. Sooner or later, I will have to find a permanent place to live here. I do not see myself returning to San Francisco." Montana, particularly Kalispell, and its residents had taken hold of her heart. Harriet was seriously considering signing the house in San Francisco over to her sister. It was a big change for the lady attorney, but it was time to consider making those changes. @Bongo
  5. Stormwolfe

    Bear Chase

    Over the sound of the breeze rustling the branches of the trees was the sound of running and tumbling water. The trail had crossed a wide, shallow fast flowing creek several times. It would eventually flow past the house and to tumble into Lost Lake. The area around the main ranch house was known as Moonlight Basin. One reason that Shade's grandfather had selected it was because of the easy access to fresh, flowing water as well as the spectacular mountain views. Shade had seen some incredible landscapes during his years away. In his opinion, nothing compared to Montana. Nettie turned back and ran to Clara. Taking her hand, she said, "Close your eyes, Miss Clara. We're almost there. It's the best way to see the falls for the first time." Clara eyed her for a moment then reluctantly agreed to the girl's scheme, "Very well, Nettie, but make certain you do not lead us too close to the edge of the falls. Always safety first you know." Although Shade was right there and certainly he would see to it that the child's exuberance did not lead to an accident. "Don't worry," Shade told Clara, "I'll keep a sharp eye out for mischief." He gave the twins a warning look just in case their plan was to upend Clara into the creek. He took Clara's hand and began leading them onward, making sure to watch out for anything that might trip her up. Feeling Shade take her hand, any nervousness Clara felt instantly vanished and her steps were confident, well as confident as one could be with one's eyes closed. The rock strewn creek mixed deep, almost still pools with faster-running shallow water. Boulders had long ago been randomly deposited by various natural cataclysms - ancient glaciers and volcanic activity. The trail widened and opened into a clearing surrounded by towering aspens, pines, oaks and maples. Three creeks joined to create a multi-level series of waterfalls providing a light cacophony of sound - heavier rushing water overlaying the lighter gurgling of trickling falls working through the rocks. It was an enchantingly beautiful scene. Thick moss covered the trail and some of the boulders, inviting the hikers to sit and enjoy their surroundings. Nettie tugged at Clara's free hand and Cody said softly, his voice barely louder than the water surrounding them, "Open your eyes, Miss Clara, we are here. This is one of my favorite places," he added. "Very well then," she halted and did as the child instructed her. It was quite the sight which greeted her gaze. Pristine nature at it's finest. She took a moment to scan almost a full circle. "Most impressive. I love it," Clara wasn't one of those people who threw out compliments easily but this was sincere. Shade breathed a quiet sigh of contentment as he looked around. Like Cody, this was one of his favorite places. She glanced up at Shade, "Excellent idea to bring the children here by the way." "I used to come up here to escape...things," Shade told Clara. "Okay, you two, we're going to rest a few moments and then head to the swimming hole. No getting too far out on the rocks." He grinned as the twins immediately headed to poke around one of the tiny pools. No doubt they were looking for tadpoles or minnows. Shade walked over to a large, flat-topped boulder and leaned against it, half-sitting and half-standing. He was alert to the sounds of the forest around them and also was keeping a sharp eye on the twins. He grinned at Clara, "I'd come up here to read or just think." Pointing upward, "There is a hidden game trail that leads up to a little cave. Used to camp there when...sometimes." @Wayfarer
  6. Stormwolfe

    Paint the Town

    Harriet had been examining the lawn with its neat white picket fence. Something in Jonah's tone of voice brought her attention back to the doctor. It was not quite panic, more like a sudden realization of something she could not immediately define. Perhaps the thought of buying a place and setting up a more permanent place of business was suddenly overwhelming. Had it been the same for her? No. When Harriet had placed the sign for her business on her first office door, it had been with a sense of accomplishment and defiance. What about when the first... She gave a mental shake of her head. Some things needed to stay buried. "I think the house should provide you with all of that, Jonah. It is larger than I thought it to be," Harriet assured the man. "Why not go inside and see how much space there actually is?" She turned toward the steps that led up toward the front porch. "You should consider having a ramp built to make it easier to carry those that are incapacitated inside..." @Bongo (Go for Jonah!)
  7. Stormwolfe

    Wednesday Afternoon in Kalispell

    Hannah eyed the cowboys, "I really don't think they will be a problem," she said. Rolling her shoulders to ease the tension, she glanced at the two men, "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wentworth." The fact that the man was willing to treat her respectfully despite her appearance and the work she had chosen to do was a pleasant change. It was a far cry from the usual attitude that seemed to be that if she wanted to dress in a man's clothes and do a man's job, there was something wrong with her. "I believe you are the new owner of the Belle?" She shot Quentin a quick look. The Belle-St. Regis would be a good ally if the range and business war with the Steelgraves continued escalating. Matt nodded, "Yes I am. I was just on my way back to the hotel." He paused for a moment before continuing, "It's not often I get to rescue a woman as lovely as yourself. I know that the law can't show any favouritism to a particular business but if you are ever in the mind to come by for lunch or dinner, it will be my honour to receive you as my guest." Hannah was not sure if the man was delusional or just being polite when he referred to how lovely she was. Either way, the unexpected compliment made her blush lightly. "I am not always on-duty," she murmured in reply to the luncheon invitation although her voice faded in light of Quentin's look in her direction. No doubt Shade had by now told him of their past history. She was rapidly getting out of her depth with the two men. Quentin arched an eyebrow at the gentleman's words to Hannah. He looked between the two of them and was glad Shade had not come into town with him today. He cleared his throat and stuck a hand out toward the newcomer. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wentworth. I am Quentin Cantrell..." Turning his attention from Hannah and held out his hand. "Mr. Cantrell. Judging by Deputy Cory's familiarity to you, I take it that you live locally?" Matt had heard Cantrell's name a few times during his initial investigation of the town. He wasn't sure what was the truth and what had been lies. Now he had the opportunity to find out. Quentin nodded. "I am part of the Lost Lake Ranch just outside of town. I used to pass through here quite a lot when visiting my sister and now live here permanently..." Matt nodded, "I've heard some about your ranch. I remember coming across the name in the hotel's accounts a few times." He also knew a lot more from his briefings about the Steelgraves but he knew that would be best kept to himself. Having a newcomer knowing a lot more than most residents would take a lot of explaining. Hannah shifted her stance slightly, a thought occurring to her and she looked up at Quentin, "Heard that Lost Lake has had a couple of steers killed?" She wanted to make sure that Cantrell and Thornton were not about to blame the Steelgraves for these losses. "Randall Hannity said that something killed his entire herd of goats." @Longshot @JulieS
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    Montana Maps

    Montana and surround territories.
  9. Stormwolfe

    Kalispell Maps

    Town, area, and regional maps. Some of the maps have been created for the roleplay and do not relate to real world locations.
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    United States

    Various historical maps of the United States.
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    Wednesday Afternoon in Kalispell

    Hannah shot Quentin a narrow-eyed look as the two men assisted her to her feet. Honestly, despite his teasing comment, she was grateful for the help. The fall had not hurt her but the boy had landed hard on her midriff, knocking the air out of lungs. Once on her feet, Hannah dusted off the seat of her britches and pushed tendrils of hair out of her eyes. Leaning down, she retrieved her rifle and settled it in the crook of her arm with the muzzle pointed safely down and away from her companions. Following Quentin's gaze, she looked at the milling riders at the far end of the street. No doubt they would be heading for the Stardust soon. They were a little rough to be allowed in at the Belle-St. Regis' bar. Hannah also surreptitiously glanced around to see if Quentin's shadow, Shade Thornton, was anywhere nearby. He had a penchant for mixing it up with men like those cowboys which, in turn, made Hannah's work harder. "Those scoundrels are with the Circle Y outfit. They come through a couple of times a year heading for the stockyards in Missoula. I'll pass on the fines to their trail boss. Thank you, Quentin," Hannah said to Cantrell and then turned her blue-green gaze to the other man. "Thank you also. I'm Hannah Cory - Deputy Marshal.
  12. Stormwolfe


    Awesome idea! Could be an episode or a series of scenes in an episode! Definitely worth developing into the story!
  13. Stormwolfe

    [Episode] The Bear

    Here's a reminder! You no longer have to wait for one scene to finish to start a new one. You also do not have to wait on bear related scenes to finish to open your own, you simply have to wait for in-progress scenes to be completed before your character can know anything about what happened. We are running on the assumption that events are occurring at different times during a day or on different days. Just make sure your character is not working off of OOC knowledge and you're golden!
  14. Stormwolfe

    Bear Chase

    Shade walked into Blackbird Lodge, the main ranch house and headed for the washroom attached to his bedroom. He wanted to clean up a bit before encountering anyone else. A short time later, he crossed the main corridor and headed up the main stairs to the second floor where the children's rooms were located. It was also where the actual master suite of rooms was but those were currently being used by Ezra and Laura Hale. This was Clara Redmond's first day working as a part-time governess for the five-year-old Thornton twins, Nettie and Cody. Laura Hale had greeted the girl's arrival that morning with great enthusiasm. The twins' governess was currently visiting friends and family in Boston which left the older woman with the task of trying to supervise the children and manage the house. Even the twins had greeted the girl with less hesitation that Shade feared they would. There had been so many changes in their lives, not the least of which was the death of their parents two months previously. Now, Shade thought he would offer to escort Clara and the twins up to see one of the waterfalls with a stop by a deep pool that was perfect for swimming. Even though the ranch house sat high in the Chogun Mountains, the August temperatures were soaring. Shade had heard in town that the marauding bear had killed someone's goats, so it sounded as if it had moved off the ranch - for now. He would still carry his rifle and wear his gunbelt, just in case. Reaching the door to the children's playroom which also doubled as their schoolroom, Shade called out, "Good afternoon! Clara, if you are amenable, I thought we could hike up to the waterfall and maybe stop by the swimmin' hole on the way back?" Although the twins looked ready to bolt for the door, they waited politely for Clara to respond to their uncle. @Wayfarer (Clara)
  15. Stormwolfe

    Wanted / Needed Characters

    The majority of roles are currently open. We are always in need of ranchers, farmers/homesteaders, and townspeople. Taken (Kalispell) Belle-St. Regis Hotel Owner Stardust Saloon Owners Town Doctor Needed (Kalispell) Town Marshal (Scott Cory) General store owner Hotel and saloon employees Townspeople Ranchers Farmers/Homesteaders Taken (Whitefish) Town Marshal (Case Steelgrave) Needed (Whitefish) Evergreen Ranch (villainous ranch hands) Additional Steelgrave family members. Additional villains for Case Steelgrave's gang. Townspeople Ranchers Farmers/Homesteaders

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