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  1. Hello all and, again, apologies for my long absence. I am back and slowly slipping back into posting! I'm going to start with Shade.... Can y'all post short updates in this thread IF there is anything that Shade should know? Like, stuff that would be Thornton ranch specific or that would be general knowledge from around the region? You can also leave me links to the threads if you think I need to read the entire thread rather than get a synopsis here. Thanks! @Members @Moderators @Players @Sr. Moderator
  2. Harriet finally extricated herself from her bevy of clients with a subtle roll of her gray eyes. In the end, she had to remind them that she was staying in town at the hotel and that she would be in her office early on Monday. She had also added that the evening was meant to be a party, not a work day. Most were acquainted with the attorney's often acerbic speech and took it as the dismissal it was. This allowed Harriet to drop her business demeanor and tap her foot in time to the music. She was not concerned about missing the opening dances. They would be repeated before the night was over and it was far to early to worry about being the town's wallflower. That thought led to her smiling to herself. Not being asked to dance had not been an issue since her awkward teen years. With a slight smile on her lips, Harriet turned slightly and scanned the crowd, noting several small groups of people talking. As her gaze passed the dance floor she saw Shade and his lovely lady, Kate. At this point, she blinked slightly, having never considered that the man would have any social skills of that ilk. Of course, that was not entirely fair either. Shade had been raised by a Spanish woman of noble birth. She would have insisted on her sons being well educated in all things. Eventually, her eyes lighted on Quentin and Lost Lake's foreman, Mike Wentworth. Definitely a good looking pair of gentlemen, she thought, although her eyes briefly lingered on Quentin. For the moment, she was more intent on getting a glass of punch or even cold water. Even though they had taken the time to check in at the Belle-St. Regis and wash the road dust off, Harriet had not taken the time to get anything to drink. Now, it was time to find a cool beverage and actually socialize instead of discussing legal matters! [Tags Open]
  3. Harriet flashed a smile at Quentin, managing not to blush. Their relationship had changed since the cattle drive in September the year before. Although they still quarreled and bickered, it was now underlaid with a feeling of genuine friendship and, perhaps, something more. Neither had yet to openly declare deeper feelings for one another. Harriet was in no rush for it to happen. Instead, she was content to allow things to progress at whatever pace seemed right. "You are correct, Sarah. We should get on the road," Harriet agreed. Shade quickly gathered their glasses and set them in the kitchen. The carriage and his horse were already waiting in the courtyard. To be continued in the Main Street Forum and the Let's Dance thread.
  4. "You're not holding us up, Sarah," Shade replied as he poured a shot of whiskey and handed it to him. He nodded toward the sherry decanter, "Sarah, would you like a small glass of sherry before we head out?" Harriet took a sip of her sherry and smiled, "Heavenly," she said on a breathless sigh. "Lovely gown, Sarah, and you're looking quite handsome yourself, Quentin. Perhaps we will outshine everyone at the dance." Her twilight gray eyes sparkled as she spoke. @JulieS @Longshot
  5. Harriet Mercer paused on the wide landing of the house's main staircase. She was not trying to make a grand entrance into the parlor. No, Harriet was trying to make sure, after a winter spent mostly on the ranch, that she was not going to trip and fall headfirst down the stairs in all of her town dance fineries. The last thing she wanted to do was land face-first at Shade Thornton's feet. In a rustle of dark emerald satin, Harriet reached for the banister and began carefully descending the stairs. So far, so good, she thought. Her main fashion faux-pas would be her choice of shoes. The emerald-colored velvet slippers matched her dress perfectly, right down to the wide black satin ribbon that wrapped around her ankle and was carefully tied into bows. However, her slippers were flats and not heeled. Harriet disliked wearing heels unless they were on her riding boots, where they served the purpose of not allowing her feet to slip through the stirrups. At least her gown covered any footwear fashion failings. She managed a sigh of relief upon reaching the main floor of the house upright and in one piece. Glancing over at where Shade Thornton was standing, she took note of the sparkle of humor in his dark blue eyes. Undoubtedly, the annoying man had somehow managed to read her thoughts as she descended the stairs in what she considered majestic style. However, he simply raised his whiskey glass to her and smiled. "You look lovely tonight, Miss Harriet," he said in his deep, low-pitched voice. "Thank you," Harriet replied, taking quick note that he was at least clad in dress clothes himself, even if they were the cowboy-version rather than what would be acceptable in San Francisco or Boston. "Would you care for a sherry while we wait?" Shade asked, holding up the cut-crystal decanter. He waited for her to nod before pouring a small amount into a delicate stemmed glass. Harriet took the glass and looked around, finally deciding to lean against the arm of one of the big easy chairs. "Are you coming in the carriage with us?" Shade shook his head, "No, I'll be ridin' in. Depending on how long it takes us, I may have to ride ahead to meet Kate and escort her to the dance." He looked away as he explained, and Harriet smiled. Shade still seemed painfully shy when talking about Kalispell's pretty schoolmarm that had caught his eye. She could not blame him, really. There were things she didn't talk about either. They fell silent, but for once, it was not uncomfortable. Neither she nor Shade seemed willing to risk changing the pleasant energy that enveloped the house.
  6. Mature Content: No With: Various Lost Lake Ranch household characters. Location: Blackbird Lodge (main house) When: April 22, 1875 Time of Day: Early afternoon Blackbird Lodge, the main house on Lost Lake Ranch, seemed to have a light and jovial air about it. Today was the annual spring dance in town, and most of the adults were getting ready for it. Sage and Mary Miller, the night foreman and the home's cook and head housekeeper, were staying overnight to watch after the children. This had the six-year-old twins excited since Sage and Mary's children would be sleeping over as well. Shade Thornton stood at the sideboard that served as a liquor cabinet in the great room. He had just poured himself a very small shot of Scotch. He gently moved the glass in a circular motion and watched the dark amber liquid swirl around. He was looking forward to the dance and getting off the ranch. The family had booked several rooms at the Belle-St. Regis so they would not have to make the harrowing trip back to Lost Lake in the dark. Shade was also looking forward to seeing his sweetheart, Katherine Bowen. He had made time to go into town as often as the winter weather allowed, but it never seemed often enough or for long enough. With the advent of spring, that should change...hopefully. And it was the remote location of the ranch and the life it imposed on the people that lived there that made Shade hesitate where Kate was concerned. Was it fair to ask her to make such a radical change to her life? She was a teacher and really loved her work. True, there were children at the ranch that needed teaching too. There were Cody and Nettie, his niece and nephew, and some of the hands with families who lived in housing on the ranch. He shook his head and took a swallow of the Scotch, enjoying the rich, peaty taste of the aged liquor. Just then, a rustling sound on the main stairway made him look over and up... ~ to be continued in the next post .... ~
  7. 1. Time Roll This has been discussed in chat more than once. From the moment we converted to a fluid time style of writing, we said that when we completed all December threads/posts, we would move 3 or 4 months forward to spring. 2. The Dance I only put the dance in the poll to try and save the Harvest Festival dance as some of us had some thread plans in it. However, it is not mandatory that we do a dance. Those of us that want to can choose to do a town or church social event at any time. 3. Flashbacks / Backstories Once all threads are finished and marked complete in the Whitefish forum, I will move them to the archives. After that, I will convert the Whitefish forum to Flashbacks where we can all write backstories or have threads moved to this forum if there are incomplete ones when it is time for us to move to another time period. 4. Final Admin Decision I would like for everyone to complete their December threads as soon as they can without rushing. Let me know with a note in the #help-me chat channel so I can lock them and move them. We will put the dance event on hold for awhile. Once we are all sorted after moving forward, we can discuss doing a town social or something. Our time roll will be to March - May instead of April - June. This lets me keep to my plans of doing our IC time segments as close to seasonal as possible since Spring begins in mid-March. There will be some seasonal overlap since we will not start new time-segments on the equinoxes or solstices. Those that want to write backstories of any kind will be able to put those in the Flashbacks forum. You'll just need to make sure you add the actual month/year in the post header so everyone that reads the thread will know when it was set.
  8. @Admin @Members @Moderators @Players @Sr. Moderator There has been some discussion regarding the time-roll and moving the Harvest Festival dance. We would change its scenario as well. Please vote in the poll and feel free to discuss your choice and other options in this thread. Do not worry about current active threads. We will give you plenty of time to complete them or we will move them to a flashbacks forum where you can keep working on them. Either way, there will be announcements and plenty of time allowed. We won't simply shut down the current threads on you.
  9. Shade tried hard to remember how he and Chance could have made much of an impression on Sarah when her family had visited. He had been no more than twelve or thirteen at the time, and Chance would have been five years older than that and preparing for college. Perhaps it had been a combination of things. The grandeur of the ranch as well as meeting her two older cousins. It was hard to say. Shade seemed to recall a skinny little girl following him and Chance around as they did their chores. He had made time to take her riding, much more than that was a blur. Shade felt bad about that. "Look, Sarah, I don't mind tellin' you what I know, which isn't much," Shade finally answered. "You need to know that it's not very pleasant. How much do you really want to know?" "I suppose as much as you can or want to tell me. Anything that would help ease the mind of my father. I know that he and Chance had built up some sort of friendship even though they hadn't seen each in other in years. Father liked keeping in touch with the family here even though he has never had the chance to come back." Sarah smiled reassuringly, "And in a way I would like to pay my respects as well." "Well, we were told that Chance and Regina along with their two oldest children and one of the twins were ambushed by a rogue band of Indians on their way back from Missoula in June. Everyone except Cody, the youngest, was killed and their bodies burned beyond recognition along with their wagon," Shade schooled his voice to sound neutral and as matter-of-fact as possible given the subject matter. "Cody was later found by a passing stage and brought back to Kalispell. The remains were recovered by the Marshal's office, cremated, and the ashes interred at the family mausoleum on the ranch." "To be honest, Sarah, there's some question about who actually killed them. However, taking care of the twins and their inheritance has overshadowed any investigation into the matter." Shade blew out a sharp breath and leaned back in his seat, dark blue eyes shadowed. @JulieS
  10. Shade took the offered hand and gave it a brief, warm squeeze while he regarded the woman facing him. She was tall and very pretty with dark hair, dark eyes and engaging features. "Sarah, it has been awhile," he agreed, offering a brief lopsided smile. "Would you like to go somewhere for coffee? Sit here in the lobby and talk?" He did not say it aloud, but Shade wanted to find out why she had shown up in Kalispell out of the blue like this. Coming so soon after their legal troubles over custody of the twins, he could not help but be suspicious. @JulieS
  11. Shade walked out of the White Rose Inn and Cafe, pausing on the sidewalk for a moment. He had ridden in early after receiving a short missive informing him of his cousin's presence at the Belle-St. Regis. He honestly did not remember her too clearly, but he was concerned that she had shown up so soon after Chance's death. There had never been much in the way of contact between the various members of the Thornton family that he could recall. Of course, Shade had been gone for many years. Things could have changed during that time. He just hoped that Sarah Thornton-Carlton did not plan on trying to make trouble regarding his niece and nephew's inheritance. While those thoughts meandered through his head, Shade continued walking along the boardwalk in the direction of Kalispell's hotel. It made a grand statement, but surprisingly, it was also doing very well. Shade guessed that even the frontier needed a touch of class and elegance from time to time. After stepping through the doors of the Belle, Shade wondered if he looked as out of place as he felt. He removed his hat and brushed a hand through his dark hair as he walked to the front desk to ask for his cousin. He offered a smile for the man behind the desk, "I received a message that Mrs. Sarah Thornton-Carlton was a guest here. Can you get word to her that her cousin, Shade, is here to see her?" @JulieS
  12. @Chistery Just to agree and reiterate what the others have said... Hopefully, there will be numerous mini-plots happening on the Saturday (and weekend) of the Harvest Festival. Lots of people coming into town on Friday night and staying for the Festival events on Saturday. Most of these events will take place in the Main St., Kalispell, Montana forum. I'd love to see some action in and around the saloon as well as other locations in town. Tentatively planning on bringing my new character, Hunter Morgan, into town. He and his brother are basically military bounty hunters (specifically war criminals and military personnel that have gone rogue). So, I'd advise starting an open-thread (i.e. anyone can jump in and take the tags) set somewhere on Main Street or one of the specific forums like the saloon. During the opening post, give an accounting of what Asher has been up to since coming to the region. Just a refresher for everyone on what he's doing there, etc. The actual Harvest Festival date is Saturday, October 16. 1875. You could get him to town during the week prior maybe hoping to find whoever or whatever since the festival is coming up.
  13. Shade and the Lost Lake household will be coming into Kalispell on Friday for the Harvest Festival on Saturday. Shade will be spending much of Saturday with Kate as he continues their courtship. However, he will be free for other interactions as I'm sure he'll want to drop into the saloon while Kate gets ready for the big dance.
  14. Potential romance with Sam or Mike could happen. Of course, they may not click. Regarding Matt, I knew he was going to be marrying your other character. I wasn't thinking a Matt / Hannah romance - just developing friendship as time goes on. Especially, if after Scott Cory (her pop) becomes mayor, she decides to leave her law enforcement career behind.
  15. Something in Sam's voice got Hannah's attention. She shook her head slightly, "No, not all fathers are like Scott Cory. I've been lucky. What about you? I'm guessing your father doesn't live in Kalispell?" She wanted to allow him to tell her a bit about himself. Other than the other deputies, Hannah did not have many friends. She hoped that, in time, she would be able to count the Wentworth brothers in that category. "Thankfully, my father doesn't live in Kalispell. He lives in Washington," Sam replied, "That's one thing all four of us are glad of. You'll probably get to meet him sometime during the spring as we expect he'll be paying us a visit. Charlie was his last chance and he's not going to take it lightly." "I'm sorry," was Hannah's immediate response, not pity, but compassion laced her voice. "A friend of mine had issues with his father growing up. It eventually drove him away. He's back now and you work for him," she informed Sam. True, her pride still smarted over Shade Thornton leaving her at the alter, even if it was only at a planned rendezvous so they could elope, but despite that, they would always be friends. By now, they had made it through town and Hannah directed Sam around the town square on the east end. After another mile, she pointed off to the right at a gate and just beyond it, a modest, but nice single story farmhouse, "That's our place," she told him. "If you don't want to try to make it back to Lost Lake after dinner, we have a small bunkhouse you can stay over in, head back at first light." Hannah slipped from the horse's back, "It's a long ride back, even just to the ranch's main operations area." Sam got off his horse and quickly checked him. "You know I think that may be a good idea to stay for the night. Finn could probably do with the rest considering that we've been out for most of the day." He smiled, "Besides, I can't think of anything more better than having dinner with a beautiful woman...and of course, her father." Hannah blushed slightly, "Thank you although with the trail dust and six-gun, I am probably less than beautiful right now. If you want to put Finn in the barn, I'll let Papa know we have a guest and get cleaned up. Come on in when ready." Sam smiled, "Yes, ma'am." After she had left, he took Finn to the barn and unsaddled him. He made sure that the horse had plenty of feed before taking his stuff over to the bunkhouse. For the next few minutes he got himself clean and tidy. He didn't have any extra clothes with him as he hadn't expected something like this to happen, so he just settled for taking off his shirt and shaking it out before putting back on. When he was ready, he made his way to the house. Hannah had made quick work of washing up and changing out of her work clothes into one of her nicer dresses. Little could be done with her wild mane, so she settled for pulling it back at the nape of her neck. She found her father in his study and let him know what had happened and that they would be having a guest for dinner. In the kitchen, she found that her father had already started dinner. A thick beef stew simmered on the stove, ready to be ladled into a skillet and baked into a crust. She donned a clean apron and prepared to start work. "Shepherd's Pie it is then," Hannah murmured. A knock at the front door sent her off to open it and welcome Sam inside.

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